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IDLENESS. See Industry.

Forbid to the righteous, 17.
Idolatry, 38.

Jesus the Christ, 5.

Jews' murmurings, 51.

Ignorance of divine things in general, 36.
Ignorance of man by nature, 5.

Ignorance of the dead about things here, 68.
Illuminations. See Knowledge.
Images. See Idolatry.
Imaginations. See Thoughts.
Imperfection of God's children, 11.
Imposition of hands, 25.
Impotency of man in spirituals, 18.
Industry in mens' callings, 52.
Inclinations in saints to sin, 11.
Incorruptibleness of God, 2.
Incouragement in affliction and trials, 20.
Incouragements to come to Christ for all
grace, 18.

To look to God when our case seems
desperate, 47.

Indifferency in religion. See Sincerity and

Indifferent things in worship, 15.

Integrity. See Uprightness.

Infiniteness of God, 2.

Infirmities of God's children. See Failings.
Intercession of Christ, 6.

Invisible God, 2.

Invitations to come to Christ. See Incou-


Joining of members to churches, 25.
Israel's restoration, 55.

Judge not brethren rashly, 15.
Judge not others, no not enemies, 17.
Judgments denounced and executed, 14.
Judgment of the great day, 34.
Justice of God, 2.

Judgment righteous. See Magistrates.
Just to all men, Christians duty, 17.
Justification not by works, &c. or legal sa-
crifices, 4.

Justification free by the grace of God,
through faith in Christ, 8.
Justify God in affliction, 20.

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KEEP. God will keep his by grace, in Lying, 65.
faith and obedience to the end, 14.
Kindness of God, 2.

See Words.

Kindness of Christians to one another, 15.

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Lord's day, 56.
Lord's Supper, 25.

Love of God in giving Christ, 5.
Love of Christ in giving himself to death, ib.
Love mutual between Christ and his church,

Love of God in afflicting of his saints, 20.
Love to od the Father, and to Jesus the
Lord, 14.

Love amongst saints, 15.

Love to all men, enemies, and haters, 17.
Love in its effects and fruits:

1. Of believers to God, 14.

2. To brethren, 15.
3. To all men, 17.

Lowliness of Christ, 6.
Lowliness of man, 14.

Lukewarmness. See Sincerity and Zeal.

MAGISTRATES, magistracy, God's ordi-
nance, 22.

Magistrates, but men in God's sight, ib.
Magistrates duty: what they should be and
do, ib.

Majesty of God, 2.

Maintenance of the clergy, 25.

Maintenance of the poor. See Poor.

Malice. See Envy.
Man's first state, 4.
Man's fall, ib.

Man's state under the law, ib.

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Meekness toward all; yea, enemies, 17.20.
Memory of God's goodness to be recorded,


Members of churches, their qualifications, 25.
Men, wise, who. See Wisdom.
Mercy of God, 2.

Men dead, ignorant of men living, 68.
Mercy toward all men, 17.

Mind of God made known in dreams, &c. 53.
Mind or thoughts of men in general, 30.
Mind; to be of one mind, the duty of bre-
thren, 15.

Ministers of Christ in general, 24.

Ministers or pastors of churches, and their
qualifications, 25.

Ministers sins complained of, 25.
Ministers maintenance, ib.
Ministers of state. See Magistrates.
Miracles of Christ, &c. 41.

Oppose errors. See Seducers.

Order of the church in their assemblies and
meetings, 25.

Moderation in all things, 14.

Ordinances of God in public worship, ib.
Ordination of church officers, ib.

More than men can bear, God will not put Ordinance of magistracy. See Magistrates.
upon them, 20.
Outward privileges no security against judg-

Mortality. See Death.

Mortifications. See Departing from sin.
Mourn for sin, 14.

Mouth. See Words.

PANT after God, 14.
Parables of Christ, 41.

Murmuring of Israel, 51.

Murmur not against God, but wait quietly Parents duty toward children, 16.
for his salvation, 20.
Murder, 59.

Pardon of sin, 8.
Patience of God, 2.

Patience of man in general, 14.

Patience of saints each to other, 15.
To all men, 17.

To enemies, persecutors, 20.
Patiently wait for God, 14.
Peace with God, 8.
Peace among brethren, 15.
With all men, 17.

