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certainly appear at the day of judgment, to give an account of all your actions, and of every idle word, of every evil thought ; and your own conscience will then be your accuser.

Think-think, if you can, what horrors will seize an impenitent sinner, when the last trump shall call him out of his grave, and he shall be suminoned to appear before God's judgment seat! What would such a wretch give to purchase one such an opportunity of repentance, as God now in great mercy gives you ? If ever you hope to escape these horrors, make your peace with God-judge yourself here, that you may not be condemned hereafter.

The way and means therefore to judge yourself, is, according to the directions of our church, first, to examine your life and conversation by the rule of God's commandments; and whereinsoever you shall perceive yourself to have offended, either by will, word or deed, there to bewail your own sinfulness, and to confess yourself to Almighty God with full purpose of amendment of life. And if you should perceive your offences to be such, as are not only against God, but also against your neighbour, then you shall reconcile yourself unto him, being ready to make


restitution and satisfaction to the utter. most of your power, for all injuries and wrongs done by you to any other; and being likewise ready to forgive others, who have offended you, as you would have forgiveness of your offences at God's hands *

† Consider then, dearly beloved, that you are, it may be, in a very short time, to appear before God. I must, therefore, put you in mind, that your salvation des pends upon the truth of your repentance. Now forasmuch as you became a sinner by breaking the laws of God, you have no way of being restored to God's favour, but by seeing the number and greatness of your sins that you inay hate them heartily, lament them sorely, and cry mightily to God for pardon.

I will therefore set before you the laws of God, by which God will judge you, and I will ask you such questions I, as


* Some years ago I copied the above exhortation from a book or manuscript of my friend Dr. Taunton), but I cannot now recollect which, nor is it material.

+ What follows, to Page 44, is copied chiefly from Bp. Wilson's Parochialia. Page 176. to P. 184.

# To make inquiry into the faith and repentance of a Sick Man by questions, is neither contrary to


may be proper to call your sins to your remembrance; and you will do well, whenever you shall have reason to say, with the publican, God be merciful unto me, for I have offended in this or that thing.

And be not too tender of yourself; but remember, that the more severe you are in accusing and condemning your'. self, the more favour you may expect of God.

Your duty to God, you know, is to fear him, to love him, to trust in him, to honour, and to obey him.

Consider, therefore, seriously ;

Have you not lived, as if there were no God to call you to an account?

Has the knowledge of God's almighty power, and his severe justice, made you fearful of offending him?

the prescribed rules of our church, for she requires the Minister to interrogate the Sick Man, as to every article of faith, and to examine strictly concerning his repentance; nor is it repugnant to the practice of former times : for according to that the Sick Man who is dangerously iil, ought to be questioned on various points.

Dr. Stearne's - Tract. de Visita Infirm." P. 23.


Are you convinced that you have not loved God so much as his goodness and care of you deserved ?

Has the love of God made you desirous to please him?

Have you so put your trust in God as to be contented with what he has appointed, without murmuring, and without questioning the wisdom of his choices ? :

- Have you not been unthankful for God's mercies?

Have you never, as you know of, taken a false oath? · Have you never been accustomed to swear, to curse, or take God's name in vain ?

Have you not very often spent the Lord's day idly.

Have you not been careless and irreverent in God's house :

Have you been careful to pray to God daily, for his pardon, his grace, and his protection ?

Have you constantly received the Lord's supper, when you had an opportunity?

Have you never gone profanely to the sacrament without examining yourself, and without purposing to lead a new life?


Have you not despised God's word, his ministers, or his house?

Your duty to your neighbour is to love him as yourself · Have you so loved all men, as to wish and pray sincerely for their welfare?

Have you not hated your enemies ?

Have you paid due reverence in heart, in word, in behaviour, to your Parents, and to all such as were over you in place and authority ?

Have you not been subject to sinful, unadvised anger ?

Have you never done any thing to shorten the life of your neighbour?

Have you not lived in malice or envy, or wished any man's death ? · Have you not been accustomed to sow strife and dissențion among your neighbours?

Have you not fallen into the sins of drunkenness, gluttony, tippling, or an idle life?

Have you kept yourself free from the sin of whoredom, impurity, or unclean

ness ?

Have you none of the sins of injustice,


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