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Yad chazakah, or 14 Books of Commentaries on the Mishneh; and the Moreh Nevochim, or Guide to the Perplexed, a philosophical and critical exposition of the Jewish theology. The last we have compared throughout with the original Hebrew; and we pronounce it accurate and scholar-like.

Dr. Turner informs the public: " If this little volume should be fortunate enough to secure a patronage sufficient to meet the expense of publication, he'will immediately put to press a Glossary of Hebrew words not found in the Bible, and a Table of the most usual and important Abbreviations, which occur in the Rabbinic writings.” We know not the plan and compass of the work here briefly announced. But we venture the opinion, that to be satisfactory to those who should attempt to use it, the Glossary should not be a meager compendium of the most common Rabbinic words, but a complete dictionary, however much condensed, and however brief in its definitions. It should contain all the unbiblical words occurring in the Rabbinic writings, so far as they can be ascertained; and likewise, all their forms and significations; and moreover, all the peculiar Rabbinic forms and significations of the biblical Hebrew words. The articles in the Glossary should be as numerous, though not as prolix and as fully illustrated, as in the great Lexicons of Buxtorf and Landau. The table of Abbreviations also should be as full and complete as the Rasche Theboth of Schindler or Buxtorf. For, to embark in the study of the Rabbinic writers with only an imperfect dictionary, which will fail us on every page, will be so vexatious, that very few will persevere in the attempt. Indeed, it would be as unwise, as to put to sea with charts for only a few of the best known ports and coasts, or to attempt to print a book with a defective font of types, à font embracing only the letters of most frequent occurrence in the language. The good sense of Dr. Turner, we presume, will constrain him to make his announced work as complete a help to the study of Rabbinic Hebrew, as the works within his reach will permit.




It is hardly necessary to say, that the circumstances under which the contents of the following Record have been obtained are such, that it can not be regarded as in any respect, full and complete, and perhaps not in all respects, accurate. It is rather an example of the mode in which we hope to be able to preserve a full and accurate record of what is passing in the Church, together with notices of some of the more important events transpiring around us. And we shall always be thankful to those who may furnish us aid in this department. Notices of Ordinations, Consecrations, and Clerical removals ; Journals of Conventions, Reports of Societies, and other similar documents, will be always welcome. Our wish is to make this department as full and accurate as the nature of the case will possibly allow.


George Burgess, D. D., Bishop of Maine, October 31, 1847; Christ Church, Hartford, by

CHASE, Illinois,
BROWNELL, Connecticut,
HENSHAW, Rhode Island,
EASTBURN, Massachusetts,
CHASE, New Hampshire.


Name. Office. Bishop.

Time. Church.

Place. Adams, Henry W., D Eastburn, Mass., Oct. 10, St. Matthew's, Jersey City, N.J. Arey, Charles, pDeLancey, W.N.Y., Feb. 3, St. Paul's, Buffalo, W. N.Y. Brewster, Joseph, P Brownell, Ct., Jan. 24, St. John's, Hartford, Ct. Clark, D Polk, La.,

St. John's,

Thibadeaux, La. Croswell, Andrew, p Eastburn, Mass., Feb. 2. Trinity,

Boston, Mass. Davenport, James R., D DeLancey, W.N.Y., Dec. 19, St. Paul's, Syracuse, W. N. Y. Douglass, Benj. J., D Potter, Pa.,

Feb. 6, St. Matthew's, Francisville, Pa. Durborow, Samuel, P Burgess, Me., Feb. 11, Christ,

Gardiner, Me. Durborow, Geo. E., P Potter, Pa.,

Feb. 20, St. Stephen's, Philadelphia, Pa. Holl, Richard C., p Whittingham, Md., Dec. 17, St. John's, Huntingdon, Md. Herrick, Marcellus A., P Chase, N. H., Feb. 6, Trinity:

Claremont, N, H. Johnson, B.,

p Gadsden, S.C., Jan. 9, St. Michael's, Charleston, S. C. Lynd, D Polk, La.,

- St. John's,

Thibadeaux, La. Roberts, John, P Ives, N. C., Feb. 20, St. Bartholomew's,Pittsboro', NC. Sucurns, John, Jr., Petter, Pa.,

Oct. 10, Ascension, New York City. Stryker, Phineas M., p DeLancey, W.N.Y., Dec. 3, Zion,

E. Bloomfield, N. Y. Tsapier, Richard S., D Potter, Pa.,

March 5, Ascension, Philadelphia, Pa. Wilcoxon, D.T. p Whittingham, Md., Dec. 17, St. John's, Huntingdon, Md. Wilcoxson, Timothy, Brownell, Ct., Feb. 24, St. John's,

Hartford, Ct. Walbridge, Henry T., D DeLancey, W.N.Y., Feb. 10, Christ,

Lockport, W, N. Y.



