Rules and regulations for the formations, field-exercise, and movements, of his majesty's forces


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Sida 138 - ... to the regulating ones which preferve their original diftances from each other, and never alter the pace at which the column was marching, but proceed as if they were totally unconnected with the operation that the others are performing. When the column of companies is to be reduced to that of fub-divifions...
Sida 79 - Close order is the chief and primary order in which the battalion and its parts at all times assemble and form. — Open order is only regarded as an exception from it, and occasionally used in situations of parade and show. In close order, the rear rank is closed up to within one pace, the length of which is to be taken from the heels of one rank to the heels of the other rank, a.
Sida 52 - DRESS, when the wheel is complete. In all wheels of the divisions of a column that are to be made on a halted pivot in order to form line, the flank firelock of the front rank on the hand wheeled to is such pivot, not the officer who may be on that flank, and whose business is to conform toil.
Sida 4 - Stand at Ease, the right foot is to be drawn back about six inches, and the greatest part of the weight of the body brought upon it; the left knee a little bent; the hands brought together before the body ; the palms being struck smartly together, and that of the right hand, then slipped over the back of the left; but the shoulders to be. kept back and square ; the head to the front, and . the whole attitude without constraint. On the word Attention...
Sida 35 - On this occasion, each file makes its separate wheel on a pivot moveable in a very small degree, but without altering its time of march, or the eyes of the rear ranks being turned from their front rank. — The front rank men, whether they are pivot men or not, must keep up to their distance, and the wheeling men must take a very extended step, and lose no time in moving on.
Sida 62 - Qitick oblique, and when he perceives that it has doubled properly behind the right one, he gives the word, Forward, on which it takes up the ordinary march, and follows at its due...
Sida 82 - WHEN the companies join, and the battalion is formed, there is to be no interval between any of them, grenadier, light company, or other ; but every part of the front of the battalion should be equally strong. Each company which makes a part of the same line, and is to act in it, must be formed and arranged in the same manner.
Sida 50 - The company having wheeled backwards, by sub-divisions from line,(as directed in the foregoing Section,) and a distant marked object in the prolongation of the two pivot flanks being taken ; the commander of the company, who is now on the pivot flank of the leading sub-division, immediately fixes on his intermediate points to march on.
Sida 258 - ... for should they at first wheel the whole of that angle, they would be then marching parallel to that line, and arrive in it doubled behind each other ; whereas, by having the other half of the wheel to complete, when they come near to the new position, each moves in a perpendicular direction, and vacates the ground required by the succeeding one to form upon.
Sida xi - ... enforce, the necessity of military dependance, and of mutual support in action, which are the great ends of discipline ; to simplify the execution, and to abridge the variety of movements, as much as possible, by adopting such only as are necessary...

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