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The sick Christian having thus professed his faith in God, the next thing necessary to be inquired into, is the truth of his repentance. The Church therefore orders that now the Minister shall examine (not exhort him to it only) whether he repent him truly of all his sins.

And verily in this the church consulted the necessities of Sick Persons who generally are not able to attend to long exhortations, and are too apt to forget what is suid to them after this manner; and may be brought to know the true state of their souls, by the Clergymun examining them, that is by short, plain, and proper questions.

But this may be deferred till the next visit, and the Clergyman may now prepare to take leave of the Sick Man, by addressing him in some such manner as the following;

As you have now, my Christian Brother, professed your faith in God, and answered some plain, and, I trust, not improper questions which I have put to you concerning it, I am directed by our church in the next place, to inquire into the truth of your repentance; but as I inust be careful not to make my visits too long, and thereby weary both your mind and your body, I think that I should leave you now, and come to you again at no distant time, to examine whether you repent truly of all your sins: but before I leave you I will again beg you to join with me in prayer, that God would support you under your sickness, enable you to bear patiently what it shall be his will to lay upon you, and in his good tiine either to restore you to your health, or, when you shall have completed the great work of repentance, to remove you from a state of misery to everlasting happiness, for which blessings let us devoutly pray;

O most gracious God, who by thy Son Jesus Christ hast united us all in one body, that we should love one another, and if one member suffers, all the members should suffer with it; we humbly im. plore thy tender mercies towards this thy servant, of whose afflicted condition we desire to have a compassionate sense and feeling.

Look graciously upon him, O Lord, and visit him with thy salvation. Vouch'safe him such consolations from above, as we should desire for ourselves, were we in his circumstances. Give him a true penitent heart for all the offences he hath at any time committed ; together with a


- lively faith in thy Son Jesus, who came into the world to save sinners. Give him the comfort of an holy hope that thou acceptest his, we trust, true repentance and faithful devotion to thee. Support him by this hope under all his pains, and enable him patiently to submit to thy fatherly correction. Send him help now in time of need both for his soul and for his body. Bless whatever means are, or may be used for his recovery; and if it be thy good pleasure, restore him speedily to his former health, and inspire him with a serious resolution to serve thee more zealously all his days..

Or if thou hast otherwise resolved in thy wise counsels, deliver him from the fear of death ; assist him in his last agony; give him an easy and chearful passage out of this life, and send thy holy angels to conduct him into rest and peace with our Lord Jesus, for the sake of the same Jesus Christ. Amen *.

:. Adding this,'. ..

O Saviour of the world, who by thy cross and precious blood hast redeemed

* The prayer is copied from The Clergyman's « Companion in visiting the Sick," there said to be from Bishop Patrick,

us, save us and help us, we humbly be seech thee, O Lord.

9 Then the Minister shall say,

The Almighty Lord, who is a most strong tower to all them that put their trust in him, to whom all things in heaven, in earth, and under the earth, do bow and obey, be now and evermore thy defence, and make thee know and feel, that there is no other naine under heaven given to man, in whom and through whom thou mayest receive health and salvation, but only the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

9 And after that shall say,

Unto God's gracious mercy and protection we commit thee. The Lord bless thee and keep thee. The Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace, both now and evermore. Amen.



On coming into the Sick Person's house, the Minister shall say,

Peace be to this house, and to all that dwell in it.

On entering the Sick Person's chamber, the Minister should, as indeed at all times, shew a tender compassion towards him, by offering, as has been before observed, such friendly salutation, as his situation more immediately requires : after which he may proceed in some such manner as the following :.

I hope, my Christian Brother, that you endeavour to preserve on your mind those serious thoughts, which, I trust, my last Visit tended to create in you, and that you are willing that I should continue to visit you, while you lie under the afflicting hand of God.

I too hope, that I am not come now at an unseasonable time : if I am, I will leave you for the present, and call on you again, when it may be more convenient to you to see me.

If the Sick Person expresses a desire for him to remain, the Minister may pro


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