Studies in Diplomacy: From the French of Count Benedetti

Macmillan and Company, 1896 - 323 sidor

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Sida 13 - ACTUAL AFRICA; or, The Coming Continent. A Tour of Exploration. By FRANK VINCENT, Author of " The Land of the White Elephant.
Sida 18 - Frontispiece, price 3s. 6d. net. IN RUSSET AND SILVER. POEMS. By EDMUND GOSSE. Author of "Gossip In a Library,
Sida 27 - LOU. From the German of BARON ALEXANDER VON ROBERTS. DONA LUZ. From the Spanish of JUAN VALERA. THE JEW. From the Polish of JOSEPH IGNATIUS KRASZEWSKI. UNDER THE YOKE. From the Bulgarian of IVAN VAZOFF. FAREWELL LOVE ! From the Italian of MATILDE SERAO.
Sida 14 - THE GENESIS OF THE UNITED STATES. A Narrative of the Movement in England, 1605-1616, which resulted in the Plantation of North America by Englishmen, disclosing the Contest, between England and Spain for the Possession of the Soil now occupied by the United States of America; set forth through a series of Historical Manuscripts now first printed, together with a Re-issue of Rare Contemporaneous Tracts, accompanied by Bibliographical Memoranda, Notes, and Brief Biographies.
Sida 11 - RECOLLECTIONS OF COUNT LEO TOLSTOY. Together with a Letter to the Women of France on the " Kreutzer Sonata." By CA BEHRS. Translated from the Russian by CE TURNER, English Lecturer in the University of St. Petersburg.
Sida 2 - This very sumptuous and beautiful book has long been expected by all students of Rembrandt, for M. Emile Michel, the chief French authority on the Dutch School of Painting, has been known to be engaged upon it for many years. .... Merely to look through the reproductions in M. Michel's book is enough to explain the passionate eagerness with which modern collectors carry on their search after Rembrandt's drawings, and the great prices which are paid for them.
Sida 13 - NOTES FOR THE NILE. Together with a Metrical Rendering of the Hymns of Ancient Egypt and of the Precepts of Ptahhotep (the oldest book in the world). By HARDWICKE D.
Sida 2 - TRANSLATED BY FLORENCE SIMMONDS. EDITED AND PREFACED BY FREDERICK WEDMORE. Second Edition, Enlarged, with 76 full-page Plates, and 250 Illustrations in the Text. In One Volume, Gilt top, or in Two Vols., imperial 8vo, £2 21.
Sida 4 - A HISTORY OF ITALIAN LITERATURE. By Richard Garnett, CB, LL.D., Keeper of Printed Books in the British Museum.
Sida 14 - THE GUIDE-BOOK TO ALASKA AND THE NORTHWEST COAST, including the Shores of Washington, British Columbia, South-Eastern Alaska, the Aleutian and the Seal Islands, the Behring and the Arctic Coasts. By ER SCIDMORE.

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