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of their bolanteny oblation. Chap. xxlj, The Rrobenites and Geddetti

AUW! And of the cbildren of Il. of Israel before the LORD.
cnelule ball, which Moses divided

the Rotbe men but warred,
Ch, Now the half that pertan-

iets the coagregation, was bad & very free! multitude of

the bundred thousand and esttel: and when they low the
od five hundred sheep
the wild housnd and even thou lind of Jazer, and the land of

un di sity, bot's of mia and Ind Eleaich, snd Skebam, and

!, Mofo took om pol. zor, and Nimreh, end Heckbon,
cage of the tabernacle of toe LORD (mote before the congre
LODn the LORD comand-eation of Israel, ia land for
de cap aine of thousands, and bave found grace in thy Gigli,
carina of kindreda, came near let this land be given unto thy
Tolatin's have cakto the sum

And they faid unto Moses, bring us not over Jord to.
o the men of wur which are cbildren of Gil, and to the

de our chugt, and there childca of Reuben, Sall your
Wilboot one in of 08.

10 We hire therefore brought it here?
- Ral bath gotten, of jew. ye the beart of the childrca of

cho sold, cbains, and bracelets, (tkel from going over into the
Bhake, eur.ling, and tablets, to land which the LORD buth si
Lantment for our souls ven them?

11 And Moses ind Eleazar the I fent them from Kadeth-barnet
pleh took the gold of them, to see the lard.
fering but they offered up to the land, they discouraged the

51 And all the gold of the of lite valley of Elhcol, and faw
the LORD, of the captains of heart of the chiláren of Israel,
taoufanda, and of the capralas that the thould not go into the
of hundredt, wu Garcen thoudiind which the LORD bed gi)
laod leren hundred and fiftyven them.
taken spoil, every man for him fware, fusing,

(For the men of war bid, kindled the same time, and he
perial took the gold of the call cwcity years old and upwerd,

$4 And Moses and Eleazar thd came up out of Egypt, from

adtuinty thousand asses the children of Reuben came ind



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W And Mofeo gave the tribute ptains of thousaade, and of bum-
eing unto Ble:zat the pri: A, tabernacle of tbe congregation,
elet me the Lords berseofdredo, and brought it into the
LORD Currninde Moles.

for a memorial for the chudrea

Towthe chiffrin of Reuben,

and the children of God

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And thirty and Gix thou- bus place for cattel;

Gilend, ther, babold, ibe place

2 Tbe chudren of G:d, ipd
And licen thousand per. the priest, and unto the prineti

ipake unto Moses and to-Eternat
of tbe congregation, saying,
3 Ataroch,

and Dibyn, sa i Je


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1 lten of the children of 16


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en Lilies, which kept the


gwe them unto Nebo, aad Beoni

4 Even the country which the

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4 And the officers which cattel. wane thoufands of the boft

cartel, and thy servaata bare

s Wherefore, said they, If we

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fervants for poffeffion,

6 And Mies said unto the

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*4 Build yecisics for your life, the

and do that which hath p2cceconnueva ready armed before the chiliren children of Reuben will put on the run them unto their pirct : and our man axined to barte) before the audiente

our inheritance on täis fid: John Lebattuto 2: And the land be subdued and to the children of Reubels 10 and the devoted for

made them wander in tlic wil and children of Reubens sts

*7 But the servants will be

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The Riubenites and Gadires Numbers. sue for their inkaritenes
thal ice ide laad which I fware of your poffeflion, before the
unto Abreuam, unto llege, and LORD..
unto Jacob; because shey have 2, But if ye will not do to
not wholly followed mo:

12 Save Caleb the son of Jeh: LORD: and be sure your face
pbunnch she Kenezlie, and lo. wiil ting you out.
ma the son of Nin for tbcy
have wkoliy lollowed the ones, and folis for sour insep

13 And the LORDA anger was ed out of your mouth.
bijdled against Israel, and be

25. And the children of God derness forty yoers, until all the pike unto Mofs, saying, Tb generation ibat bad donc evil Servants will do s: my lord CONT ja tas light of the LORD was mendett. consumed.

26 Our little ones, our wivel 14. And behold, se bere risen our #cbs, and all our caixi up in your father, lead, aa la bull be there in the cit:cs create of fioful man, to augment Gilc:d. yer the fierce anger of ths LORD toward Ifrael.

over, every man ermed for wi
15 For Il yeturn away from af. before the LORD to battelyalu
ter bim, he will yet again leave my lowd falrh.
them in the wildernels, and ye 28 So coaceraing them Mole
fall destroy all ebis people. commanded Ekazu tae priefly

164 And they came near uato and Jothua the fon of Nun, and
him, and said, we will build the chief fstbers of the tribes of
freep.foide here for cur cettel, the cbiidren of Israel:
and cities for our little ORCI. 29 And Moses said unto them,

17. But we our felves will go if the children of Gad, and the of Isriel, until we have brought with you over Jordan, every little ones (hsil dwell in tae fen LORD, and the land íhull be ced cities, because of the inhabl. subdued before you ben se tants of the land.

