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the press.

the Equilibrium of Arches, has long it again.

All Public Libraries, in page been engaged on a translation of Vitru- ticular, are recommended to subscribe vjus, which will shortly appear. He is before the opportunity is lost, as only a also preparing Notices of the Buildings sufficient number of copies have been and Architects of Italy, arranged for the printed to cover the subscription. - reference of the traveller and architect. Early in April will be published

An English Translation is in the in 8vo. a Ready Reply to an Irish press, of Voyage à l'Embouchure de la Enquiry, or a convincing and conclu Mer Noire, par Lieut. General Comte sive Confutation of Calvinism. To Andreossy, in an octavo volume, with which is subjoined, leropaideia, or the maps and plates.

true method of teaching the Clergy Dr. Spier will soon publish, General of the Established Church, being a Views relating to the Stomach, its fa- wholesome Theological Cathartic to bric, functions, &c. in a small volume. purge the Church of the Predestinarian

The Rev. John Marriott, of Exeter, Pestilence. By a Clergyman of the has a volume of Sermons nearly ready Church of England. The peculiar ex. for publication.

cellence of the above work will consist Mr. T. Taylor is engaged on a trans- not only in the ability with which Cal. lation from the Greek of Jamblichus' vinism is refuted, but in the application Life of Pythagoras, and of the Pythago- of particular given rules, which are ilric Ethical Fragments in the Doric lustrated by the writings of the best an. dialect, preserved by Stobæus.

thors, so as to enable all the young Mr. W. Pybus, author of a Manual Clergy to refute Calvinism themselves. of Useful Knowledge, will soon publish, An Essay on the best means for proThe Amusing Companion, containing moting the Spread of Divine Truth in philosophical amusements and enter- the unenlighteued Villages of Great Britaining recreations for young persons. tain. By J. Thorntou, Billericay, is in

A Treatise on Algebra, for the use of schools, upon the plan of Walkingame's Lately published, Letters to the HeArithmetic, and intended as a sequel to brew Nation. By the right hop. the that popular work, will soon appear.

Earl of Crawford and Lindsey. J. C. Tarver, master of the French The Rev. Dr. Lindesay has in the and Italian languages, at Macclesfield press, a Volume of Sermons on various free school, will speedily publish, in an subjects. octavo volume, Un Dictionnaire des Mr. T. Yeates will sbortly publish Verbes Français, indiquant leurs diffe- Indian Church History, or Notices rerens regimes.

lative to the first planting of the Gospel Shortly will be published, in one vo- in Syria, Mesopotamia, and India. Conlume, foolscap 8vo, a Poem occasioned piled chiefly from the Syrian Chronicles, by the Cessation of Public Mourning with an accurate relation of the first for H. R. H. Princess Charlotte, toge- Christian missions in China.-Tbe work ther with Sonnets aud other productions. will develope some interesting facts, By Mrs. B. Hooper.

hitherto unknown to the ecclesiastical In a few days will be published, the historians of Europe. Anniversary Oration delivered before the The first Number of a General EccleMedical Society of London, on Monday siastical Biography, arranged chronothe 9th March, by Dr. Uwins.

logically, to form a connected History In the press, a new Volume on the of the Christian Church, will be pubDiseases of the Eye. By the late Mr. lished on the 1st of May, 1818. Ware, 8vo.

The publication of the Regent's EdiIn the press, an octavo Volume of tion of the Latin Classics (somewhat reSermons. By the Rev. James Bryce of tarded, of late, by the aspect of the Calcutta.

times) will henceforward be prosecuted Nos. III. and IV. of the New and Im- with spirit, industry, and perseverance. proved Edition of Stephens's Greek The-“ Livy and Sallust are now in the press, saurus are publisbed. The vacancies under the editorial inspection of Dr. J. yet open have been occasioned by the Carey, to whom the public are already decease of some of the Subscribers. The indebted for the Horace, Catullus, Tiprice, to such as were not on the origi- bullus, Propertius, Martial, Cæsar, Ta. pal list, has been already raised; and citus, and the second edition of the Vir. the Editors, accordiog to the advertise- gil, with the Opuscula, recently pubment to No. III. mean shortly to raise lished.

