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A Lmighty

The Gospel. If there be any more Sundays Then went the Pharisees. S. before Advent-Sunday, the Mat. 22. ver. 15. to v. 23.

Service of some of those Sun

days that were omitted after The twenty fourth Sunday

the Epiphany, shall be taken after Trinity.

in to supply so many as are The ColleEt.

here wanting. And if there O Lord, we beseech thee

be fewer, the overplus may absolve thy people from be omitted : Provided that their offences; that thro' this last Collect, Epistle and tby bountiful goodness we Gospel, fall always be used may all be delivered from

upon the Sunday next before
the bands of those fins which Advent.
by our frailty we have com-
mitted. Grant this, O hea Saint Andrew's Day.
venly Father, for Jesus

The Colleet.
Christ's sake, our blessed

Lmighty God, whe
Lord and Saviour. Amen,

didit give such grace The Epistle. unto thy holy Apostle AnWe give thanks to God. drew, that he readily obeyed Col. 1. ver. 3. to ver. 13. the calling of thy Son Jesus The Gospel.

Chrift, and followed him While Jesus spake. S. Mat. without delay ; Grant unto 9. ver. 18. to v. 27.

us all, that we being called

by thy holy word, may The twenty fifth Sunday af- fórthwith give up our selves ter Trinity.

obediently to fulfil thy holy The Collet.

commandments, thro the STir up, we beseech thee, fame Jesus Christ our Lord.

OLord, the wills of thy Amen, faithful people, that they

The Epiftle. plenteously bringing forth If thou shalt confefs. Rom. the fruit of good works, may

10. ver. 9. to the end. of thee be plenteously rewarded, thro' Jesus Christ

The Gospel. our Lord. Amen.

Jesus walking by the. S. The Epistle.

Mat. 4. ver. 18. to v. 23. Behold, the days. Jer. 23.

Saint Thomas the Apostle. ver. 5. to V, 9.

The Colle&t.
The Gospel.

God, who for the grea6. ver. 5. to V. 15.

ter confirmation of the Faith,


When Jefus then lift. S.Joh. Almighty and everliving

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never be reproved. Hear Almighty and everliving

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didft fuffer thy holy Apostle The Presentation of Chrift
Thomas to be doubtful in in the Temple, commonly
thy Son's Resurrectoin ; called, The Purification
Grant us so perfectly and of Saint Mary the Virgine,
without all doubt to believe
in thy Son Jesus Christ, that

The Collect.
our faith in thy fight may

God, we humbly beus, O Lord, thro' the same feech thy Majesty, that as Jesus Christ, to whom with thy only begotten Son was thee, in the Holy Ghost, be presented in the temple in all honour and glory, now substance of our fleth ; so and for evermore. Amen.

we may be presented unto The Epiftle. thee with pure and clean Now therefore ye. Eph. 2. hearts, by the same thy Son ver. 19. to the end.

Jesus Christ our Lord. A-
The Gospel
Thomas, one of the.S.Joh.

For the Epistle.
20. ver. 24.- to the end.

Behold, I will send. Mal. 3.

ver. I. to v. 6.
The Conversion of Saint

The Gospel.
The Collect.

And when the days. S. Luke
God, who through the

2. ver. 22. to v, 24. preaching of the blessed

Saint Matthias's Day. Apostle Paul, hast caused The Collect. the light of the Gospel to

O Almighty God, who fhine throughout the world; into the place of the Grant, we beseech thee, Traitor Judas, didst choose that we having his wonder- thy faithful servant Matful conversion in remem- thias, to be of the number brance, may shew forth our of the twelve Apostles ; thankfulness unto thee for

Grant that thy Church bethe same, by following the ing always preserved from holy do&trine which he falle Apostles, may be ortaught, thro' Jesus Christ dered and guided by faithful our Lord. Amen.

and true pastors, through
For the Epistle. Jesus Christ our Lord. A.
And Saul yet. Aits 9. ver. men.
I. to v. 23.

For the Epiftle.
The Gospel. In those days Peter. Afts 1.
Peter answered and. S.Mat.

ver. 15. to the end.
19. ver. 27. to the end,


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The Gospel.

The Gospel.
At that time Jesus. S. Mat. I am the true vine. S. John

15. ver. I. to v. 12.
II. ver. 25. to the end.
The Annunciation of the blessa Saint Philip, and Saint

James's Day.
ed Virgin Mary.

The Colleet.
The Colleet.
Ebeseech thee, O Lord, O Almighty God, whom

truly to know is everpour thy grace into lasting life ; Grant us perour hearts ; that as we have

fectly to know thy Son Jeknown the Incarnation of fus Christ to be the way,

the thy Son Jesus Christ by the truth, and the life ; that folmessage of an Angel ; so by lowing the steps of thy holy his cross and paffion we may Apostles, Philip and James, be brought unto the glory we may stedfastly walk in of his Resurrection, through the way that leadeth to eterthe same Jesus Christ our nal life, thro' the fame thy Lord. Amen.

Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
For the Epistle.

Moreover the Lord. Ifai. 7

The Epifle.
ver. 10. to v. 16. James a servant

of. S. Jam. The Gospel.

I. ver. 1. to v. 13.

The Gospel.
And in the sixth Month.S. And Jesus faid unto. S. Joh.
Luke 2. ver. 26. to v.

