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Exodus. che day when the LORD (pake fore unto Mofes in the land of Egypt, I fe

39 Tuar the LORD spate uato Moses, saying, I am tbc LORD: the speak ibcu unto Pharaob king of now Egypt all tbet I say unto thee.

30 And Molea laid before the wil LORD, Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips, and how all mine Pharaoh heurken unto me?

serp CHA P. VII.

llow Nd the LORD (old unto

Moses, sce, I have made bear tbce & god to Pharaoh and As- upte ron by brother shall be thy (ald. prophet.

2 Thcu halt speak all that I More command chec : and Auron tby ned, brorber shall {perke unto Pas ple's raob, that he fend the children of Israel out of his iand.

3. And I will harden Pharaohs unto beart, and multiply my signs Aand and my wonders in the land of agein Egypt.




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into a forma pagse of the frage. Chup, wij, The dust turned to lice.
od be life up the tod, and linole of Egypt.

6 Aad Agron Atretched out bla

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la tilver, were turned to

And Molta luld before the with their lochantmists.
LOID, Sebold, 1 m of uncir il For They all down en la

7 And the magicians did fo with tbeir lachantments, sad

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lowed up their rods.

8. Then Pasrtok alled for

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and from my people: and I will

ng the brother shall be thy Luld.


And Mofes igid unlo Pas

brorber ftali fperk unto Pas ple go. of line out of hh isod

the morning, lo, Le goetha


eby fervants, and for thy people,

remain in the river only

10 And he fold, To mortow.


ibe LORD (pake fyre bis kervinti, tad ir bern the LORD coinneaded frogs to come up upon the land

11 Thea Partai sllowiten bat mit in the
In ditbet Iliy usto chce they also did la lill the waters that were vered the land of Egypt.
Nich, living, I as the LORD : the wife-men, and the forcer o la the fight of Pbaraob, bend over the waters of Egypt,

i thay voto Pharsob king of how the magicians of a the fight of his servants : and the frogs came up, and co.
arxsid lips, and how will min his rod, and they become and be fila, that mu in brought up frogs upon the land

Serpents: but Asrags rod hl ha, died and the river of Egipt.
Nd the LORD fold unto 11 And he hardasd Pharr a blank of the water of the Mises and Aaron, and Cald, lo-

Moles, Se, I have made beuri, cost be beurksedwd bere we blood treat the LORD, that he may
ther said to Phusob: und As- upto tbert; u the LORD thout the land of B. take away the frogs froin mez

14 And the Lord and the magicians of E- let the people go, that they may Thay Malt speak all that I Moschg fhoreobs beurt ist so with their inchant. do suczifice unto the LORD. cartaod thee: and Avon tby oed, he refufth to let them to Pharrohs beart was

nelther dld be beerken rook, Glory over me : when sob, that be kind the children is Get the unto Phiria watata; us the LORD bid till flatreat for thate, and for heart, and multiply my ligns And by the rivers big tit lato cha bcule, acather did and thay houses, that they may

And I will bardeo Pharaohs unto the water, and show 4 AA Panraoh turned and to deftroy the frogs from thee, and my wonden in the land of 1210A be come: and the lig bla bent to this also

which was turned to slapt And all the Egyptians bood upon 8gr, and bring him, The LORD God alteld not drinks of the water of know, that there is none like co voto pou, that I may lap in 16 And thou haalt liguer to drink : for they thy word : that thou mateft

Ba Pharso: hall not beurt halt tbov'tok in thloe bara bred round about the river And he said, Beifsccording to ple the colldren of Israel, out thee, toplog, Let my peoid 4.4 (Eten days were ful. furib mine ermics, ad ny pco Hebrews, bath 'Teot me Riva

Wel, dier that the LORD bid from thee, and from thy boulin

wiltracla: 801 behold, b. den be river. calldren of Isel from among with the rod that he lo LR LOUD, Let me people go, cried unto the LORD, because of

band, upon the waters of all buy muy ferve me. 6 And Mofes and Agros did us are la the river, and beyond thou refuse to login Pasruoh.

18 And the filth cases in borders with frogs.

And the river shall being the frogs dled out of the boules, fer fross bandently, which out of the villages, and out of

here, and into thy bed.cbam. ind ibrte Feus old, when they th:ll loath to drisk of ik I helloup en come into thinc be fields.

