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througe crne loetbed.

Cho, aj. The focenty olders,
to of 14 34 And the cloud of the LORD i And Mofes leid un co th:
i sploh pa upon then by day, whea LORD,

Wherefore nalt thou af-
The lace went out of the camp

f&d thy (crvant? td where
hoft And it come to pars when fore bave I not found flyr ia
malou ask for forward, that Moses thy fighe, that thou lsyeftibe bus


, Rift uy, Lord, and let den of all that people upon me? telae esenler be festteredand

13 Have I cocceived ad this all u that hate tace; fee

be people? bave I begotten them,

that thou shouldn fiy unto me, bill of the And when it re Red, be Carry them in thy borom (193 key thousands of Israil.

ing.child) anto the land which ed of the NA when the people coin.

thou (wareft untotbeir fathers!

13 Whence thould i beve Rich A siulaed, it deplaaled the to give into all this propic for ere We LORD:491 the LORD hardt

they weer unto me, saying, Give

14 I am not able to best All diado nung täten, and confurned them this people alon!, bucsule it w


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hot tbe fee of the LORD burnt

, to

of the

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seria 34ad be called the name of the

f Beef Return, O LORD, unto the purhag father bearera the fuck.

and is anger wis kioslod, and us feln, that we muy eat. et ladere in the uttermott parts too heavy for me.

* And the people cried unto me, Kili mt, I pray thee, out of
of t, and when Mofes presed band, if I have four à favour in
Vably beto the LORD, the fire Was tay fight, and let me not see

* Kace Taberak: because the fire of to Moses, Gather unto me fee
will be LOAD burnt im Dg them.
Het was among them fell a luft. the elders of the people, and of.

All wept again, and fild, who unto the tabernacle of the con-
We did tat in Egypt freely, the

Xember, and the melons, and talk with rheetbere: and I will
foon de leer, and the onions, and take of the spirit which is upon

6 But now eur foul dried and they fazu bear the burden of way, there is nothing at all, be the people with thce, that thou

fides this minns, before our eyes. bear is not thy self alone. potnie.feed, and the colour there- ple, Sandise your serves against

8 Ai ise people went about, (for you bave wept in the cars mod gathered it, and ground te of the LORD, saying, Wholhall hall, or beat it in a morta', give us @efn to eat for tt 10:46 and breed it in pans, and niade well with us in Egypt) there.

cakes of it: and the site of it fore the LORD will give you ich on the cump in this night, the nor two days, nor five days, nei

lits, every mia in the door of bls firtis, end ic hetohrome unto Tin tone:wo? the tager of the LORD you; because that ye have des

Wu katled freely & More allo fpifcd the LORD which is CA

15 And iftbou deal but with
ELI. funebed.

to morrow, and ye hall eat deth
fleth, and ye (hall erl.

19 Ye Thall not eat one day,

ther ten days, nor twenty dari

20 B:4 ven a whole month,

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my wretctedness.

10+ And the LORD said un
1 And the mixt hrultitude el, whom thou knowch to be

Teaty men cf the elders of tree
Wetemember the in which ebcre with ibee.

gregution, that they may hand

17 And I will come down and

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Me guláck:

thee, and will put it upon them

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1 And the minns was as coriof us the colour of bdellium.

18 And say thcu unto the peo

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month. .

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Accu, that they may eat & whole the camp, and as it were two the Sun

cubits big", upon tee face of the proba, na za

32 And the people {tood up & BLA BL Hele indir fice tlk ml or tell all the fith of that day, and D that nigbt, iad save the iwe. Caleb Moles, Is the LORDShand wex- mers: sad they spread them all 1922, el limbe atsittais,

gathered ten bolu kad

33 And while the deck wu yeterli oli hieman 24 And Moses went out, and between their teeth, cre it with 10 i de tre tbe LORD, and githared the fe was kindled against the people ubiste tribe det, told the people the words of chewed, the wrath of the LORD za bebe. Galled the wall in & cloud, and spake unto him, because there they burica the wheet 13 Of Tubete, 25 Aod the LORD came down that place, Kibrotb.battravab: Rin me make the force