From Church. Place. To Church.

Adams, Henry W.,

Boston, Ms., Christ, Springfield, Ms. Arey, Charles,

Westfield, N. Y. Ayrantt, Walter A.,

St. Peter's, Auburn, N. Y., Batcheller, Breed, St. David's, Radnor, Pa.,

Lewiston, W. N. Y. Barlow, William, Peekskill, N. Y.,

Chicago, Ill. Barrow, Thomas,

Cranmer Ch., Baltimore, Md., Benton, Wm. M.,

St. John's, Ohio City, O. Bronson, Wm. White, Christ, Trumbull, Ct., St. James', Danbury, Ct. Bael, D. Hillhouse,

Md., Emmanuel, Allegany co. Md., Chauncey, Peter S., Christ, Rye, N. Y., Christ, Hartford, Ct. Childs, J. A.,

Lewes, Del., St. David's, Radnor, Ma. Clapp, Joel, D. D., St. James', Woodstock, Vt., Immanuel, Bellows Falls, Vt. Cornish, A. H.,

Abbeville, S. C., St. Paul's, Pendleton, S.C. Fitch, C. W.

Jackson, Mich., St. James', Piqua, 0. Gay, J. L.,

Christ, Manlius, N. Y. Graham, Richardson,

Beaufort, S. C. Gregory, Almond,


Rome, N. Y. Guion, Thomas T., St. James', Danbury, Ct., St. Mary's, Brooklyn, N. Y. Harlow, W.D., Bowling Green, Ky.,

St. Mary's, Ga. Henry, C. S., D. D.,

St. Clement's, New York City. Herrick, M. A.,

Woodstock, Vt. Hoskins, J. W.,

St. Andrew's, Jackson, Miss, Kerr, Samuel C.,

St. Paul's, Woodville, Miss. Kidney, John S.,

N. C., St. John's, Salem, N. J. Knapp, N. P., St. John's, Montgomery, Christ,

Mobile, Ala. Large, J. S.,

Trinity, Marshall, Mich., Trinity, Monroe, Mich. Lay, H. C.,

Lynn Haven, Va., Nativity, Huntsville, Ala. Lee, Henry W., Christ, Springfield, Ms., St. Luke's, Rochester, W.N.Y. Lewin, Meyer, St. Michael's, Talbot co. Md., Christ, Calvert co., Md. McKabe, John C.,

Norfolk, Va., Christ, Smithfield, Va. Mckenney, James A.,

Sherwood, Baltimore co., Md, Miles,

Brooklyn, N. Y., St. Stephen's, Wilksbarre, Pa. Noble, B. G.,

Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, N. Y. Page, D. C., D. D., Christ, Holly Springs, Calvary, Memphis, Tenn. Pendleton, W. N.,

All Saints, Frederick, Md. Perkins, E. T.,

Parkersburg, Va. Richmond, John R.,


Swanzey, Mass. Ridley, Joseph J., St.John's, Williamsboro,N.C. Saller, Thomas G.,

St. Thomas', Dover, N. H. Savage, Thomas J.,

Ct., St. Mary's, Laurel Hill, Miss. Smith, J. Carpenter,

St. George's, Flushing, N. Y. Spencer, Joseph, D.D.,

St. Michael's, Talbot co., Md. Taiford, David W.,

St. Luke's, Marietta, o. Thompson, Chas. W.,

Liberty, Va., Calvary, Rockdale, Pa. Van Bokkelen, J. S., St. Timothy's, Baltimore, Md. Grace, Elk Ridge, Md. Van Deusen, E. M., St. Ann's, Annapolis, Md., Trinity, Wilmington, Del. Waite, Joseph M.,

St. Paul's, Cincinnati, O. Wayland, John, D.D., Canandaigua, N. Y. St. James', Roxbury, Mase, Wells, Minot M.,


Fairfield, N. Y. Whittingham, Richard,


Sag Harbor, N. Y. Wyatt,Christopher B.,

N. Y., St. James the L Pa,


Churck. St. John's, St. Paul's, All Saints, St. John's, St. John's, St. John's, Trinity,


Buffalo, W. N. Y., DeLancey, W. N. Y., February 3, 1848.
North Kingston, R, I., Henshaw, R. I., January 26, 1848.
Moyamensing, Pa., Potter, Pa.,

January 24, 1848.
Waterbury, Ct., Brownell, Ct., January 12, 1848.
Huntingdon, Md., Whittingham, Md., November 11, 1847.
Portsmouth, N. H.. Chase, N. H., February 16, 1848.
Rochester, W.N. Y., DeLancey, W. N. Y., February 15, 1848.