Dr. Carey has now in the press, the Justices of the Peace for the county of Eton Latin Prosody illustrated, with Surrey. English explanations of the Rules, and Letters on the West Indies. By authorities quoted from the Latin poets. James Walker, esq. late of Berbice,

Mr. Dickinson, Author of a Practical and Principal Agent of the Commissions Exposition of the Law relative to the ers for Crown Property in South AmeOffice and Duties of a Justice of the rica. Peace, is about to publish The Justice In May, a new edition of President Law of the last five years, intended as a Edwards's Life of David Brainerd will Companion to his own work, as well as be published, bandsomely printed in those of Burn and Williams.

demy 8vo. In the press, Sixty-five Sonnets, with In the press and speedily will be pubprefatory reinarks on the accordance of Jished, A Treatise on the Covenant of the Sonnet with the powers of the Eng- Grace. By the Rev. Dr. Colquhoun, lish language; and some miscellaneous Leith. poems.

Mr. S. f. Gray, Apothecary and Mr. John Matheson, Master of the Teacher of Botany and Materia Medica, Royal School, Margaret-streei, Caven. has in the press and nearly ready, a dish-square, is about to publish a new Work intended to serve as a SuppleSystem of Arithmetic, the object of ment to the several Pharmacopæias, which is to render general the applica- containing the Medical Uses of all such tion of Decimals to mercantile purposes, Plants as have been hitherto examined, and to enable youth to comprehend the and an arrangement of them: a Glostheory when they are learning the prae- sary of the Terms and Contractions used tice.

by Physicians in their Prescriptions : In the press and speedily will be pub. usual Medical Formulæ Arranged in lished, Memoirs of Richard Morris, for Classes : Botanical Practice of Medisoine time a private in the Oxford Blues, cine, &c. &c. and for upwards of 40 years Pastor of a Early in the month of April will be Baptist Church at Woodrow and Amer- published in 8vo. the Beauties of Sincesham, Bucks. Compiled by B. Godwin, rity, or Selections from various printed Great Missenden.

Sermons, by the Rev. the Lord Bishop In the press and nearly ready, Con- of Chester, Drs. Kays, Chalmers, Collsiderations on the Impolicy and perni- yer, Rev. Messrs. Crowther, White, Alcious Tendency of the present Adminis- ley, Bowerbank, Bartlett, Aspland, Cun. tration of the Poor Laws ; with Sugges- ningham, Fenwick, &c. &c. upon the tions for improving the Condition of the Death of H.R. H. the Princess Charlotte Poor. By Charles Jerram, A. M. Vicar' of Wales. Selected by Robert Huish, of Chobbam, and one of his Majesty's Esq.



with Plates illustrative of the Charac. ters of the Genera and Species. By William Jackson Hooker, F.R.S. A.S. L.S. &c. And Thomas Taylor. M.D. M.R.I.A. F.L S. &c. Illustrated by 31 Plates, 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

Volume II, with Silhouette Portraits, of the Annual Biography and Obituary, for 1818. Nro. 15s.

Strype's Memorials of the Reforma. tion of Religion under the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Mary. A most neatly printed Edition (limited to 250 Copies) with the original Records, and a new and full Index, 7 vol. 8vo. 51, 5s.

CONCHOLOGY. Index Testaceologicus; or, a Cata• logue of Shells, British and Foreign ; arranged according to the Linnean Syse tem, with the Latin and English Names, and References to figures and Places where found. By W. Wood, F.R.S. and L.S. Author of Zoography, and General Conchology, &c, crown 8vo. Ys. boards,


Muscologia Britanuica; containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland systematically arranged and described ;



Gales, M.D. of the Faculty of Medicine The First Elements of Arithmetic ;

of Paris ; Corresponding Member of the or, the Teacher and Scholar's Assist

Medical Society of Toulouse, &c. Il

lustrated with several coloured Engrarant: practically arranged in Lessons,

ings, a Plan and Description of an and expressly designed for Classes : comprising the four simple Rules, viz.

