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second Sunday after Tri out whom nothing is strong,

nothing is holy; Increase The Collet.

and multiply upon us thy O Lord who never faileft mercy: that thou being

our to help and govern them ruler and guide, we may so whom thou dost preserve in pass through things tempothy stedfast fear and love ; ral, that we finally lose not Keep us, we beseech thee, the things eternal : Grant under the protection of thy this, O heavenly Father, for good providence, and make Jesus Christ's sake our Lord. us to have a perpetual fear Amen. and love of thy holy Name, !

The Epistle. through Jesus Christ our I reckon that the. Rom. 8. Lord. Amen.

ver. 8. to v. 24• The Epistle.

The Gospel. Marvel not, my. I S. John Be ye therefore. S. Luke 6. 3. ver. 13. to the end.

ver. 36. to v. 43. The Gospel

The fifth Sunday after Tria A certain man. S. Luke 14.

nity. ver, 16. to v. 25.

The Colle&t. The third Sunday after Tri- GRant, O Lord, we benity.

feech thee, that the The ColleEZ.

course of this world may be Lord we beseech thee fo peaceably ordered by thy

mercifully to hear us; governance, that thy Church and grant that we, to whom may joyfully serve thee in thou hast given an hearty all godly quietnses, through desire to pray, may by thy Jesus Christ our Lord. A. mighty aid be defended and men. comforted in all dangers and adversities, through Jesus

through Jesus Be ye all of one mind, 1 S. Christ our Lord. Amen. Pet. 3. ver. 8. to v. 15. The Epistle.

And be ready
All of you be subject. I. S.

The Gospel

. Pet. 5. ver. 5. to v. 12. It came to pass. S. Luke 5.

The Gospel.
Then drew near. S. Luke The fixth Sunday after Tri-
15. ver. I. to v. II.

The fourth Sunday after Trio The Collect.

O God, who haft prepared
The Colle&t.

for them that love thee, O God the protector of all fuch, good things 'as pass that trust in thee, with



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The Epiftle.

ver. I. to v. 12.

The Gospel.

man's understanding ; Pour hurtful things, and to give into our hearts such love to us those things which be proward thee, that we loving fitable for us, thro' Jesus thee above all things, may Christ our Lord. Amen. obtain thy promises, which

The Epistle. exceed all that we can de Brethren, we are. Rom. 8. fire, through Jesus Chrift ver. 12. to v. 18. our Lord. Amen. The Epistle.

Beware of false. Matt. 7. Know ye not. Rom. 6. ver. ver. 15. to v. 22.

3. to v. 12. The ninth Sunday after TriThe Gospel.

nity. Jesus said unto his. S. Mat. The Colleet.

5. Ver. 20. to v. 27. GRant to us, Lord, we The seventh Sunday after

beseech thee, thy Spirit, Trinity.

to think and do always such The Collect.

things as be right ; that we LOrd of all power and who cannot do any thing

might, who art the au- that is good without thee, thor and giver of all good may by thee be enabled to things; Graft in our hearts live according to thy will, the love of thy Name, in- through Jesus Christ our crease in us true religion, Lord. Amen. nourish us with all good

The Epistle. ness, and of thy great mercy Brethren, I would, 1 Cor. keep us in the same, thro’ 10. ver. I. to v. Jesus Christ our Lord, A

The Gospel.

Jesus said unto his. S. Luke The Epiftle.

16. ver. I. to v. 10. I speak. after the. Rom. 6. The tenth Sunday after Triver. 19. to the end.

nity. The Gospel.

The Collect. In those days the. S. Mark LET thy merciful ears, 8. ver. 1. to v, 10.

Lord, be open to the The eighth Sunday after Tri- prayers of thy humble sernity.

vants, and that they may The Collect.

obtain their petitions, direct O God whose never-failing them to ask such things as

providence ordereth all shall please thee, through things both in heaven and Jesus Christ our Lord. Aearth; We humbly beseech men. thee to put away from us all




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ver. I. to v. 21.

The Epiftle.

are not worthy to ask, but Now concerning. 1 Cor. 12. thro' the merits and media

tion of Jesus Christ thy Son The Gospel

our Lord. Amen. And when he was. S. Luke

The Epistle. 19. ver. 41. to v. 47. Such trust have we, 2 Gor. But the chief.

3. ver. 4. to v. 20. The eleventh Sunday after

The Gospel.

Jesus departing from. S.
The Colleet.

Mat. 7. ver. 31. to the end. O God, who declareft thy The thirteenth Sunday after glorious perfection and

Trinity. goodness in shewing mercy

The Colleet. and pity ; Mercifully grant unto us such a measure of ALmighty and merciful

God, of whose only thy grace, that we running gift it cometh, that thy the way of thy commande faithful people do unto thee ments, may obtain thy gra- true and laudable service; cious promises, and be made Grant, we beseech thee, that partakers of thy heavenly treasure, thro' Jesus Christ thee in this life, that we fail

we may so faithfully serye our Lord. Amen. The Epistle.

not finally to attain thy heaBrethren, I declare. 1 Cor. venly promises, through the

merits of Jesus Christ our 15. ver. I, to v. I 2.

