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Moneys receired by the Treasurer of the Bap. Miss. Society of Massachusetts. 1824

From Newburyport Male Bap Benev. Soc. 3,00 June 11. By Cash of Rev. L. Bolles, interest on

Mission Bux, Newburyport,

1,14 Mr. Cornish's legacy,


Fem. Benev. Soc. of Newton and Vicinity, 25,55
July 10. By interest at Loan Office,

Mission Bu, by Mrs. Grafton, Newton,

2,00 11 By Cash of Mr. David Beal,

Mr. Browa, Hamilton,

do. Friend to Missions,

Miss Betsy Marble,

1,00 Sept is.

A female friend,

1,00 from Charlestown Fem. Bap. Miss. Soc. 10,00


37 Dea David Goodwin,

pr. Rev. Mr. Bolles,

3,37 Woburn Bap Ch. and Soc.


Oct. 1. By Cash from Portsmouth, Fem. Miss. Tem. Benev. Soc. of Cambridge & Vicinity, 52,00

Ed Soc. pr. Mary Clarke,

2,00 Tem. Char. Soc. of Amesbury & Salisbury, 16,11

By Cash from Matthew Coffin, ChilMission Box, Salisbury,


mack, a subscription of one cent Rev L. Nelson, jr.

a day for a year,

3,65 Salem Fem Cent Soc.

2. By Cash from David Brown,

1,00 Collected in Mission Box, Littleton, 14,19

de. Mr. Atherton,

1,00 Roxbury Bap. Ch. and Soc.

10,00 A friend, Haverbill, 3,00

dolls. 374,82 Cent soc. Haverhill, pr. Bro. G. Keely, 22,10

E. LINCOLN, Treas.
Amounts received for Foreign Missions, at the meeting of the Boston Baptist

Association, at Boston, Sept. 15th, 1824.
Erom Charlestown Fem. Bap. Mias. Soc. 10,25 From Daniel Smith,

do. Bap Ch. and Sec.

Benj. Damon,

1,00 Children of Miss Wyman's School, Charles

Hannah Upham,

25 town, for benefit of Burman Schools,


A female friend, Friend in Charlestowe, for henefit of Jews, 1 00

do. Dunstable Fem Cbar. Soc. Burman Miss.


For Foreign Miss. pr. Mr. Everett, 14,49 Collect at Chelmsford Monthly Concert, 10,27

Naomi Upton,

2,00 Malden Bap. Ch. and Soc. for Mr. M'Coy's

Samuel Hartshorn,


Allen Goodridge,
Malden Fem Mite Soc. for Indian Miss.

Ezekiel Upton,

1,00 Friend, for eduation of females in Burmah,

Mrs. Phebe Upton,
Friend in Roxbury,

Mrs. Mary Raymond,

1,00 Female Cent Soc. in Chelmsford,

Oliver Wright,

1,00 Roxbury Fem. Judson Soc. ed Burm. fem. 23,03

Carey Station, pr. Mr. Everett,

8,50 Colle tion after sermon at Southbridge, at

Female Cent Soc. Milford,

celebration of National Independence,
for Western Mission,

dolls. *185,87
Andrew Hutchinson, Millford, 1,00
George Evans,


Lynn Monthly Concert Collections, 8,77 Samuel Everett,


South Reading Fem. Bap. Miss. & Ed. Soc. 16,67 Micah Hartshorn,


Collected at Concert of Prayer, S. Reading, 4,25
Wm. Crosby,

Contribution at South Reading,

11,20 Mrs. Mary Nichols,

John Smiley, do.

1,00 A female friend,


Fem. Mite Soc. Rowley,
Ruth Taylor,

Rowley Bap. Ch. and Soc.

4,51 Dea. Jobn Wallace,


Fem. Judson Soc. in 2d Bap. Ch. Haverhill,
Sarah Fletcher,

for Burman females,

7,00 Ezekiel Gooden,


Newburyport Male Bap. Benev. Soc. Jeremiah Gooden,


Mission Box, Newburyport, Jeremiah Hood,

1,00 Joel Howe, 1,00

dolls. 106,17

Transmitted to the Treas. of the Boston Bap. For. Miss. Soc.
+ Transmitted to the Treas. of the Salem Bible Transl. and For. Miss. Soc.

,50 2,00

50 و




Moneys received by the Treasurer of the Evangelical Tract Society, Sept. 15, 1824.