Perfection of saints in Christ, 6.
Perjury. See Oaths.
Persecutions, 20.

Neglect not seasons for good things. See Persecuted, see it be for well doing, ib.


NAME of God, 2.

Nature of God, 2.

Nature of Christ, as to meekness, &c. 5.

Nature of the Spirit, 19.

Nature of man since his fall, 4.

Nature of faith, 9.

Nature of love, 15.

Nature of repentance, 31.

Necessary uses. See Trade.
Necromancy. See Witchcraft.

OATH for testimony, swearing, 23.
Obedience unto God, 14.

Obedience unto rulers, wherein proper, 22.

Wherein not, 42.

New birth. See Character of saints.

Note God's kindnesses, 14.

Notable things done by Christ and his apos- Persecuted, one's duty toward God, ib.
tles, 40.
Toward persecutors, ib.

Obedience to parents, 16.
Obedience to masters, ib.
Object of faith, 9.
Object of worship, 14.
Objects of love, 14, 15.
Object of fear, 14.
Object of trust, ib.
Object of hope, ib.
Object of delight, ib.

Observe our own hearts and ways, ib.
Observe the acts of God's goodness, ib.
Obstinacy. See Hardness of Heart.
Obstinate sinners warned, threatened, and

punished, 14.

Occasion of evil, flee, ib.

Offences to be avoided, 15.

Offences of scandal to be removed, 25.

Officers of churches, ib.

ments, 74.

Own God in all we do. See Providence.

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Persecuting heathens, ib.
Persecuting Jews, ib.

Persecutions overruled by God, ib.

Their comforts therein, ib.

Persecutors designs are known to God, ib.
Persecutors reward, ib.

Perseverance, the believer's duty, 14.

Such shall have grace to persevere, ib.
Of the gift of God, 18.

Piety. See Duty toward God in general.
Pity in God, 2.

Pity saints in trouble, 20.

Pity all men, 17.

Pleasures. See World.

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One for another, 15.

For afflicted ones, 20.

For magistrates, 22.

For persecutors, enemies, 20.

Pray still, when all hope seems to be

gone, 47.

Praises in general, 14.

Preachers in general, 24.

Preachers recompense, 24, 25.

Preaching in church assemblies, 25.
Predestination. See Election and Calling.
Prejudice to be avoided, 15.

Presence of God desired by saints, 14.

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Prophecying in the church assemblies, 25.
Prosperity. See World.
Providence in general. See God's Sove-


Providence to be acknowledged in all man's

ways, 70.

Provoke not one another, 15.
Public judgments, 21.

Punishing of sin in the general, 4. 14.
Punishing of the righteous for sin, 11.
Purging of saints, God's end in their afflic-

tion, 20.

Purloining. See Theft.

QUALIFICATIONS of rulers, 22.

Qualifications of saints. See Characters of


Toward men, ib.

Qualifications of gospel ministers, 24.
Qualifications of church members, 25.
Qualifications of pastors of churches, ib.
Quarrels amongst church members, ib.

Restore mutually such who sin or offend, 15.
Restoration of the Jews. See Return.
Resurrection of Christ, 6.
Resurrection of man's body, 33.
Return of the Jews to their country, 57.
Return good for evil, 17. 20.
Revile not enemies, 20.
Revelation. See Scriptures.

Revelations of old, by dreams, voices,
&c. 53.

Reverence. See Fear. See Worship of God.
Reward of holiness. See Saints privileges

and glory.

Reward of suffering for Christ, 20.
Reward of sin, 4. 14.
Reward of hypocrisy, 26.
Reward of persecutors, ib.
Riches. See World.
Righteous God, 2.
Righteous dear to Christ, 20.
Righteous in God's sight. See Justification.
Righteousness amongst men, 17.
Righteousness, mens' own, will not secure
their state, 74.

Amongst Christians in general, 15.
Quench not the Spirit, 19.
Quickened by the Spirit, ib.
Quiet spirit in general, 14.

Quiet and submissive to God under afflic- Righteousness of the law will not justify, 4.

tions, 20.

See Trust.

Rock to the saints is God.
Rule and greatness of God, 2.
Rule and greatness of Christ, 5, 6.
Rulers of kingdoms, 22.
Rulers of faith and practice, 14.

