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cat be no te fan of bla vild of the Tale of Hebers
dr.dd mude Ha i cokl of soe to Shachen.

And I certain me
and when bi brechoso low bin, and bebold, #
ne per feberlored bin more drag in the fed: rde
is :) ble basebnorber bs- ukid bin, laylas, es
IME, and could not speak si sbou?"
peale sols water,

16 And beisid, I fecha
ad alepk dreaned tha: tell me, I pray
des, ad be told to dis brewbere they feed their force
mo: and they bered hire set 17 And the mun sald,

ire departed bence: for IE
7 And be fald unto them, khen fit, Let us go to Do
Epy fou, ttis dream And Joseph wept after his
will dreamed.

the Dgsod found them la
Forbeb W me bind az
tas Bares in the side and log 18 And when they kul

staf trolead allo flood up ala off, even before bed
hebt, sodbehold, you herpes fets into them, aby coaps
hood round above, and made sanft bim, to dat him.
axle to my heef

19 And ibey laid oceton
3 And bh bitcbrco fald uero ther

, Behold, this drcedeal
in Shelt ubeu.indeed reigoeth.
ONS, UN / or halt thou indeed 20 Come now therefore
base doninlog: over, us ? ad iet w, and call
azykoed bime the more for bto fome plt, vnd we will
as dicipt, and in the words. Sume cvH bxc4 bark dene

nad he dressed set ono bin: and we shall be
2842 FAIE, And told it bis bre. will become of his drept
adsenwand faid, Behold, I havet And Reuben burda

madrum rose, and bs ke delvered dim out of
Dich the fun and the rope and bodes and feld, Let werk
de Eleven is made che kong sina

23:42. Reuben Alle
10 And be told I to ble fa bem, Soed do blood, bado
Ther, and to his berroris: und bisteco blo pit but, ia la
his father rebuked bima, srdbdul canela, 1ns isy po hunde
27.10. klo, What is the dress on lela; lbst be might side
that thow baf dreamed? Skal so baie bunds, to del
1 sid. tag ooiber sna chybae

bim to bis in der again.
thien iadeed.come to bow dowi 19 And iro, e so pelo ok
Buz leden so ihre, to the ter: httpb was come umro tube

18d his boerdures antha piro, berbey ferie Jos
A burbs des obesedno biscui, ble cose di
acestea baking

bol vs ibanas on bin
is lind ble bestéren weusi. 14 Add i bey, toch bin !
to ferd toel faber fik lobinin sa pit and be the

Du empts, 34914 AI DO TE
11 And Irel laid unto Jo-
laps. Do pop ib; brethrer ferd? An: they int down to sa
The Rich in Stechen ? Cori, id breed :: aut bey lift up tie fil
wii fet.dibes uno free And je and lo h.d. Jod Debelah
hs old n bin. Ham I.

company of Inceitars
14 And he feld to him, Go, ! from Ghut, with their cum A
Peppsbce,sce w beth mir be well bearing fptry, and bitr,
*lb thy brethren, and we wypte, ging w carry As seves

bibe Aceksagd brlag misto Exppl.
DMOTO againSo the løpe bir dus36 And Judaa baid unto



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Fudaks inceft.

Gencfis. bet Sbels: was grown, and she ars, am: was not given unto him to wife. riid, DICE

15 When sudah saw her, he kre ebele, thougar her zo be an herlot, be- lits, and cause the had covered her face. 26 Anc

16 And he turned unto her them, and by tbe way, and said, Go to, I more rigt pray thee, let me come in unto that I gay thee (for he knew not that the lon: and was his daughter in law) and more. the said, What wilt thou give 27. Ta me, har chou mayest come in the time o

hold twin: 17 And he fitd. I will send thee

18 And kid from the dock and the the travail Tald, Wilc thou give me a piedge, but his ben til zbou send it?

took and b 1$ And he said, Wbar pledge

fcarlett thall I give thee? And the said, came out fi Thy figner, and thy bracelets, 29 And I end thy Aaff that is in thine drzw beck bend and he gave it ber, and bold, his br come in unto her, and the con the said, H celved by him.

Forth this

unto me?



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sunt deyle
at Stood was growl, sed the ri, in 1 with child : 10
na su giro uoto blm to wife. 14 Dicern, I pray thee,
Waen fodal law her, he are thelo

, the figoet, and
that her tim u burloi, be it, and fitif.
As the covered her face. 36 and Judeh achnowie

W And he turned mo her shum 2o luld, She battl
y ste vets, and frid, Go to, 1 nur: tighteous than 1, bet
perre, let me corse in mio theri

gire ber not to shelt
bir far le Borse por that she son: and be borw ber agua
w bis daughter la law) and more.
de frid, Wait wilt thou give 7.1 And it came to pari
as that thou miyeft come in the time of bet travail

, that

bold Iwing nutre in her womb
17 And be lead the 18 And It cape to piss whe

Bild frog the dat: sad the the usviled, that the one
Mild, Wikibou give mes piedge, our hir bend; and the mid

LU bo od #t!

took and bowed upon bis bus
If Ard be fuld, Wbar pledge a farlet thread, styling, Th
All I give idee ? And the feld, came out fift.
Top bigset, and the bracelets, , 29 And I came to passade
and my tot that is in thine draw back his hand, tous les
band: and he gave it ber, and hold, his brother cume out; and
come le unto ber, and the con. the fald, How bif thou broket
ceived by bim.

forth this bresch k upon that
19 and the cross and went terefore bis pime wwald
ws, and isid by her mail from Phuler.
her, and put on the sumcotel 30 And ifrerward come al
di ber widowhood.

