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Is And at tbe stream of the taken all bis land out of his fat
319 Thus Ifrael dwelt in the wall be world and tol,

Wied, Chanel pabeycand the nu

119Kouludiert, in Whale umyje dio beat hindi

16 And from thence they wine Habon, let the city of Sibon, A., Dansblaa

29 Wo to chce, Moab, should be the handle, Lao

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Ifraels journeying.

Numbers. sikex and Og Pals. 1o And the children of ir. Israel to pass raroyga nis bormel fet forward, and pitched in ges: but Siboa gathered all his Oboth.

people together, and went out 11 And they journeyed from againk ifracl into the wilder Oboth, and picched ai Ije-abs. ncs : and he came to Jahaz, rin, in the wilderncia wbichts and fouebi agafoti Israel. before Moab, toward the lus 24 And ifra i fmote him wish xiling.

ahe edge of the sword, and pole 17", From thence they remo- fuffd bis land fron Araon unto ved, ina picched in the Valley Jabbok, even unto the

of Zared.

of Ammon for the border of
13 From thence they removed, càe children of Amman oil
and pitched on the other strong,
of Arnon, which is la the wild 25 And Israel took a!l these
derness that comech out of the cities: and Grael dwelt la al
cosits of the Amorit 8: for Ar- the cities of the Amorites,
non is the border of Mjab, be. Hehson, and la all the villages
tweea Moab arád the Ansorites. thereof.

14 Wherefore it is said in the 26 For Helhbon mas the city
what he did in the Red fes, rites, who ba? fought aguinh
and in tóc brooks of Argon, the formir king of Moab, and
brojke that goeth down to tce hand, even unto Arpon.
dwelling of Ar, aad leth upon 27 Wherefore they tbat Speed
cue border of Moab.

in proverbs, say, Come into
to Best : chat is the well where- be built and prepared.
of the LORD (pals unto Moles, 28 Foz there is a fire gone out
Gather the people cogether, and of Hellbon, a Eame from ebe
I will give Them waez, city of Sibon: It hste consumed

17.1 Then Ifrael lang tals Ar of Musb, and the lords of the
song, Spring wA, O well, sing bigh places of Arnon,
Fe unto it:

18 The princes digged the uadone, people of Che.
well, che nobles of fac people: be hsta given hils fons
digged it, by che direction of the that escaped, and his daughters,
1sw-giver, with their faves. Into cipcitity unto Sibon king
And from the wildernafs they of the emories.
ment to Maranab :

30 We have thot st them i
19 Aod from Mattanah to Na. Helbon is perished evea unto
bsiil: and from Nihaliel to Ba. Dibon, and we have laid tham
mora :

we even unto Nopbsb, which
20 Apd' from Bsmoth in the reacketh unto Modela.
vellsy tbar is in the country of
Moab to the top of Pispala, which end of the Anorites.
looketh toward Jenni non. 32 And Moses sept to (pic out

21 T'And Israel lens melien- Jizer, and tbcy nok the ville
gers unto Siton king of the A- kes thereof, and drove our ibe
incrites, say lag,

Amoltes ebat ware there.
22 Let ne pafs through by 13 And they turned and went
land; we will not turn into the up by the way of Belhan: and
fields, or into the vineyards, we be the king of Bathen went out

nos drink of the waters, of gainst them, be, and !!! i
the well: bus we will go along people, to the dateel si Elzci.
by the kings bigh way, until we 34 and the LORD said unco
be pas thy borders.

Mofes, Feur blin not: for I have 23 Agd Sihpa would not suffer delivered bkn into shy kood;

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ndeli his tape, and WislandAnd the princes of Mueb avode

he same

age refuled, Chrp, xxij. and the fecond abeained:
na trou that do to him as with Balaam.
trou dat unto Shon king of " And God cane unto Belarm,

with thee?
35 So kot smore him and bly

10 And Balaam said unto God, fire and all his p:ople, until Belek

the son of Zippor, king

of there was ecne der blin alist: Moib, hath sent unto me, saying, dubav postele ble lande

i Behold, there is a people CHAP. XX1!.

come out of Egypt, wbich covers halabe children of icad eth ebe face of the earth: Come plate of Moab, oa this Gide ture i Thall be able to overcome fet forward, and pitched in now, curse me them; persadven

them, and drive them out, and Belaki che son of Zip.

12 And God said unto Re'sam, Per a ell tba ifael had done Thou

milt not go with

them, thou shall not curse the people : 3 And Moab was före afraid for they are ble fred.

