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unto God in your baptism.' And forasmuch as after this life there is an account to be given to the righteous Judge, by whom all must be judged without: respect of persons; I require you to examine yourself and your estate both toward God and man; so that accusing and condemning yourself for your own faults you may find inercy at our heavenly Father's hand, for Christ's sake, and not be accused and condemned at that fearful judgment. Therefore I shall rehearse to you the articles of our faith, that you inay know whether you believe, as a christian man should, or no.

Now this the church directs me to do, that is, to examine your faith, forasınuch as a well-grounded faith in God will be the Sick Person's best defence against the assaults of the devil, who will be sure to tempt him either to despair of God's mercy, or to presume upon his own righteousness, or to be impatient, and charge God foolishly * .

Here the Minister shall rehearse the
articles of the faith, saying thus,
I therefore proceed to ask you,

• Bp. Wilson's Parochialia. P. 152. Edit.. 3788.

. Dost" Dost thou believe in God the Fa. ther Almighty, Maker of heaven and .. earth?

And in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son our Lord ? and that he was conceived by the Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin Mary; that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried; that he went down into Hell *, and also did rise again the third day; that he ascended into heaven, and sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty, and from thence shall come again at the end of the world, to judge the quick and the dead?

And dost thou believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church; the Communion' of Saints; the Remission [Forgiveness) of Sins; the Resurrection of the Flesh; [body;] and everlasting Life after death?

The Sick Person shall answer, All this
I stedfastly believe.

But lest Sick People, and such as are of slow understanding, should profess with their lips what they are not able to apply

# The word Hell does not here mean the place of torment, but the place of departed souls.

to their soul's comfort, it will be highly charitable and useful, after repeating the Creed, to propose the use that ought to be made of it, in short questions, after some such way as the following *; prejacing it with the introduction which follows;

And now, Brother, that you may be able to apply to your soul's comfort, what you have thus professed with your lips; having repeated the Creed, all which you say that you sted'astly believe, I think it will be very serviceable to you, if I propose the use that ought to be made of it, in some short questions, which I request you to attend to as well as you can.

Do you believe that it is God who ordereth all things both in heaven and earth?

Then you must believe that nothing can come by chance; and that, as our Lord saith, even a sparrow does not die without God's knowledge and his leave.

Do you believe that this present visitation of yours is from God?

If God is our father, his correction must be for our good.

• Bp. Wilson's Parochialia. Page 152.

Do Do you firmly believe this; and that this sickness is ordered by him for some special · end?

Consider then for what ends a loving father corrects his child: either he is careless, or disobedient, or forgets his duty; or takes such ways as would ruin himself, if he were let alone. :

Is not this your case?

To be sure, if it were left to your own ordering, you would never chuse afflictions ; but God sees that it is good for you to be in trouble; or it may be, God will try whether you will love and trust in him, as well in sickness as in health.

Will you therefore, like a dutiful child, be thankful that your heavenly Father takes so much care of you?

Does not this affliction convince you, that nothing deserves our love but God, since no Being else can help us in the day of adversity ?

Will you therefore, in the first place, make application to God by prayer for an. happy, issue out of this affliction !

Jesus, you know, signifies a Sariour; and we all hope that he will be a


Saviour to us. But this he will not be, unless we obey him as our Lord, that is our ruler and law-giver.

You must therefore consider wherein you have broken his laws, and you must repent of it, ask God's pardon, and resolve to do so no more, as you hope that he will be a Saviour unto you.

You believe, that he was conceived of the Floly Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary?

Why then are you sure, that, as he is the Son of God, he is able to save such as come unto God by him; and as he was born of a woman, and took our nature upon him, he knows, for he has felt, our weaknesses, and will pity our infirmities.

You believe, that he suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead, and buried ?

Are you not then hereby convinced what a sad state man was in, when God could not be reconciled to him, till his own Son had suffered what man had de'served to suffer? .

And do you not see, at the same time, that no true penitent need despair, since here is a sufficient price paid for our redemption ?

Neifier ought you to doubt that God will deny us anything, since he spared


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