Dis brother that bed the landet
3. And Judsb seat tbe kld by toread upon bla band, and
the band of bis friend the Adul mme wat Csl'ed Zraba 16
lauts, to rective als pledge from C&A P. XXXIX.

Nd Josepb was brought
bu not.

21 Then be asked the men of phar an officer of Pastood,
sbuc pisce, saying, Where is the ptala of the guard, so Egypilas
barlot, bet nu oprsiy by the bought him of the bande of the
wf-fidel And they Gold, There [oneellter, which bsd brougd
WIS 20 hariot in this place.

him down bitker.
22 And be returned to juded, I : And the LORD We will fin
and fld, I cannot find ber; and Jolph, and be was a prosperat ka
allo sbe mea of the place said, nao: snd be x'se in the house
that there was no ballot la this of bir miker tbe Egyptian.

3 And big mister low that
23 And Judah feid, Let ber Loro mas with blon, and that be
take te to bér, left we be to the LORD inde al tbst be di Bo,
med: behold, I fear this kid, and to profper ln bis hand.
choy baft got found her. And Jofeph found grace in W

24 And it camp to pass bis fight, and he served alu:
bour three months after, that it and be made b'm overseer ord de
We told Judat, saying, Tomar his houíc, and all the be bed mi
the dsugbier in law bath pluld be put into bis hende
the barlos, and s/f bebold, Ilic

s And it came to pale from the
# with child by whoredom : Lime that be und inade bis
and Juduh Qaid, Bring her fortb, overleer lo ble koule

, sad over
and let ber be burnt.

011 tbst ke bad, abur ebe Loa Bose
25 When the we brought forth, blessed the Egyptian boule for
the leat to ber tilbcr la low, Josepho lakeand the bleting de
splag, Bg the man whose that the LORD was upon all there


rás WORLD hand: but he found 1 A Lowo to Egipt: od Pid

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6 And Joseph cams in waro akce them in the purring, and rock bako cuptbem, and bebold they tac Por fad.

b. 7 And he asked Pharaobs off- IS cets the wire with him in the raid, wird of bio lords houle, fay- tbere ing, Wherefore, look ye so fadiy three to day?

19 & And they (old unto him, We Pha. kave dreamed & decan, and off a there is no interpreter of is. And on a folepa-fald unto them, Do not carti ipuigrerations belong to God? 20 tell me terms, I pray you.

And the chief battertold his birta Grote to Joreph, and said unto unto HIM, Io ny drein, bebold, 2 lifted vloe was before me.

bucer Yo Ard in the vins et chrec among hrarches: and it was a tãough 21 It budded, and her blolloms hot butler forib; and the clusters thercof and te Uro por forth ripe grapes. xaos

11 And Paarkobs cup pus la


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14:d lite fami: la voto ske!
More thang, collock bite meals for Paarsed;
Big CLB, đưa Cheld they rác bị di da ai theu

the bzšel up and bad
sed be asked Pareobs of

18 And Joseph ons wered
AISIU with him in the build, Tois # the tareryrcia
Did of by lords Scul, far thereof : 1. nec balcon
crede look se la ladiy three dess.

19. Vee within three de
And they did uptobin, We Pha acon ilft up by berdis
ur: dressed dream, and off thes, and the bing
there is no interpreter of it. And on a trez; and the birdet
-ép to them, noted thy szló from off thee.
was preturions belong to God? 10 And in clinic to post
ta : Fou. third das, which was Par

9 And bechlebudertold his priadas, that do wsde a fal
moto paleph, and laid

unto junto su bile fersants: and
Hi, in pp drein, behold, 2 lifted up the head of the chie
Pisc Du betare me puder, and of the chief beta

10 Ad la tbe viac #17 het among bis servants.
border: sod it u a: tcough 11 And be reilored the con
h bedden ana ber blottoma thot butler usto ble buclership og and
prib; 4zá the clusters thereof and be gure ebe cup icke lopta
Liro : forth ripe griges.

saob៖ ៦ ៨;
11 And Passiods cup mu la

22 Bit ke hanged the cbie
sad posted them foto Patriche A to theni.
a 200 I gave the cup foto 23 val did not the chief blu
For sobs hand.

Jer remember Joseph, butirto
17 And Josep (old ugto him, est bin.
Tel the laterpretation of

fa: tác three branches are three Nd it came to pay attire

ead of two full geras, tos 2
13 Tel within the days tha!! Phartoh

dreamed, sad betale e
Pharaoh lift up polne bord, and be food by the river.
felore tee unto the price :

2 And beiald, there canne
and thou lout deliver Pharaohs but of the river seven web
cup into bls hand, after the firoured kine, sad far-fledxd 40:
former minder wech bou want ard they fed in a meado*.
kis Butler

3 And behold, leven order to
14 But thick on me wden It pairs carne wp after them out d,
fall be well wich ebee, and tez river, Lil.f190ued, sollip
forw kindaele

, ! pray thee

, un-:es-Beford, and food by the
to and make mention of plörr kine, upon the brlek of par

uso paurací, snd bring me the lyer.
out of this boule.

And the ill-favoured and die
Bep indeed I was lolen en Belbid sine, did est vpebe!
sw sy out of the land of tbe for a well /svoured and fitting
6.brws; aad bere do have so poacob swobe.
I dune poiding that they mould
påt ose isto ide dungcon

the second time: sod beboh
15 wibo de calef baker low feron seurs of corn came up of
to the interpretation was on one stolp, rpk scd

good Buds ke faid unto Joseph, !

6 And behold, for

en thin en
$0.94 in my drean, and be pd blafted with the culi-wlad
hold, I be three white beskets (prung up af er them.
VA A Esad.

7 And ide leven thin cando at
1. Apa la teve uppermos AG Towed the frie rank and full


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s And he dept and decimet fit

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