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Jesus Christ our Lord ; by body and soul unto everlafte whom, and with whom, in ing life, the Holy Ghost, all honour Here fome proper Hymn 'or and glory be unto thee, O Pfalm fall be fung, while Father Almighty, world the Congregation ispartaking. without end. Amen. If the consecrated Elements be

Then let the Priest say, all spent before all bave comHoly things for Holy Per municated, the Priest is to fons.

confecrate more, according to And let the People Answer, thé Form before prefcribed : T Here is one that is Holy; Beginning at these words,

there is one Lord ; one Almighty God, our HeaJesus Christ, blessed for ever, venly Father, &c. to the glory of God the Fa- [The most ancient form of ther. Amen. Horanna to the Consecration, Oblation, and Son of David ! blessed be he Delivery of the Elements. that cometh in the name of BEing mindful of those the Lord, being the Lord things that Chrift enGod wbo appeared to us, dured for our fakes, we give Hosanna in the highest! thee thanks, O God AlThen fall the Bishop or Pref mighty, not in such a manbyter first receive the Com- ner as we ought, but as we munion in both kinds himself, are able ; and fulfil his Conand then proceed to deliver ftitution. For in the fame the fame to the Bishops, night that he was betrayed, Priests and Deacons in like he took Bread in his holy and manner (if any be present) undefiled Hands; and lookand after that to the People ing up to thee, his God and also in order, into their Father, he brakeit, and gave bands, all standing, with it to his disciples, faying, great reverence. And when This is the mystery of the new he delivered the bread to any Covenant ; take of it, and eat; one, he mall say,

this is my Body which is broTH

HE Body of our Lord ken for many, for the remiffion

Jesus Christ, which was of fins. In like manner alla given for thee, preserve thy he took the cup, and mixed body and soul unto everlasta it of Wine and Water, and

sanctified it, and delivered And the Minister that delive it to them, saying, Drink ye reth the Cup to any one fall all of this : for this is my blood say,

which is bed for many, for THE Blood of our Lord the

remiffion of sins. Do this Jesus Christ, which was in remembrance of me. For as Thed for thee, preserve thy often as ge eat this Broad, and


ing life.

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drink this Cup, ye de few Almighty, may obtain eter-
forth my death until I come. nal Life.
Being mindful therefore of Then let the Bishop give the
bis Passion, and Death, and Oblation, saying, The Body
Resurrection from the dead, of Christ. And let him that
and Ascension into the Hea receiveth, suy, Amen. And
vens, and his future second

let the Deacon take the Cup; appearing, wherein he is to and when he gives it, let come with Glory and Power him say, The Blood of to judge the Quick and the Christ; the Cup of Life. Dead, and to recompence to

And let him that drinketh, every one according to his fay, Amen.] works, we Offer to thee, our When allhave communicated, King and our God, accord the Minister Mall return to ing to his Constitution, this the Lord's Table, and reveBread, and this Cup; giving rently place upon it what rethee thanks thro' him, that maineth of the confecrated thou hast thought us worthy Elements, covering the same to stand before thee, and to with a fair linen cloth. sacrifice to thee. And we then may the Priest say the beseech thee that thou wilt Lord's Prayer, the People mercifully look down upon repeating after him every these Gifts, which are here Petition. set before thee, O thou God OUR Father which art in who ftandeft in need of Heaven; Hallowed be none of our Offerings : And thy Name. Thy Kingdom do thou accept them to the come. Thy will be done on honour of thy Chrift; and earth, as it is in Heaven. Give send down thine Holy Spirit, us this day our daily bread. the witness of the Lord Je- And forgive usour fus's Sufferings, that he may * trespafles, As we we forgive

* Debes, as shew this Bread to be the forgive them that our

Body of thy Chrift, and this trespass against us.
Cup to be the Blood of thy And lead us not into tempta-

Christ; that those who are tion; But deliver us from
'partakers thereof may be t evil: For thine + The evil
***strengthened for Piety, may is the kingdom,

One. obtain the remission of their the power, and the glory, Sins, may be deliver'd from for ever and ever. Amen. the Devil and his deceit, may Then fall follow this Thanksbe filled with the Holy Ghost,

giving. may be made worthy of thy Almighty and everliving Christ, and upon thy recon God, we most heartily ciliation to them, O Lord



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thank thee, for that thou dost of the Father, that takest a-
vouchsafe to feed us, who way the sins of the world,
have duly received these holy and

fittest at the right hand
Mysteries, with the spiritual of God the Father.

food of the most precious For thou art holy, thou * Budy and Blood of thy Son art the Lord, thou O Christ,

our Saviour Jesus Christ ; art most high in the glory of and doft assure us thereby of God the Father. Amen. thy favour and goodness to- Then the Bishop or Presbyter wards us ; and that we are mall let them depart with very members incorporate in

this Blessing
the mystical body of thy Son, THE peace of God which
which is the blessed compa pafleth all understand-
ny of all faithful people; and ing keep your hearts and
are also heirs, thro' hope, minds in the knowledge and
of thy everlasting Kingdom, love of God, and of his
by the merits of the most Son Jesus Christ our Lord;
precious death and passion of And the blessing of God Al-
thy Wear Son: And we most mighty be amongst you,
humbly beseech thee, O hea- and remain with you al-
venly Father, fo to assist us ways. Amen.
with thy grace, that we may Collects fit to be said after
continue in that holy fel. the Communion before the
lowship,and do all such good Blessing ; or at other times,
works as thou haft prepared at the discretion of the
for us to walk in ; thro' Je Minister.
sus Chrift, our Lord itoAsfit us mercifully,
whom with thee in the Holy Lord, in
Ghost, be all honour and glo- plications and prayers, and
sy world without end. Amen. dispose the way of thy fer-

