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till it was unjustly laughed out of Countenance at London. Nay, Mr. Molyneux, the Prince's Secretary, a very inquisitivePerfon, and my very worthy Friend, assured me, he had at first so great a Diffidence in the Truth of the Fact, andwas so little biassed by the other Believers, even by the King himself, that he would not be satisfied till he was permitted both to see and feel the Rabbet in that very Passage whence we all come into thi World out of our Mo. ther's Womb. Accord ingly he told me, he had more Evidence for it, than he had that I had a

whilst he had known that by one of of his Senses only, that of seeing, but knew this by two of his Senses, both seeing and feeling. Hear the following Ex



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Page 3, 4. A spublih the whole Account, and prove every

S Mr. Howard himself intends shortly to

Circumstance of it, by such Evidences as will put this Matter out of all Possibility of Doubt, I must refer to him for several Particulars here omitted.

And as it will be impoffible to judge impartially of this Fact, till the Evidences above-mentioned are produced, it cannot be dubted but all such Persons as are not governed by Prejudice, or some worse Motive, will suspend their Judgment till these Facts come to their knowledge, by a more certain Way, than by flying Reports and Conjectures.

Page 7. On Nov. 15, I attended the Honourable Mr. Molyneux, Secretary to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who was inclined to enquire into the Truth of this extraordinary and desired me to go with him to Guilford.

· We heard the Woman was actually in Labour of the 15th Rabbet.

Page 13. I delivered her of the skin of the abovefaid Rabbet, (very like the Skin of an Hog's Bladder.]

Page 15: Between the Times of visiting the Woman, we examined the several Rabbets, which were all kept separate in · diftinet Pots, with Spirits of Wine, in the Order they were brought away. The first Animal did not appear to be a perfect Rabbet in all its Parts ; three of the Feet being like the Paws of a Cat. The Stomach and Intestines like those Parts in the fame Animal, &c.


Cafe ;

Page 19. From all these Confiderations, I was fully convinced, that at the same Time that the external Appearance of these Animals was exa&tly like such Creatures, as nuit inevitably undergo the Changes that happen to adult Animals by Food and Air, they carried with them the strongest Marks of Fætus's, even by such Parts as cannot exist in an Adult, and without which a Fætus cannot possibly be supposed to live. This I think proves, in the strongest Terms posible, that these Animals were of a particular Kind, and not bred in a natural Way. Nor will there be any Doubt remaining, (even with the least knowing in these Matters) when those Parts which are subservient to the Circulation of the Blood and Nourishment, tetween an adult Creature, and its Fætus, are brought away; which I am fully satisfied must shortly happen, or if retained, be the Cause of this Woman's Death.

Page 21. All these Facts were verified before his Majesty, on Saturday, Nov. 26, by the anatomical Demonstration of the first, the third, fifth, and ninth of these Animals; which were compared with the Parts of two natural Rabbets, the one of the Age of four Months, and the other of five Days. Dr. Steigerthal and Dr. Tesier being present.

I shall with all convenient Speed publish the Anatomy of these præternatural Rabbets, with their Figures, taken from the Life, and compared with the Parts of Rabbets of the same Growth, that the Differences there mentioned may be fully understood.

In the mean while, I Mall relate what appeared in the Difsection of two Rabbets, which I performed in the Prelence of Mr. Molyneux, the very Day that we returned from Guilford. The one was of four Months Growth, and much of the Size of that which had been taken from the Woman ; the other was 15 Days old. Page 22. The Lungs of the larger were, as nearly as I can judge, 20 Times bigger in Capacity than those of the præternatural ones ; and the Lungs of the smaller were at least eight Times the Bigness of the before-mentioned both these were exceedingly different in Colour and Consistence from those of the præternatural Rabbet.

The Foramen Ovale of the smaller Rabbet was more than two Thirds open, and that in the larger was so far closed as but just to admit a very small Probe.

