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comfort, that I may me this night such improve it diligently refreshing rest, that by conversing with I may be better able thee and my own to discharge the dubeart, in meditationtties, and bear the and proyer, and be burdens of another capable of enjoying day, if thou art pleathe blessings which sed to indulge me thou art pleased still with it. If my eyes to grant me.] are kept waking, may

my meditations on

thee be confortable, land useful to me.] ;

Pity my weakness, merciful and heavenly Father, and hear my imperfect petitions, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who was once “a man of sorrow," and is still “ touched with the feeling of our in“ firmities;" to whom “ as our merciful "high-priest," be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

f A Prayer in short Paragraphs which may be used by a Sick Person, either in one Prayer or separately, as they are independent of each other.

* From Dr. Ston. Submission and Confeshouse. Page 226. sion.] Almighty God, the


Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I adore thee, as the wise and gracious governor of all thy creatures, and the sovereign Disposer of all events. -I acknowledge thy hand in the afflictions under which I now labour; and confess that they are far less than mine iniquities have deserved.-May 'I have wisdom and grace to improve the afflicting stroke of thy rod, and discern HIM, who hath appointed it; and though this calamity is not joyous, but grievous; may it hereafter bring forth in me the peaceable fruit of righteousness, Amen.

Thanksgiving. ] I thank thee, O Lord for all the accommodations, refreshment, comfort, and help I enjoy. May thy blessing attend all my friends for their good offices to me in my present afflictive circumstances, and mayest thou direct and prosper all their endeavours for my good, Amen.

Prayer for Improvement in Sickness.) Grant, () Lord, that I inay search and try my ways, and again turn unto thee.

May I improve the leisure of such a state as this, to examine my own heart; and may I be led to form a right judge



ment of myself!-If I am yet an unreformed sinner, discover to me, I beseech thee, my danger and my misery; and give me by thy renewing spirit an unfeigned repentance towards God, and a true faith in Christ, that I may turn from every sin, and devote myself for ever to thy service. If I am already in a state of acceptance with thee, strengthen, I beseech thee, all my graces more and more, and subdue all the remainders of sin in my heart; and particularly teach me righteousness by those things which I now suffer. Amen.

Prayer for Improvement of present Advantages.] Graciously assist me, O God, that I may religiously improve all the advantages I enjoy: May I carefully read thy word, thankfully receive the admonitions of the Minister who visits me, heartily join his petitions, and devoully remember my Saviour's death, especially at the sacrament; and may all I now suffer, lead me to reflect on the evil of sin, and on the love of Christ manifested in those sufferings, which he endured for my sake. HE went about doing good : May I, when I have any such opportunity, embrace the occasion with readiness and thankfulness. Amen.


· Prayer for Success and Support] Lord, if it be thy heavenly will, (for without thy concurrence, vain is the skill of the most judicious physician) give success to the means employed for my recovery, and restore me to health, comfort, and usefulness again : nevertheless, if thou seest fit, in thine unerring wisdom, to deny my request, Thy will be done.“Sups port me under the most incurable evils, “ and grant that I may not think it long

to wait thy leisure, who hast conde: o scended so long to wait for the return of

a sinner. Let me see love in thy rod, " as well as justice in all thy dealings ; “ and while my outward man decayeth, “ may the inner man be renewed day by “ day.” Amen."

For an easy, and happy Death.] 0 Lord, if thou art pleased that this visitation shall be a sickness unto “. death,” and that now I must die, prepare me for that important hour ; give me an: easy and comfortable passage out: of this life, and take me into thy heavenly presence, where sin and sorrow shall be no more. This, and whatever else thou seest necessary or expedient for me, I beseech thee to grant, for the sake of Jesus Christ my Lord; into whose hands I desire daily to sommit my spirit ; and to whom, with

G. 5


thyself and the Holy Ghost, I would as cribe everlasting praises. Amen.

Prayer to be used by one who is dangerously ill, if he be able ; if not, with · him, by some one who attends him.

From " The Cler 0 Almighty God, gras gyman's Compa. cious and merciful, and nion.” Page 101. long-suffering, whose compassions fail not; Look down, I beseech thee, upon the low and distressed state of me thy servant, now lying in the extremity of sickness. The harder my illness presses upon me, the louder does it call upon thee for help. O be merciful therefore unto me according to the necessity of my case, and according to the multitude of thy tender mercies in Jesus Christ. Rebuke the distemper, that it prevail not over me unto death, but turn its malevolent aspect into a joyous expectation of life. In as great danger as I ain, yet if thou wilt, O Lord, thou canst make me whole ; if thou speakest the word; it shall be done. In submission therefore to thy most wise and good disposal of all things, I beg this mercy at thy hands, that thou wouldst let this bitter cup pass away from


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