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till, the Thing was impudently laughed out of

Countenance, , Surry where the Scene lay, but at London, 30 Miles off, and till

those that acted in this · Matter, or believed their Accounts, were unjustly made Sport of by the Scepticks of the Town. Nor did the Woman ever confess a Fraud, till The

herself threatened with a painful Operation, and with Imprisonment ; which Fraud was impossible, because, upon Diffection, it was most evi. dent, that many, at least, of those creatures that were taken from her, were not true or natural Rabbets, but of præturnatural Production; which it was impossible for her to procure, had she been never so much disposed for it. Nor did the


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Surgeons or Man-midwives pretend to any Grounds of Suspicion till they found they were like to suffer greatly in their own Reputation and Practice, if they had supported that Story any longer ; which they were not willing to do, as any one may see in all their Retractations ; of which sort of Confessions, like those made upon Torture, I have no Opinion at all. Not does the ridiculous and abusive Pictures set before Sir Richard Manning ham's Diary, in the Copy that I use : Nor a distinct Pamphlet called The Anatomist Diseated, being, as is said, written by Lemuel Gulliver, a pretended Surgeon and Anatomist to the King of Lilliput and Blefufcu, and Fellow of the Academy of Sciences in Balnibarbi, I 3


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Completions. [otherwise Dean Swift,] por the other Pamphlet called Sooterkin Diffected, both written in the Way of the groffest Banter and Ridicule, which are contained in my Copy also, move me to alter my Opinion at all as to the Truth of those monstrous Productions, which I fear not to affirm, I surely believe to have been undeniably Real,

other indeed than one direct Completion of the eminent Sig. nal before us, that towards the End of the World Menftruous Women should bring forth Monsters. And I well remember, that I then shewed Mr. Molyneux this Prophecy of Eldras, which foretold such Events about these Times. Nay upon his farther Inquiry and Concern about

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rible Judgments that the fame Esdras denounced in the same Prophecy, I comforted him with the joyful Prediction, in the fame Author, that good Men would be providentially preserved from them. 4 Efd. ix. 7, 8. The Way of bantering Matters of Fact, that are disagreeable to Scepticks and Unbelievers, as whatsoever looks Súpernatural or Miraculous always are seem, after the Lord Shaftsbury and Mr. Collins, to have almost begun here amongst us with the Banter of this wonderful and supernatural Production in Mary Toft ; though it be now become a standing Argument, since the Writings of Dr. Middleton, against all such Facts as imply a Providence, and the Interposition of good Angels, or wicked De

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mons in the Affairs of this World ; which yet has been the constant Opinion, or rather Experience and Attestation of all Mankind, excepting the Sadducees, and Epicureans, in all the paft Ages of the World, till the present Age. And truly if these merry Infidels could as well banter off Eclipses, and Comets, and Northern Lights, and Balls of Fire, and Earthquakes, and their Effects, with the like Facility as they now pretend to do ancient Histories, both Sacred and Profane, they would

get clear of all Arguments for Divine Providence, and Divine Revelation, and would openly and universally throw off all the Obligations of Religion. As for myself, I have very


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