Mil give them the land of Gie
18 We will aot return unto lend for a poffeffion :
our kouset, until the children of 30 But if they will not fals
have inherited every min over with you ained,

they shall
his inheritstice :

have poffefions among you in
19 For we will not inherit the land of Canaan.
with them on yonder fide Jor. 31 And the calldren of God
dan, or forward, because our end the children of Reuben sný
labaritance is fallen to us on fwered, fsving, as the LORD
this fisc Jord sa caft-ward. buth said unto thy servants, fo

(209 Ans Moses said unto them, wiil we do.
If ye will do this thing, if ye 34 We will pass over armed
will go armed before the LORD before the LORD into the land
to wory
21 And will go all of you srm-

of Canaan, that the poffeffion of
cd over Jordan before he LORD, den ma bt ours.
until he hath driven our his ene.
mit from bsfor, kim,

33. And Mofer give unto tbenty

urn to the children of God
batere the LORD: thea af er and unto bsif Ebe tribe of M8
ward ye thall return ,
Rulliels before the LORD, and klägdom of Sikon king of the

and be patch the fon of Jofepb, eine
Before Ilkaels and this land child Amorlice, and the


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14 they need for

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Fretboa ibat bid donc eril Servants will do ss myloide pula kehoon, and E!ealth, aod, b:fort Migdoi.

14 kod bebold, refire risca cu icke, sad : our bet rames being changed through the midit of the fet, dystroed before the chiliren children of Reuben will towns thereof, and called bein titriel, until we bave brought with you over Jordao, wwoth jait.

on the morrow after the pallo- camped at laverota. and the find be fubducd and to the children of R

vout with an bigh bead in the Hazeroth, end pitcocd in Ritb
the LORD: theg sf'er and unto belf the tribe of light of all the Egyptians.
before the LORD, and klagdom of Sloop Sing of all their fut born, wbich tod Richmaa, snd pitsbed at Rint

up your faders licad, tu lo hill be there in the 18td Salbrush: and g8ve other into the wilderness and went

Pled the Amoeite which w in Elim were twelve fountains

bie, and fold, We will build the chief fathers of the trazo Martie the son of Manafich;

cities, because of the lohibl. fubdued before you to ked called it Nobab, after ney out of the wilderness of SA,

the LORD: and these are their wilderners of Sinaia

And will go all of you arm our inheritance og táis lidt meres in the first month, on the

rael and chale Load Chill Amorth and the kingdom, LORD bad finltten Among, Mon pazez,

Burcu et Gadis N:27801fee for their inspride!
bu kez de lead walo lware pe Four poleili na before in
3.10.1910, vato fless, and LORD..
to lay); state they have 2; But if ye will ax doo

behoid, se boste finned sgirls
11873 izled the son of je h: LORD: and be lata za
pkursa de Kenelle, lo will find you out.
bebs fan of Nia : for tbc 14 Builtyccicies for Forest
tre polls allowed the one and folis for scurt

and do that wbkh hathpreh
i dod the LORDI angst wissed out of your mouth
Bidd sgarait liriel, and be 25 And ide celdren of 64
ude thea wander in the wil. and the children of Real
deres forty fars, until all the pide uno Mars, fsying, Th

Chip. xxxiij. of the Ifraeliti,
3 king of Balkan, the land thein upon their gods also the
web ehe cities tacreof, in the LORD executed judgments)
walls, in the citics of the

s And the children of Israel
cuatry round about. removed from Rameses, and

3. And the children of pitched in Siccorb. Gel baile Dibon, sad Arzroth,

6 And bey departed from

Succoth, ana pitched in Ethan,
Asd Atrora, Shoshan, and which is in the cage of the wil.

6 and 8szk-zimtab, and

7 And they removed from EBest-laran, fenced cities: and them, and turned wain unto And the children of Reuben Baal.zepbon: and they pirched

Pi-bagiroth, which is before

8 And toy departed from hee BV Aad Nsbó, and Bial.mson, fore Pi-hahiros, and palled

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ha ta igot of the LORD WIS arded

15 Our little ones, cur wind

they ballded.
skir ibe son of Manaffet were

cres of listal men, to sugment Gilerd.
get the fieres sager of the LORD 17 But the servants will
tond Iltal.

