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718 sfraelites journig. • Exodve. and bs gine: and bless me Alfo. ordin

33 And the Egyp:lan were hall urgent upon the people, bet ebey might send them out of the that Isud in batte: for they said, We thou trail dead men,

34 And the people took 'ber douga terore it was listened, fervan cheir kneading-crorghio being 46 bound up in their closbs upon caten, ubeir thoukers.

ought -35 Ard roc children of Israel the ha di according to the word of a bone Mofos : an toeborrowsdorthe Esfpelana jewels of silver, and rule jewei of gold, and riment.

36 And the LORD asve te fojourn people favour in ibe fizbe of thc est tre Es pilaos, fo tirat ik:y lent all lis : unto them fuck hings Aitong re- tben is quired: and they spoiled koci; an: Egyptiars.

ic bora 7. And the cbildren of 16 uncircus Wel juego srom Ramcíc. 20 (bicof. Sich

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The tirantes departart.

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balt keep this service in facrifice to the LORD all but

cpenerb the matt x beine males

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16 And it bull be for a token upon thine band, end for frini

a luen 850 : sed there Arength of bind the LORD

wa , reitbertheli heic 17 And it came to pass,

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plz go, that God led them not

when they fee war, and they ice double upon thine band, and for 18 But God led the people


i pesed from Raneits to breof.

The fAlen forhout of the perfufr.
#te: id ble mello. Ordinance of tbe pill Ferdictices, in the Amorites, Paarach woulu braly let u EO,
# Add i Egyp:las Were Tall no ftringerent and the A vites, and becbu. that the LORD ILsw all the fisita
na po the peone, but 4+ But every nigge la woich he (wax unto top top in the ind of Egypi, both
AV Eight load them out of the thet is bought for money to give ther, land Bw. the first born of many and the
bus to unde: for the hold, We thou balt circunciled bis ab oils and bones that felt borg of buait; therefore I
du Cocte wis kartoed, lavant ell not at the peole ten days Chuk thou eat but all the fuft.born cf my coll.
ther bocading-troighe bring 46 in one boule tall and breid, sod in the le. dien I redeem.
bound pribeh clos bs upon caten, toso falt norauerba au fodliftsf to the

490 de children of Triel tae boule : natter Gesebblersened bread kall be lets between thirites: for by
krittet borriWidarehe 4.40 tis congregation lerenea bread be seen brought us forth out of Ego pt.

* And whin : frangere keren in with thee in all when Pharaoh bgd let the peo.
Apk livour la tbe fight of the fallover to the LORD and thou laait hew thy through the way of the land of

6 sd the LORD yvette lojen with thee, and we duterte
#cb pile, io that they lert all his ulcs bechocincitd. la la bat da, saying, thin the Philiftina, slobough tout

O Ciblas na 12. Ebenkt 5 cm dear 10g Se All because of that phics the muscar: Icr God id, Leit der
wu: And they spoild to l; 10 be (hs, 31 che LOAD 400m, when I came adventure the people tepent

to bora in th: lod: border and Egipt.
And the children of 16 uocircumcised porín Ball 9 And it at l be for a figa un turno Bg, Dr.
5.4uth, sbour Og hundred 4 Ore low beli berolineatiti between the systbout, through the way of the
Ibu sad on tooth burimo, bs! i domobili, and more LORDA law may be in wilderness of te Red ies: and

1290341 iki 10,0 m2 TW H modta: for with a frong tác children of Israel went up.
manded Mofes and Asron, So we celiance in his cafon from of Joseph with him: for he bed

St And it came to ps1,And I fell be when the Israel, Iksing, God will surely
frit 4:13 por loses: briau.e did bring the children of us had the Canaaniter, 88 be my bonte away hence with you.
16brcwzhi fort out of Earpis elkreme day, the the Lole LORD Gullbringthee into the visit you ; 400 ye hall ciriy up
they were thrust out of Egipt, cut of ke liad of Empire to bets and to thy fa.

batas mastry: and every fir

Not that courth of a bet, fore bem by day in a plilat of a
Egypt, we four hundred and fitt-born, whitroesir party which thou bait, ths males loud cloud, to lead them the way i

.1 dod eers felling of an art to give the light : to go by
3 Agd Mofes fod yatollafthou wilt not releem it,

then the Inelt break bis xes: lar of the cloud by day, nor the

NA dl the first born of man pillir of fire by night, from be. 4 This day came je out, al sy unto blm, By Atrength Trad, that they turn icden.

