The Macedonian Empire: The Era of Warfare Under Philip II and Alexander the Great, 359-323 B.C.

McFarland, 1998 - 486 sidor
The Macedonian Empire lasted only 36 years, beginning with Phillip II's assumption of the throne in 359 B.C. and ending with the death of his legendary son Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. In that short span, the two leaders changed the face of the map in the known world. Phillip's use of the localized attack, the echelon formation, a combined-arms doctrine and tactical deception forever ended the highly stylized mode that had characterized Classic Greek warfare.

The addition of Alexander's superb leadership made the army an unstoppable force; during his 12-year reign he never failed to vanquish an opponent. This work first examines the 11 great armies and three great navies of the era, along with some of their operations and logistics. The primary focus is then on each campaign and significant battle fought by both Phillip and Alexander, detailing how the battles were fought, the tactics of the opposing armies, and how the Macedonians were able to triumph.

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