Apparatus for applying the Gas, 118 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication,

Cases, aud Copious Observations. By and Division, combined into one Sum,

Rees Price, Member of the Royal Coland taught in one Operation, and now

lege of Surgeons, London. in Use at Christ's Hospital, in Twelve

MISCELLANEOUS. Series. To which is prefixed, the Introductory Rule of Numeration and No- The Music, or Melody and Rhythmus tation. By George Reynolds, Writing- of Language. By James Chapman, 880. master, Christ's Hospital. 12mo, 2s. 6d. Part VII of Green's Universal Herbal. bound,

Part IX of Aspin's Universal History.

The Horse Owner's Guide. By Thomas Smith, 8vo. 5s, 6d.

An Address to the Committee for the Delineations of the City of Pompeii ;

Relief of Distressed Seamen ; containing engraved by W. B. Cooke, from accurate

the Outline of an Effectual Plan for Drawings made in the year 1817. By Major Cockburn of the Royal Artillery.

that Purpose ; also a List of Errors in Printed in folio, similar in size to Stew

the present Nautical Almanacks, &c.

By the Merchant's Seaman's Friend. art's Athens, the First Part containing Sixteen finished Plates, and Seven Out

An Essay on some subjects connected

with Taste. By Sir G. Stewart Mackenlines, 41 4. Proof Impressions 61. 6s. ;

zie, Bart. F.R.S. 8vo. 8s. Proofs on India Paper (25 Copies only) 81. 89,

Benignity; or, the Ways of Happi. **To be completed in Four

ness. A Serious Novel, selected (with Parts.

additional Conversations) from the Works of Henry Brooke, Esq. By a Lady.

12mo. 58. An Account of the War in Spain, Por- Letters from Horace Walpole to tugal, and France, from the year 1808 George Montague, Esq. from the Year to 1814 inclusive; illustrated by Plates. 1736 to the Year 1770 ; now first pubBy Lieut. Col. J. T. Jones, Royal En- lished from the Originals, in the Possesgineers. 8vo. 15s. boards.

sion of the Editor. (Uniform with Lord

Orford's former Works.) Royal Sto. MEDICAL

21. 2s. Imperial Paper, 31. Observations on Pbagedæna Gangre.

An Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis; ROSa, By A. Home Blackadder, 8vo.

by M. Ouvaroff, Counsellor of State to Observations ou the Care and Preven

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of tion of the Contagious Fever now pre

Russia, &c. &c. Tragslated from the valent in the City of Edinburgh and

French. By J. D. Price; with Observaits Environs; with an Inquiry into the

tions by J. Christie. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Nature and Origin of the specific Poi

POETRY. son producing the various forms of this Disease ; the Means necessary for The Vision; or Hell, Purgatory, and preventing the formation, as well as ar- Paradise, of Dante Alighieri. Traps. resting the Progress of the Contagion, lated by the Rer, H. . Cary, A.M. S with the best Chemical Processes for vols. 32's, 123. boards. that purpose. By J. Yule, M.D. F.R.S. Beppo; a Venetian Story. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Ed. Member of the Royal College of Religio Clerici ; a Churchman's EpisPhysicians, and one of the Physicians tle. 8vo. 3s. to the Public Dispensary of Edinburgh. Tobias; a Dramatic Poem, with other

Memoirs and Reports on the Efficacy Pieces. By James Jacobson, Esq. f.cap. of Sulphurons fumigation in the Treat- 8vo. 5s. ment of Diseases of the Skin, Joints, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage to the and Glandular System, Chronic Rheu- Dead Sea ; Death on the Pale Horse; matism, Gout, Paralytic Affections, &c. and other Poems. 8vo, 5s. &c. From the French, (Published by Poems written by Somebody, most Order of that Government,) of J. C. respectfully dedicated to Nobody, and


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intended for Every Body who can read.t County of Newcastle-upon Tyne, are 出 A

Published at the Request of several Per- entitled to Vote for Members of Parliasons of Distinction, fcap. 8vo. 3s. 60. ment for the County of Northumberland ?

