Dramatic Miscellanies: Consisting of Critical Observations on Several Plays of Shakespeare: With a Review of His Principal Characters, and Those of Various Eminent Writers, as Represented by Mr. Garrick and Other Celebrated Comedians. With Anecdotes of Dramatic Poets, Actors, &c, Volym 3

The author, 1784
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Sida 202 - comes ? Or, if 1 live, is it not very like, The horrible conceit of death and night, Together with the terror of the place, Where, for thefe many hundred years, the
Sida 172 - as great an inftance of felf-love, to a weaknefs, to be impatient of being mimicked-, as any can be imagined. There were none but the vain, the formal, the proud^ or thofe who were incapable of amending their faults, that dreaded him ; to others he was in the higheft degree pleafing.
Sida 209 - opinion of humour, in his letter to Dennis, which he modeftly fays ferves him for one: ' A fmgular and unavoidable manner of doing or faying any thing peculiar and natural to one man only, by which his fpeech and actions are diftinguifhed from thofe of other men.
Sida 171 - to be obferved in his inimitable faculty of telling a ftory; in which he would throw in natural and unexpected incidents, to make his court to one part, and rally the other part of the company ; then he would vary the ufage he gave them, according as he faw them bear kind or fharp language. He had the knack to
Sida 91 - not for nothing that we life purfue : It pays our hopes with fomething that is new. Each day's a miftrefs unenjoy'd before ; Like travellers, we are pleas'd with feeing more. Did you but know what joys your way attend, You would not hurry to your journey'*
Sida 11 - Who, lying by a violet in the fun, Do as the carrion does, not as the flower, Corrupt with virtuous feafon.
Sida 148 - tis no longer fcign'd, 'tis real love, Where nature triumphs over wretched art « We only warm the head, but you the heart. Always you warm ; and, if the riling year, As in hot regions, bring the
Sida 70 - If thou be'ft valiant, as they fay, bafe men, being in love, have then a nobility in their natures more than is native
Sida 17 - ought to have revered. When I acted the Ghoft with Betterton, inftead of my awing him, he terrified me. But divinity hung round that man!' To this rebuke, Wilks, with his ufual modefty, replied, ' Mr. Betterton and Mr. Booth could always
Sida 202 - the tomb, I wake before the time that Romeo Comes to redeem me ?—there's a fearful point! Shall I not then be

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