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breed bedenly in the earthy

Hy upon the earth : snd the feen,

CHAP. VII. d Nasha wife, and the three

NGod remembre: N And it is to pali ato the ark;

and every living thing, hundrede las fit 14 bey, and every besit af ulche cattel fet us with lath Art nord, the fi Kbh kind, ed all the cartel to the apk and God mad Mutt, the Watce

fter their iad, and every creep wind to per over the end, as a deed up from off the ing thing tbat creeperb upon the the waun Twiged.

1 The founzains allo al ibrahibe uk, od look care sfrer his kind, and every fowl tfter his kind, every bird deep, and tac windows of bar, whild, the fact

Tea were fopped, and the

tradu dry.
N tery fort.
And ebey want to upto from besven was relicthede

3. And the WHION Purca o lerta and twentie
Noud iprotbeurk, two god two
of all desh, whereto Wibe breath from off the art centiavely morxh, with

god efter the end of the hun ble det 16 And they that weat in, dred and fifty days the walls and God spake unto weat' in male and female of all were abendo jm:ind the LORD faut him in, seventh moatb, ca the fray wie, od thy fons, :0, a Gcd bod commended 41 And Ebe ask refled. In the

17 And the loud wu forty trepth day of the month, up u kasing with thet. des, upon the ruth: and be the mountains of Arirat.

Sad the waters deemedle living bing that it with witers Increased, and bare up be ark, and it was lift up above contiavtly until the end but, doch, bork of fowl

month : in the tenth neith lettel, und of every be tarih. ed, and were, increased great were the tops of the mounalar Matertuthbut they m:

1$ And the water prevalt. od the fira dg of the mouth Geoplag thiaz that extepeta ark weat upon the fac: of the 6 And it come to Parru se befrugtful, and multiply

end of forty dash, that Nadira de rarth. vsters. 19 And the water prevelle opened the window of the And Work wtat forth, and

7. And be lear forb 1 APC wing with hin : under the whok beaves, were which went forth 10 sod fra,1987ey bell, every deeping And all the high hillo ihet werk

until the water were dried upling and every fowly 404 HC waters prevail; and the

from blm, to see if the water en cur of the art.

8 Allo ke fear farth dort, after belt kindh went 11 And au desh did that no were abered from off the fact al of And Nooh builded in almd of every cretplog thing that for the sole of her foot, and the tra lowl and cffered burni. Freepeth upon the carth, and returned unto blm loto the at: Burg an tbe luar. fowl, and of coitel, and of beati, 9 But tbe dove found Co

Rey dem beut, ind of every the breath of lfs, of all this put forth his band, und 100k la ki beirt, I will dott.

der, ind pulled bar la unito din pacate the prudd Sny more on the foc: of the grourd, both cvex days, Edd again be lenty oth: nelber will Ibey that will with him in the Ibe waters were abated from off and day and nighat shall ao Noth only remained alor, iad pluckt of: So Nosh kacw that I hat, and summer ind wla

proped from the carth : sad bez mouth as 10 ollro-leaf and bartes, tad colo ark.

Na loss, and his wife, and his

edixceedingly upon the curtb; which be bad made.

Dhurata creepeth upon the


20 Fifteen cubito upward did from off tbe cerb, sbountains were covered.

Bet on o the LORD, and took of

Ved upon the carth, both of the ground.

" and the LORD smelled fret curou, od the LORD

very to.

for the waters mir in the face 12 All in whose nolille tus of the whole cuib. Then be

wu in the dry land, dled.

31 And every living fubftance into the ark. wis defroyed wbich was up- 10 Add be Aayed yet other sn, and cattel, and the creep. forth the dove out of the ark jag tblngo, and the fowl of tbe 11 And the dove come in to britanid they were de him in the evening, and lo, la

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Nochs Lonksmes. Gencfis.

