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ought. In particular awaken this thy servant to a serious concern and contrition for this his great neglect, and let him place it in the number of those heavy sins, which require a distinct confession, repentance, and amendment. Let him resolve on an entire reformation in this as well as other particulars; and let his punctual attendance on thy holy ordinances hereafter testify his conviction of the guilt of his former neglect.”

Help him now, O Lord, to fit and prepare himself for this holy Communion. Fill his soul with reverence and godly fear; with earnest desires and longing after divine life; with serious repentance for all his past offences, and hearty resolutions of living for ever after unto Jesus, who died for him. O let him ineditate on his bleeding Saviour with a broken and contrite heart, which thou hast promised not to despise. Forgive him all that is past, and give him Grace for the future to live more soberly, righteously, and piously in this present world, if it shall be thy good pleasure to continue him in it, through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

O Sa.

O Saviour of the World, &c.—The Almighty Lord, who, &c.-Unto God's gracious mercy, &c. as in pages 15 and



* At the next, and some subsequent Visits before the

Minister begins, and when he has done reading, he may use the Form of Prayer, as in this Visit, till he has finished the Introduction ; for which if he can spare time from other duties, his visits may be repeated duily: after which, at the next Visit, he may address the Sick Person in some such manner as the

following: Having, dearly beloved, &c. (as in next page.d


[blocks in formation]

Which is to follow, when the Minister has finished Bishop Wilson's “ Short and Plain Introduction for the better understanding of the Lord's Supper."

After the usual salutation, Peace be to this house, and to all that dwell in it, the Minister may begin thus :

Having, dearly beloved, read to you the very excellent “ Short and Plain Introduction to the Lord's Supper," with a view towards your better understanding the end and institution of that holy ordinance, I now request you, if you are able, to read it yourself, by little and little *, and to say devoutly the prayer which is at the end of each section f. But if you cannot read yourself, or your disorder is such that you are not able, let me advise you to get some friend to read to you at different times, by little and little, as I

* The Method here recommended to a Sick Per. son may be used by any one who is preparing to receive the Sacranient at church.

+ The Minister will probably lend the Sick Person this form of Prayer with the Introductica bound with it, as is before recommeudedo


did, who may also read the prayer which is at the end of every section, so distinctly as that you may be able to repeat in heart, if not in voice, after him, and conclude it by saying sincerely, Amen.

And when you have proceeded to the end of the third section, either by yourself or your friend who will read to you, and have offered up the prayer which follows it, I advise you to put to yourself the questions which you will find in the Third Visit of this book in pages 43, 44, 45, 46, and 47. Consider yourself then as in the presence of God Almighty, who knows the very secrets of your lieart; and when your conscience shall accuse you of having transgressed in either of these particulars, either by thought, word, or deed, you will do well, as is there recommended, to say, " God be merciful unto me, for I have offended in this thing."

And when you have thus examined yourself, and confessed your sins unto God, in the best manner you can, and God expects no more from you) say, with all the attention you can command, the so Prayer for Pardon of Sins” in the 117th page; or, if you have been a notorious sinner, that which is directed to be used by such in the 119th page.


After this I would have you read, or get your friend to read to you, the remaining sections of the “ Introduction to the Lord's Supper,” concluding each sece tion with the prayer at the end of it.

When you have done this, you will, I trust be able to say from your heart, which God alone can discern, that you truly repent of all your sins,—that you steadfastly purpose to lead a new, that is, a christian life,- that you have a lively faith in God's mercy through Christ, that you have a thankful remembrance of the death of Christ, and that you are in charity with all men. These are the qualifications which our Church requires in those who intend to receive the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; which, if you have them, you may receive with comfort, and I shall not scruple to administer to you, after you have answered, to my satisfaction, some questions concerning the Sacrament, namely, what is required of those who are to receive it, and whether you are qualified in the manner our Church requires you should be.

And now, Brother, I will again leave you for a while to God, and to your own conscience; beseeching him to discover to you the charge that is against you; that you may know and confess your sins to


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