Episcopal Female Prayer Book ; Philadelphia, Pa. The Annual Report of the Society for 1847, represents this Society as pursuing the even tenor of its way, with fidelity and diligence. Prayer Books distributed in 1847, 1057, in 12mo. and 16 in 4to.

The New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society. This Institution continues to prosecute its work with a quiet perseverance worthy of all praise, and of liberal support, From its last Report, it appears that it has distributed 14,700 volumes. Its gratuities for the year were as follows :Bibles 793; Testaments 645; Prayer Books 7712; Psalms and Hymns 58. These donations have not been confined to one diocese or neighborhood, but have extended to twenty-four States and Territories, and to California ; while the Army and Navy have had a liberal share. The contributions amounted to $2,068 59—a sum by no means equal to that which such an Institution should have had at its command. Owing to the business arrangements of the Society, every dollar contributed to its funds goes towards distributing the Bible and Prayer Book gratuitously. The necessary expenses of the Depository, &c., are met by the profits on sales.

Bishop White Prayer Book Society, Pa. The design of this Society was suggested at a meeting called to consider the wants of the Church in one of our remotest dioceses. The incipient measures, which gave rise to this Society, occurred upon the day marked by the consecration of a zealous and devoted Bishop of the Church.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Otey, having been invited, on the evening of his consecration, (January 14, 1834,) by the executive Committee of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, to give a public statement of the condition and prospects of the Church in Tennessee, a meeting was held for that purpose in St. James' Church, Philadelphia. In the addresses made on this occasion, the importance of the Prayer Book, as a ready means of providing for the spiritual wants of the destitute portion of our Church, was referred to ; and Dr. (now Bishop) DeLancey made some remarks, upon the good which might be effected by a society for its free distribution as a Tract. The Rev. Dr. Bedell

, expressed himself as much pleased with the idea; which he said had not before occurred to him. And it was very favorably received by all present. The want of a society for the distribution of the Prayer Book, having long been felt, and an impulse being thus given, it was determined by several lay gentlemen, to make an effort for its formation, and at the suggestion of Mr. William H. Newbold, the late editor of the Banner of the Cross, it was resolved to form a society for this purpose,-one that should not be local or temporary, but permanent and Catholic.

During the fourteen years of its existence “ the Bishop White Prayer

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Book Society," has distributed Prayer Books to the dioceses and objects, about as follows.

Appropriations of Prayer Books from 1843, to 1847, inclusive :


(brought up) 59,464 New Jersey, 4,339 Alabama,

456 Kentucky, 1,455 North Carolina,

674 Illinois, 1,855 | Michigan,

2,957 Tennessee, 1,660 South Carolina,

1,387 Virginia, 2,939 | Massachusetts,

2,328 Delaware, 1,469 District of Columbia,

392 Ohio, 3,272 | Florida,

537 Maryland, 1,763 | New York,

456 Connecticut, 758) Arkansas,

542 Indiana and Missouri, 3,133 New Hampshire,

448 Rhode Island, 312 Western New York,

500 Georgia, 950 | Louisiana,

882 Mississippi, 883 Iowa,

24 Wisconsin, 750 Nashotah Missions,

650 Army, Navy, and Merchant Domestic Missions,

212 Service, 2,244 Foreign Missions,

877 American Army, 480 Texas,

600 Hospitals and Prisons, 273 West Indies,

356 Agents, 700 Sandwich Islands,

50 Vermont, 354 Indian Nation,

20 Maine,

550 California Expedition, 450 59,464

74,267 The following is a list of the contributions made since the beginning of the Society:

Pennsylvania, $14,779 36 (brought up) $16,611 05 New Jersey, 915 57 Maryland,

140 25 Kentucky, 68 80 Connecticut,

48 88 Vermont,

15 00 Indiana and Missouri, 37 50 Michigan, 131 00 South Carolina,

255 00 Virginia, 293 20 Massachusetts,

198 50 Delaware,

125 87 | District of Columbia, 9 00 Ohio, 238 25 New York,

39 20 Louisiana, 20 00 New Hampshire,

30 90 Mississippi, 44 00 Wisconsin,

12 00 $16,611 05

$17,681 36 The Protestant Episcopal Tract Society, in New York, has completed the thirty-seventh year of its existence. In this as in the preceding years, it has had its trials and blessings; but still the years of its advancing maturity are more important, on the interests of the Church, than those of its youth; inasmuch as they are using the accumulations of the past, as well as the additions of the present, and thus, like the dwarf on the giant's shoulders, may reach further and higher than at any former period. 1,640,000 pages have been gratuitously issued during the past year, and 2,100,000 have been published-an amount which, though small as it may appear compared with the total products of the press in this land, may yet, by God's blessing, prove as the healing branch cast into the bitter waters of Marah—sweeten and purify them.

The expenditures of the Society during the past year have been $1,650 ;





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