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Ths beteil of the kings, Genesis.
of Egypt, is thou comcft unto Kinge the

fmote ch 11 Thea Lot chose him all roth Korn afe plein of Jorden, and Lot Ham, and journeyed caft: and they separa. Kirlatbain cod (bemselves the one from the 6 And orber.

mount Seiz 12 Abram dwelled in the land is by the ve of Cansan, and Lot dwelled in

7 And the the cities of the plain, and pitch to Earth ed uls tent toward Soxam. end smore

13 But the men of Sodom'mers the -Amale. wicked, end finners before the Amorites, LeRD, exceedlakty.

z:n tamér. 14 T And the LORD sad urto 8 Audth Abram, afer that Lor was sepe- of Sodom, rated from him, Llít up now morral, en binc eyes, 20d look from the mah, and place where thou art, Ayrth. sad the king wird, and court-ward, and caft. to Z28 ) an wurd, and well-ward.

with them 15 for all the land which, dim. thou feeft, to thee will I give it,

Wick Ch and ro tay feed for ever. of Elam, end

26 And I will make thy feed nation and

40he die

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10 And the rule of Sils

of Egipt, is shou comci unto Kings that wors with big
11 Thea Loe chose bin all rol Ksaaln, and the Zuzia

smore.che Rephains in .
the plain of Jorden, and Lot Ham, and the Brims in Surin
jour. Lered calls and ebey lepars. Kilatbain,
ind itemidva the one from the 6 And the Asrites late
i Abram dwelled in the land is by the wilderach.

mount Scir, unto El pares, les of Cansin, and Lot dwelled in

7 And they returned, sad tire cities of the plala, and pick to E9-richpil; which is Kader constant toward Sodom. and more ali ibc country 19 But the mca of Sodommers tbe Amalekids, and all

wicked, end finnsea before edo Amorites, that dwelt la Bw
Lead, exceedlaets.

14 And the Lord lid onto Add there went out th:10
Abies, after tast Lor was fepes of Sodom, and be Hlag of Ger
sited from him, Lift up now mortab, and the big ol
calde eges, and look from the meb, and the blog of zistiace
glace where thou ari, Art. sad the king of Bala (104
werd, and fourt-ward, 2nd eeft. 1. Zo8r) and the inte dentro
weld, and well-ward

wich there in th:val: els
is for all th: land which, dimo
thou feeft, to the still I give Its Wibe

sod po tay feed forever.
16 And I will make thy feed batons, and Amriphel kurum

of Elan, and with Tidul ka has been
withe duft of the curth; lo tbtc Salour, sad Arioch klag of
Ils men can number the dull of lar: four king with fired
the eatth, rica hali thy fesd al-
so be numbrid.

Bu full of lime piu; sad Sidor
1 Arile, walk through the king of Sodom and Gometu
land, la the length of It, ard in led, sad fel there : scd eft God
the beadia of it : for I will that remained Bed to tår man
give it vero tbce.

tala. 18 Then Abrom removed bad

11 And they took di exitud tear, end came and dwelt la the goods of Sodom kod Gomor that plala of Memrt which is in He and all their vidusls, and wo istor bein, and built there so altus chele way

unto the LOXD.
CI A P. X V.

brorbers Son who dweli

A and his goods, and

days of Amfiphel king of parredo
Shiner, Arloch King of Ellilar, 13 And there come je
Cáed orloomer king of Elam, and bad clap d, sad told Abhin the
Tidsl bing of raadloos Hebrew for be dwelt la libelle
* Thes reefe mide war wib plan of Mamee tbe Amorice,

Berg king of Sydom, and wish ber of Erheol, and brother of
Bl: : king of Gomorrske sa! Ader: end akcie wire conlede,
dab king of Admob, and Shenie rate with Abram.
ar klag of Zeboilm, and the

that his brother wus iskin (b) tastedi
king of B:14 whes it Zuar.
i Allmale Wire jasned 1086. pulve, be armed

his trained for
ther in the vale of Siddim, vanti, born in bis own bour wawilt
which b the fult les

hrze hundred and clgaseen, and
Twelve years they Terred pursued them into Dan.
Chedorlaomer, and in the thir-
teenth getr they rebelled.

And in lee Fouriecath gear inte by algory, and (mote
Come Clédorisantst; and the them, and pursued them into



11 And they took Lot Abrary

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14 And wben Abram beard

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1 And be dylded himself against them, be and his fer

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Higa 2704rom Sara.

Genefis. giin: for the Iniquity of the A 7.1 And morite is not fer full.

found her 12 And it came to pass that in the wi. when the sizn went down, and rela in ta it was džik, bebold, a fao2king $ And furnace, and a buming lamp that matd. wa passed between tbcfe pteces. wbither

18 In that same day the LORD said, I de made a covenant with Abram, miftrars se saying, Uaro rby seed bave I go 9 And ven this land, front the river of fald unto Bgspls unto the great pires, the mifre's. 23 uvet Bushratis

der ber ha 119 rte kenitzs, and the Ke. TO Ando nizzítes, sad ihe Kadmorit.s,

Gaid unto 9o And the Hitrites, and she aby feede Perlzziter, and the Ripheinis, Will not be

21 And th: Arorites, and the rude, Canaanites, and the Girgalhicces ir Andet and ibe Jebustes.

raid urto be CHAR. XYI. with child, Tov Sarel Abrams wife and shult ca.

bare bim ng children: because the and the bad an bandmaldan thy 6! Alor B3)pilan, whose namz was Hz. 18 Ard gur.

nien hie

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Ald: bride figure of the... 7 And the angel of the Love fure :

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when the lat went down, and alo lo tie way to Sáur.

na!, but Sarah hal bernime le.
16 And I will bless ber, and

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este : crant with Abram, mittees Sarah.

people shall be of ber,

17 Then Abraham fell uporn

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der ber bundi,

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born unto him that is an buni

Perizz/res, and ide Ripbeinn, till nor će numbred for mult

114 d th: Arantes, and be tudo end ibe Jebubores

suid unto ber, Behold, sacu de la CAA P. XVI,

with child, and th lateral

18 Asd Abraham id unto panics

, for an everlafing God, Othat Ifmael might live green, to be i God unto before thee!