13 And Blasm rose up in the

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:lebe well by norites Je Willis

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ofite pogle, because they wer!

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land for the LORD refuleta

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14 And tbe princes of Mub

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ibt Amerites, which dwelt at sod sild, What men are tbesc
mary: and Moab was diart morning, and fuld unto the prin.
to, bicause of the children of cea of Bilsk, Get you into your
de o idio, Now thell this you.

And Moas fald unto tbe el to give me leave to go with
trand bout 9,88 the oxlicket role up, and thso went unto Bi.

the grace of the field. And ick, and said, Bulaam refuícik
Pllakabelon of Zippor mis ting to come with us.

Helent me flengers therefore princesino, and more honout-
to Belzam ihe son of Beot, to able than they.
Itt land of the children of bis and said to bilm, Thus faica Ba-
Well, there is a pcopic come out thing, I pray tbce, binder thee
propic, to call him, saying, Be. lak the son of Zippor, Let no
Com Egypt: boldthuy cover from coming unto me:

6-Come now therefore, 1 pray will do whatsoever thou sager
bit, curse me this people, for untome: Come therefore, I pray
boty oe too mighty for me : thee, curse me this people.
tut. We may froite them, and feld unto the servants of Balak,
that I may drive them out of If Bilak would give me his
the land : for I wot that be boule full of fiver and gold, I.
whom thou bleffent, is bleffed, cannot go beyond the word of
wid he whom Maou current is the LORD my God, to do less of
the siden er M din departed, tarzy ye alfo here this nigit, that
with the rewarde of divisation I may kaow what the LORD
in their handy ind. Hey came will isy unto mis more.

8 And he said unto them, Ian come to call thee, sic up
Lodge here thla night, and I and 30 with tbein; but yet the
will bring you word again as word which I Thall say unto
the LORD tall speak upto me than that shalt thou do

20 And God came unto Bulaam at night and said unto him, Ifibe

of tbe Mixabites at that time.


15 And Balak fent yet again

Prebre, which is by the rieer of

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16 And they came to Balaam,

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17 For will promote thee unto very great bonour, and I

peridventure I thall prevail,

18 And B:laam aalwered and

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unto Balarm, and spake unto
bimehe words of Balak.

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32 And the angel of the LORD to be entit
the Angel of rhe LORD ftood wirbitsad ces because thy way and
kindled, because he went : and timer? Bcbold, I west out to rain
upon bir alı, end his two ler turned from me this three times often wie die

unless the bad turned from mult marmor
2} And the ass saw the angel furuly now allo l bad flain there
afide out of the way, and went ncs ; for I krocw not that ibov , LA hold the anal

and Bilasm Hoodeft in the way against 3 lupt buss, it

34 hrd Balzain (sid unto the VD
more the ass to turn her into Now thcrcíore if it dispdrak lio, 91

thee, I will get me back again. Uribe Bu, Anton
I wai) being on this fide, and a men: but only the word that I am tot
food in a perb of the vineyards, fuld unto Bilaam, Go with the ball and

thull fpiak unto tace, that thou en wil himAle

35 ? And when Bafxk heard that is vehementi
crutar Blasms foot uzaiast tbc thar Bulaam was coms, be went posta en mich
engel of the LORD, she fell fore comeft thou dat unto me and win DA TA't
umo Bilaam, What hsve I done y any thing? tb: word that Villalist, miller beta te leta
unto chee, that thou baft imic. God putrech in my mouth, that pantalone sia il 1013
als, Because Thou biA mocked Bilsk god they came unto Kirabad God brught them out of

40 Ad Balak offered oxen Bragi bo na vasca

ale to that
Meena wa 14 Bild, be pavle

the wax levou genna Numbers. Bilsems af fpexkith.

Belak menteth Balears
21 And Brian rose up. in rbe bis head, 20d fell Bat on his face.
morning, and faddled b's sf, and
went with the princes of Mad. Caid unto him, "Wherefore hait

126 And Gods arger was thou fmitted thinc azbese three
in be wsy for an adversary is pervsrfe before me.
agsinit.bim: Nov he wasriding 33 And the as faw me, sod
Sante wire with him.
of the LORD Atinding in the and saved ber silve.
way, and his word drawn in
bis bad : and the ass curred angel of the LORD, I have fa.
into the field :
the way.