A bind ebe LORD brought us camp before Piobabiroth, bea ut from Egypt, from the house tween Migdcl and the fea, ovet 1 And it aims to pala wben taull ye tricamp by tte 5:a.


against Badl-rzphon: before it

that cut of Egypt.


Sond, mixed purplus ou
W211 WD 40 with them, and $0 Thu did ell te cir
Burke and beids, mua very' of Ifrae!; at fáe LORD AAN
such circl.

* Aid they boked unlegver idey.
ed eskok of the dough, wbica

bed a thout of rice lid of

Egol. 1. Thos Carl therefore keer

19 And Mofos took the bones Araitly (worn tbe children of

dan, id laell give it thes,
u Tbre too fast fet apart in Etorm, in th: edge of the

the LORD all that opens wildernese

20 and they took their jour ney from Succoth, and enca: pod

11 And the LORD Went be.

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and by night in a piilse of fire, toca Colt redeer wità e lan:bi, dug end night.

21 Hc took not away the pil.

and could not tarry, neiber had thelt simics.
bey prepared for themselvei CEAP. XIII.

Nd the LORD IPERS he children of Irael, who dwelt 1 Sánåt unto ine all liny care.

the womb emong ibe child
" And it came to pass, at the Israel

, both of man sad of te
d of the four bucdred and it is mine.
Int Ferri, even toe self ime

it came to pass thet all the people, Remember this dars
tha of tac LORD went out which he came out from Egil
m the land of Exipt.

out of th: boule of bondet all ta right to te much for bp brength of hard, rvid unto toe LORD, FOR LORD brought sou out free eing there cut from the thin plur: bere full sole

Of Egypt: ibis # that repe's bread be catca. of the LORD to be obseri all the children of Itrach, abe month Ab!5. Fir generacions,

5 And It ihall be when And the LORD laid un LORD will bring thee LA ts and Aston, This the the land of the Capizanites,

Agard thy children thalt thou fore the peripl.

CHAP. xiv,
45 And It Aill be when the
Son utero ehce in time to com,


Ni the LORD ficke unto false, Wher wihls' that thou

Moles, sayics, 2 Speak unto the children of

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they did ro.

and they drea of Israel, that thry got tale 6 And be inade tedy ble chr. the Ica, and divide it : ans riot, and took bis pecple with children of Israel thill go on

ground througа the mids of Batik Ezypt, and be pursued after th: on his chariots, end upon the Werelore bal tkou desiç thus his hand over the res, and the name


thy Israelx For Basah will lay of tae Egyptians, then that we thoi child en of Israel, Thcy ere en. die in the wilderness. tangled in the land, the wilder. 13 And Mofes said unto Achstb thut them in.

people, Rear ye not, stand ti 4 And I will barden Phartoho and see the salvation of beirt, that he call follow after LORD, which he will th w them, and I will be honoured you to day: for the Egyptir. upon Pharaob, and upon all bo wbom se bave feea to days hots that the Egyptisos muy mall see them agala ao more kaow that I am the LORD. And ever.

14 The Lord shall fight! 5 And it was told the klag you, and ye lul hold your pza of Byp!, tbit the people fled: 15 And the LORD said un and the best of Plurah and Mofes, Wherefore crleft tb of his fervento Wue turned natom:? Speak unto the ch egunt the people, fild, Why have we done this, ward. that we bave let Igel go from 16 But I'fe thou up thy ra serving us?

and Arctca oul thine hind on bin.

