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5. Moreover, that God has a fatherly regard for us; but that whether a father indulges or chastises, he is still a father; and that he does not shew less, perhaps a greater love, when he chastises, than when

ondulges. When he chow less, per

6. That he has long given you good things, and now gives you evil things; yet not even these evil things, but to the intent that they may work out greater good for you ; namely, that you may return to him?

If so; in this instance submit your will to the divine will, a sacrifice of all (after that of Christ) most acceptable unto God.

Do you confess 1. That you have not lived so well as you ought to have done? Nay, that you have lived wickedly, and that you have often and heinously sinned ?

2. Is there any sin over and above the rest? Or are there any sins which burden your conscience, so that you stand in need of the benefit of particular absolution?. :

3. Have you any scruple about those things which relate to Faith or Religion?

4. Do you reflect on the past years of your life in the bitterness of your soul?

5. Would you wish to feel a greater bitterness for them, than you do and


should you rejoice if you did ? and are you grieved that you do not?

6. Do you desire to have those things which you are ignorant of, or have forgotten, made clear to you, that you may repent of them? and are you sorry even for that which you are either ignorant of, or have forgotten?

7. Is it your determination, if you, shall live, to judge and to punish yourself for what you have done amiss ?

8. Is it your determination, if you shall live, to amend your life, and to avoid the temptations to those sins which you have hitherto committed ?

9. Do you religiously and faithfully promise this? - 10. And do you desire freely to be put in mind of this promise?

Do you believe 1. Those things which are in the Creed of the Christian Faith, once delivered to the saints ?

2. That you cannot be saved, unless you believe them?

3. Are you glad, and do you thank God, that you were born in this Faith, have lived, and now shall die in it?

4. Is it your desire, and are you willing, that we should in your name humbly be


seech God, that this Faith in him may not fail you, and especially not in the very inomunt of death ?

5. Do you desire also, that the fruit of this Faith, and especially of the death of Jesus Christ, however it may have failed in your life, may not fail in death?

6. If your senses should be affected, or pain and weakness should have such an effect upon you, as to cause you to utter any thing against religion or its precepts, would you have it considered as a thing not said ? and do you renounce such things, as if they were not yours?

Do you forgive 1. Those who have in any manner offended you, as you would be forgiven yourself?

2. Do you pray to God to forgive thein likewise ?

3. Do you remit to them that satisfaction to which they are bound on account of those things, by which they have injured you either by word or deed ?

4. Would you have it signified in your name to those who have offended you, that you have forgiven, as far as lies with you, all their offences?

5. And would you have forgiven them, if their offences against you had been greater and more in number?

6. Should

1. Do you, if you have done any wrong to any, ask pardon of them, that they may also forgive you?

2. Are there any whom you particularly remember, and would have this signified to them in your name?

3. Since no forgiveness of sins committed against the eighth and ninth commandments can be hoped for, unles restitution be made, are you ready to restore what you have unjustly taken from another person? or if you have injured his good name, are you ready to make all just and reasonable amends, and that without fraud and delay?

4. Do you remember who those are?



I cannot send forth the foregoing pages without again intreating the candour, and deprecating the censure of my elder brethren, who in the discharge of the duties of their ministry, have had experience in, and studied the best method of performing this, the most important of all, the Visiting of the Sick : for, as I have before observed, they have no doubt provided themselves with suitable prayers either to use with the Sick, or to recommend to them for their private use : 10 these it would be presumption in me to point out what are most proper to be selected from writers on that subject. But perhaps I may be entitled to a small share of acknowledgment from my younger brethren, who will here find exhibited to them not only a form-or if not a form, a pattern to be improved upon, for their first Visits to a Sick Person ;- not only some occasional prayers for them to recommend to the private use of the Sick, but also the names of some authors to


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