34 And he called tbe nime o adres

35 And the people fourposed 14 of the tribe of metala creaty olders and it came to from broth baltasvab,untu Nobili Mbiche lo

Nd Miriam and Aaron Spek Saried about 16 The et the Tiene of the one w4 Eidad, and the bad married : for be bad murid dan called Olen that for an

erede op 19 And where the lead Elded and Mod ad prophefie. Numbers. mong you, and bave wept be 31 F And there weat forth & forc bim, sayiag, Why caine we wind from the LORD, and forch out of Egypt !

brought qualls from the sea, and 31 And Moles laid, The peo. kt them fall by the camp, as it ple amongit whom I am, et fix werca deys journey, on this fides hundred thousand foormen, and and as it were a days journey thou haft said, I will give them os the other fide, round about

12 shalt the focks and the Carib. herds be plain for them, to suf. the fis b: gathered together for all the next day, and they ga them, to suffice them?

thered the quails: be that go 2; And the LORD (sid unto thered Icaft, cd Hore? thou shalt fee now abroad for them five round whceber my word del come to bout the camp. pas unto thee, or por. venty mea of the elders of the and the LORD (mote the people people, and let them sound a with a very great plagut. bout the tabernacle. and took of the spizit that 14 people that lufted. upon bim, and give it unto the pale skat when the spirit refted korotb: and abode at Hazeroth. upon them, thcy prophefied, CHA P. XII. ind did got ceite. the men in the camp, the name Ethiopian woman, whom he name of the other Medad : and an Ethiopian woman. the spirit refted upon them (and 2 And they said, Hetk tke LORD tbey more of them that were indeed spoken only by Moses? wettien, but went not out uoto bath he not fpoken slo by NO ths tabernacle) sad they pro. And the LORD beard is. phesied in the camp.

3 (Now tocman Moses wat 27 And there ID 2 young

min, very mcek, above all the men, and told Moses, and said,

Elded wbich were upon the isce of the iad Meded do prophefic in the earth), canip.

4. And the LORD (pake fud. 28 Aad John the son of Nun, denly unto Mof:1, and unto As the servant of Mf:8, one of his ron, and unto Misian, Come young men, answered and fald, out ye three wgto the cabema My lord Moles, for id them. cle of the congregation. And

29 And Moses said unto him, they three came out. Envieft thou for my fike' would

5 And the LORD came down God that all the LORDS peopic in thc pular of the cloud, and were prophets, and that the food in tác door of the tabcre LORD would put his spirit up. nacle, and called Aaron, and M. on kom.

zlam : iad they both came fortb. 30 And Mofes gut klin Into the 6 And be faid, Hear sow my camp, he and the clders of Igrach words: If there be a prophet


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the wildernes allt be good or bad and

citler shey to that they dwell

whether in tinta ora LORD (pase unta bolasi

18 And what the land is Ata Pard, that they aber it be fat or leen,

land of Canaan, there be wood therein e veto the children and be ye of good eorum

leven tribe of belly bring of the Fruit

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LORD, Saying, Heal ber now, the men which Mofes fent to

Chamed seven duys I let her be (ple out the land of Canain, and

duy, and after that let her be wig fouth-ward, and go up into

from the camp seven days: ind ind the people that dwellerb

ttmoved from Hazeroth, lad that they dwell in, whether
pitched in the wildcracco of it be good or bad and what

* Send thou men, that they ther it be fat or lcan, whether
which I give unto the childrca And be ye of good courage, and
of Hirtel: of every tribe of the brlog of the fruit of the land,
father all ye read a min, Yery (now the time was the tlme of


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round :

dla firm Briams leprofie.

Cbsp. xiij.

The names of the plus: car fortie thong you, I the LORD will 3 And Mofes by the con

take my faf known unto him windment of the LORD, fent the res, o at vision, and will speak into them from the wilderness of 11 um in dreim.

