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and walk with ftretched forth Necks, and wanton Eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making à tinkling with their Feet.

17. Therefore the Lord will smite with a Scab the Crown of the Head of the Daughters of Zion; and the Lord will discover their Secret Parts : {They shall hardly have Rags to cover their Nakedness.]

18. In that Day the Lord will take away the Bravery of their tinkling Ornaments about their Feet and their Cauls, and their round Tyres like the Moon:

19. The Chains, and the Bracelets, and the Mufflers:

20. The Bonnets, and Ornaments of the Legs, and the Head-bands, and the Tablets, and the Earrings :

21. The Rings, and Nose-jewels :

22. The changeable Suits of Apparel, and the Mantles, and the Wimples, and the Crisping-pins : 23.

The Glasses, and the fine Linnen, and the Hoods, and the Veils :

24. And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet Smell there shall be Stink, and instead of a Girdle a Rent, and instead of well-fet Hair Baldnefs, and instead of a Stomacher a Girding of Sackcloth, and Burning instead of Beauty.

25. Thy Men (Husbands] fhall fall by the Sword, and thy Mighty in the War.

26. And her Gates shall lament and mourn; and she being desolate shall fit upon the Ground.

VII. The Protestants, as well as the Papists, are become Scepticks and Infidels, and this to a prodi

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gious Degree. This has been already carefully noted as the Completion of the Predictions hereto relating, Pag. 89, 90, 91, priùs,and so need not be here largely infifted on again, though it be, prob dolor! become fo general at Court, and among the Great, as to lay a fad Foundation for all the rest of our Im• moralities, Other Crimes may be traced from some Pretences or Occasions, which are here entirely wanting in our Age. The Evidence for Revealed Religion, I mean chiefly the liceral fulfilling the most numerous Prophecies, and the Çertainty of the most amazing 'Miracles, both of the Old and New Testament, which are known to be the grand Supports of Revelation, having never been so throughly cleared as they have been of late, since the Opposition of our modern Scepticks and Infidels has made learned Men more carefully to examine them. In which Examination I have long had no small Share myself; as those who have perused my Boyle's Leatures, Literal Accomplishment of Prophecies, my Astronomical Principles of Religion Natural and Revealed, with my Replies to Mr. Collins, Mr. Chubb, and Dr. Middleton, &c. do very well know: To none of which Treatises have any Replies been made. And I must openly profefs, that as I very early in Life entered into those most important Enquiries, and that with uncommon Impartiality, and Desire of discovering the Truth ; and indeed with a Dread upon me, on Account of several great Difficulties as to the Bible, Chronology and History, which were not then cleared by any Commentators that I had met with.



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God has been pleased so greatly to bless those my Studies and Enquiries, that I can honestly profess, as I have already hinted, that more than


Parts in 40 of those Difficulties have been by me now throughly cleared, and the sacred Books entirely yindicated from those Objections that had been urg'd against them; and all this, not upon precarious Hypotheses, but from real original Evidence, and genuine Testimonies of Antiquity, and com: monly demonstrated from Mathematical and Astronomical Principles also, to my greatest Satisfaction. So that the present prodigious Run of Scepticism and Infidelity comes at a Time when there are leffer Pretences for it, than there ever were since the Jewish and Christian Religions came into the World. It looks like what Dr. Bentley acutely said of Astrological Atheism, in one of his Sermons at Mr. Boyle's Lectures : It is not Reason and Evidence, • but Saturn, in the ninth House, that makes these • Men Infidels.' It indeed looks like the groffeft judicial Infatuation.

VIII. The Protestants, as well as the Papists, go on in the open Breach not only of the other Laws and Ordinances of Almighty God, which yet, excepting the Ceremonial, do ftill equally oblige the Christians now, as they did always oblige the Jews, as I have already noted, Pag. 143, 144, priùs, and elsewhere fully proved [Horeb Covenant Revived, per tot.] but of the everlasting Covenant itself, or the Ten Commandments of God themselves; which, under the Christian Explication, most certainly oblige all the Christian World. Now

in order to understand my Meaning under this Head, the Reader is to remember what I have ellewhere observed, [Prim. Cbrit. Reviv'd, Vol. III. Pag. 56.] that the Ten Commandments, as distinct from the other Laws of Moses, were peculiarly called the Covenant that God made with the Ifraelites by Moses; the Tables wherein they were written, and that by the Finger of God himself, were peculiarly called the Tables of the Covenant : the Ark, or Chest, wherein those Tables of the Covenant, and they only were contained, the Ark of the Covenant : So that when Ifaiab, or rather God by Isaiah, gives the Reasons for the Severity of the divine Judgment at this Time upon the Inhabitants of the Earth, it is because they had broken not only the other Laws and Ordinances, but the everlasting Covenant. itself also, or the Ten Commandments themselves, [Isaiah xxiv. 5.) as the highest Aggravation of that Defilement they had contracted, and which required the severelt Punishment. Now let us see how far the Papifts and Protestants have broken these Ten Command. ments, by going diftinctly over most of them in Order ; and observe what terrible Judgments these Papists and Protestants may justly expect for their notorious Breaches of them.

First Command. [Exod. xx. 3. Deut. v.7.] Thou palt have no other Gods before me. Now as to this Command, we of Cambridge have had a flagrant Example, beyond that of the vilest Heathen in the Days of Moses, or even till after the Days of Hobbes and Spinoza, a Century ago ;. for though the

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Heathens were wholly, Idolaters, and did not worfhip the true God, yet had they still some Gods or other whom they all worshipped: Till which Time, though there were several Fools [Psalm xiv. 1.] that faid in their Hearts, or wished and hoped there was no God to punish them; yet were they wifer than to affirm directly, that there was no God; whereals, it is not many Years ago, that a Member of that Univerfity had directly affirm'd, that there was no God: Nay, when they were to procuré a Majority of Heads of Colleges to banith him, for his direct Atheism, and the Proof was undeniable, the Head of that College to which he belonged, who is still one of those Heads, and in a much higher Poft in the fame Place also, would not appear against him; but the other Heads were forced to adjourn to Trinity-Gollege Lodge, for. Dr. Bentley's Affistance, who, after discoursing with him, joined with them in his Banishment. This Atheifm I esteem a greater Crime than the Idolatry of the first Commandment, or greater than Heatben Idolatry itself.

Second Command. [Exod. xx. 4, 5, 6. Deut. v. 8, 9, 10.] Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven Image, or any Likeness that is in Heaven above, or that is in the Earth beneath, or that is in the Water under the Earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them : For I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the Fatbers upon the Children, unto the third and fourth Generation of them that bate me ; and sewing Mercy unto. Thousands of them that love me, and keep my Commandments. This Command is not broken by either Jews, or Protestants, or Mabomet.

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