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From Sisters in the Bap. Ch. Portland, to

From a friend to constitute Rev. G. Angell a constitute their Pastor, Rev. T. B. Ripley, a

Life Member,

10,0 Life Member,

10,00 From females in Bap. Ch. and Soc. FramingFrom Salem Fem. Evan. Tr. Soc. a donation, 10,00 ham, to constitute their Pastor, Rev.c. Train, From John Sullivan Eaton, South Reading, for

a Life Member,

10,00 life membership,


H. LINCOLN, Treas. dolls. 50,co
Account of the Treasurer of the Boston Baptist Foreign Mission Society.

EXPENDITURES. 1833 Nov. 1S. To draft in favour of Mr. G. D. Board

July 9. Commission paid for collecting cash of sub man, paid,


3940 Cash paid for advertizing An. meeting, 75

31. Postage of letter from Utica,

,12 Dec. II. To draft in favour of Mr G, D. Board.

Aug. 4
do. do. from Philadelphia,

man, paid,
89,00 Sep. 17. Counterfeit bills,

4,00 1824. Feb 7. Amt. pr. draft for G. D. Boardman, 14,00 Oct. S. do. do.

2,00 Mar. 10. Draft in favour of George D. Boardman,

Draft paid Mr Boardman,

30,00 paid,


Cash remitted to New York, to be forApr. To cash paid Rev. Mr. Mc Coy, 149,25

warded to Burmah,

1100,00 June 15. Cash paid Mr. G. D. Boardman, 40,00 13. Cash in the Treasurer's hands,


1794,17 RECEIPTS. Oct. 7. By balance in Treasurer's hands, on An.

Oct. 8. Baptist Female Soc. Hopkinton, N. R. 12,25 nual settlement,


Baptist Fem. Miss. Soc. Salisbury, N. H. 4,52 Collection at monthly concert of prayer,

Bap. Fem. Miss Soc. Sutton, N. H. 1,00 at Dr. Baldwin's meeting-house,

Hannah Dimond, Warner, deceased, 2,00 Cash of Rev. Joseph Grafton, being the

Sarab Swain,

275 donation of Mrs. Mary Esty, for the

Thomas Berry, 3d. Pittsfield, N. H. 1,08 gospel amongst the Amer. Indians, 100,00 21. Juv. Fem. Benev. Soc. North Yarmouth, 8. Female Beney Soc. Islesboro', Maine,

to educate a pious Burman youth for Indian Mission,


the ministry, to be named Stepben Female Mite Society, Sedgwick,




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Receipts Continued. Oct. 21. Children of Sabbath school in West Cam.

July 5. Prayer meeting at Dr. Baldwin's,

bridge, for educating children in India, 1,72 June 18. Bequest of Mr. Page, Haverhill, N. H.
Portsmouth Bapt. Fem. Miss, Soc.

com. by his widow, Mrs. H. Page,

Silas Parson, Swanzey, N. H.


David Beal, 2,00 Dea. Jackson, 2,00 26. Collection at Rev. Mr. Wayland's, and

S, Lothrop, 2,00 Johin Jones, 2,00 gold ring,

47,00 A. T. Penniman, 2,00 C. Haven, 2,00 Nov. 4. From Rev. Joseph Grafton, Newton, 2,00 I. Macomber, 2,00 N. R. Cobb, 2,00 Monthly Concert of Prayer at Rev. Mr.

G. L. Freeman, 2,00 J. Carleton, 2,00
Sharp's, (collection)

9,63 E. Lincoln, 2,00 J. Sullivan, 2,00 Dec. 1. Monthly Concert of Prayer, at Rev. Mr.

M. Crocker,
2,00 J. Hiler

Wayland's, (collection)

6,97 H. Lincoln, 2,00 Thos. Kendall, 2,00 9. By Rev. Joshua Roberts, Treasurer of

32,00 York Association, the following, viz.

9. Cash of Robert Wilson,

2,00 Shapieigh Fem. Mite Soc.


Ellswoth and Surry Fem. Cent Soc. b's
Kennebunk Female Society,

Mrs. Austin, Secretary,

Sanford Female Society,

Mr. John Gair, Mc Coy Mission,

Buxton Female Society,


Rev. Mr. Haynes, for Bapt. Bible Soc.
Collection in York Association,

of Calcutta,

2,00 26. Mr. B Emerson,


Maine Bapt. Aux. Soc. in aid of For.
Bath Female Mite Society,


Miss. by Hezekiah Prince, Esq. 70.18
Mission Box of Rey. S. Stearns, Bath, 8,00

Same Society, for Indian Mission, 8,63
Joshua Dillingham, Camden,


Lincoln Bapt. Fem. Cent Soc. in aid of 25. From ladies Ist Bapt. Church and Soc.

