A Voyage to Abyssinia, Volym 15

Elliot and Kay, 1789 - 500 sidor

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Sida 5 - He appears, by his modest and unaffected narration, to have described things as he saw them, to have copied nature from the life, and to have consulted his senses, not his imagination. He meets with no basilisks that destroy with their eyes; his crocodiles devour their prey without tears; and his cataracts fall from the rock without deafening the neighbouring inhabitants.
Sida 472 - About ten at night the gentlemen met in the chamber in which the girl, supposed to be disturbed by a spirit, had, with proper caution, been put to bed by several ladies. They sat rather more than an hour...
Sida 415 - At length, with incredible labour and fatigue, the whole troop got to the top of the rock, a little before the break of day, and was introduced by the two...
Sida 388 - Because he had never formed a full and exact idea of the things that passed there, but at best had only guessed and doubted about them : for, from the draught of ignorance and error that he had taken at his entrance, he had imagined things that were bad to be good, and things that were good to be bad ; by which means he had lived wretchedly, as indeed all do while they are there. But now that he has obtained, the knowledge of what is really good, he can both live happily himself, and can see how...
Sida 378 - And why do they appear with fuch a diverfity of paffions ? fome of them as overjoyed, and others as very much diftreft ? OC They who fmile and rejoice, are fuch as have received fomething from her hand; and thefc call her by the title of GOOD FORTUNE : and fuch as weep and mourn, are they from whom fhe has refumed what fhe had before given them ; and thefe call her BAD FORTUNE. S. And what is it fhe gives, that fhould make the former rejoice fo much on the receiving it, and the latter lament fo much...
Sida 473 - While they were inquiring and deliberating, they were summoned into the girl's chamber by some ladies who were near her bed, and who had heard knocks and scratches. When the gentlemen entered, the girl declared that she felt the spirit like a mouse upon her back, and was required to hold her hands out of bed.
Sida 382 - SCIENCE ? 0. C. Do you fee that Place on high there, that looks as if it were uninhabited ? S. I do. OC And do you difcern a little Opening between the Rocks, and a...
Sida 477 - The composition of sermons is not very difficult : the divisions not only help the memory of the hearer, but direct the judgment of the writer ; they supply sources of invention, and keep every part in its proper place.
Sida 460 - Watts was one of the first who taught the dissenters to write and speak like other men, by showing them, that elegance might consist with piety. They would have both done honour to a better society, for they had that charity which might well make their failings forgotten, and with which the whole christian world might wish for communion. They were pure from all the heresies of an age, to which every opinion is become a favourite, that the universal church has, hitherto, detested.
Sida 382 - True ; till they drink of her purifying liquor, and warn away all the dregs of the evils that remain in them ; which that, and that only, is capable of doing. Such therefore as fix their abode with Falfe Science will never be delivered ; nor can all their ftudies clear them from any one of thole evils.

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