As to the Stomach and Intestines, the Difference was fo notoriously great from those we had examined, that even in the Sucking Rabbet the Stomach and Cæcum were at least three Times larger

than those Parts in the præternatural ones. Page 23. The Account she gave of herself was, That on the Twenty-third of April last, as me was weeding in a Field, he saw a Rabbet spring up near hez; after which she ran,

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with another Woman that was at Work just by her. This set her a longing for Rabbets, being then, as she thought five Weeks gone with Child. Page 24. The other Woman perceiving she was uneasy, charged her with longing for the Rabbet they could not catch ; but the denied it. Soon after another Rabbet sprung up near the same Place, which she endeavoured likewise to catch. The same Night the dreamed that she was in a Field with those two Rabbets in her Lap, and awaked with a Sick Fit; which lafted till Morning. From that Time, for above three months, she had a constant and strong Desire to eat Rabbets; but being very poor and indigent could not procure any

Page 26. The Account Mr. Howard gave, was in every material Circumstance, the same with the Woman's Relation.

Page 27. Mr. Howard further related, that when she was delivered of one Rabbet, another was immediately felt in her Belly, struggling with such Violence, that the motion thereof could be sensibly felt, and feen; that this Motion had sometimes been so strong, as to move the Bed Cloaths, that it has lasted for 20 and above 30 Hours together. This particular Fact was unanimously agreed, and attested by most of the People ar Guilford, who have had the Curiosity to go to fee

and was confirmed to Mr. Molyneux and myself, by above 10 different Persons, who all seemed to be indifferent in this Matter.

Page 31. Mr. Ahlers (the King's Surgeon, for his German Hanthold) having been at Guilford, by his Majesty's Order, (as Mr. Howard told us) to inquire into the Truth of this Fact, was fully convinced of it, as he himself declared.

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Page 33. Johr Howard of Guilford, in the County of Surry, maketh Oath, That on Sunday, the zoth Day of this Instant, Month of November, -Mr. Aslers (Surgeon to his Majesty's German Household) brought away the Loins and inferior Parts of a Rabbet, of about three Months Growth.

Page 34. That after this Mr. Ahlers told this Deponent, and all the Persons present, that he was fully satisfied and convinced of the Truth, and that he could have no Doubts after such Proof That at the same Time he gave the Woman a Guinea; expressing great Satisfaction, and promising that he would procure her a Pension from his Majesty -- Nov. 25, 1726.

Page 36. Mary Toft and her Nurse make Oath, that Mr. Ahlers declared, it was wonderful People would not believe a Fact so true, as this appeared to him; and Mary Toft faith, that Mr. Ahlers examined her Breasts, and found Milk' in one of them the fame Day.


Page 37. Elizabeth Helmes of Guilford, in the County of Surry, Widow, maketh Oath, that she asked Mr. Ahlers whether he believed this Account, and that his Answer was, that he fully did believe it. To which the replied, then I hope Sir you will convince a great many Unbelievers when you return to London, as some Gentlemen have already done, to which he said he should; as fhe apprehended.

Page. 38. The like was sworn by Olive Sands, the fame Day.

Page 39. Thomas Howard, of Guilford, in the County of Surry, Surgeon, maketh Oath. - Mr. Ahlers fhewed him the Loins and inferior Parts of a Rabbet; which he told him He EXTRACTED HIMSELF OUT OF THE UTERUS.

- Page 40. That he told him, he was AND SATISFIED,

THE Uterus. That he asked him, if it was possible' it could be forced or thrust into the Uterus, he said No, Nov. 27.

Mr. Ahlers Preface to his Observations - I do not deny but that at Guilford I behaved myself all along like one who was perfectly satisfied in that Matter.



Mr. Molyneux's Attestation.

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HAVE carefully [says he] read the above Narrative;

whether the Animals mentioned therein were præternaturally produced in this Woman [Mary Toft] or that a Fraud is practicable in this Case, I do not take upon me to say ; Gentlemen who are sufficient Judges will determine that Matter upon proper Evidence. I can only certify that I did draw up a Relation as is above-mentioned, which, in the most material Circumstances of the Fact, agrees with the Narrative ; and I can further affirm, that I did not perceive the least Circumstance of Fraud in the Conduct of this Affair, while I was at Guilford, Nov. 29. 1726.

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