09r, every man ermed for
Is For li ye tuta sway from af. before the LORD to buitela
te bio, be will yet again lave my led faltb.
them in the wildcraels, and yo

28 So concerning eben Mol
Itell defroy all ehis people.

commanded Ekazu tác prid/ 16f And they come new us!O and focus the son of Nao, freep-foide bere for cur cartel, the cbiidres of Israel: lod cities for our linle once. 29 And Moles laid unto rág i7 But we our felves will go If the children of Godand by

and bac dwelt therein.

Kecarb, and the riliages eber

net unto the cities which rasce day's journey ia the wil.
9. And the children of Mas in Meish:

derness of Écham, and pitched

And they removed from Man Gjerd, and took it, and dill rab, and came unto Ellm: and ink.

of water, and breescore and 2,40 And Mols gave Gilcad un. ten palm trees ; and they pieca

ed there.

10 And they removed from And Jaie tae son of Ma. Elim, and encamped by the te: went and took the small Red sex.

T! And they removed from the

Red fee, and encamped in the * And Nobuh Wint and took wilde pers of Sin.

12 And they took their jour

and encemped in Doplikah. CRAP. XXXIII.

13. And they deperied from 18:fccre the journeys of the Dophkah and'encamped in AWant forth out of the land of E.

14 And they temoved from A.
Bype, with thelr armies, under luth, and ençamped at Repbl.
the band of Moser and Agon.

dim, wäert was no water for
And Mofes wrote tuitignol ile people to drink?
inga our according to their jour

15. And they departed fiom
pse by the commandment of Repaidin, and pitched in the
journeys according to their go-

16 And they reipoved from the Ingi out.

Refert of Sinal, and pitched at 3 And they deputed from Re Kibrota-katruvab.

17 And the departed from fifteenth day of the first moart: Kibroth-hatese tabi

and en

Bem usto their pisce: and our min anned to bastel hetare ttle ones thill dwell in tae fer. LORD, and the lead chells at of the lande

hul give them the land of oil 13 We will not return unto lezd for a poffeffion: 1 kouset, until the children of 30 But if they will not pri se hare inherited every mia over with you armed, ebes til ipherlesace :

dave poflefiant among full For we will not inherit the land of C30319. b them on yonder fide lor. 31 And the silldrer of God

or forward's because our sed the childreg of Revben a zritsace is fallen to us on Swered, faring, Ar ebe Lay liic ford sa esft-ward. path isid unto ihy Serrano

and Moses said unto them, will we do. e will do this thing, if ye 32 W2 wlil puls over het go armed before the LORD before the LORD tisto belo

bf Crisan, barthie poflefia kr Jordan before ibe LORD, deo nas be ours he hath driver our his ene.

33 And Mofat give unto the on bsfors kim,

19 to the children of GA

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Vet, the children of Israci went

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18 And they departed from

(For the Egyptianı buried,


19. And they departed fror

Mall return, and be belich (le Pon of Jofepbs

20 AT

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of the Israelitate, in
2. And they deported from Berpt, in the first day of

the best
Libnab, end pitcoed at Riftab. died in mount Hor. Maak bawa
Rifleb, and picched in Kebela nire (which dwelt in the found the waters
21 Add they removed from ind twenty and three years old by:

40 And king Ared the Cane 2nd Armina Beren

in sbc land of Canaan) het die 23 And tbey went from Ke- of the coming of the childin,

41 And they departed from var, och 14. And they removed from mount Llor, and pitched in * ett batchade

12. And they deported fro ALFA sababu 25. And they removed from Zsimonad, ens pitched in plat

43 And they departed from all walk Hashmonah, and eached at Aldon-diblataim, scd pitcbca i bouled their when

47 And they removed front of Baku ei

49 And they pircded by John Wilfarba ant time that hagidgad, and pitched la Jorbs. unto Abal. Kittim, in the plains theptance so this be leadas

os ni And tot lo yake Kadeln, and pitched in mount molten Images, and quite pluck. Will your moute calcbe the fun of Jepunch.

MALVA 9 Ara de la tu.

53 And pe faal dispodels esti bulia YA TIADA children of Shadon, Samuel up into mount Hof, at the coin decreta : for I have given Jom Rent y all 11 Web of Ben The removings

Rimmon.parez, and proceed in fifth month.

39 And Aaron was an bundid
23 And they journeyed from
belarbab, kad pitched in mount of Israck
mount Shepacsy, and cacamped monah.
in Haradah
Haradah, and pitcbed in Make non.

26 And they removed from Panon, and pitched in Obork
Marteletb, and encamped ac 44 Add tbcy departed from

Oboth, and pitched ta lje-ab!
27 And they departed from time in the border of Moab.
Tahaib, and pitched at Tsub. 45 And they departed fron

18 And they removed from Iim, and pitched la Dibor-ged
Tarab, and pi caed in Mittcab.

4. And they reinoved fros
29 And they wear from Micb. Dibon.gad, and cacamped i
cab, and pitched la Battironsh. Alinoni-diblarbeim.