Poems. By Arthur Brooke, Esq. of By John Trotter Brockett. Svo. 2s.
Canterburg. i.cap. 8vo. 7s.
Agnes; a Poem, in Four Parts. By

Thomas Browne, M.D. Professor of Mon
Estal Philosophy in the University of

A Sermon preached before the Presi. Edinburgh. f.cap 8vo. 7s.

dent, the Vice-presidents, and the Com. Foliage ; or Poems Original and

mittee of the City of London National Translated. By Leigh Hunt. f.cap. Schools, at the Parish Church of St. 8vo. 8s.

Giles, Cripplegate, on Sunday, 15th of Immanuel a Puem founded on the

Febrnary, 1818. By the Rev Josiah inspired Records. f.cap. 8vo. 7s.61.

Thomas, M.A. Archdeacon of Bath. Is. Rhododaphne; or the Thessalian

A Letter to the Rev. D. Wilson, A.M. # Spell. A Poem. f.cap. 8vo. 7s.

Minister of St. John's Chapel, BedfordThoughts on Happiness ; a Poem.

Row, London ; in Reply to bis Defence By the Rev. Francis Homfray, A.M. of the Church Missionary Society; and in Rector of Lanvayer Kiigeddine, Mon- Vindication of the Rev. the Archdeacon mouth. 8vo. 8s.

of Bath, against the Censures contained The Dragon Knight; a Poem, in

in that Publication. By the Rev. W. Twelve Cantos. By Sir James Bland

B. Whitehead, A. M. Vicar of TwiverBurgess, Bart. 8vo. 12s.

ton, near Bath, and late Fellow of Astarte ; a Sicilian Tale, with other

Worcester College, Oxford. 15. or Is. Poems. 7s.

a dozen.


Observations on Mr. Daniel Wilson's A Treatise upon the Poor Laws,

Defence of the Church Missionary Sowith a view to the Measures likely to

ciety, against the Objections of the Rev. be proposed in Parliament, for their

Josiah Thomas, Archdeacon of Bath. 1$. Amendment. By Thomas Peregrine

A Reply to Mr. Wi son's Defence of Courtenay, Esq. one of the Commiliee

the Church Missionary Society. 1s. 60.

Three Points of Imputation against of the House of Commons, apporated for the Consideration of that Subject.

the Clergy, considered and refuted : in

Reference to tbe Protest of the Rev. 8vo.

Archdeacon Thomas, against the ProA View of the Present Increase of the Slave Trade, the Cause of that Increase,

ceedings of the Church Missionary So

is. and suggesting a Mode for effecting its

ciety. By Philalethes.

Observations on the late Protest of total Annihilation ; with Observations

the Rev, the Archdeacon of Bath; and on the African Institution and Edinburgh Review, and upon the Speeches of

the Defence of the Church Missionary Messrs. Wilberforce and Brougham, , de

Society, by the Rev. Daniel Wilson, livered in the House of Cominons, July

M.A. By the Rev. W. Gordon Plees, 9, 1817.-Also, a Plan submited for Vicar of Cressing, and Curate of Riven civilizing Africa and introducing Free

hall, Essex. !s. Labourers into our Colonies in the West

The Church her own Enemy: Letters

to a friend on the late Attack of the Indies. By Rubert Thorpe, Esq. LL.D. Late Chief Justice of Sierra Leone,

Archdeacon of Bath upon the Church and Judge of the Vice Admiralty Court

M ssionary Society. By a Member of in that Colony. 8vo. 55. 6:1, boards. the Church of England. 8vo. 2s. 64. An Inquiry whether Crime and Misery

The Protestant Reformation of the are Produced or Prevented by our Pre

Sixteeoth Century briefly celebrated, sent System ot' Prison Discipline ; illus.

as a Motive to National Gratitude. trated by, Descriptivos of the Borough

By the Rev. C. E. De Coetlogon, A.M. Compter, Tothill-fields, the Gao!s at St.

