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our fins.

studying to serve him in true John raich.
holiness and righteousness If any man fin, we have an
all the days of our life. A. Advocate with the Father,

Jesus Christ the righteous ; Then shall the Priest say to and he is the propitiation for them that come to receive

1. S. John 2. 1. the holy Communion. Then this Prayer for the whole YE that do truly and ear Church of Clwift fall be

nestly repent you of used.
your fins,
and are in love and Almighty and

everlasting charity with your neigh God, who by thy holy bours, and intend to lead a Apostle haft taught us to new life, following the com- make Prayers and fupplicamandments of God, and tions, and to give thanks for walking from henceforth in all men: We humbly beseech his holy ways; Draw near thee molt mercifully to acwith faith, and take these cept our alms and oblations, holy mysteries to your con- and to receive these our prayfolation.


which we offer unto Then hall the Priest say. thy divine Majesty ; beseechHear what comfortable ing thee to inspire continual

words our Saviour Christ ly the universal Church with faith unto all that truly the spirit of truth, unity, and turn to him.

concord : and grant that all Come

Ome unto me, all that they that do confess thy ho

travel and are heavy la- ly Name, may agree in the den, and I will refresh you. truth of thy holy Word, and S. Matth. 11. 28.

live in unity and godly love. So God loved the world, We beseech thee also to save that he gave his only be- and defend all Christian gotten Son, to the end Kings, Princes, and Goverthat all that believe in nors; and especially thy ferhim, should not perish, but vant George our King; have everlasting life. S. John that under him we may

godly and quietly govei ned; Hear also what the Apostle and grant unto his whole Paul faith.

Council, and to all that are This is a true saying, and put in authority under him, worthy of all men to be re that they may truly and imceived, that Christ Jesus partially minister Justice, to came into the world to save the punishment of wickeda finners. 1. Tim. 1. 15.

nessand Vice, and to the mainHear, also what the Apostle tenance of thy true Religion



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and virtue. Give grace, O mend them also unto thy
heavenly Father, to all Bi- favour, O Lord, with all o-
shops, Priests and Deacons; ther thy servants which are
that they may both by their departed hence from us in
life and doctrine set forth thy thy true faithandfear, and do
true and lively Word, and now rest in the sleep of peace,
rightly and duly administ- Grant unto them all, we be-
er thy holy Mysteries : And feech thee, thy favour, and
to all thy people give thy hea• everlasting peace ; and that
venly grace, and especially at the day of the general Re-
to this Congregation here pre-furrection, we, and all they
fent; that with meek heart which are of the mystical
and due reverence they may body of thy Son, may alto-
ever hear and receive thy holy gether be set on his right-
Word, truly serving thee, in hand, and hear that his most
holiness and righteousness, all joyful voice, Come ye bleft-
the days of their life. And we ed Children of my Father,
moft humbly befeech thee of receive the kingdom prépa-
thy goodness, O Lord, to red for you from the begin-
comfort and succour all them ning of the world. Grant
whoin this transitory life are this, we beseech thee, O
in trouble, forrow,need, fick- merciful Father, through
ness, or any other adversity. Jesus Christ our Mediator
And especially we commend and Redeemer. Amen.
unto thy merciful goodness After which the Priest fall
this congregation, which is

proceed, saying,
here afsembled in thy name,
to celebrate the commemo-

Lift up your hearts.
ration of the most precious

Answ. We lift them up death of thy Son. And we do unto the Lord. here give unto thee our de

Priest. Let us give thanks vout praises and hearty thanks unto our Lord God. for the wonderful graces and

Answ. It is meet and virtues bestowed on all thy right so to do. Saints from the beginning Then mall the Priest turn of the world; on the Holy Pa

to the Lord's Table, and triarchs, Prophets, Apostles, say, and Martyrs, whose exam- IT is very meet, right, and ples, O Lord, and stedfaft our bounden duty, that ness in thy faith,and keeping we should at all times, and thy holy commandments, in all places, give thanks grant us to follow. We com I



unto thee, O Lord, Holy was offered for us, and Father, Almighty, Ever- hath taken away the fin lafting God.

of the world; who by his Here fall follow the pro- death hath destroyed death,

per Preface, according and by his rising to life ato the time, if there be gain, hath restored to us any specially appointed ; or everlasting life. Therefore else immediately fall fol- with Angels, & c. low,

Upon Afcenfion-Day. T Herefore with Angels, THrough thy most dear

and Archangels, and ly beloved Son Jesus with all the company of Christ our Lord, who afheaven, we laud and mag- ter his most glorious Renify thy glorious Name, surrection manifestlyappearevermore praising thee, and ed to all his Apostles, and saying, Holy, holy, holy, in their fight ascended up Lord God of hosts, hea- into heaven to prepare a ven and earth are full of place for us ; that where he thy glory. Glory be to is, thither we might also thee, O Lord most high. ascend, and reign with him Amen.

in glory. Therefore with Proper Prefaces. Angels, &c. Upon the Feast of the Na Upon Whitsunday.