Paren: all those men were beads
this is My servent Mofes is not so, of the children of Israel.

i joune who is faltbsul la ad mine house. 4 And these were their names:
und above With him will I speak mouth of the tribe of Reuben, shame
weis count to mouth, even appuently, and mus the fun of Zaccur.
face of the pat la duk
(peeches, and the

s of the tribe of Siincon, Sba-
failitude of the LORD Thuld be past the son of Hori.
Good upal bebald : Wherefore then were 6 of the tribe of Judah, Caleb

, mit Ingr afraid to fcak ogolaft the fun of Jepuaseh.
tibes el mervant Moses 1

7 of the tribe of i.char, Igal
Plato. And the anger of the LORD the fon of Joseph.
Hea kindled againt them, and

8 Of the tribe of Ephraim, O.
the most be depurced.

Dhes the son of Nuo.
1a And the cloud departed

Of the tribe of Benjamin
from of the tabernacle, sad pati the son of Rapbu.
w xbold, Mitian become leprous,

10 of the tribe of Zebulun,
it will be us foow: and Aaron look. Gaddlel the son of Sodi.
ELOM upon Milan, and behold,
peopik pena leprous.

110fthe tribe of Joseph, nams.

2, of the trlbe of Manaich, Gede
pep. And Aaron Gid unto Mofes, di the son of Sufi.
All my lord, I beseech thee, lay

13 of the tribe of Din, Am.
put the Gnupon us, wherein we miel the son of Gemalli.
Evo padi dire done fooltíhly, and whers.

13 of the tribe of Ather, Se
cd be as we have finned

thur the son of Michael. !! Let ber not be uone

14. Of the cribe of Naphtall, dead, of whom the flesh is hali Nabbi the fun of Vopbli.

sog'unced, when be cometh out cercle of bls mother womb.

15. Of the tribe of God, Geuel

the son of Machi, !) and Mofes cried unto the

16 These are the names of
O God, I befetch thee.

fpic out the land, And Moses
.*' And the LORD said unto called Olhes cac fon of Nun,
Morten, if her faber had but spit jebolha.
in der face, thould Nae not be &

17 And Mofes fent them to

the mountain :
15 And Miriam war dhut out

18 And see the land wbat ito
Mirian wai brought in agen.
people journeyed not, till therein, whether

they be firoaz

or weak, few or miny 3 16 And afterward the people

19 And wbar the land to

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received in again.


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Nd the LORD (pake unto boids

cities they be that they dwell in,
whether in tents, og In Arong

20 And what the land is, when
muy fearch the land of Canun, these be wood therein or fot.

Mofes, faying,

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The acts of the fples.

Numbers The people murus urt 21 [ So they went up and to go up igaiaft the people, for fsarched the sad, from che they are aronger than wc. wildernels of Zin. unto R choo, * And they brouehr samen come to Hamarb. evil report of 'ine laard which

22 Ags they ascended by the they bid fearched, uato tbe cbil south, and came uoco Hebron, deen of Hitel, saying, Taciend Talui, rbe children of 'Ang to search it, is a land that eat#tre (now Hebron was built fo. eb up the inbabitants bure ven years before Zunin Egypt.) bf ; -and sil'the people toa wi

s; And they came unto the sw in it, art mon of a grea brook of Cocol, and cut down Itature. fron thence a brench with one 33 And obere wc bw the gl cluster of grapes, and they bare ants, the song of Anak, wklet ir between two upon a krff; cime of the giants : and we and they brougıt of the pomes were in our own üght as gesien granatet, sns of the figs. hoppers, and so we were to

24. Toe place was called the their ligbt. brook Elcol, because of the CA P. XIV, cluster of grapes which the chil. Nd all the congregation thence,

cried, and the people wept 25 And they returned from that night. · feercoing of the land Grer forty

# And all tbe children of !

The Water Restbrudteed, Chip xlv. MOC u so they went up mod to go up in Lut the peoplech doweth with milk and visiting the

