Asiatic Researches; Or, Transactions of the Society, Instituted in Bengal,: For Inquiring Into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia. ... Printed Verbatim from the Calcutta Edition..

J. Sewell; Vernor and Hood; J. Cuthell; J. Walker; R. Lea; Lackington, Allen, and Company; Otridge and son; R. Faulder; and J. Scatcherd., 1807
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Sida 94 - Rajamahal; who, without bloodshed or the terror of authority, employing only the means of conciliation, confidence, and benevolence, attempted and accomplished the entire subjection of the lawless and savage inhabitants of the...
Sida 167 - Learn from yon orient shell to love thy foe, And store with pearls the hand that brings thee woe : Free, like yon rock, from base vindictive pride, Emblaze with gems the wrist that rends thy side...
Sida 186 - ... which the Scriptures consist are connected by a chain of compositions which bear no resemblance in form or style to any that can be produced from the stores of Grecian, Indian, Persian, or even Arabian learning ; the antiquity of those compositions no man doubts, and the unstrained application of them to events long subsequent to their publication is a solid ground of belief that they were genuine productions, and consequently inspired.
Sida xxviii - Naturalist can occasion the misery of an innocent bird, and leave its young, perhaps, to perish in a cold nest, because it has gay plumage, and has never been accurately delineated ; or deprive even a butterfly of its natural enjoyments, because it has the misfortune to be rare or beautiful : nor shall I ever forget the couplet of FIRDAUSI, for which SADI, who cites it with applause, pours blessings on his departed spirit.
Sida 161 - It is not possible, indeed, to speak with too much applause of so excellent a work ; and I am confident in asserting, that, until an accurate translation of it shall appear in some European language, the general history of...
Sida 129 - ... of his approaching day, licking and dressing himself like a cat, an operation which the flexibility of his neck and limbs enabled him to perform very completely : he was then ready for a...
Sida 242 - Its flowers in their perfect state are among the loveliest objects in the vegetable world, and appear through a lens, like minute rubies and emeralds in constant motion from the least breath of air. It is the sweetest and most nutritious pasture for cattle ; and its usefulness, added to its beauty, induced the Hindoos in their earliest ages to believe that it was the mansion of a benevolent nymph.
Sida 185 - I cannot refrain from adding that the collection of tracts, which we call, from their excellence, the Scriptures, contain, independently of a divine origin, more true sublimity, more exquisite beauty, purer morality, more important history, and finer strains both of poetry and eloquence, than could be collected, within the same compass, from all other books that were ever composed in any age or in any idiom.
Sida 168 - Shall man do less Than heal the smiter, and the railer bless ?
Sida 173 - The subject of this discourse is in" exhaustible ; it has been my endeavour to say as much " on it as possible in the fewest words ; and at the " beginning of next year, I hope to close these general " disquisitions with topics measureless in extent.

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