7 And be took fix bundred les. chosen chariots, and ai toe 17 And I, bebodd i will birden charlots of Egypt, and captains the besrts of tbe Ezpp.jare, ent over every one of them, tazy shall follow them: and

$ And the LORD hardned will get me honour upon Pha the heart of Pasraoh king of raob, in: upna all his boft, up caildren of Ifrael: end the chil. horfemen. dren of israel went out with an 18 and the Egyptians null high band.

kaow that I am tbe LORDS * But th: Egyptians pursued when I brve gotten me honour after them ( all the horses and upon baraob,

upon his charlots, chariots of Paarsob, and his and upon his borsemen. borsemen,, and his army) and 1 And the angei of God, Overtook ihem en camping by the swich went before the camp sex, beside Plebabirorb before of lfrael removed and went Bati.rephon.

behind them; and the pillar to q And

when Pharsob drew of be cloud went from buforg nigb, the children of (freel lift their face, and food bebind up their eyes, and behold, the them. Bgyptians msschod after them, 20 And it came between the ond they were forc efraid : and camp of the Egyptians and the the children of Israel cried out camp of Israel, and !! WAS & unto the LORD.

cloud and darkacfs to them, but 11 And they fald unto Moses, it give ilgte by nighr to these : Becaus: txers were no graves so that this on cars not near in Egypt, bet chou taken us the other all the night, iway to dls in the wilderness ? 11 And Moles firetched out

with us, to carry us forth out of LORD caused the sea to go Egypt by s fronz caft-wind all 12.15 nor this the word that that nigh, and made the res wedd tell thee in Essgr, faye dry land, and the watere were Ing. Let us alone, that we may divided. listecze syprinos! For it ba 33 And the children of Ifrse! ten better for us to serve thSwens Into the midt of tb2 for

Hatta wld lay of toc Baypllcas, tán thee wa Dar Egyptians dromeda

1 And Mosch saldo Nint met wul unto them people scared the LORD, and

people, Erar ye not, Aed the right back, and on th:ir believed the LORD, and his
ku, char de diul follow ifier LORD, which he will

hand the Egyptiang post.
pes, and I will be honoured you to diy: for th: Episod went in aficr them, to Then seng Mofci and the
su pridob, lad up 20 il hwboinc bave been to dan Sud of the fa, Vin all
dats; that the Bapamos muy the see them izslo ao mar Menika borser, bls charlots unto the LORD, and spalin

14 The Lord that highed it came to pass, the LORD, for be barb triumphed
of SM, cost the people fod: 15 And the Lord said use au mato the bort of the E rider hoch be thrown into the

And it was told the klog you, and ye Qul b Adyourp: Hakmarning watch, the LORD gloriously; the borfe and bir
of the forvente WI tuned vato id: ? Spuk unto the cou of the cloud, and troue
pd the bont of Phone: b 20. Moles, Wherefore crleft the Ring, through the pillar of sea.

that the people, od they drea of Insel, that they go la belle bolt of th: Egypi. and long, and he is besonic my
dat we love let IGO 80 frou 16 But If thou up thy took off their ebrior. I will prepare bim sa habitati

and stretch out rbine hand om het, het they deste tbem on my fataers God, and I will
r'at, and took bla people with children of Israel hill go ond Let us Ace from the face
6 And be made ready ble cha the les, and divide it : anda bely: 6 bar the Egyptians X:lt him.

ground tárougå the mide of a lady for the LORD figar- the LORD ibis name.
Gherlou of Egypt, and captains the heirts of tbc Espia and the LORD said un bis chosen ciftans ako ste

142 Mill follow them: ad Holth, Stretch out thine drowned in tc Red (ca. the best of Pharsob king of rob, 19d upga at his hot, en may come again upon them: they lank into the bot And the LORD bardned will get tu: hondu upog pored oter the festbet tbc

kaow that I am the Load Y And Mofes Aretched fruth by right hand, O LORD, But th: Egypriens pursued when I have gotten 28200 bakedorer the scs, and the bath delhed in pieces that tace 15011 ( 38 (be bories and up.n Pharaob, upon his chariot Kumbarced to his ftrength my.