19 And God Teld, Sarab thy

wife iball bear thee 1 Son la. I will give unto thee, decd; and

thou folle cell bis


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fourid tar bra fountain of
that me, bebold, my c. brabım, As for Surat tby wife,

I and I came to pili, bet Lathe wilderneli, by tócio dell with tbte, and thou shalt thou (nale not call her arme S'.
AIMY, and a bumping lamp that wild, whence meatbowl bedded Abram ; but thy give thee a son also of ben: YCM,
I dite, bebord,

labing And be fald, Haga, Sm 3 Meister Chien thy rente y

wbaker (thou 30? And the ball : Abrstars, fortfa: I wil bless her, and thic thall be
lachetne day the LORD laid, I ke from the face of the atry nations dive Trade a mother of nations, kings of
Boros voto the gattirer, the mind and submit thy fell Blackbe, tad blogi thall in his heart, Sbal! A csill be
verload, front the river ofteld unto her, Return to code indful, and I will make the face, and laughed, todlard

Iring, Usto zby feed bave I go 9 And th: sogel of the LOAN i will make the ex
biz tas sad the Ksimonit.s, d Boto bet, I will muliflow baweto me and thee, bar in ninety years old, lear?

The Kenitos, and the Ke To Add ibe angel of the LORD and I will ablith my co- deed years old and thall Sida,
" And the Hirrites, and she by fold faccrdiogle, chit ed after tace, in their
Conantes, sodbe Girgitales, ir And the angel of the Lowes and to thy feed after
TOY Sard Abraints wise and shake call his came in Slothy Bezd after thee, the name Trave: and I will be
bere bin a chiloten: beauft th: LORD WIS best murzin thou art & ftran my covenint with bin for an

te, alle land of Canaan, for everlafiln cutenent, And wita
btrh reftrioed me from biar: deell in the pickace of all fer una rerefore, thou, and thy fruitful, and will multiply bin
btom, Besold now, rbe LORD head again bin: and be thin, Thou helt keep my CJ. blefied Lim, and will make him
1 And Siri fold unito A. very man, tad «very And God cold into A heard thee: behold, I bave

Studiet thee, in their genera exceedingly : twelve prin act

13 and he called ide na tom
brom beakord to the chce of be, Too God sceltibe: forum It all keep between me, and
26.1. colldren by ber: 35d 6 pl the LORD ibil spike talo Tulsi mycovenant, which kim a great dation.

Lay men child eroag you fall ab hall tear unto bee at thila

And je mell circumc! le :32 And he left off talking with for the land of CIASS?, add sve is between Kid. Bered. 1.cacl your foreklo, od him, and God Wert up from A ber to her busband Abri.n to be 11 And His birs Artillet tokta of the come branim.


Malall be clecuncled among bom la his house, and all that 7 And he went in unto H. Tons one which Hager brand be that is elght dass mael de law that the bad conceived, 16 And Abrim w four ord you every min coild in your were bought with big money, ber will wadelped in tradix yests old, when her families, be thar li born in every male among the mea of

We boule, or bought with mo. Abrebanas houses and circum

thony Anasei, wbich is not ciied the fleth of their fore-skin,

19 Fears old and plae, Ibey feed. conceited, I wisd:filed in hr Huld unto bun, Inib: Alnicom Wrate money, mua needs be years old and nine when be W88 ind wbin the in that the bed LORD Appeurad 10 ASR, no sales and be thet is bought24 And Abrabem »Al Algety

citacled in my covenant cucumcised in the Acth of his

belo your fich for an ever- foreskin. elwhole hof bis foreigin circumcised in the Acth of his Aodte uncircumcised on thirteen years old when he was

15 And Ihmael his son was

beca broken my covenant. hardly wld be, Aed from ind God walked wla bla, be cut off from ble peopls: bd tee. And when Seal dealt An: Abram (ell on bis factum circumcised, ibat soul fall foreska.

26 In the felt same day was Abraham circumclled, and ini.

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Angels entertained.

Geccis, 27 Andali cosmen

of bistours,

13 TE born in the boufe, and b uger wirtin L with money of the firanger, sro W&X: were circumcised with Him.

fure, muy CHA P. XVIII.

13 And M te LORD app used in- Abraham Mimre: and he sat la thc lea:- furety bc door in tbe best of the dsy. uld?

2 And h: lift up blacyce and Isckest, and lo, those men foca Ebe LORD by him? sad when he faix theme, printed w be san to inget them from ide according tent door and bowed himself to. Sarch ito, 1 werd the ground,

15 Tue 3 Andlad, Mi Lord, if now sugbed I have found favour in tay figai, freld. As p. Co got away, I pray thee, from thou didnt thy servant.

16 Ft 4 Leta !itle water, pay from tber you, be ferched, and wath cur ward Sod. fest, and scit your selves und:r went with tke tree.

On the wat 5 And I will fetch a morfel of

17 And bread, and comfort

Te your I h!de from het

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