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We know the Nature of the building of Lon66 don Houses, which sometimes fall of themselves, “ without shaking. Wonderful then is it to be

thought, and a Miracle indeed, that every House o in this vast City should be twice agitated, and s rocked to and fro, and not one fall, nor one Per" son receive any Damage.

“ In vain will the Philosophers seek for a Solu. “ tion of this Problem in natural Causes only. By " their chymical Experiments they make some “ little mimic Imitations of Tremors and Fumes, " and Explosions ; so by Gun-powder we ape the « regal Voice of Thunder. But where is the dif“ cretionary Act of Mercy and Benignity, that se

parates between the vengeful and kind? Thefe “ second Causes act according to their material “ Nature, like the roaring Waves of the Ocean, " that flow in, and overwhelm every Thing where

Breach is made. They can observe no Difos tinction between the Lands of a righteous Man “ and of a Sinner; they cannot stop at the Breach, " and gather themselves on a Heap, and not enter “ in at all, as the Waters of Jordan did.

" But in the Case before us, the Hand of the " Lord that stayed the flowing of the Waters, that “: quelled the raging of the Sea, and its proud " Waves, secs Bounds to the trembling of the “ Earth. Hither shall its Vibrations go, and no « further. When, alas ! if it went but one Inch “ further in Comparison) a total Ruin must una

voidably follow,


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“ Consider this particular, when applied to all “ the Buildings in this immense City, and wonder, es and adore that almighty Providence, which over“ looked us, and prescribed the Limits, fo narrow,

so precise, which saved us from univerlal Havock!" And again, Page 45.“ We observed before a

plain and notorious Proof of God's Hand in “ these Judgments, that he could nove a whole

City, without throwing down a House. And this is « most assuredly a second Proof that he visits only

great Cities with these Judgments. And we 16 must conclude this to be as strong an Argument “ of a divine Interposition in these Affairs, as any

mathematical Demonstration."

However, I take Leave to add this myself, that tho' Earthquakes chiefly affect very great and very wicked Cities,as the Doctor observes, yet are not either those Earthquakes, or God's providential Interpofition, wholly confined to them ; as it is plain in the 8 or 9 late Earthquakes in England, where the Concussions have extended sometimes as far as those in London, and yet hardly thrown down a single House, or killed a single Person all this Time. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! May the Confideration of this his amazing Goodness to us lead us to a true Re

pentance !

I also very much suspect, that what Dr. Stukeley severely intimates, Pages 37, 38, is too likely to prove true, with respect to the great ones and the careless Multicude, His remarkable Words are

these :

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.“ It is true, an Earthquake causes an universal
Dread among all Sorts of People; even the Phi-
losopher, immersed in Speculation of second
Causes, quakes, as well as the Pious, whose Fear

proceeds from solid Piety, a due Sense of the
Anger of the Almighty Being. We saw the late
“ Earthquakes affrighted every one ; but as to the

Generality, it was but for a Moment. When
" they found themselves safe and alive, thoughtless
" they went to their Business, or their Diversion,
< and this not only the first, but the second Time.
" And I am apprehensive, were another and another
" to come, they would only be less regarded than
“ the preceding." So far Dr. Stukeley. To
which I shall only add, that what he says, I doubt,
will be true; but this only till that great Earth
quake, which I expect ere long at London. See
Pag. 42, 43, 135, 136, 137, which will quite
alter the Scene ; for after the Slaughter of the 7000
Men of Name or Note, we are assured there, the
Remnant will be affrighted, and give Glory to the God
of Heaven. Pag. 43, 138.
Page 179, of the 3d Part, Line antepenult

. add,

may be necessary to take some Notice here of the notorious and barbarous Breach of another Law of God, given by Moses to the Jews, but obliging us Christians also, which soon follows the ten Commandments, Exod. xxi. 16. He that stealeth a Man, and selleth bim, or if he be found in his Hand, be Jhall surely be put to Death. So is our Version from the Hebrew. The Septuagint Version is thus': Whosoever stealeth any one of the Children of Israel,




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and overcometh, and selletb bim, and be be found with bim, be Mall surely die. Deut. xxiv, 7. If a Man be found stealing any of his Brethren of the Children of Israel, and maketh Merchandize of bim, or selleth bim, then that Thief Mall die, and thou fhalt put Evil away from among you. So is our Version from the Hebrew. The Septuagint Version is thus : If a Man be found stealing a Soul of his Brethren, the Children of Israel, and tyrannizetb over him, and selleth him, that Thief fall die, and thou shalt put the Evil away froin ainong you. How near to this horrible Crime, to which Death is here pe : remptorily denounced, is the buying and selling our Black Slaves, or tyrannizing over them when they are sold, I shall not positively determine ; but think it highly fit to be considered by those Merchants that are therein concerned, leit this also prove to be another of those heinous Crimes for which the Divine Vengeance is now justly to be feared. See Horeb Covenant Reviv'd throughout: Where more such Laws that oblige Christians, but broken by them, are set down.

Page 190, of the 3d Part, Line 2, dele the Words and last : But after the Break in the Middle, add :

The eighth and ninth of those Judgments belonging to these Times, I reckon those Imitations of the two most universal of all the Changes that have been, or are to be made, upon our Earth ; I mean, the general Deluge, and final Conflagration. These are both mentioned by the Apostle Peter, in his Second Epiftle, Chapter iii. Verses 3, 4, 5, 6,


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7, and at this Time of the groffest Scepticism and Infidelity, as to divine Predictions of Judgments, cannot but deserve our most attentive Consideration. Knowing this first, that there hall come in the last Days Scoffers, walking after their own Lufts, and saying, Where is the Promise of his coming For fince the Fathers fell asleep, all Things continue as they were from the Beginning of the Creation. For tbis they are willingly ignorant of, that by the Word. of God the Heavens were of old, and the Earth standing out of the Water, and in the Water : Whereby the World that then was, being overflowed with W ATER, perished. But the Heavens and. the Earth which are now, by the same Word are kept in store, reserved unto FIRE, against the Day of Judgment, and Perdition of ungodly Men.

Now these two Judgments of the Deluge, and Cona i flagration, naturally put me in mind of those fre

quent and terrible Inundations of Water and Fires, which have of late been so very remarkable in our Magazines and News Papers. And to what farther Degrees of Frequency and Desolation they may proceed, unless a general Reformation prevent them, we none of us know, but all of us have just Cause to fear. [See Mr. Warner's most serious and excellent Sermon before the Lord-Mayor, upon the Fire of London, 1666, preached 1749 ; which I heartily recommend to every sober Person's Consideration.]

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N. B. July 19, 1750, I began at Tunbridge: Wells, my VI Lectures on the Restoration of the

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