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Forbro's counfolia Exodu. lew faw au hat be did to the end old all. th people, bc Gold, What is this 35 And More ibing but thou doeft to the out of 2U Israel, people? Why fitteft thou thy heads over the Ielf alons, and all the people thousands, rules Aand by thee from moralog in. rulers of fifties to cven?

08. 15 And Mofco Said unto ble 26 And they father in law,Because the people ple at all seasons come unto me tocrguircol G03. les they brough

16 When they brve a matter, but every small me they come unto me, and I judge cd themselver. between one add another, and I 27 And MA do inake room know the batutes tber in law de of God and his love.

went his way 11 And Mofes father in law land. said unto him, The thing that СНАР. thou dceft is not good.

IN tbs tbird mot 18 Thou wilt Iurely wear & chUdren of ise way, bosh thou, and táis people forth out of the that is with thee: for thirthing the same day came is tco heavy for touc; tbou are wilderneio of Sias not able to perform it thy felf 2. For they Nonc.

from Repbidim, a 10 Hesrken now to

to the direcs

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Chisp. IX.

the whole mount quaked great.

and bellere thee forever. and God tafwered bim by 1

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15 And Miten hild unto blu

10 And the LORD come down

Gunto ebe people, and of tbe m'unt: and the LORD
khem to day and to imor- called Mofis ad to the top of

21 And the LORD Wa unto


16 Fbea they are a matter, buterary im till matter they
they came unto me, and I judgé ed tbercselre.
kreto on 10d soother, and I
de mete tus kaow the liststes iber la low depart,
of God and then.

11 And Moser father in law lmde
lalduro bim, The thing that CHAP. XIX
abou decht is not good. IN tbe third month, when

11 Thou wilt surely wear a:

21 And let the price also

Teke bed to your Lord break forth upon them

* And Mofes (old unto the

brico hury for tase, ebou art wilderacho of Siari. not sbk to perform it thy felf ? For they were depot None.

lairu be did to the rod dl that below of the people unto the as cha (mork of a furnace, ind
Maykl why butelt thou thy head over the people

ID, I come upto thee la 19 And when the voice of the
May tant than doch to the out of al Irrtel and made the LORD full unto ly.
Ini by her from manlog vorulers of fltici, and make when I speak with loudce and louder, Mures Spaken
el lcer, and all the people thousands, rulers of bacloud, but the people trumpet frunded long.sad waxed

26 And they judged code told the words of voice.
Catone tour quico Goz. les they brought uplo M14 the LORD iaid unto upon mount Sina, on the top
Inter ha law,Because I be people ple a feasons: the budgemto the LORD.

11 And Molet let him let them with their the mount, and Mies went up.
went his way loto Wildwy for the third day people, leit tbcy break through

the Lord will come down in unto the LORD to gazt, Lad me.

La band all the people upon ny of them prich
Wh, bari thou, dod tain people forth out of the lead of

Bird Chou book let bounds which come near to the LORD,
that is with thee: for this thing tha lame day carpe they all the people round aboui, fan&ife tbemselves, left the

fondyt go not up into the

from Repbidiim, and we can, at touch the border of LORD; The people cannot come vole. I will give sbee counsel, pitched la the wildernes Bell be Burely put to charged & us, caping, Set bounds 19 Betrken now unto my toebe defant of Slas, Wocloever toucheth the up to mount Sinai: for thou

Soped of foot through wbiz. bim, Away, get thace down, and 17 And ibou hele teach them him out of the mountain, babest of man, It Cagll thou halt come up, thou, and ordingacus and laws, and mult ng Thus thalt thou for too litt: warn the trumpet Arron with bet: but let net thew ibon the way wherein house of Jacub, and tell the dekendha on, they thall come the priette trd the people urcak

4 Ye bave seen want 4 Rad Mofes went down LORD, left be br:ak forib upon

free wat unto the people, them,

S Now therefore, if Full And be fall into the peo them. place furhover bens, to be rulers obey of voice indied, and Brady sgsinf the third of thousandly and rulen of hun. my covensni, theo je loll Cote Dot at your wives. reds, rulers of fifdes, and nu becuiis: trsalurunto De M. And I came to pass on the wordt, saying,

there were thunder and light which have brought the out

Alam, bick cloud upon of the land C & sypt, out of the bey Abul bring unto thee, nstion. These are the wod trump cading loud; so that every frasll matter they wble chou helt spek nato all the people that was la the goas bifo cmc.

und Mof:s brought forth thee any graven image, or any

the people out of the camp to likeness of any thing that is in God command cheesy, toca the words which the lower the nether part of the earth beneath, or thuis in the If thou halt do this thing, ani jald before weit lacus bet with God, and they tood heaven above, or taat to in the

rogether, sed , AU IST on moad, because the thy relf to them, not farve 50 Mofes besikped to the the LORD kith spoken, wel-OLD defcended upon it in fire them: for I the LORD thy God of his facbet A low dos And Molti Icturned to the monk thereof iscende M jealog God, Visiting the

не енгі ря

mount Slad. water under the carb.