2 And they broutebe Only rebel got ye. egsinf the third

evil report of the load LORD, neither fear ye the dixy scended by the tey but fearched, uglo tre of the land, for thics Laiquity of per Abmant, Soclo, sad through wbich we have spleted from them, and indsothout Furby ad ax wato Hebrandrea of Hitel, Lying, Theud for us : their defence upto the 8C Talons, the children of Ank to scacco it, t 1 ls the LORD is with us: feu ple, from EE fea jars befart uni Egypt.) of; sad all the people in 2018 all the congregation pardoned ac 3d they came unto the swin it, ki men of door them with fronts | from thence a brigch with one 33 And there we will the tabernacle of the glory of the cletter of grapes, and they bare 2001, the son of Anad, kation, before all the 13 17 chings of the pome were in our own fight 11 Add the LORD laid unto racles wbic li banten in upon a coat of the gisatr: ssd Flora of incl.

nel muroured seriod tod mightier than they

1 And all the children of will make of thee a greater that provo 38 And they went and came sod again& Asron: And Mofes fald unto the cause be hs to Mules and to Azrod, Jod to whole congregstion a wote then the Egyptiui fel bim, and E dreg of Ich unto the wilder. died in the hand of geplacople in thy might from lind, wher all be congregulon of the coll. then, Would God ibi (for thoi broughtest up 15 bim v 0:15 of Puth, to Kideh, and would God weud did not them) sud unto all the congregation 3 And wherefore bath Wlablaunis of this land for the Cante

Asnd, to fall by the lang this people, tbud Ret you in 17. And they told him, and that our wives and our LOAD ut seen face to the way of hai, We cure unto the land wbl dren thould be s prep that the cloud Aand reer chou fcnttit ww, and surely it not better for us to read

4 And the Cold oci to sa pult of cloud, od lo this evil 28 Noserrtcleis, the people be ther, Let us make 1 apr of fire by olgbt. trong ibat dwell in the land, and let us return into BJP, Nove thou halt kill R heard th: kwiae children of Aaskrbero lembly of the congue achar of thee, will speak, 28 Sty 1 er greet: td moreover, we on their faces before all the salon which have heard murmure

6 And Jothua the Dog Bertufe the LORD was not bevespoke A morila dwell in the mount phunneb, wc wire fra land wbich be (ware unto 18: sud che Cacaintes dwell thar searched the land, rcarem, therefore he hath flain this wilde

7. And berfikr votos And now, I befeech theel your who Aod Cieb Nilled the peo con play of the children of power of my Lord bety years

of great me, forgiving (wire to wa faidy We Legeable lady and give it a lid omtam daving the guilbab, tad

boppers, and fo we were bom long will this co- in the wi

dree of Juscl sur down fron fifted ap chele vole, ed song them?

before Mofes, and said, Let 11, (sying, Tax laed while stitccordlog u thou haft have mur

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thers upon

19 Pardo

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30 And

3. But he glory of the LORD IF- canth fail]

31Because bive feen

brook of Babel, and cut down tuture,

SEASO, end of the fier

14 Tse place was called the chcir ligot. braos Etil, becaule of the

CHAP. XIV. clutcr of grapes which the chil. Nd all the congregati beser


and the people way * And they returned from that night. Sexreding of tee istid efter forty days,

pearoke me ? md how long tempted me

be tre they believe me, and have a Mall the ligns which I huve volce

13Surely ay wil inice them with the Isad which ilence, and dianherit them, fubiers, neig

14 But

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brugát bock word vato ebem, wildcraels.

sed thered then the frult of LORD brought us wako tbe lande

269 And

after them, and that thou Mole', and bed before them, by day time to

murmure people, as one mon, then childoto

27 How

it doweth with milk and hoop; Loto Ezept? and raista sbefruit of it

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sat ib: citio art walled, and

I live, falf do brlag this people loto I do to yo

29 Your

19 Tu Anakkires dwell in the children of Ital. he kind o tas louih: and the

cices, and the Jebulici, and Nun, and Caleb obe Com odle

en in the wilderness


ide sia and Oj The cost of closcha,

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upat once, and pollick le, pated through to search the se sre well able to over. In exceeding good land. it.

& If the LORD dellgbt la But the ten fast went up tuca be will bring it into

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