RAILINGS. See Words.

Rashness. See Moderation.

Reading scriptures, 1.

Reading them in the church assemblies, 25.
Reasonings of God with sinners, 14.
Rebellion against God. See Judgment for


Rebuke each other for sin, 15.
Recompense of hypocrites, 26.
Recompense of wickedness, 4. 14.
Recompense of unbelief, 9.
Reconciliation with God, 8.
Record the acts of God's goodness, 14.
Redemption of fallen man, 5.
Regard God in his providence. See Provi-

Regeneration. See Character of saints.
Rejoice in God and Jesus Christ, 14.
Rejoice in afflictions and persecutions, 20.
Rejoice not at the hurt of enemies, ib.
Relation of God to his own. See Privileges

of saints.

Relation between Christ and his church, 13.
Relation of church members to their parti-
cular congregations, 25.
Relations in the flesh, 16.
Relative duties. See Duties.
Rely on God. See Trust in him.
Religious wisdom. See Wisdom.
Remission of sin, 8.
Repentance in God, how, 31.
Report not others failings, 15.
Reports not hastily to be believed, ib.
Resignation to God's disposal. See Con-


Respect for saints, 15.

Respect for all men, 17.

Resort not to such who use familiar spirits.
See Witchcraft.

SABBATH day, 56.

Sacrament. See Lord's Supper.
Sacrifices before the law, 43.

Sacrifices under the law, how take away Sion's happiness, 25.
sin, 4.

Sin, what, 14.

Sin's sad effects upon man, 4.

Sacrifice of Christ, 6.
Sanctification by Christ, ib.
Scandals. See Discipline.

Sinners awakened, invited to Christ, 77.
Sins threatened and punished here, 14.
Sin not against the Holy Ghost, 19.
Sins of God's children, 11.

Shield God is to his. See Trust in God.
Saints interests in, and nearness to God. See
Privileges of the righteous.
Saints, or believers, their duty toward
God, 14.

Sin, to be confessed and mourned for, 14.
To be forsaken, ib.

Sin's pardon, 8.

Sinfulness of man's nature, 4.

Snares and temptations from the world. See

Sobriety in mens' words. See Words.
Society with the wicked to be avoided, 17.
Sovereignty of God, 2.
Speak no evil of magistrates, 22.
Speak evil of no man, 17.
Speak truth. See Word.
Speaking. See Preaching.
Speaking blasphemy. See Blasphemy.
Speaking in general, or speeches. See

Toward the Spirit, 19.

Toward Christian brethren, 15.
Toward relations in the flesh, 16.
Toward all men, 17.

Toward magistrates, 22.

Duties toward God in affliction, 20.
Toward persecutors, ib.
Toward the persecuted, ib.
Saints duty in common calamities, 21.
Saints duty in relation to worldly things.
See World.

Saints duty under temptations. See Satan,

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Saints character, 10.

Saints failings, 11.

Saints corrected for it, ib.

Saints privileges, 12.

Saints known by their fruits, 10.
Salvation of sinners in general, 5.
Salvation in affliction sure to saints, 20.

When it is near; and then great and
wonderful, ib.

Sanctify God in worship, 14.

ication by Christ's death, 8.
By his Spirit, 19.
Satan in general, 28.

His rule in sinners, 4.

He cannot hurt any further than God
permits, 20

Satisfaction for sin by Christ, 8.
Saviour Jesus, 5.

Savoury words. See Words.
Scandals to be removed, 25.
Scriptures of God, 1.

Scriptures the rule of faith and practice, 14.
Seventh day. See Sabbath.
Search the scriptures. See Scriptures.

Diligently about the safety of our state,
9, 10.

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Spirit of God promised to, and working in
saints, 19.

Spirit given to, and being in the saints, ib.
Spirit's nature and operation, ib.

Spirit to be obeyed, not grieved, ib.
Stedfastly adhere to God, 14.
Strange gods. See Idolatry.
Strife. See Envy.

Stir up each other to praise God, 14.
Strive to enter in at the strait gate, 44.
Strong in faith, not to offend the weak, 15.
Subjects duties to rulers, 22.
Submission to God under trouble, 20.
Submission to God in all things.

See Con-
tentment under his Providence, and con-

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