14' And i: shall come to past, and he (ns. when I bring a cloud over the of Skem; carta, but the bow :ll be his servant feen in the cloud:

28 | Ar 1$ And I will remember my rhc Houd covenant, which is between mc, fifty yees. and you, and every living creg. 29 And ture of all den

and the w&- were nine fer shall no more become a foud yesrs : and to destroy all dech.


Ow to the cloud, and I will look upon it, that I muy sememụcr Shem, Hertig the everlasting covenant be unto them twen God and every living Tse for

foud. creature of all felh that is upon the earth.

mere ang 12 17 And God sáld unto Nosh, and This is the token of the cove thect, and T nent, wbich I bare establi bed 3 And the berween me and all Ach tbat Arakentz, is upon the earth.

Tozamih. 18 And the fons of Noah

4 And the thit woár ford of the ark, thah, and Tar wcre Shcm, and Ham, and Ja. Dodanim pherb: ad Him to the futhi

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$0 pigus thu
when I bring a cloud over ebe of stem and Canigo Mars Aphrodice,
unth, but the bow ball be his servant

28 . And Noah lived out of whom the Philifeta in toe cloud:

15 And I will remember my the loud three busdredsed Carbtorin. coenset, which is berween me, Afy FELST. face of all Rih; ind the ws. were nine hundred and in the Jebuste, and tbc and grine, sad every living ctcs.

10 And all the dogs of Nu Long, and Reth, te hill no more become a loud years: and be died.

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to destroy all Bech.


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bagues in tbeir countiice, A7A

poble. were sularen born.

ti Lud, and Anm.

Ow the cloud, and I will look up. tings of the loss of Norby i did the devedite, and be the Yerisiting covenant be. unto chere were opsborg am Dimu were the familks og it, that I myy remember Shem, Heat, and Japherb: 13 urut, bod the Humatbite : Ewen God and every living abz Brad. creature of 3.1 Bech that is upon

1 Tie foro of Japherd, Gor

ery and Magog 100 Milld the border of the Ct the earth. 11 And God led unto Nosb, and Javio, and Tubel, and

Mala wis ftom Sidor, a thu Tble is the token of the core ther, and Tire. berween me god sll Art but Ahkentz, and Ripatto, metod Admak, und Z:00 net, wbich I bare eftablished

3 And the sons of boere unto Sodom, untGo is upon the earth. 18 And the fons of Noah 4 And ihe roog af van de These are the Cons of Ham,

Tozamth. tbst wear ford of the ark, nik, and Tachib, Klaim at their familice, after their were Stem, and Hist, sad Dodonin pleto: ad Hinh the fither 5 By there were the ind of Bibele eations.

the Geadka divided in 10ato Sbem ala the father of Cansan. Noah: sad of them wu the tongue, alt: cele mute, I .terol Japbath the older tren

19 These are the tree fons of landi, EVCTE Ore list tuli the child en of Eber, the whole carta ovcrlpread. their dailon.

6 And the fods of II, 4 The children of Sbem; E husbandman, acd be planned a carb, and Miz elni, ond P24 AB, tad Albar, and Arphixad,

10 dad Nosh begin to be in vineyard. and was drunkeo, and be wis and Hillsb, sad sobat, sode and Hul, und Geiber, and

7 And the cont of Cu 3 and the children of Anna 21 And be drink of the wide, u covered within his tept.

13 And Hard the father of the sons of Rasiad; SE And Arpbund begut $2. Cinsea fix the nekedneg of and Deden. his father, and cold bis two

he began to be a mights odhla WATORA: the nume of ont R&

8 Aid Celn begar. Nimice And unto Ebez were born bretores lot.

23. And saem 1d Japheth terseb.
boca tocit Mulders, and west Tove the LORD bueiott Alde mus Joktis.

150ks gumeat, and 12 pa
oak dae of rhir fotker, 2017 yugbij kuntu bus , sed Sheleph, and Hazar.
their faces-wire bachard, aad LORD.