For. Mission, by Mrs. Isabella Prince, 28,09
Haverhill, for Ed. Burman females, 25,00 23. Mr. H. B. Rounds, Newport, N. Y.

Box of clothing for the Indian Mission,

Mr. Nathaniel Porst, do.

1,00 by Mrs. Abbot, Hinsdale, Mass.

Mrs. Jemima Kelsey, do.

,50 2824. Jan. 5. Friends, by Mrs. Sumner,

1,00 31. “ Utica Bapt. For. Miss. Soc." for Bur12. Mr. S. Pierce,

mah, by Rev. Jason Lothrop,

30,00 18. Huldah Thompson, for the Education of

Portland Fem. Burman Ed. Soc.

15,12 a Burman female of her sister's name, 15,00 Aug. 7. Middlesex Bapt. For. Miss. Soc. by Mr. Collection at Monthly Prayer meeting


at Dr. Baldwin's,

James Loring,

2,00 16. Mrs. S. Tillinghast, by Rev. J. Lothrop,

14. Mr. Robert Scott, for Educating Burman
Newport, N. Y.


2,00 19. From Warren Association,

Mr. Jonas Shepard, New London,

2,00 20. Nathan Alden, Esq. Bridgewater, 5,00 23. Mr. Elias Hemmenway, Roxbury, N. H. 10,00 Feb. 4. Bapt. Fem. Mite Soc. in Dedham, for

Sept. 1. Framingham Mite Soc. for the Ed. of a
Indian Mission,

! 10,56

Burman youth to be named Charles
Collection at a Circular Prayer meeting


15,67 of Congregationalists, Braintree, Vt. 3,00

Monthly Prayer meeting at 38 Baptist 7. Danville Bapt. Association, by Mr. John

Church, Aug.
Clark, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

10,00 6. Monthly Prayer meeting at Rev. Mr. 27. Mrs. S. Thayer, by Mr. C. Thayer, 22,40


4,53 From a Friend,


Worcester County and vicinity Miss. Soc. Mar. 8. Collection at Monthly Prayer meeting at

for Burman Mission,

200,00 Rev. Mr. Wayland's,


Islesboro' Bapt. Fem. Soc. and 11 pair of 23. Female teachers of Bapt. Sabbath Sch.

socks for Mc Coy Mission, of 1st Baptist Church in Boston, for

13. By Mr. James Dunham, Treas. of For. Fort Wayne Mission,


Miss. Soc. Hebron, the following:
Female scholars of same school, for Fort

Mission box of Mr. C. Stockbridge, 4,20
Wayne Mission, both by Mrs. Rogers, 2,00

Benev. Soc. North Yarmouth, 4,25
Apr. 6. Friends to Missions in Hyannis, by S.

Miss Betsey Sims,
Chipman, for Indian Mission,


Judith Bradford,
Worcester County Miss. and Ed. Soc. for

A friend,
the Ed. of a Burman female child, 25,00


Collection at Monthly Prayer meeting at

P. Allen,
Dr. Baldwin's,


Also, from said Soc. Treas. by Mr. 'Two ladies in Northampton, for Edu


12,97 cating female Burman children, 2,00

24,805 Collection at Monthly Prayer meeting

M. S. Dedham, Burman Mission,

10,00 Rev. Mr. Wayland's, Sept. I, 1823,

ig. Haverhill Bapt. Female Aux. Miss. Soc.

by Mr. B. Emerson,

22,40 13. Simeon White, jr. Mansfield,


Mrs. Elizabeth Tucker, Templeton, 10,00
M. S. Dedham,


Female Burman School Soc, of ist Bapt.
“ Widow's Mite,” Dedham,

Ch. and Soc. in Haverhill,

14,28 27. Female of First Bapt. Church, for Mr.

17. Middlesex Bapt. Miss. Soc.

640 Mc Coy, avails of Painting for beney.

Bapt. Fem. For. Miss. Soc. of Hillsbor-
olent purposes,

ough, N. H.