Rector of Godstone, Surrey. With a Albans and Guiliorid, the Gaol at Bury,

Full-length Portrait of Martin Luther. the Maison de Force at Ghent, the Phi

8vo. 5s. ladelphia Prison, the Penitentiary at

The Indian Pilgrim; or, the Progress Millbank, and the Proceedings of the

of the Pilgrim Nazartenee, fornierly Ladies Committee at Newgate. By

called Goonah Purist, or the Slave of Thomas Powell Buxton. 8vo. 53. boards. Sin, from the City of the Wrath of God

An luquiry into the Question, whe- to the City of Mount Zion. By Mrs. ther the Freeholders of the Town and Sherwood. 12m0. 48. boards.


The Scriptural Unity of the Churches

TRAVELS of Christ illustrated and recommended; a Sermon, Preached in College-street Cha

The Narrative of an Expedition to ex pel, Edinburgh, on the Evening of Thurs. plore the River Zaire, usually called the day the 8th of May, 1817, on occasion Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Con:

the Direction of Capt. J. K. Tuckey, gregational Union of Scotland. By Ralpla R.N. Publisbed by Permission of the Wardlaw. 1s. 6d.

Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. A Sermon on the Advances in Koow.

With Fourteen Plates. 4to. 21. gs. bds. Jedge, Freedom, and Morals from the Travels through some Parts of GerReformation to the Present Tines. many, Poland, Moldavia, and Turkey. Preached to Young People at the Meet- By Adam Neale, M.D. Late Physician ing House in Monkwell-Street, on the to the British Embassy at Constantina 4th of Jan. 1818. By J. Lindesay. ple, and Physician to the Forces, D.D. &c.

ven coloured Plates. 4to. 21. 2s. A Concordance to the Holy Bible ; to

Observations, Moral, Literary, and which is added a Geographical Index, Antiquarian, made during a Tour through with the Calendar and Table of Lessons,

the Wbole of the Pyrennees, France, designed to accompany any Quarto Edi. Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands, tion of the Bible, and adapted to the

in the Years 1814 and 1815. By John Maps and Notes of the Family Bible,

Milford, Junior, late of St. Johu's Col. published under the Direction of the So- lege, Cambridge. % vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge. The Personal Narrative of M. De Edited by James W. Bellamy, M.A.

Humboldt's Travels to the Equinoctial Rector of the united Parishes of St. Regions of the New Continent, during Mary, Abchurch, and St. Lawrence,

the Years 1799–1804. Translated by Pountney, and Prebendary of St. Paul's. Helen Maria Williams, under the imme4to. 48. sewed, royal paper 7s.

diate inspection of the Author. The Juvenilia, or Specimens of the Early

Third Volume. ll. 18. Efforts as a Preacher of the late Rev. A Cruise ; or Three Months on the Charles Buck; to which are subjoined

Continent. By a Naval Officer. 8vo. As. Miscellaneous Remarks, and an Obitu- Notes on a Journey in America, from ary of bis Daughter. Edited by John

the Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Styles, D.D. 12mo.

Illinois. By Morris Birkbeck. 8vo. 6s. A Reply to the Rev. J. Kinghorn;

Travels above the Cataracts of Egypt, being a further Vindication of the Praca

and in Nubia. By Thomas Legh, M.P. tice of Free Communion. By Robert

A new edition, in 8vo, with Ten Plates, Hall, A.M. 8vo. 75.

not in the Quarto Edition, 12s. bds. The Second Edition of Dr. Ryland's

*** The Ten Plates may be had sepa• Memoirs of the late Rev. A. Fuller. rately, in 4to. 3s, 6d. 12mo, 6s. fine 7s.

Mr. Ellis's Journal of the Proceedivgs The Melancholy and Awful Death of of the late Embassy to China. A new Lawrence Dundas, Esq. an Under Gra

Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Is. bds. duate of Trinity College, Cambridge ;

An Account of the Captivity of Capt. with an Address to the Younger Mem

Robert Knox, and other Englishmen, in bers of the University, on the evil effects

the Island of Ceylon; Written by Himself, of Drunkenness and Fornication.


and first printed in 1681. To which is the Rev. F, H. Maberly. M.A. Chester

prefixed, a Sketch of the Geography, ton. 1ś.

&c, of Ceylon, brought down to the Nonconformity; a Sermon. By Mark

Year 1815. 12mo. 38, od. Wilks, 36.


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