Retrieving for All Occasions - Study Guide

Klickerförlaget Göteborg AB, 15 mars 2016 - 26 sidor

 Does your gun dog training need a little more structure? Are you part of a group that wants a program to help organize your training together? Or maybe you are an instructor who wants to organize a course based on Retrieving for All Occasions? Then this study guide is for you! 

The guide has eight lessons with tips for practical training, an overview of how to you can connect your training to the book, what you should think about when you evaluate your training sessions and what you should work on until your next lesson. 

The study guide is designed as a foundational training program and focuses on the most basic skills your dog needs to be a good gun dog. It cover themes such as taking and holding, delivery to hand, heelwork, steadiness and stop whistle, hunting an area, directional retrieves and how you can put it all together. Use the guide in whatever way suits you best! Add or subtract exercises, make it easier or more difficult and feel free to scribble everywhere in it. 


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A Spotlight on Behavior
Taking and Holding
Delivery to Hand
Steadiness and the Stop Whistle
Holding an Area
Blind Retrieves
Putting It All Together
Training Checklist

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