Friend in Cambridge, by Dea. Farwell,

Oct. 1. By Treasurer of Boston Association, as 29. Friend in Augusta, (Me.)


published in their Minutes : Female Mite Soc. Litchfield, (Me.) 12,00

Burman Mission,

96,34 Mrs. Sally Woodman, Cornville, (Me.) 1,00

Burman Schools,

Ladies of 2d Church, Litchfield,

Mc Coy Station, Indian,

Widow H. Washburn, Norridgewark, 3,00

For the Jews,

1,00 Fem. Mite Soc. Leeds, Burman Mission, 7,96

186,37 Bapt. Benevolent Soc. Industry,

13,25 do. do. do. New Sharon, • 21,69

JAMES LORING, Treas. 1794,17 May 5 Collection at Prayer meeting in 3d Bap

Boston, Oct. 13, 1824 tist Church,

4,59 We have examined the preceding account of James 22. Friends in Dedham, for Mr. Mc Coy's Miss. 2,29 Loring, Esq. Treasurer of B. B. F. M. S. and find the Friend do.

do. 1,25 Friend

same correctly cast and duly vouched.


27. Mr. Emory Willard, Western,


Friend to Missions, Danvers,

Col. at Prayer meeting in Roxbury Ch. 6,00

Moneys received since the above settlement.
E. Hawey & T. Cutler, jr. Ashfield, Mass. 15,00

From Rey. T. B. Ripley, contributed in
M. Tubbs, New Boston, N. H.


the Bap. Meeting House in Brunswick, 3,12 June 3. From a lady,


From br. Hugh H. Brown, Treasurer of 10. Abel Parker, Esq. Jaffrey, N. H. (Mr.

Warren Association,

86,67 Mc Coy's Mission,)


From Ladies of 1st Bapt. Ch. and Soc.
Prayer meeting 1st Baptist Ch. June 7th, 7,77

Boston, for the ed. of a heathen child 12. Female Mite Soc. Sandisfield,

to be named Farab Wayland,

VOL. iy.



,50 1,00 ,18


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LETTER TO ONE OF THE EDITORS. wish to have this child baptized ?

They assent; and he asks, Do you enH (in Germany,) April 11, 1824. gage in its behalf that it shall sustain

a christian character ?" &c. By this Rev. and dear Sir,

time a boy has brought a pitcher of waThough the wide Atlantic is rolling ter, and it is poured warm and steaming between me and my dear christian into the font. The face of the little friends in the United States, they are one is uncovered, and receives the not forgotten; and the confidence that touch of the minister's wet hand three I am remembered in some of their times; “ in the name of the Fatherprayers is precious to my heart. and of the Son--and of the Holy

Perhaps a few sketches relative to Ghost,” with the declaration that this the religious customs and state of the is baptism; and, what is still worse, people here, would not be wholly des- with the ruinous impression that the titute of interest. Imagine yourself child no longer needs to be born again. with me in St. Moritz' church, of which If the communion is to be administhe Lutheran minister with whom I tered, two prodigious candles reside is one of the pastors. It is the lighted, though the sun itself may be most ancient in the city. It has stood shining. One of the pastors appears while the generations of nearly eight at the altar, on which stands a small hundred years have passed away. We image of our Lord upon the cross, and admire its vast extent, its two inter- chaunts, (in the tone of old Dr. nal ranges of strong and lofty pillars, S.-) several prescribed forms of and its high arched roof, from prayer. His colleague also appears. which the light is admitted. We The communicants stand at a little are surprised at its pictures and carved distance. There are only four! a man representations of monks, saints, angels and his wife, with two other women. of all sorts and sizes, and a thousand Each now in succession approaches other decorations. An image of our one of the ministers at one end of the Lord upon the cross, large as life, at- altar, and, after making obeisance, tracts our attention. The sound of the receives bread directly into the mouth organ is heard.

We look for the wor- from his hand; and then, passing shipping assembly. We see a hand- round to the other minister at the othful of people, scarcely forty or fifty, er end, receives wine in the same manand most of these manifestly of the ner with a benediction. poorer class. They have their hymn To-day is Palm Sunday. It is the books; and some now and then join in time when the children, who, in the the melody. At length the preacher preceding year, have completed their comes forth from near the altar, and catechetical instruction, are confirmascends the pulpit. He makes a very ed. Could you, my dear sir, have been short prayer, the people keeping their with me this morning, in St. Moritz seats. He commences his discourse; church, you would have seen that spaand when he introduces his text the cious edifice filled, which, on common people rise, and stand till the reading occasions, is so empty. In the centre of it is ended. He proceeds ; and, in are sixty one children, generally from the midst of the sermon, the collector fourteen to fifteen years of age, arof contributions comes around with his ranged in a hollow square, and an bag. Upon concluding his discourse, altar placed between them and the the preacher repeats the Lord's prayer, pulpit. The fathers, mothers, brothand after just naming a hymn, pro- ers, sisters, friends, and a multitude nounces a benediction. He then besides, are present to witness the exleaves the pulpit, and the organ fin- hibition. Hymns with the melody of ishes the service.