11 And the angel of Good the Egyppilars Aud aga ft thinc excellency thou hift over look them nici mping by the which went beforc the 28 die LORD Overthrow thrown them that role up to telit: Pi-baktroth before of Tiracl, removed sad west la plus in the midlt of gainit theethou finiteit forth

di Pharach that came into the thered together : the fouds

barlemen, and to the boft noftrils the waters were ft

la liter them : there re-i ftood upright us an heip and Ildren of Itract cried out camp of Hirtel, and I would not to muchas one of the depths wett congcaled in

Wed upon dry lard in the rue, I will overtake, I wilidl. million of it ta: and the wa. I vide the spoil: my luft (hall be to will unto them on Carlsfied upon them, I will draw Ebelt alat band, and on thickt my sword, my hund hall de Meltest duy out of the band wind, the fa covered tbem: o the Beyptians :. and Ifrael they link as lead in the mighty low the Egyptians deed upon waters.

1 and inel law that great LORD, uongft the gods who

nime, upon their cha tom 11 8 Rone,

11 And the waters returned us itubble.

Uplod which the LORD did upto illae theo, Blortow in holl.

Chap. xv. ibe dry and ide on the

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Servant Mofes.


a borfemen

chüdren of Israel Iblo fing
, I wil sing unto the

Loow that is the LORD. And ercr.

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· The LORD to my Arcaeth falvation : be s my God, and

itd, Why bure we done this, ward.

eta for , the Bgs

3 The LORD W. man of wu:

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And be took fix bundred les. cbolca chariots, end 30 tbe 17 Audi, B:bold I will benda M.

4 Pharcobs chariot and blo hoft bath becik ln to the to:

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$ The depths bave covered

hieldand upon their horse.

PP!, sad be purlyed after th: on b's charlots, cod upon tu realren of linal: 20d the coli. horfemea. rad flerel went out with an 18 And tac Egyptiens til

6 Thy right hand, O LORD; to in :

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when the morning appeared,

1 And in the prestocso of

friars of Pearson, and bis and upon his Borsemen. femment, and his array) and

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beáind them; and the piller And when Pharaoh drew of the cloud went from before the children of freel lift their face, sad ftood behind Hir cycs, and behold, the them. ang inszebsd sfrer chem, 20 And It come between the

es were fore efraid: and comp of te Egyptisns and it C LORD.

cloud and darkaces to them, but od they fald unto Moses, it give ilght by alghe so tuk

tért mert no graves fo chat the one can not neu Pi) her thou taken up the other all the night. bds in the wilderners ? 11 And Moles fretebed out pre bal tkou deult thus ble hand over the les, and the to carry us forze out of LORD caefed the lei to 80

bick by s fronz call wind il not this the word the these nigb?, and made the fet

thee in srpt, fig. dry land, and the waters were We alone, that we may divided. syprimar? Fork bay 13 And the children of Iordel er for ui fu ferve the went into the midt of toz le

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Airlam praifois God.

Excdurs. pele, fásrful is praises, doing went os wonders ?

Sbur : a 12 Thou stretched ft out ths in the sigbe hand, the cartb swallow- po wste cd ttein.

23,92 13 Thou is tby mercy belt Maras, fed forch ebe people wb'cb rbou be wat bsit redeemed: tdou bait gulded were bit skem in bry, Arengtb wnio try of it wa bol, babitation.

14 A 14 Toc peop'c rheu bers, and agrica be afraid : lorrow the rike we drin hold oa the Inbabitaate of Pa. lelting.

LORD is Tbeo th: dukes of Elom him a ir thall be amazed, tbe mighey caft into men of Moab, trembling Chall were ma take hold upon them : & tbe made for Iribsbitants of Cansen hall melt ordinance &way.

them, To Fear and dread the fall

26 And upon eben, og tot greatness of gently be chine arin they the be 4 All de LOR 33 a ftone: till the people gars do that over, O LORD, till the people sigbt, en

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