19 And the LORD (pik: bil, und upon thy bed, and into togeber upon heaps : and the Morer, said unto Agroni, fog lng' to Mofes, Sup upto Aaron,

The best of thy fervants, and lead fraal, unto you, sylog, Shew im brod upon the waters of

B3, Into thy kneadln - there was tespite he bardned his When Pourtod auld speak thy rod, and fretch out BPAs peoplt, and into bine

borbibet, ard upon itay peo

And the frog thall come up then ag the LORD bad said.

tus coey may become blazine upon all thy Ferranis. Moles, Say uplo Auron, Stretch vent la wato Pigraoh, and they throughour all the land

dyy gato Asion, Stretch of the land, that it may become And Moles and soon bad that there may be by Agathe LORD :: Untolout thy tod, and smite tse duft

furthelbine band with by rod lice through ut all the land of

Ora Arzams, over the rivers . by rod before Palerob, vad be 10 And Malts und Adrod oter the ponds, and could

17 And they did lay for Agron

Ay the LORD spske unto the river only:
Martes, Go unto Pharaoh,

of the land of Bgypt, by great chat (ber ingy (crve me ind judgmente


And the Ezprians thell to thou would not bear. know, tout I am the LORD,


Thu falib the LORD when I fretch forth mlae baad this thou shalt koos that!! upon Egipt, and bring out the the LORD : bebold, I will

unto the LORD Our God.

11 And the frogs hill depart and from iby Cervants, and from

shy people, they shall remain in fay unto him, Thus talth wit from Pauzoh : and Moses

12 And Moses and Agron Wert the frogs which he had brought

bien go, behold, I will smice a3


13 And the LORD did accord. ing to the word of Moses: and

the LORD commanded them, 10 be turned to blood. did they

| And Mors was four core river shall die, and the ti years old, and Auroa foorscore the flaks and the Egypt fpike woto Pasraoh.

ter of the river. 9 And the LORD spake upto

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let y

Almennt of Riese Exades. Arechid out his band with bis ES rod, and (mote the dust of the God carth, and it becenie lic-, in mea abo and in dealt : all the dust of the befc land became hice chiruugbout all not tae ligd of Eg pr. 3 1% And be magicians did lo jour with rele inchantmeats to bring lost forth lice, but they could not : &8 h to there were lice upon mio,

za and vpon beaft.

19 Toen the magicians faid, to il unto Pasitob, This is the finger wild of God: and Paartous hcart was gor kardned, and he brortacd not me. unto them ; 28 the LORD bad 29 said.

goo! · 30 And the LORD said unto treat Mors, Rise up carly in the offi morning snd kind octore Pba-r2009 raoh, (!o, be concern forth to be facin water) 39d fly unto ólm, Tbus but le szich the LORD, Let my peozic fully go, kar eben mat terve me

be po

Maget of boplo :

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od bisote the dust of the God: Lo, tell we lacritit

Ilmal died not on

Bagatel of Egypt died: but lost my Qime may be declared
of the catel of the children of through out all the carth.
And Pharroh (erit, and b:- fekt against my people, but thow

17 As yet exalteft rou thy
midler ticare was not one of the wilt oot ler coer go?

18 , to no row about

laad Bicaze liee thingbout all no! ftone us!
wlod Es pr.

87 Ws will go three
id dad the inszíricos de la journey into be wildcces
with reincarncats to bring facrifice to the LORD Out G4
kata ler, but they could not : u bofball corcuand us.
libere were lice upon min,
w spoa beat.
mio Pasteb, This is the finger wlideruela; caly you fell

19 Taca tibe meglclune Gold, tolke LORD Four God, la
al God:wad Parisus heart was go very far away: Poticat
fried, sad he brartoed nor te.
unto (bez , # the Lord bed ?? And Moles fuld, deboll

go out from rect, and I wil

a bath not beco in Egyp, face 1 and the LORD sold unto the foundation thereof, even unso you handful of alhes of the

19 Send therefore now, and

every mea end b.cít whicà thall
den in all the lind of Egypt, not be brought home, the hail
and Call be a boyl
breaking thou come dowa upyn (being

10 He that feared the word

of the LORD among the fer10 And they took aches of the vants

of Puartod, made bis fere

lel of Egypt

led door bis asnd with ris B:sptism to the Lou Lord faili do this thing in the car b.
Nuf: tik duit of the before their orch, and win the morrow, and all to thew in thee my power; sad
an adi becenella, in m3a 250.0igtige of be

Band the LORD did that come deve I mised the up, for
28 and Phantoh laid, the Ilmelites dad.
let you go, that ye may labeur of Paarzeb wu this time, I will cause it to

led, and be did not let the rzin Very grievous all, fuch
Medus, tad unto Anton, Take til now,

futbace, and let Molo (sriokle gether by cattel, and all bat
Mors, Rise up causir inibe of fles y depart from a Gelato Paanob.