the organ, and prayers by one of the If an infant is to be christened, some pastors, commence the services. The of the people stay, and gather round other now ascends the pulpit, and dean enclosure on the outside of which livers a discourse on filial affection, is written, Suffer little children to come from John xix. 25—27. “ Woman, beunto me ; and in the centre of which hold thy son." He touches the pasis fixed a basin sufficiently large for the

sions with the hand of a master. Tears immersion of a child. The minister, roll down the cheeks of many a parent the parents, and the sponsors, with the and many a child. Along with much babe, enter the enclosure. He makes that was excellent, he skilfully assoan address, stating that they are about ciated the baptism of infants with the to receive this new born child into the dearest sympathies of our nature. And christian church. He repeats the how could he do otherwise, while it is Lord's prayer, and the Apostle's creed; regarded as regenerating, christening, and asks, “ Is it in this faith that you making them christians, receiving

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them into the church, and somehow viction of his need of that spiritual resecuring their eternal salvation? The generation without which instruction great candles on the altar are now and prayers are vain. lighted. His colleague delivers an ad- I have presented you, my dear sir, dress to the children, accompanied the brightest view of the religious state with prayers and sacred melodies. of this place; for it is almost excluThe other then examines them, the sively at church that any appearance first question being, How do little of religion is to be seen, so far as my children become members of the observation has extended ; and I have church of Christ? and the answer be

had a good opportunity to observe. ing, By baptism. To all the questions At table, there is, in some instances, a they reply together, as with one voice.

few moment's pause, for silently askHis colleague repeats the Apostle's ing a blessing, and giving thanks; but creed, and asks, Do you profess this as generally there is no such devotion, your faith? Yes, they reply. Do you even where clergymen are present. desire to live by it as christians? Yes.

The only person whom I have heard And thus hope for salvation? Yes. He ask a blessing, is a little boy, who, in now solemnly declares them confirmed a family where I often dine, is called members of the christian church. Af- upon to repeat a form. Family prayer, terwards they pass around in succes- so far as I have been able to discover, sion to both the pastors, who take them is quite out of use. In conversation, by the hand. They then pass around the name of God and of Christ, by again, five or six kneeling at a time preachers themselves, and all sorts of before the pastors, and receiving their people, men, women, and children, is hands upon the head, with a blessing used for exclamation and emphasis, as and a few words of exhortation. This currently and as gracefully as by comdone, the pastors and the children

mon privateersmen; and religious cirkneel down together, and one of the cles treat with derision what they call pastors offers a prayer for them. Dur- pretism, and our notion of being reing this exercise especially, and the newed by the energies of the divine one preceding, many of them are dis- Spirit. Yet all-all cling to the chrissolved in tears, and some weep aloud; tening of infants; and men who are and the sympathetic emotions of many scarcely ever seen at public worship, in the assembly are manifest. The

come to the preacher, and request him Lord's prayer, a benediction, and hymns to baptize their children at home, with the voice, and organ, and a full where, indeed, most of the christenings band of instrumental music, close the

are performed. It is a darling relict of solemnity.

man's pernicious devices, substituted Oh! how few, in all probability, for the directions of our Lord ; and it among these precious souls, understand grieves me to think that any of a more the scriptural doctrine of being born christian character are unwilling to let again, or have, in reality, “passed it go. My sheet is filled, and I can from death unto life." And how aw- only add, that the more I see of Euful the mistake to imagine themselves rope, the more am I impressed with the regenerate, and safe in the bosom of conviction, that our brethren in Amerthe church, if they have not been ica must rise in the strength of the "created anew in Christ Jesus."