Thou thalt not bow dowa

There thall not an baod it. track le

, but te till surely be

about the mount, and fundific

24 And the LORD said unto

Bad G d tai be with dee: there Israel camped benda Be thou for the people to God. nount. wird, but thou maych bring the Add Molce went upon wanato God:

Gća, and the LORD caled

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through, to come up unto the

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they muft well, and the word deen of Israel; That they must do

21 Marcover, cácu mult pro. unto the Egyptians, and then vide out of all the people, ik bare you on ragles wing, men, lich us feer God, men of prought you unto my fell. prurb, bating coretoulsels; and

as 5o Molts went down unto the people, and spake unto

Na God peke su these

tekbed day la the morologs, that the LORD thy God,

the Rount, and ihe voice of the house of bondage.

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camp trembled.

> Thou daalt have no other

4 Thou laule not make unto

U judge: 80 Mill le be estici bildeca of Israel toy felf, and ibey thai box

2 And Moles cime sodd Landen with thee. ed for the elders of tae people

is and mount Slaal wu alto.

Belt be able to ensure, and commanded blm. his people insil allo go to

8 And all the people anluca place in peace.

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thou, dor thyfon,norts work, in

Exodus. loquity of the farbers upon the

30 And ML children unto the third and pecpir, Feu fourth generation of them that come to prove hate me:

ftar niay be be 6 And showing mercy unto t321 ye Go nor. thousands of them that love 21 And rbe me, and keep my command off, and Moses ments.

the thick dark 7 Thou shalt not take the name was. of the LORD thy God in vain : 22 ( And the for the LORD will not hold Moss, Thug it bim gullulü ebar tskech bike the cáildren of Dame in vain.

feca that I have 8 Remember the sabbath day, from beaven. to keep it holy.

23 Ye Chal na Six daş ihalt ihcu labour, gods of ilver, 100 do all thy work.

muke unto you 10 But the reveath day is the 24 An altar fabbath of the LORD thy God: halt make ur to is it thou shalt nor do

facrifice thercon

Ings, and this ter, iby man.Arvant, nos ihy thy sheep, 'ana maid-lerrane, aor tby carrel, nor al places wher thy ftranger that is within thy name, I will co gdics.

and I will bles


kusy of the fabers upon tbe ja And Miles tid poting bing to the doot, of ac null 39 for the loss of bio
Ixone peretin of tea that come to FrOVE FAU, Fall bore his car through throughly bealed.
d. to the third and people, Petr not: for the door poft: and his time, and fall cigle aim to be

frar may be before you bawl, and be tali serve
Realteds of them but love 21 And the people And Wagd f i min sell bis and he ale under bis band, be

the thick dukrosis abarNot go out as the met

12 And the LORD 2. plase not her master, not be punlaced : for be s klo
bin Add thar tskech bis Ibe coildreo of Insel, Yes to hall be let her be tr-
for De LORD will not hold Moks. Thus thou had trorbed ber to bim- mon:.

fcco 1632 l bare talked To fell her into a wom!q with child, lot but ber

1; Ye Gill not make wis kaing ke bath dealt de- ao micbiel icllow : be Inall be Si dai thalt thou labour, gods of flver, neko nejaky wit ber.

make unto you gode de 944 be have betrothed womans husbaod wil lay upon
10 But th: levcoth day is the 34 An altar of the ho fan, be fall deal him; and be thali poy 11 the
hobbath of the LORD thy God: boule muke urto me,

ita efter the manner of judges determine
trou, for bbyloo, nor tapdrughings, and thy percece obruk:blmanother wife, low, then thou thalt give life
muid-larrint, nor by calid, nur 21 places wbere i team of turlage hal bit non
ter, iby man-lirvent, nos ity to theep, and book, berilisent, and bet ior life,

25 And II:bou wilt

ut, then all the go out made heaven and earth, Ebe ics, soltar of Hope, Lou Rawdhout money. the levebih dap: wherefore the dou lít up thy fool probe dle, mau be surely and all tbst is them is, and refted build It of cy'n font: 13 Herbat Omkreth a mir, Aript.

26 Neither lost thou 13 and 11 man lie tot in his maid, that it perlih, behall 11 Hourchtlebersod thy bp fepe up to mine all, but God deliver blow into let him go free for his tyce

14 Burman come presum- ftrvanta tooth; be trail let him nients which thou a pull upon his neighbour, to go free for his rootba fake.