tivity. THrough Jesus Christour BE Ecause thou didst give Lord; according to

Jesus Christ thine only whose most true promise, Son to be born for us ; the Holy Ghost came down, who by the operation of as at this time from heathe Holy Ghoft, was made ven, with a sudden great man of the substance of the sound, as it had been a mighVirgin Mary his mother, ty wind, in the likeness and that without spot of fin, of fiery tongues, lighting to make us clean from all upon the Apoftles, to teach fin. Therefore with An- them, and to lead them to

all truth; giving them both Upon Easter-Day. the gift of divers languages, B. UT chiefly are we and also boldness with fer

bound to praise thee vent zeal constantly to for the glorious Resurrec- preach the Gospel unto all tion of thy Son Jesus Christ nations ; whereby we have our Lord: For he is the been brought out of darkvery Paschal Lamb which ness and error into the clear

gels, &c.

upon the

light and true knowledge of body, and our fouls walhed thee, and of thy Son Jesus thro' his most precious blood, Christ. Therefore with An- and that we may evermore gels, &c.

dwell in him, and he in us.

Amen. After each of which Pre. When the Priest, standing

faces, shall immediately be before the Table, hath so Jung or said.

ordered the Bread, Wine TH Herefore with Angels and Water, that he may

and Archangels, and with the more readiness with all the company of and decency break the Bread heaven, we laud and mag before the People, and nify thy glorious Name, e take the Cup into his vermore praising thee, and hands, he shall say the saying, Holy, holy, holy, Prayer of Confecration, as Lord God of hosts, hea followeth. ven and earth are full of Almighty God, our heathy glory. Glory be to venly Father, who of thee, O Lord most high. thy tender mercy didst give Amen.

thine only Son Jesus Christ

to suffer death Then shall the Priest say, Cross for our redemption ;

in the name of all them who made there (by his one that shall receive the Com- oblation of himself once munion, this Prayer fole offered) a full, perfect, and lowing

fufficient facrifice, oblation, WE

E do not presume to and atonement for the fins

come to this thy Ta- of the whole world ; and ble, O merciful Lord, trust- did institute, and in his holy ing in our own righteouf- Gospel command us to conness, but in thy manifold tinue a perpetual memory and great mercies. We are of that his precious death, not worthy so much as to until his coming again; Hear gather up the crumbs under us, O most merciful Father, thy Table. But thou art we most humbly beseech the same Lord, whose pro- thee: And with thy holy perty is always to have mer. Spirit and Word, vouchcy. Grant us therefore, safe to bless and sanctify gracious Lord, fo to eat the these thy Gifts, that they Aeth of thy dear Son Jesus may be unto us the body and Christ, and to drink his blood of thy most dearly beblood, that our sinful bodies loved Son Jesus Chrift: Who may be made clean by his in the same night that he

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was betrayed(a) ness; rendring unto thee («) Here the took bread, and most hearty thanks for the Abe Bread into when he had innumerable benefits probis bands :

given thanks ; cured unto us by the same; (b) And bere (b)he brake it, and we entirely desire thy to brake ibe and gave it to Fatherly goodness, mercifulBread:

bis disciples, say- ly to accept this our sacrifice

ing, Take, eat, of praise and thanksgiving; (c) And bere en lag bis band (c) this is my Bo- most humbly beseeching thee spon all tbe dy which is gi. to grant, that by the merits Bread,

ven for you, do and death of thy Son Jesus this in remembrance of me. Christ, and through faith in

Likewise after his blood, we and all thy (d) Here be fupper (d) he whole Church may obtain Cup into bis took the cup, and remiffion of our fins, and all Hond, when he had gi- other benefits of his passion.

ven thanks, he. And here we offer and pregave it to them, saying, Drink fent unto thee, O Lord, these

ye all of this, for thy Gifts, as Memorials of (2) And bere to lay bis bands this (e) is my the precious body and blood spon every W Blood of the of thy dear Son ; beseeching sbereis anyWine New

Covenant, thy divine Majesty to have and Water to be which is shed pity upon us, and hear all confecrated.

for you and for our fupplications which we many for the remission of put up unto thee in his name: fins : Do this, as oft as ye and together with them, we thall drink it, in remem- also offer and present unto brance of me. Wherefore thee, ourselves, our soulsand Lord and Heavenly Father, bodies, to be a reasonable, according to the Institution, holy, and lively facrifice unof thy dearly beloved Son to thee; humbly beseeching our Saviour Jesus Christ, we thee, that all we who are thy humble Servants do cele- partakers of this holy Combrate and make here before munion, may be filled with thy divine Majefty, with thy grace and heavenly bethese thy holy Gifts, the nediction. And altho' we be Memorial which thy .Son unworthy thro' our manihathcommanded us to make: fold fins to offer unto thee Having in, remembrance his any facrifice, yet we beseech bleffed Paffion, mighty Re- thee to accept this our bounsurrection, glorious Ascen- den duty and service ; not fion, and second coming to weighing our merits, but judge the world in righteoul- pardoning our offences, thro'


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