10 And the LORD said unto tret de LORD,Cbut the wilt kwade the benca in the thou art in the field : for sport
During and and before Pba. 200, from his fcrvants, and it all become small be found in the Guid, and thail

ford with Salon, upon min, and and they thall die.
the people go to facelice tout basit throughout all the

funct, and hood belore Pba. Vants and b's catre ce into the
boylbrekkingforth with bisins, the word of the LORD, If bis
d the bool: for the boyl was Moses, Stretch for thiar cand
wyca the magicians and upon toward heaven, cut there inay

And the LORD hardned upon man, and upon beat, and
the best of Pharcob, and be upon every werb of the fields
babaed not unto them ; 18 throughout the land of B3:P!
to moles, Aile up carly in the acd be fire ran atong upon the
morning, and stand before Phe ground, and the LORD rriacd
rand, and say unto bim, Thus ball upon the lard of Egypt.
faith the LORD God of the He-29 So ghere was bail, an fire
bro, Le my people 3c, loadi mingled with this oil, very

I for I will at this time lend like it in all the land of EP!
All Diagues upon thin: hearisince it became & nation.
tay popie : thx thou myeft our all the land of Egypt, all
kaow that corrals nene like me that was in the 1:13, bath nusa

1 For now I wio Atretch out every cerb of tbe fiol., srid.
ms band, her I inty fmite thee buik.every tree of the fild.
st time, (using, To morrow and thou fult be cut off from
Chap. ix.

And of hal. load,

16 And la very deed for this BA

36 Only in the land of Gin

ready and Mofes (prinkled it up bule,
top ad beaven: and it became
wo man, and upon bealt,

Aas the magiciens could field.
best fund before Moses, because

21 And be thee regarded not fervatis und bis cartei in ise

22 And the LORD fald van

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be bail in all the land of Egyp: 5

the LORD bad spoken unto


roob,0,be correto forih to be from his people, to marron
Butts) und für uato blm, Thus but let not Paraoh deui dico
fairb l'he LORD, Let my peopic fully any more, la not festa
30, barebep mat lerve me.

11 Ele il esou will not let my LORD.
people , febra, I will fend go and Moles went carties
lwens of fin upon cher, cod Pherso,89d arrested the loud
upon thy ferfants, and upon táy 31 And the LORD did work

, and into by boules: ing to the wori oi Moiess o
sad ebe roules of the Egypriars has removed the fwarnus of
Gill be full of (warms of f*s, fcom Parkob, from bis fermen
and ello che ground WDCicon .ad from bis people : there?
They are

aind not onc.
11 And I will lever ia tbet 32 And Poatach birdned it
dag (belard of Golaes, la wbl a beart ar this tine alio, neiths
my people dw V, chat no lwsms would heter abc people go.
of it all be there , lo the CHAP. IX
end thou maye know, that I "Heo be LORD Gaid van
kw the LORD la the mish of Moses, Go launco Pharent
be carta.

snd tell kin, Thus faitheke
33 And I will put a divifion LORD G12 of tdc Hebrews, LA
*** CAT7 people, and 10g my people going bar ebene
ople: to morrow ball this serve me.
a be,

. Fopil thdurefusc toletek
4. And th: LORD did lo: end go, and wilt hold theiu fill,
are come i grievous swarn of ; Behold, tbe hand of ik

Into the fouse of Plariol, LORD is upon thy catre wild
late bis ferren's houses, and in the fi id, upon the borla
ali the land of Egypt: the upon the alles, upon the centek
was corrupted by reason of upon the oxen, tad upon
were ch Pies.

theep: shire folk be a very gris
And Passo called for rous murrain.
s, and for Airbh, and Gold, 4 And the LORD hall free
o lacriice to your God in butxeen the csetel of Creel, and

tbe caric of Egypt: 8d then
And Mofes fald, it is not be aoibles dit of all thash
lo to do, for we su fa- the childrens of Incl.
the abomination of tbe s And The LORD oppoland

2; And Moles Atretched forth And the LORD said im. LORD senc taunder and hail,

bis rod coward heaven, scd the

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grierous, such as there was none

end up kay servantsand upon

25 And the bail imate through:

In all its eartb.

and best and shall note

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Almares of Alles

Exidus Areich:d out his band with bis E. pod, and smots the dust of the Go carib, and I becenie lic-, in meo a and in bealt : al] the dust of the best land became hice throughout all not the lind of Eg pr.

2 18 And the magicians did lo jous with relr inchantmeats to bring (sce forth lice, but they could not : &s ir fo bere were lice upor mid, and upon beaft.

19 Tuen the meg!cigai laid, to unto Pasitob, This is the finger wild of God: and Paginous hcart was go kurdned, and he btarkasd nor me. unto them 28 the LORD kad said.

goo 30 ( And the LORD said unto treat

Rise up carly in the offi morning, and 2nd before Pba- 1200, raoh, (io, be concert forth to be facin Watci) 39d fly unto blm, Tlus but I fairb the LORD, Let my peozic fully ge, ebar they may lerve me.

MOC s ,

the pe

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