2 If thou buy in Helda from mlae alias, that women, that tbey die: then 16 Thou shalt sot basr felse Usat, fix years be heller deras ole.

3 If he came in by Link lakh in to death. bis mac.cent, por bis masla. were married, toen deshalb ind felleth him, or if he to, pash with his born in time cort by neighbours wie, nor tal go out by blmlell: Cand be that Realechas

be found in bla band, be Thall part, and it huch been testified horeog toing what is thyatiga 4 If hle mafer bare a fuch be put to death.

hlm's wils, tad laeb Abd be that curseth bla kept him in, but that he hath fethuadrings, and the light and her children Mall but you to death. 18 And Ill the people faw bim fonis os daughter, the enerbit motber, thall sure killed a min 0 . women,

ther ind one (mice another death. Loga, uod the noise of the trum-mallers, and he hall go

and limen Atrive toge owner also thall be put to

5 And if the ferriot well i done, or with ais fints sy renoved, and ford afar cff. pialnifiy, I love my mand die de not, but keepech his sum of money, then be Ina!! u: but kinot God fpcakThen his mailer bul N ebru pon bis Oiff, then thall blm.

hlm ut to the judges, be AS (acott Wim De gulli paly

meber: 1621 tby days may be thyoakedocís be not dicobus then I will appoint fake.

And be that imiterh bin and bio Alish hill not be enten,


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Chap. XX.

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6 Add to wing mercy unto that se lo not.
1, end keep my command off, and Mofes drew nu
7 Taou felt not take the name was.
d the LORD thy God in vain :

20 | And if a man mited's

fervant, or bis mald wila seod, 1 to be a mald-ferran!, Chill be surely punched.

21 Norwiibflanding, if be continue a day or two, be thell

12 If men frive, end hurt

IT la Veln,

8 Renanber the labbath day, from beaven. to kep it boly.

nagy melon he bave no fruit from

punishedaccording as the

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a hiboulbalt nor do ang work, facrifice thereon thy buzzle Sugate

27 And, if any mischief fol.

thy Arenger bar to within the name, I will come un to latimento

End I will be a bee. 11 for in his dare the LORD

24 Bye for eye, toate for Plandiske do not these three fool,

tooth, band for band, foot for

25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, Aripe for 26 And if : mea imite the of bis eye of

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Lord bledled the cabbab day, thou haft polluted li. od Dalowed it.

the place whither be Tall

27 And if he fmite out his min-servants tooth, or din maid.

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Jong upon the find wbich the thereon.
LORD thy God ziveth thee. сHAP. XXI.

13 Thow 02, nor RIU. Tow these any tbt

14 Thou G It not commit. dultery.

let before them. 15 Thru falt po: ficsl.

28 Tif 20 cx gore a man ora

the ox shall be surely foned, or his mother, Thalf- be but the waer of the ox jhall be


29 But if the ox were wont

wlinels againh thy neighbours and in the seventh he has

17 Tucu (helt eet cover by out free for cocaine. nelgebout hculc, chouhole por

kervan?, ocr bi cx, nor his sie, Gall go out with blm.

to tis owner, and he hath not

the cx thall be stoned, and hli

ki, ad ibc mncuardio lmoskigg: bimself no when the people fawr , 19 And th: aid unto Myts, my wife, and my childreola est thou with us, and we will por go out free: bw, li wedka

30 if there be laid on him. na ha de prise asáin, and walk life, whatsoever

is iala upan give for the ranfom of his 31 Whether be bave gored


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Divers lamp,

Ton, or have gored : daugbret, Eherineb, he tt
According to ibis judgment that firc, (hull furely
fi be done unto him.

tion. 3: If tbe ox hall puth e man 7 If a mer fervant, or mald-fervant ; ac unro bis neight thull give unto their master ftuff to keep, thirty Thekels of filver, sad the out of the mate *ox thall be itoned.

thlef be found, 33. And if a man lhall open double. i pit, or if a man shall dig a pir, 8 if the thief had not cover it, and an ox or then the master an afi fill thereins

(hall be brought 34 The owner of the pit ci, to fue wbcthe Malo make it good, and give ble bands unto monsy unto the owner of them, goods. and the dead btet shall be his.

For all maar 35 { And If one mans ox hurt whether it be for enorhers that he dic, then thay sheep, for ralmec tha! fell the live ox, and divide minner of loft t the money of it, and the dead another challenge ox a lo they tarli divide. the cause of botl

36 Or if it be known that the come before the cx bata used to push in tlmc whom the judges paft, and bls owner bath nor he taull pay do kept bim in , bc bull furely pay aclghbour.

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