Focus on Macbeth

John Russell Brown
Routledge, 13 sep. 2013 - 272 sidor
First published in 1982.

Macbeth exercises a strange influence over readers and theatre audiences: the words of the text offer no easy clue to meaning or significance and in dramatic structure the play is very different from other Shakespearean tragedies. Many kinds of study are needed in order to understand the tragedy of Macbeth and this book provides a wide range of studies that respect the individuality of the text and examine it from different viewpoints.

Contents include: Themes and Structure; Characterization and Narrative, Visual Effects, Performance in the Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; Historical and Political Background; Role of Witchcraft; Game Theory.

Contributors include: John Russell Brown, Derek Russell Davis, Gareth Lloyd Evans, R A Foakes, Michael Goldman, Robin Grove, Peter Hall, Michael Hawkins, Brian Morris, D J Palmer, Marvin Rosenberg and Peter Stallybrass.

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The kingdom the power and the glory in Macbeth
visual effects in Macbeth
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
1946 80 at StratforduponAvon
Multiplying villainies of nature
Language and action in Macbeth
History politics and Macbeth
Macbeth and witchcraft
Hurt minds
Directing Macbeth

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