10.3nd the beginning of

Und Hidatum, end Uzal,

Elngdom wie Babel, and E), Diah. kedners.

24 And Nosh Iwoke from ale pad Acced, and Cilach, Lok N And Obel, and Abimael,

25 And Head, Cursed l Csi forth Adjur, and buldet NOS Jobb: all these were the Millhc be unto His brethren.

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and Salah begat Eber,

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Peego lor la bis dat was the tarta divided, and his brothers, * And Joktan begat Almo

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75 generaton of SITW.

Genehs ad iwo years after the full 29. And

11 And Sbem lived after he took them bugat Arphsxed five bundred Abrams years, and bigat sons and daugh- the name ters.

cuh, the d 11 And Arphaxed lived fire Extber of and thirty years, sod begat Salab. of Iscab. 13 And Arphaxsd 'llved aitur

- 30 Buts be tegat Salad four hundred bid no ch! aadi three years, and begat sons

31 And and,d ughters.

bió fon, se 14 Agd S-labllved thirty scars, pia bis for and begat Eber.

daughter in Is And Salab lived 'sfier be wife, and begat Exfour hundred and them from Three years, and begat lons and to go into deugbicre.

and they ca 16. An Eber lived four and dwelt ihre this:y scars, and begit Peleg.

17 And Eber lived tinci ke were two begar Pileg four bundred and yours: and Thirty years, ad bogat fons and CH daughters


unto A years, and begat Rcu.

f 1 by cour 19 And Peleg lived after be indred and

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VIR FUN atcr the full 29. And Abram 164 NIE feed will I give this lind
kyu Arptauid ditt hundred Ab:01 wife Sulke LORD, who appeared to me to wife: cow therefore,

Chap, xiij, hard-wom dijcgrik.

19 Wły (arch tkou, Shili my bere bullied be an altar Gifter i lo I might bave reben bee

betold by wilc, tak: wir, 1qd. And best teraoved from go thy way,

on mountain on the 10 And Pbaraoh commanded

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Me a toc caft: and there wife, and all that he had.


NI Abysm went up out of

Egypt, be, xod bis wife,
5. Abram journered, go and all the big had, sad Cor.

Ad Abran was very rich

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And ebere was a fanalec

ni dod se lived after be love eben wives: the can
een, and begur long anderugt- the name of Nidors wilt, xd

cuh, the daughier of Bangla
11 AN Arpaared lired fire father of Milied, and the lates
asd etiap sesa cod begat Salıb. oflich,
kicau Sulad four bundred bed 20 cblld.
ex that year, and begu lous 31 And Tersh took Alma
und d upbreny

daughter ipliw, hlolon Abrid
sur Ex! four bundred and them from Ur of tbe Chaldeci

, and begat loss and to go fato che land of Cicago
1 And Eber lived four sad dwelt se.
Herr Jes'una begu Poleg

17 And Eber lived tult ke were (wo hundred and list
tanny push ud begat fons and CH, P. XIN
fairs, dod bigar Rcu.

19 And Peleg Ilved after he tindred, and from the fiber
n'de somn, find begu fong lod few

10 And Reu lived to end great nation, and I will with
31 And Rey lived after be and thou Xile b: 1 bleffing.

You in the land.

unto the place where his tent

4 Unto the place of the liar,


the name of the LORD.