Then shall be said or sung, vants towards the attainment
be to God on high; of everlasting

salvation; that and on earth peace,good among all the changes and will towards

We miseries of this mortal life, praise thee, we bless thee, we

we may ever be defended by worship thee, we glorify thy most gracious and ready thee, we give thanks to thee help, thro' Jesus Christ our for thy great glory, O Lord Lord. Amen. God, heavenly King, God Almighty Lord, and ethe Father Almighty.

verlasting God, vouchWe also glorify thee, the safe, we beseech thee, to dionly begotten Son Jefus rect, fanctifyand govern both Chrift ; Lamb of God, Son our hearts and bodies in the


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ways of the laws, and in the Almighty God, the founworksof thy commandment; tain of all wisdom, who that through thy mostmighty knowest our necessities beprotection, both here and fore we ask, and our ignoever, we may be preserved rance in asking ; We beseech in body and soul, through thee to have compassion upon our Lord and Saviour Jesus our infirmities; and thofe Chrift.

things which for our unworGRant, we beseech the thiness we other wile dare not,

Almighty God, that or for our blindness we canthe words which we have not ask, vouchsafe to give heard this day with our out us, for the worthiness of ward ears, may through thy thy Son Jesus Christ our grace

be fo grafted inwardly Lórd. Amen. in our

hearts, that they may A Lmighty God, who haft bring forth in us the fruit of

promised to hear the pegood living, to the honour titions of them that afk in and praise of thy Name, thro' thy Son'sName;We befeech Jesus Christ our Lord. 1. thee mercifully to incline

thine ears to us, that have A in

our doings, with thy supplications unto thee: and most gracious favour; and grant that those thingswhich further us with thy continual we have faithfully asked achelp ; that in all our works, cording to thy will, may efbegun, continued, and ended fe&tually be obtained, to the in thee, we may glorify thy relief of our neceflity, and to holyName,andfinallyby thy the setting forth of thy glomercyobtain everlasting life, ry, through Jesus Chrift through Jesus Christ our our Lord. Amen. Lord. Amen. Note, That the Communion is to be celebrated every Lord's

Day; and all the faithful are to frequent it constantly, unless sickness, or other just and urgent occasions hinder them. The Ministration of Baptism and Confirmation.

Hen anyChildren or grownPerfons are to be baptized,

timely notice shall be given to the Bishop, or Pref

byter; that fo due care may be taken for their Examination, whether they be sufficiently instructed in the Principles of the Christian Religion, and willing to submit to the Laws of the Gospel; and that they may be exhorted to pre



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pare themselves with prayers and fafting for the receiving
of this holy Mystery; for which duties, the time before

Easter is particularly proper.
And if they shall be found fit, they fall be baptized after
this manner.
Early beloved ; Foras. mercifully look upon these

much as all men are thy fervants; wash them, and

finners, and they that fanctify them with the Holy are in the flesh cannot please Ghost, that they being deliGod, but commit many ac- vered from thy wrath, may tual transgressions; and that be received into the ark of our Saviour Chriftfaith, None Christ's Church ; and being can enter into the kingdom stedfast in faith, joyful thro’ of God, except he be rege- hope, and rooted in charity, nerate and born anew of may so pass the waves of this water and of the Holy Ghost; troublesome world, that fiI beseech you to call upon nally they may come to the God the Father, through our land of everlasting life, there Lord Jesus Chrift, that of his to reign with thee, world bounteous goodness he will without end, through Je. grant to these persons that sus Christ our Lord. Amen. which by nature they cannot Almighty and immortal have; that they may be bap God, the aid of all that tized with water and the Ho- need, the helper of all that. ly Ghost, and received into flee to thee for succour, We Christ's holy Church, and be call upon thee for these permade lively members of the sons; that they coming to thy fame.

holy Baptism, may receive Then mall the Priest say, remission of their sins by spi

ritual regeneration. Receive (And here all the Congrega- them, O Lord, as thou haft

tion ball kneel.) promised by thy well-beloved Almighty and everlasting Son, saying, Alk, and ye shall

God, who of thy great receive ; seek, and ye shall mercy didft by thy Son our find; knock, and it shall be Saviour Chrift appoint Bap- opened unto you: So give tism, as the laver of regene. now unto us that alk; racion, and the means of ad- that seek, find

; open the miffion into thyholy Church, gate unto us that knock ; and as an ordinance for the that these persons may enjoy myfticalwalhing awayof fin; the everlasting benediction We beseech thee for thine in- of thy heavenly washing, finite mercies, that thou wilt and may come to the eternal



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Let us pray:

let us

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