14. ver. I. to v, 15.

Saint Barnabas the Apostle.
Saint Mark's Day.

The Collect.
The Colle Et.
O Almighty God, who Lord God Almighty,

who didst endue thy hom
haft instructed thy holy, ly Apostle Barnabas with
Church with the heavenly fingular gifts of the Holy
doctrine of thy holy Evan• Ghoft; leave us not, we be-
gelift Mark; Give us grace, seech thee, destitute of thy
that being not like children manifold gifts, nor yet of
carried away with every grace to use them alway to
blaft of vain doctrine, we thy honour and glory, thro'
may be established in the Jesus Christ our Lord. A-
truth of thy holy Gospel,
through Jesus Christ our

For the Epistle.
Lord. Amen.

Tidings of these. Aits il.
The Epistle.

ver. 22. to the end.
Unto every one of. Eph. 4.
ver. 7. to V. 17.


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The Gospel.

Jelus Christ our Lord. A
This is my. S. John 15.ver. men.
12. to V. 27.

For the Epistle.
Saint John Baptist's Day. About that time. Acts 12,
The Colleet.

ver. I. to v. 1 2.
ALmighty God, by whose

The Gospel.
providence thy servant When Jesus came. S. Mat.
John Baptist was wonderful-

16. ver. 13. to v. 19.
jy born, and sent to prepare Saint James the Apostle.
way of thy Son our Savi.

The Gospel.
our, by preaching of repent-

, ance; Make us is to follow GRant, O merciful God, his doctrine, and his holy life Apostle James, leaving his

that as thine holy that we may truly repent ac. Father and all that he cording to his preaching; and had without delay, was after his example constantly obedient unto the calling speak the truth, toldly re

of thy Son Jesus Christ, and
buke vice, and patiently ruf-

followed him ; so we forsa-
fer for the truch's fake, thro'
Jesus Christ our Lord. A king all worldly and cainal

affections, may

be evermore

ready to follow thy ho-
For the Epistle. ly commandments, through
Comfort ye, comfort.18:40.

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Gospel.

For the Epistle.
Elizabeth's full time. S. Luke In those days came. Afts II.

ver. 27. to ch. 12. v. 3.
In ver. 57. to the end.
Saint Peter's Day.
The Colleet.

Then came to him. S.Mat.

20. ver. 20. to y. 28.
O Almighty God, who by

thy Son Jesus Christ didst Saint Bartholomew the Apo-
give to thy holy Apostle file.
Peter many excellent gifts,

The Collect.
and commandedit him ear- O Almighty and everlast-
nestly to feed thy Aock ; ing God, who didst give
Make, we beseech thee, all thine Apostle Bartholo.
Bithops and Pastors diligent. mew grace truly to believe
ly to preach thy holy word, and to preach shy word ;
and the people obediently to Grant, we beseech thee, un-
follow the same, that they to thy Church cọ love that
may receive the crown of Wordwhich he believed, and
everlasting life, through both to preach and receive




ver. I, to v. 12.

The Gospel.

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And there was also. S. Luke Almighty God, who cal

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the fame, thro' Jesus Chrift

The Gospel. our Lord. Amen.

At the same time. S. Matt, For the Epistle.

18. ver. 1. to v. 10.
By the hands of the. Acts 5. Saint Luke the Evangelift.
ver. 12, to v. 17.

The Collect.
The Gospel.


ledit Luke the Physi21, ver. 24, to v. 3. cian, whose praise is in the Saint Matthew the Apostle. Gospel, to be an EvangeThe Colleet.

lift, and Physician of the Almighty God, who by Soul ; May it please thee,

thy blessed Son didst that by the holy coctrine, call Matthew from the re- delivered by him, all the ceit of custom, to be an A. diseases of our souls


be postle and Evangelist; grant healed, through the merits us grace to forsake all co- of thy Son Jelus Christ our vetous desires, and inordi- Lord. Amen. nate love of riches, and to

The Epiftle. follow the same thy Son Je- Watch thou in all. 2. Tim. sus Christ, who liveth and

4. ver. 5. to v. 16. reigneth with thee, world

The Gospel. without end. Amen.

The Lord appointed. S.Lu. The Epiftle.

10. ver. 1. to v. 7. Go
Therefore seeing we. 2 Cor.
4. ver. I. to v. 7. Saint Simon and Saint Jude
The Gospel

And as Jesus passed. S. Mat.

The Colle?.
9. ver. 9. to v. 14. " O Almighty God, who
S. Michael, and all Angels. hast built the Church
The Coileet.

upon the foundation of the O

Everlasting God, who Apostles and Prophets, Je

haft ordained and con- sus Christ himself being the
ftituted the services of An- head corner stone; Grant
gels and men in a wonder- us so to be joyned together
ful order; Mercifully grant, in unity of spirit by their
that as thy holy Angels al- doctrine, that we may be
ways do thee service in hea- made an holy temple,accept-
ven, so by thy appointment able unto thee, chro' Jesus
they may fuccour and defend Christ our Lord. Amex.
us on earth, through Jefus

The Epifle.
Chriit our Lord. imen. Jude the servant of, S. Jude
For the Fpiftle.

ver. I, to v. 8.
There was war in. Rev. 12.
ves. 7. to V. 13.


not froni.

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