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Temptationsin general to be watched against, Wait for Christ's second coming, 14.


Walk humbly with God, ib.

Thanksgiving to God, ib.
Think not evil upon report, 15.
Theft, 64.

Thoughts, 31.

Threats against sinners, 14.

Time for improvement to be made use of, 45.
Tongue of man, 14. 65.

Tower, God to his people. See Trust in God.
Trade, 70.

See Industry.

Tradition. See The rule of faith and wor-


Treason to be discovered, 22.
Trinity, 3.

Troubles. See Afflictions.
Troubles belong to saints, 20.
Trials of saints: God's end in afflicting, ib.
They shall not exceed their strength, ib.
Try ourselves, 10. 9.
True God, 2.

Trust not in man,


Trust God only and always, ib.

In time of trouble, 20.

Truth of God, 2.

Truth opposed by false professors, 26.

VAIN glory. See Humility.
Vain curiosity, 69.

Vanity of all worldly things. See World.
Vanity of honours and high places, 22.
Vapour is man's life. See Death.
Vileness of man's nature, 4.
Visions. See Dreams.
Visit afflicted ones, 20.
Unbelief very dangerous, 9.
Uncleanness of man.

See Vileness and For-

Unfeigned. See Sincerity.
Union amongst saints, 15.

Union between Christ and his church, 13.
Unnecessary converse with wicked men to
be avoided, 17.
Unrighteousness. See Sin.
Unsearchableness of God, 2.

Unsound professors, fierce persecutors, 20.
Unthankfulness. See Praises.

Upholder of the saints faith, God, 14.
Uprightness, ib.

Usury, 57.

Voices. See Dreams.

Vows, 49.

WAYS of men disposed of by God. See

Wait for God in general, 14.

Wait for God under affliction, 20.

Walk worthy of our high calling, ib.
Walk with God heartily. See Sincerity.
Walk after Christ, and holy mens' exam-
ple, 14.

Walk with God to the end. See Perseve-


Walk after the Spirit, 19.

Walk wisely toward each other in things
indifferent, 15.

Warn offenders, ib.
Watch in general, 14.

Way to heaven narrow and laborious, 44.
Weak brethren to be borne with, 15.
Weaned from this world. See World.
Wickedness of man's nature, 4.
Wicked men persecutors of saints, 20.
Such restrained of God, ib.
Wicked mens' society to be avoided, 17.
Wisdom religious, and folly therein, 72.
Wise above what is written. See Vain cu-

Witchcraft; or dealing with familiar spi-
rits, 67.

Wives, 16.

Whisper not one against another, 15.
Women. See Wives.

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