And Lot also which wong
past, when the Egyprlane Chall
The two his wife: cad they will

6. And the land was not able
dwill together for their lub

Baka Bitheel, and pitched bis als men concerning birt: and
13 Aod Asphaxed Ilved stufo But Sani was barrestadz Berb.el, on the well, bey sent him away, and his

bir son, and Lor the son of Rs an der unto the
waad Shbllved thirty ciri, ta ble for lon, and Gural, and called upon the
18 And Suleb lived fier be wik, and they went forth wiola Milltoward that fouth. with Wim; Into the foutu.


la tez iand: and Abram Wept la cagel, la filvat, and in gold. and they come unto Ardure to Egypt to sojourn 3 And he went on bly inuyniss*

31 Add the days of Tea for the fimins Wu gole from the south, even to,
kepur Peleg Eur hundred and jus: and Terah died in Hair" And it came to pass, when had been at the b. Ribning be

come Rear to enter into twita Berh el and Hai
TOW the LORD bid Lips that be said unto Sural.
13' And Pelez lived thiet Nunto Abran, Get bakkie, B:bold, now I know which he had made there at the

fiby country, and from that thou of fair woman to fift: and tbsre Abrain called a

begu! Reu (wo hundred ad bcus, unto a lad that w Torrefore le hall come to thi Abrga ba? Bockland

* Ad Twill make of the thee, that they hall fiy, herds, and tents.
birry fears, icd begit Strug ther, ind pake thy name grant, but they will love thes to bear them, ibat ice might
foreo Fedri, sad begut lors 19d blestbe, uod curfe bio bi biter: that it may be well could tot d sell together:
begat Serug no fundred sod 3 And I will dich rbem thn Say, I pray thee, thou art Aince was stil, so that they

And it came to pass, that catei and the berdmen of Loks
*4 So Abram departed, or the ben Abrim was come into cattel: And the Cusinaite 2:d
begat Nabor two bundred yesti, LORD Esd spokea vpro alas the Besptiaal bebeld the be Berlzzite dwellid bin in
spd tivea!) perí, sud big!! years old when bc departed on OT w bet, und commended Let there bt no HrusI pray
24 And Nabor lived pine Abram was creaty and live the princes also of PNS $And Abrim lala care Lots

bir befort Phartoh : and the tute between me aad take, and

s And Abren took Surol the DA was taken into Plurachs between my berdinen and try nin: Ieca Feliy add boat for a tod 10 their subtrace that thiny 16 And be entreated Abram

bad gathered, sad the foule bel for her like : and he had icte elice serate thy self 1 Junts, and begat Abrta, Nabor, they weg go Incó ek wty letrents, and maid-Servants, toks the left hand, then I will 26- And Tenib Hvcd feventy they had gottca in Harsti; 10 SP Abd cxta, and De alles and pray thce, from me: If chox zile land of Cinun, snd lato the healer, and camels.

Patrol and bla boufc with will go to the left.,

And the LORD plague part to the rhytt vind, thia I Absen, Nibor, ind Harto , and through the land unto the plate free plagues, becauls of Sarai 28 And Horng died before Moret. And the Cananiit mw 1 Ana Phazob called Abram, Jordan, thar It Ris Weli SIET7 And the LORD appeared LODE UDCO it? Why didnt LORD de zoged Sodom and

of the Lord, like the lar:

Mit me for eby lakes, and my la bell live because of thee.

7. And, there was a tu fe be.. tween the herdmin of Abrims


curse!h thee: std la becs 31 And Serug lived thlety all fenilies of the cardio

Ollied, 2; And Serog Hved ifrer be

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Wonin, that the mus Very fair the land.

and Lot went with him: tod

and beget fons and deugbrers.


of Hiren. 2; And Nebor lived after be beg1 Terab so boundred and wife, and Lot his brothers fons and daughters. for we be betten

9 Is got the whole lard be.

Bo to the righ: ; or if thou 16.

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and Haren.

27 Now chefe or the ge land of Cantan they come. Bcretions of Tersb: Tcrab begit 6 9 and Atem perledy Hirsa begat Lor.

of Sicbem, unto che plain

of his father Terk, la the land then to the lando of bla nativity, La es of the Ghakuese

emio Abram, kad fiid,


10 And Lot lifeed up die eyety.

and bebeld all the pials of , Want to this that thou ed Every, vibes

before ibę. el ng ibat das war Gamorran, evin a the garden

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