24 But the angel of the LORD 35 And he anzal of the LORD
wall on that fide.

35. And when tbe as law the thalt (psak': So Balaam went
angel of the LORD, the thrust with the princes of Balik.
her feif uns the well, and
'wall: and he (mote hor again. our to meet bim unto a cley of

26 And the angel of the LORD Moab, which is in the border of
went für her, and food in a Arzon, which is the utmo
Barrow pice, where P ao coaft
way to turn either to the right 97 And Bufak frid unto B1
hand or to the left.

laan. Did I not carefly fend
27 And when tbe ass saw the unto thee to call thee? Where
down under Bilaem and Bs. Am I not able indeed to pro.
laims eager was kindled, and mote thee to bonour?
he more the ass with a ftaff. 8 And Balatt lai unto Bs.

38 And ide LORD op-ned the lak, L, Irm come unto tace :
mouth of the ass, and the faid have I now ing power at all to
ten me these aree times?

tali speak
19 And Balaam said unto the 39 Aad Belain went with
me : I would there were & art-buzoch.
[word in mine band, for now
would I will thee

and sheep, and fenr to Bilo mi
3o And he ass said unto-Ba- and to the princes that mori
laim, An not I tbine ais, upon with him.
which thou haft midden ever 41 And it came to pass on the
fince I was thins, unta this day? morrow, taat Bulak cook 86
was I ever wont to do so unto' lsam, and brought him up into
thee? And he said, Nay.. the high places of Baal, that
31 Thea he LORD opened the thence he might foc ibe atmoft

alasm, and he saw the part of the people.
angel of the LORD Landing in CHA P. XXII.
tbe his sword drawn


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Imall batle down until

s bia hand: Ind be bowed dowA A Bulld me bere leven alitara

* And Balak (all

the Blues beko furlase.

Chip. Xxlij. Balams parable:
Dobis fee and prepare me bere serca cx:muyer see them : thou shalt see
The Lolded seven rins.

but the utmost part of them,
coralist : And Balik did 13 Bilarna and thalt not see them all : ind
heletben bid spokenind Bilak and B curse

me them from ebepcc.
14 And the brougbt him

Into the held of Zophim, to the
And Balasm faid unto Bl- top of Pirgab, nad bulle leven
are so mal will go : paradventure the rain on every altar.
Load will come to meet me :

15 And he said unro Bilak;
Deia elbell whatsoever be th:wetha me, stand bere by toy burno.offer
will tell thee. And he went ing, while I meet inc LORD

Fonder, by ve bil And God met Bilasm; ead

16 And the LORD zet Bga


xkand inm.

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10 CurlLan offered on every altar

We block and rum
met Suod by tby burnt offering diart, sad off red bullock and

12on ligbe place.
bost beach unto him, I have pro- luan, ind put a word in his
los and even alcar, and I hire mouth, and lud, Go aguin unto

fard upon tutry altar a bul. Balik, and lay tbus.
ELON 5 And the LORD pat 2 word Bebold, be told by his burnt
as low bor halt speak.
Eben tenia:, be, and all the princes and faid, Rise up Blik, and

How thall I currt, whom thill b: not make it good?
till I defie, wieom th: LORD COMmandment to bles, and he
bobold blin: lo, the people thall in ficob, neither buch be seen
dwell alone, and shall not be perverlusc'sin Ifrsel: the LORD
die the death of the righteous Orength of an unicorn.

118ad Bziak said unto Balsam, mint azalnft Jacob, nelthcr it

I took thee to curse mine en rel: According to this time it
Oto piesand behold, thou bait (hallb:lald, of Jacob, and of It

Mut I not take beed to sperk rise up as a great lion, and life
that which the LORD bab put up him 16 as a young iton: he
Como, I pray thice, with me unta of the ftala.

13 And Bulak said unto him, ofthac prey, and drink the blood e wenty of M05.

racl, What hath God wrought!
24 Be's aid, the people thail


i7 And when he came to him
ich tf 1. Balsums mouth, and (uid, offering, and the prince of Morb
turn umo Balak, and thus wleb him. And Balak suid unto

him, Wag: bath the LORD (po.
Wes And be returned unto him, ken?
and do, he food by bis burni

18 Agd be took up bis parible;

heer, hurkcn unto me thou
der er and laid, Balok the king of
And be enok up his parable, con ci zlapor:

to Go is no?! masn, that he
Morb bah brougbe me from a mould lis, neither the son of
tem out of the mountains of the min, tbat he should repent
et, Sozing
, Come, curse me lo bach be laid, add thi:ll

be nom
La cob, and come, deric Israel

do Ir? or barb he spoken, and God bach not curfed? or bow

25 Bobold, I bare received

heb bleed, and I cannot reo
Roz from the top of the racks verse it.
I fee him, and from the hills!

