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* with thee;"-" that thou desirest not “ the death of a sinner, but that he “ should repent and live;"—that thy blessed Son Jesus Christ not only died for sinners, even the chief of sinners, but also that he now liveth at thy right hand to make intercession for them, that they might be brought to repentance; and so returning unto thee with unfeigned sorrow for their past offences, with a lively faith in Him, and with a sincere endeavour after obedience to thy will, might be forgiven and admitted to the enjoyment of eternal life.

Encouraged by this most gracious goodness, I would fain look up to thy of fended majesty with some hope, even in these last inoments of a very sinful life. O Lord, most merciful God of salvation, cast me not away from thy presence, I beseech thee, but for thy mercy's sake in Christ Jesus have compassion on me; support me in the awful hour of death, and admit me into thy blissful presence in the kingdom of glory, there to adore and praise thee world without end. Amen.

N. B. This Prayer is followed by another to the same effect; which may be used either with or by a notorious sinner: both which may be used occasionally by or with a condemned malefactor.


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F A Prayer for trust in God in sickness.

From “ A New O Almighty God, our Manual of Devo- only help in time of troutions." P. 272. ble, look with pity and compassion upon me, now under thine afflicting hand. He thou my stay and confidence under all my sorrows and afflictions, and suffer me not to sink under the weight of them, through any dejections or faintness of spirit.

Give me such an entire trust and confidence in thy mercy, through the merits of my dear Redeemer, that I may cast all my care upon thee, and with chearfulness commit myself into thy hands, assuredly believing that all things shall work together for good to them that love thee. And, O Lord, grant that I may be found such an one, as through thy great mercy may be entitled to the benefit of thy gracious promises. Make me willing and ready to yield to thy wisdom, and to prefer thy will before my own; to be contented to bear what thou pleasest, and to be eased of my burden in thy time, which is always best.. · But, O Lord, however thou art pleased to deal with my body, yet spare my soul,

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I beseech thee, and deliver it from the bitter pains of eternal death. O take me not out of this world, till thou art reconciled unto me, and hast fitted me in some measure for thy heavenly kingdom. Grant, O Lord, that whether I live, I may live unto thee; or whether I die, I may die unto thee; so that living and dying I may be thine through Jesus Christ, my ever blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

A Prayer to be used by a Sick Person
Morning or Evening, or at any other
Time that he shall find himself disposed
for Prayer.

From Dr. Ston- Adoration.) O Lord house's " Sick God Almighty, I am Man's Friend." fearfully and wonderfully Page 224. made, and all my powers of body and mind were produced, and are supported by thee, Thou killest “ and makest alive, thou woundest and “ makest whole.”

Confession and Petition for Pardon.] I humbly own and reverence thy hand in my present affliction. I acknowledge that thou art righteous in all that befals me;

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· for for I have sinned, and thou chastenest mo less than my iniquities have deserved. In punishment thou shewest mercy, continuest to me many comforts, prolongest my opportunities of reflection and amendment, and givest me hope of that pardon which I so much want, and at this time earnestly intreat.

Petition for Improvement of Sickness. ] I desire in this poor condition of my health, to try and search my ways, and turn unto thee, () Lord, with deep humiJity, sincere repentance, and faith in the great Redeemer; and may the fruit of this and of every affliction be, to take away sin, and make my heart better..

For the Restoration of Health.] I beseech thee, O Lord, who healest, to direct me 10, and to prosper some means for the removal of my disorder, and the establishment of my health; that I may yet be capable of glorifying thee in my station, and by farther endeavours for thy service upon earth, be fitter for immortality.

For a right Temper of Mind.] Support me, gracious God, that “ my soul “ may not be quite cast down, and too

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“ much disquieted within me." Assist me to cherish penitent, believing, serious thoughts and affections. Grant me such resignation to thy will, such patience and meekness towards men, as my divine Master requireth, and as he himself manifested, while he was a sufferer upon earth. Forgive all the harshness and sinfulness of my temper, and keep it from increasing upon me. May I learn from what I now feel, to pity, all who are sick, in pain, or otherwise afflicted, and do all in my power to assist and relieve them.

For preparation for Death.] If by this affliction thou intendest to bring me down to the grave, prepare me by thy grace for my removal hence, and an en-trance on the unseen eternal state; and may all the sufferings of the present life, "work out for me a far more exceeding “ and eternal weighi of glory."

For the Morning. For the Evening.

I bless thee, o [I thank thee, 0. Lord, that thou art Lord, for any degree giving me another of ease and comfort, day. Grant me such which I have this measures of ease and day enjoyed Grant

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