Lord. Amen.
The Gospel.

The Epifle

. Jesus spake this. S. Luke To Abraham and. Gal. 3. 18. ver. 9. to v. 15.

ver. 16. to v. 23. The twelfth Sunday after

The Gospel.

Blessed are the Eyes. S.Lu.
The Collect.

10. ver. 23. to v. 38. Almighty and everlasting The fourteenth Sunday after God, who art always

Trinity. more ready to hear, than we

The Collect.
to pray, and are wont to give Almighty and everlasting
more than either we desire God, give unto us the
or deserve ; Pour down up. increase of faith, hope, and
on us the abundance of thy charity; and that we may
mercy; forgiving us those obtain that which thou dost
things whereof our consci- promise, make us to love
ence is afraid, and giving us that which thou dost com-
those good things which we mand, thro' Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen,
G 2



The Epistle.

The Gospel. I say then, Walk in. Gal. And it came to pass, S. Lu. 5. ver. 16. to v. 25. 7. Ver. 11. to v. 18.

The Gospel The seventeenth Sunday after And it came to pass. S. Lu,


The Collect.
17. ver. II, to v. 20.
The fifteenth Sunday after Lord, we pray thee that

thy grace may always
The Collect.

prevent and follow us; and K

Eep, we beseech thee, make us continually to be

Lord, thy Church with given to all good works, thy perpetual mercy. And thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. because the frailty of man Amen. without thee is ever liable

The Epiftle. to fall, keep us ever by thy I therefore the. Eph. 4. ver. help from all things hurtful,

1. to V, 7: and lead us to all things pro

The Gospel fitable to our falvation, thro' It came to pass. S.Luke 14.

ver. I. to v. 12. Jesus Christ our Lord. A

The eigthteenth Sunday after
The Epiftle.

Ye fee how large. Gal. 6.
ver, II. to the end. Ord, we beseech thee,
The Gospel.

grant thy people grace

to withftand the temptatiNo Man can serve. S. Mat.

ons of the world, the flesh, 6. ver. 24. to the end.

and the devil; and with pure The fixteenth Sunday after hearts and minds to follow Trinity.

thee, the only God, thro' The Colleet.

Jesus Christ our Lord. AO Lord, we beseech thee,

men. let thy continual picy

The Epistle. cleanse and defend thy I thank my. God. Cor. 1. Church, and because it can

Ver. 4. to v, 9. not continue in safety with

The Gospel out thy succour, preserve it when thePharisees. S. Mat. evermore by thy help and goodness, thro' Jesus Christ The nineteenth Sunday after

22. ver. 34. to the end. our Lord. Amen.

The Epistle.

God, forasmuch as withI desire that ye faint. Eph. out thee we are not able 3. ver 13. to the end. to please thee; Mercifully


The Gospel.

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The Epistle.

The Gospel.

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grant that thy Holy Spirit may in all things direct and My brethren, be. Eph. 6. rule our hearts, thro' Jesus ver. 10, to v.21. Christ our Lord. Amen. The Epistle.

There was a certain.S.Job.
This I say therefore. Eph.4. The two and twentieth Sun-

4. ver. 46. to the end.
ver. 17. to the end,
The Gospel

day after Trinity.

The Colle ET.
Jesus entered into a ship. S.
Mat. 9. ver. 1. tov. 9." Lord, we beseech thee to

keep thy houfhold the The twentieth Sunday after Church in continual godliTrinity.

nefs; that thro' thy protecThe Collect.

tion it may be free from all O

Almighty and moft mer adversities, and devoutly

ciful God, of thy boun• given to serve thee in good tiful goodness keep us, we works, to the glory of thy beseech thee, from all things Name, thro' Jesus Christ that may hurt that we

our Lord. Amen. being ready both in body

The Epistle. and soul, may chearfully I thank my God. Phil. I. accomplish those things that

ver. 3. to V, 12. thou wouldst have done, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord. Peter said unto his. S. Mat. Amen.

18. ver. 21. to the end. The Epiftle.

The three and twentieth Sun-
See then that ye walk. Eph. day after Trinity.
5. Ver. 15. to v. 22.

The Colleet.
The Gospel.

God, our refuge and
Jesus said, the Kingdom. S. strength, who art the
Mat, 22. ver. 1. to ver. 15. author of all godliness; Be
The one and twentieth Sunday ready, we beleech thee, to
after Trinity.

hear the devout prayers of The Colleet. thy Church; and grant that GRant, we beseech thee, those things which we ask

merciful Lord, to thy faithfully, we may obtain faithful people pardon and effectually, through Jesus peace ; that they may be Chritt our Lord. Amen. cleansed from all their fins,

The Epiftle. and serve thee with a quiet Brethren, be followers.Phil. mind, thro' Jesus Christ our 3. yer. 17. to the end, Lord. Amen.


The Gospel.

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