Sidor som bilder

His study has been not for quantum to strive,
But with beauties to keep the attention alive ;
And the Pleasures of Memory still shall remain,
While mentally stamp'd in the flights of his

brain ;)
Of Bards then I greet him, true star in our sphere,
With radiance poetic, most brilliantly clear.
Thus thy theme I must hail, pure indigenous plant
Of Parnassus' stream; and thy volume, though scant,
Is more precious to me than huge quarto well stor'd
By witling, who caters for fashion's dull board:
The latter nought beaming save brightness of paste;
While the former, a gem of first water enchas’d,

(0) The perspicuous manner in which Sir Noodle has delivered his opinion of Mr. Rogers's production needs no comment. I shall therefore dismiss the present note by requesting that if there be any lover of the Muse now existing, who has not feasted his mind upon the glowing numbers of this gentleman, he will forthwith make his peace with Apollo, by purchasing the Pleasures of Memory, which, once read, can never be forgotten.

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Sheds lustre unfaded, no cloud can o'ercast,
Since Fame to the verge of old Time still must last.
Thus ranks Poet Rogers, with mind chastely

Wou'd each bard, like him, was with genius

o'erflowing !

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Natura ipse valere, et mentis viribus excitari, et quasi quodam divino spiritu afflari.

Cicero. To be powerful from nature; impelled by the energies of the mind, and to feel, as it were, the inspiration of a Divine Spirit.

Hope's path, lo! with pleasures a Campbell next

True fancy with lustre enshrining the Muse;
His scenes rapid changing, revolve boundless scope,
Each vision the phantasy nurtur'd of Hope.
As in Comus of Milton bright gems stud each line,
The fire of a Genius ne'er resting supine,

So his vesture our Bard dipp'd in heaven's azure

beam, And Hope seems no longer Delusion's gay dream : Enchain’d by his number, dark Fate is forgot, Our passage through life ranks of Angels the lot; The sunshine of pleasure dispels sorrow's tears, (P) And the soul seems entranc'd by the choir of the

spheres. Oh! welcome, fond Hope, choicest boon from above, The balm of affliction and soother of love;

(p) When sunbeams illumine the sphere, we are gladdened by the brilliancy of their rays; and when the soul of poetry vibrates on the mind, we own the heavenly inspiration. It is therefore sufficient that the Pleasures of Hope be enrolled, to invigorate every thrill that emanates from the effusions of harmonic and vigorous poesy. Having thus dismissed a Campbell with a eulogy inadequate to his deserts, which are so conspicuous throughout all his performances, I cannot refrain from coupling with the above-mentioned bard the name of Cowper, which has no less conferred the highest honour upon the votaries of true genius in our matchless isle.

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Thy precept enchanting, by Campbell design'd,
'Graves each budding joy on my sensitive mind :
Then live, sweetest soother! my soul's dearest



The pathway of Peace, and the beacon of Pleasure.

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