39 And ebey departed from

lop the routicalne of Abaring
31 And they departed from before Nebo.
Moleroth, and pitched in Bene.

48. And they depsrted front

the mountains of Abarim, end
12 And they removed from bitched in the plains of Moab
Bene jasken, and eacamped a bq Jordag near Jericho.

3} And they went from Hor Pan from Beth.jefimcth, even

of Mosb.
34 And they removed from 50 And the LORD spoke unto
Jotbathah, and cricamped at Morsss. In the plains of Moab, by

Jordan near Jèricbo, fay log,
- 35 And they deperial from

St Speak unto the children ok
Ebronah, and encamped et Bzi- rael, and say unto them, when

ye ere pasied over Jorden, inta
38 And they removed from the land of Canaan,
Ezion gaber, and pirched in the 52 Ton ye thel'drive out al
wilderness of Zin, which is the inhabitants of the land from

before you, and destroy ad chels
37 And ebey removed from pidurct, and deftroy all thek
Hor, in the edge of the land of down all tbeir high places.

38: And Aaron the pricht went inhabitants of the land, and a well
mind ment of the LORD, and the land to p. fietssic
died there in the fortiert war, 54 And yo that divide the
stez: the children of freed and by lor. for an inheritance
wete summt out of the land of mong your familicy, and torbe

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Tor two thand be

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in the for 7200) bei

Il borders of the land. Chap. xxxly.

The dividers nomer.

And the border tall go 789 Rrance, and to the fewer ye on to Ziphron, and the goings

hill give the less inberitance out of it thall be at Hazar.cnn:

1ery mans inheritance fiall be this chall be your porth-border.
ce yeustilatbe place where his lot fall

to And ye shall point out your
dcbec ou fatheisn je hull inherit. Shepham.
5 But if he will not drive

11 And the coaf Chall go down
amelt che inhabitants of the land from Shepham ro Rubieb, on (kic
. before you, then

it hal exft-Gde of Ain 3.and the border
HERE to paso, iba those which mall descend, and shall reach

et remain of them, Soall be unto the side of the tea of Ghin-
part in your eyes, and iborni neretb caft werd.
Je your fides, and Ansu vex you
be the land wherein yo dwel.

13 And the border thall go

down to Jordan, and the goings SAN reover, it (hall come to out of 19 ihall be at the lali rea:

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ched in

erred for

Tied bol

I bought to do unto them.


coats thereof rouad about.

13.And Moses commanded the

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arted lo

is the land which yt ihali intic.

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camped i)

14 Porsbegribe of the coldren

theccatis taereof)

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the line mye bill give the more Inbo
Duct Hold the scording to the tribes of CEA border from Hezur-enen to

in that I hall do unto you, $$ This (nell be your land with the
Ni the LORD spake unto children of krael, Isying, This

Commutid the children of rit by lot, wbieb the LORD CO.

lial and say unto them, when manded to give up to the nine
ye teme into the land of C triber, and to the head-tribe.
Mfall woo you for aa in beritance of Reuben, according to the
in the land of Canaan with house of their fathers, and the
be from the wilderness of Zn fathers, have receiv.d their inn

Teen your south quarter hal according to the house of their

slope by be coat of Edom and beritance, and half the tribe of to your çuthborder thall be the Manaflch bave received their in.

tora the South to the ascent of inheritance on this fide Jordan eh, Akubble, and pass on to Zin near Jericho, ealt wurd, toward the plant be going forth thereof chall the sun-rlling

bune, and all go on to Hazir unto Morcs, laying,

And the border ball fitch s men which thall divide the land,
Eldica corsals from Azmon unto the unto you: Eleazar the prkeit, and
Visulver of Egypt, and tht goinge Jo mua the son of Nun.

6 And as for the wehera bor- of every tribe, to divide the land.

det, you Challeven bave the gread by inheritance.
107 And this all be your north Caleb the foo of Jephunneh.

Thall point out for you mount children of Simeon, Shemuel tbe:

8 From mount Hor ye hall
point out your border unto the Elidad Ibe son of Chillon.
polegi forth of the border thall, of the children of Dan, Bukk.

ved fra

17 These are the names of the

& And ye shall take one prince

19 And the pimes of the mea

arc ibere : Of the tribe of Judah,. Bor.

10 And of the tribe of the 1! O tbotilbe of Benjaminy, 12 And the prince of the tribe

albe, of the children of Gud,

-11, outsoft coaft of the falt lea caft, heritance.


of Man

15 - The two tribes and the And your border Challturn bell-tribe

have received their

Ibe from the South 30 Kadeth-
Acts fåddur

, and pass on to Azmon.

16 | And Ebe LORD spake

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