A Memoir of the Late Captain Peter Heywood, R.N.: With Extracts from His Diaries and Correspondence

E. Wilson, 1832 - 332 sidor

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Sida 20 - And first one universal shriek there rush'd, Louder than the loud ocean, like a crash Of echoing thunder ; and then all was hush'd, Save the wild wind and the remorseless dash Of billows ; but at intervals there gush'd, Accompanied with a convulsive splash, A solitary shriek, the bubbling cry Of some strong swimmer in his agony.
Sida 168 - I think his case was such an one, as, under all its circumstances, (though I do not mean to say that the Court were not justified in their sentence,) ought not to be considered as a bar to his further progress in his profession ; more especially when the gallantry and propriety of his conduct, in his subsequent service, are taken into consideration. I shall, therefore, have no difficulty in mentioning him to the commander-in-chief on the station to which he belongs, as a person from whose promotion,...
Sida 19 - At half-past eight o'clock, booms, hencoops, spars, And all things, for a chance, had been cast loose That still could keep afloat the struggling tars, For yet they strove, although of no great use: There was no light in heaven but a few stars, The boats put off o'ercrowded with their crews ; She gave a heel, and then a lurch to port, And, going down head foremost — sunk, in short.
Sida 329 - Si quis piorum manibus locus, si, ut sapientibus placet, non cum corpore exstinguuntur magnae animae, placide quiescas, nosque, domum tuam, ab infirmo desiderio et muliebribus lamentis ad contemplationem virtutum tuarum voces, quas neque lugeri neque plangi fas est : admiratione te potius, quam temporalibus laudibus, et, si natura suppeditet, similitudine decoremus.
Sida 329 - Quidquid ex Agricola amavimus, quidquid mirati sumus, manet, mansurumque est in animis hominum, in aeternitate temporum, fama rerum. Nam multos veterum, velut inglorios et ignobiles, oblivio obruet, Agrícola, posteritati narratus et traditus, superstes erit.
Sida 110 - Michael Byrne, I am told, likewise wanted to leave the ship. It is of no moment for me to recount my endeavours to bring back the offenders to a sense of their duty ; all I could do was by speaking to them in general ; but it was to no purpose, for I was kept securely bound, and no one except the guard suffered to come near me.
Sida 152 - It was Bligh's misfortune not to have been educated in the cockpit of a man-of-war, among young gentlemen, which is to the navy what a public school is to those who are to move in civil society.
Sida 131 - Christ Jesus. To Him alone I now look up for succour, in full hope that perhaps a few days more will open to the view of my astonished and fearful soul his kingdom of eternal and incomprehensible bliss, prepared only for the righteous of heart. " I have not been found guilty of the slightest act connected with that detestable crime of mutiny, but am doomed to die for not being active in my endeavours to suppress it.
Sida 41 - No, my ever dearest brother, nothing but conviction from your own mouth can possibly persuade me, that you would commit an action in the smallest degree inconsistent with honour and duty; and the circumstance of your having swam off to the Pandora on her arrival at Otaheite (which filled us with joy to which no words can do justice), is sufficient to convince all who know you, that you certainly staid behind either by force or from views of preservation. 'How strange does it seem to me that I am...
Sida 130 - Wednesday, the 12th instant, the awful trial commenced, and on that day, when in Court, I had the pleasure of receiving your most kind and parental letter; in answer to which I now communicate to you the melancholy issue of it, which, as I desired my friend Mr. Graham to inform you of immediately, will be no dreadful news to you. The morning lowers, and all my hope of worldly joy is fled.

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