21-H: bath notbeheld iniquity

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reckoned among

Jtcob, and the number of the

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che nations
10 Who can count the dust of thout of a king is amning them.

his Godts with bim, ens the

2: God brough them out of part of Israel? Let me Egipt; be hath as it were the

13 Surely there is no encbant.

and let my last er.d be like bis. Whar haft chou done unto me?

there aay divination again if.


them altogether.
12 And he answered and said,

in my mouth?

shall got lle down until he cat


another place from whence thou

25 And Balak luid unto B

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1:&m, Neither curse them at all, of Egypt, de hath as it were tue With

26 But Balaam answered and cat up the nations bi& chemien, eller det man faid unto Balsk, Told not I thee, and shall break their bones, and the Sagla, All tbat the LORD speak. plerce them through with his han der

9 He couched, be lay down all kinds dienu, te da ste bring thee unto another place, shall Mir bim-up? Blessed is better that, pozad recture it will pleasc God, that bleflerh thee, and curled isa stea nu tedy Hain, Come, I pray tbet, I will a lion, and as a great lion: who you in 28 And Balsk brought Bulaam kindled againft B:laim, and he la parady, droit with

1o And Balaki anger Water to the last anto Ibe top of Poots that look. rote his hands together : and to think the

Balik said unto Balaam, I cauca aby to be the end prepare me bere feven bul- blefled them there corec times. Has A delle

11 Therefore ROW flee thout * WERD had fald, and off.ted & bullocs mote thee unto great honout, we had the low we

12 And Bsiasm fxid unto B Bal health ind A biele Ifrael, he went not 88 &t mcflcngers which thou featcit main from tk dimained it pleased the LORD to lak, Soake. I not also to the band med en nu 13 If Belak would give me the lake it her halus

Svi bass belt be au Tu who yerere opez, bata faid: this people thall do to thy pro babis God, ud toode

What Now the rate of hell Alates and the time of the 19

des the dinobat Run WWW to be there cafe in Midla.

ago E And the LORD LUX Na od tray Yuzy

Ste bin With Woexta Numbers, Ifrasts bappiness. gor bless them at el).

ftrengeb of an unicorn: he shall sib, that I mufi do?

arrows. az And Balak said unto Ba. bar

thou mayef curfe me them bc that curseth thee. from thence. erh toward Jeshimon.

29 And Bílasm said unto Bt. thee to curfe mine chemies, and lek, Build me here seven altars, behold, thou had altogether Ros&s, sni foven rams.

30 And Balşk dld as Balasm to thy piece: I thought to pro wada zam on every altar. / but !o,the LORD Bath kept the

CHAP. xxiv. back from honour.

Nd when Balaam saw that other times, to leck for enchant, unto m, fsyiag, ments, but he fer bis face towad


boule full of liver and gold, the wildernes,

2 And B atemilfe up bis eyes, cannot go beycund tbecome nd ke fsw Ifracl abidiog in huo niandment of the LORD, to do tents according to their tribes, sitker good or bad of mine owa and the spirit of God cerk up mind, but what the LORD

faith, that will I speak? 3 And be took up his parable 14 And now bebold, I go unte and said, Balaam the son of to my people: come therefore, Bao hath fald, and tbe magn and I will advertise thee what

He bath fuld, which beard ple in the latter d198. the words of God, which isw

15 9 And be took ip bis psthe vision of the Almiggy, fall. table, and feld, Bileam be con ing into a trance, but havtagb's of Peor hatb fáid, and the man eyes open :

wbose eyes are open, hash fald: How goodly are thy tenta, 16 Hebath faid, which beard Jscos, and thy cabernacles, o the words of God, and knew 7fracl !

the knowledge of the moft high, 6. As the valleys are they which saw the vibon of the Al. Fyresd forib, argudens by the mighry, falling Inco a trance, bit rivers fides in the trees of Jign beving bla eyes open. alocs which the LORD halb 17 i shall see hire, but not pianked, and as cedar trees befide bow: fhall behold him, but the waters,

Hor nigh: tbere tail come : Shr 7. He Insli pour the water out out of Jacob, and a scapire mail of h! buckets, end bis fred med rise out of Israel, and tholi smite be in many waters, and ble king be corners of Moab, and defroy (hall be abtr than Ag &, and all the children of Sbeth. his kluçdom shall be exalced. 18. And Edom thail be a polo * God brought him forth out feffon, Spik dllo Ahall be po


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