Lord, and bear an important part in The tears that were shed may have the reformation of christendom, and been the tears of penitence and holy the conversion of the world. Adieu. joy; but, alas! how much is it to be feared, that in most cases, they were

Yours, &c. only the offspring of agitation, or of merely natural affections, or of that goodness which is as the morning cloud and as the early dew! May he that Account of the Church, and of a reknows the heart have mercy upon vival, in Southbridge, in a letter to these children, and upon their teach- Dr. Baldwin. ers; and hasten the time when his truth and his commands shall cease to

Dear Brother,

Aug. 31, 1824 be perverted. To teach children the Conscious that you feel a deep inway of salvation, to examine them, terest in the prosperity of Zion, I and to pray for them, are unquestion- write in hope that a brief account of ably duties of the first importance. the rise and progress of this Church, But let them be done in such a man- may afford you a degree of pleasure. ner, as, instead of deceiving the child Agreeably to request, I visited this into an ungrounded confidence, shall town, and assisted in forming a Baptend to impress upon his mind the con tist Society, in May, 1816; and the


Junc following, removed my family curred worthy of notice, unless I say, 2 from Woodstock, (Con.) and commenc- precious youth put on the Lord Jesus, ed my labour with them. Previous to by obeying his command, and were this, there had been but little preach- received into the fellowship of the ing in this place, notwithstanding church. there was a Congregational Church, We have now arrived at a period over which Rev. Jason Park was or- where it is proper to be more particdained about this time, and conse- ular, as it comprises a narration of a quently the state of society was not work of grace more general than any the most pleasant. Our society, very other with which we have ever been fortunately succeeded in purchasing favoured. Sometime last fall an the Meeting-House, which was own- attention to religion began to increase, ed by individuals; and the year after and some were impressed with the idea my settlement, built the parsonage that God was about to revive his work where I now live. In February, 1817, in this town; but nothing appeared the Church was constituted, consisting very encouraging until 3 came forof 27.

ward and requested baptism. From In the year 1818, we were favoured this to the present time the good work with a pleasant revival, which con- has been gradually progressing, and tinued nearly through the succeeding nothing appeared, which looked like year; and 20 were added to the enthusiasm, or a zeal without knowlChurch by baptism. But in this in- edge. The awakened have almost constant world, Israel often appears universally been brought to see the like the burning bush, which was true infinite purity and strictness of the diof us in 1820. Our members had gen- vine law, to read their just condemerally fallen into a lukewarm state, nation thereby; and to fly to Immanand soon became encompassed with uel as their only refuge. portentous clouds, which threatened We believe, in the judgment of us with speedy dissolution. Under charity, that more than 40 have shared these circumstances a few, possessed of in the gracious work, 27 of whom have Daniel's spirit, agreed to meet weekly been buried with Christ in baptism, on to seek the Lord their God by prayer profession of their faith, making our and supplication, that he would heal present number 87. Persons of the our backslidings, revive our graces, and first respectability from the youth of 12 bless us again with a refreshing season. to the man of grey hairs have been It was not long before the sun of right the subjects of this work. The change eousness lifted upon us his soul-cheer- produced by this good work ing presence, in answer to prayer, our Society, is very apparent.

In which dispersed our gloom, enlivened those houses where God was not the church, and granted us an accession worshipped, the morning and evening of 5 by Baptism, during the year 1821. sacrifice is daily offered. Those who This and other incentives induced us seldom if ever attended divine service, to continue our social importunity, are now constant in the duties of the with interest and pleasure ; believing sanctuary. And some who were over that God had not said unto the seed fond of vain diversions, now view them of Jacob, “ seek ye me in vain." We altogether incompatible with man's were not obliged to lift up our eyes accountability; and appear truly deunto the hills, from whence cometh lighted in meeting for prayer and reour help in vain; for a compassionate ligious conference. Father shed down the Holy Spirit in The special agency of the Holy gentle effusions, and there appeared a Spirit has been remarkably apparent cloud, to the eye of faith," like a in this reformation, almost to the exman's hand,” which we fancied indic- clusion of ordinary means.

And if any ative of abundance of rain. It is evi- one has been honoured as an instrudent that we were not prepared for an ment in forwarding this blessed work, extensive refreshing ; consequently, let the name of the Lord have all the our anticipation was not fully realized: praise. All who have bowed to the nevertheless, a number experienced sceptre of the Lord, appear well estaba hope in 1822, and 11 returned to lished in the doctrine of grace; and if give God glory, by following Christ in we were to calculate on future usefulthe ordinance of baptism, and uniting ness from their present appearance, with this church. During the follow- our anticipation would be great, but ing year, it might have been said of we are too well acquainted with the

“behold how good and how pleas- depravity of the human heart, to ex. ant it is for brethren to dwell together pect a high degree of perfection in this in unity! Excepting this, nothing oc- life. We hope the great Shepherd of



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