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Deut. v. II, 20.] Thou shalt not take tbe Name of

ans ; but chiefly, if not only, among us by the Papists, to their utter Difgrace and Condemnation. Accordingly, we have seen already that our Saviour, by St. John in the Revelation, complains, that this Anti-christian Church of Rome, even after the fore Judgments of the fix former Trumpets, fent to bring them to Repentance, [.Apec. ix. 20.) did not repent of such their former gross Idolatry, of the Works of their Hands; that they should not worship Demons, and Idols of Gold, and Silver, and Brass, and Stone, and Wood, which neither can see, nor bear,

Third and Ninth Commands. (Exod. xx. 7, 16.

nor walk.

the Lord thy God in vain : For the Lord will not bold bim guiltless that taketh his Name in vain. Thou fhalt not bear falfe Witness againf thy Neighbour. How grofly the Protestants, no less than Papifts, are guilty of these most horrid Crimes, of taking the tremendous Name of God in vain, and in bearing false Witness, see Mr. Overal's Paper, already produced, Pag. 411-414.

Fourth Command. [ Exod. xx. 8, 9, 10, 11. Deut. V. 12, 13, 14, 15.] Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy, Six Days shalt thou labour, and do all tby Work : But the seventh Day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God. In it thou shalt not do ang Work ; tbou, nor thy Son, nor thy Daughter ; thy Man-servant, nor thy Maid-servant ; nor thy Cattle, nor the Stranger that is within tby Gates. For in fix Days the Lord made Heaven and Earth, the Sea, and all that in them is, and rested the Seventh Day : Wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath Day, and hallowed it,


This Command, tho' it belongs to no other Day of the Week than Saturday, and according to the Christian Interpretation, [Constitut. ii. 36.] is to afford us Christians so much Reft from our worldly Labours, as the Commemoration and Worship of God as our Creator requires ; (though by no Means so much Rest on the Sabbath as the Jews were obliged to by their Law, much less as the rigid Interpretation of the Jewish Rabbins required ; nor indeed so much as the longer and more folemn Duties of the Lord's Day, in Memory of the ReJurrection of Christ, our Redeemer make necessary.) However, because the Ignorance, the gross Igno. rance of the modern Ages has almost obliterated the Sanctification of Saturday, or the Sabbath Day; nay, has introduced, without all good Authority, such an Interpretation of this Fourth Command, as if the Lord's Day was to be the Christian Sabbatb; and as if the Command now belonged, by a Change of the Day, to the first Day of the Week instead of the last ; I say, because of this gross Ignorance of the Moderns in this Matter, gone into by many good Christians through Inadvertency, rather than any Contempt of a known Law, I cannot charge the Body of Christian People with the gross Breach of this Command, as one of those great Crimes for which the Judgments of God are already upon us, and greater still are to be feared by us on that Account. Yet, as I have long known the Observation of the Sabbath, or Saturday, in Memory of the Creation, to be a Christian Duty, I have endea. youred, in some Measure, to observe it all along

in my own Family. Accordingly, a Thanksgiving
to God as our Creator is set down in my own Com-
mon-Prayer Book, and has not been there omitted
about 40 Years; as the same, or somewhat like it,
ought to be introduced into all other Christian Con-
gregations and Families also, as they consist of
People that are all the Creatures of God, as .well
as the Jews, and ought all equally with them to
acknowledge Almighty God to be our as well as
their common Creator and Governor. What is here
said in Way of just Excuse for the Non-observation
of the Sabbath, or Saturday, may equally be applied
to the Stations, or Half-fafts, on Wednesday and Fri-
day, excepting the seven or eight Weeks of Pente-
cost, and the Apoftolical Holidays, with the old
five Days of Lent, and the more strict and folemn
Fafting and Abstinence of Paffon-Week; all which,
I believe, do oblige all Christians equally with that
of the Lord's Day itself; and were accordingly
observed by the Primitive Christians, and have in
good Measure been observed in my Family about
40 Years ; since this Obligation has been little
known in these Western Countries, and in these
later Anti-christian Ages. But then, as to the
common Neglect of Divine Worship, and the hor-
rible Profanation of the Lord's Day among us,
which all own for a Day of Holiness, the Reader
may look backward to Pag. 94, where Bishop
Sherlock is mentioned as justly and greatly com-
plaining of this, among the other Instances of the
groffest Irreligion and Profaneness among us : To
which I am obliged to add two other most pub-

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lick Examples of such Irreligion and Profaneness : The one is, of those very bad Men that profane this holy Day in London, by frequenting, and encouraging, and supporting Mr. Henley's weekly Buffoonry, and Ridicule of all that is facred among Christians, on the Evening of that Day. The other belongs to one of the Royal Family itfelf, which ought to set us a better Pattern. The Example is this : One of the Daughters of the Earl of Huntingdon was recommended to be a Maid of Honour to one of our Princesfes, and was accepted of; but only on this Condition, that she must comply with the Princess in playing at Cards on the Lord's Day: But her Mother, who did not approve of such a Profanation of that holy Day, having forbidden her Daughter to game upon it; and the Daughter having accordingly promised not to game, she was rejected on that Account. This Story is so well known, and I have such undoubted Authority for it, that though it concerns the Royal Family itfelf, which I have already, in great Measure, excepted from such Reflections, for particular Reasons, Pag. 632, priùs, I could not persuade myself to omit it in this place. Moreover, since I had the Honour many Years ago to join in the Instruction of the Duke of Cumberland; (one who, when very young, was made instrumental by Providence to put an End to that Rebellion in Scotland, which none of the old Commanders were able to do ;) I shall venture to add two Clauses relating to bim, which I wrote in two several Letters to my very valuable Friend, and his former


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Governor, Mr. Poyntz, (who, as I once told Queen
Caroline his Mother, was, in my Opinion, the fittest
to be his Governor of all she could have chosen
for that Purpose) hoping that the Duke might see
and consider them. The former Clause was this:
Keep Innocency, and take Heed to the Thing that is
right; for that fall bring a Man Peace at the laft.
[Psalm xxxvii. 37.] The other was after the Vic-
tory at Culloden : “ I heartily congratulate you upon
• the Victory which our old Pupil the Duke of
< Cumberland has gained : I wish he were as good
' a Christian as he is a great Commander ; without
6 which, in a little Time, all will be Vapour and
• Vanity!' But alas ! alas ! This Freedom of mine
is no more than the Duty of every Clergyman or
Watchman, as well as mine. See Ezekiel ii. 16,
17, 18. The Word of the Lord came unto me, saying,
Son of Man, I have made tbee a Watchman unto the
House of Israel : Therefore bear the Word at my
Mouth, and give them Warning from me. Wben I
say unto the Wicked, Thou shalt surely die, and thou
givest bim not Warning, nor Speakest to warn the
Wicked from his wicked Way, to save his Life, the
fame wicked Man shall die in bis Iniquity ; but bis
Blood will I require at thine Hand.

Fifth Command. (Exod. xx. 12. Deut. V. 16.]
Honour thy Father and thy Motber, that thy Days
inay be long in the Land which the Lord thy God
giveth thee. Though this Duty of honouring our
Parents be a Branch of natural, as well as of
the Jewish and Christian Religions, yet the Re-
ward promised to it being here peculiar to the Jews,




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