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1 And he fald, B:bold now

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jud, Nig, but we will abide la Add the LORD sald, if I the Areet all night.

der in the bude of the dar

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Wad Abraham answered did take unleatened bread, and

and bs made them fest, and

1 Byt before they lay down, men of Sodom, compassed the

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lor swas, I pay ches

, from thou didi laugh. de ferrant.

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the men which came into

beitti; afrer but you shall polo which I do
on : for tbarefore ire y come

Serchrome place for the fifty alghtsour himself with bla face toward the

with any of the inagur, W.X:d old, null I bare ster tala maonit, to stay the my lords, turn lo, I pray you,
1.Sadel the act orbistar, 11 Tactefore Sireh portberein?
the bowl, 1846 uger within ber lell, laging, Am Tall be fu from thet to

Inte, my lord being old slot slecus with the wicked: ind into your servits house, and

13 And the LORD tld tot righteous thould be 18 carry all nigbt, und wall sout
A 150 LDAD Appared wa Abrabans, Wheriore did weed, that be fit from feet, and ye Gall rise up early

ta bir ta the plains of rebloveb, leping, Shall To: Llost the Judst of all and go on fout ways. And they
Watt: od ke fa la the best furety bear a child, which will do right?
Irtes, sad to, these inen ford the LORD? At the time will the city, then I will greatly, sad they turned in un.

1.4b:lit up blauza and 14 Istoy blog too hard feedba Sodom fifty righteous 3 And be preued upon them

da od wie be awar, pointed will und unto boy that place for thel to him,end entred into bis boule:
A to inget them from de to ording to the time of Illes 03.

15 Tuen Jarab denied, orig Behold now, I have they did eat.
There fored firour ia tag ligti, freld. Asd h: said, Nur, bord, which con but dut the men of the city, even the
; hod 11.6, M: Lord, I' Row I sughed tiot: for the walls wyn me to speak unto

16 And the mon role Penaventure there thall house round, both old and young
4 Lerorde water, I pray from herceg sad looked life of the fifty righteous: all tae people from every quare
kert, and rest four sclves and I went with them to bring the lack of five 1 And be fold, and they called unto lot,
Jau ke lereded, 20d with cur werd sodom: scd Abrska bra defroy all the city tets

Vl find here forty and five, I ind said unto bim, Wheret
bread, and comfort your I hide from Abrabem that the 19 and be pake unto ben pet thee this night? being them
5 And I will fetch soorlel of 17 And the LORD Gold, Semut defroy it.

Him ad fid, Perdventure out unto us, that we may know

i? S:eing itar Abesbare here Chall be forty found the them
10 pour lerrat And thop uld, Furely becom: a great and mud and be (a!, I will not do it for

Detion, and all the getica en
6 Aod Abrzben baftped into nk be earth mall be diella And be faid urto him, Oh door after bim,

19 For IT kggw him, that will feels: Perarenture there thes, do not so wickedly. Fures of fine meal, kya! it, and we'll command bir children arty belok d there. And

his hordholdsfter blm, and cold, I will pot do it, if I find daughters which have not 7. Scd Abrab: 140 unto the hall krepobe wis of the Lolasty bert.

bare taken upod me to (peak and do ye to them 39 13 Scod

And be Gild; Behold, now, you bring lem out unto you, pung da, sad be bacted to bim azt which he hard pisu gato the Lord: Peadventure in your tys. only unto ilac Tc

BA back and be sold, I will not came they under the shadow of and the calf which be bad dre csuse the cry of Sodom sad G deny k for tweatles (akt.

Land le ungry, and I will fgcik And they said agall, This one

21 I will go dow3 DOW, jut but this once: Paradyentureilfellon came in to fojourn, and ac WACHE ! Sargh thy wit? and rege!her according to the car of A Wid, I will not defroy is for W deal worse with thee, then . And they d unto blms Tee wheraer they bote donc i tall be found there. And will need be a judge: now will

31 Add the LORD went baka upon the many turn lot, and

31 And be mea turned the will us be had left com came weer to break the door. Thy wife shall have i fod. And word sodom but Abribuid britt returned unito bls pluce hand, and pulled Lot into the the time of life and lo, Sarah façes from thence, and went toutes with Abrabam : td A

albeit came two ingels, door,
r7 old, and well Aricken in the rich tous with the wicked to let in the gate of Sodomitost were at the door of the

44 Paradventure there be filly Lot feeing them, role up to house with blindriers, bots
wait them and be bowed Linell and great : [o tbat they


So do wibou hift fald

Ikt tok ihe Lord be angry, and

6 And Lot went out at the door ugto them, and chut ibe

7 And fald, I pray you, bree

8 B.hold down (hare two Enown man, let me, I pray

there Anll be twenty

the trat mlo Surab, and faid, tim? M ki resdy quickly three bea mske akes upon the hert.. beid, ens fickt i calf trder to do jullice and judgm:pf, ihr sad good, and gate if unto a the LORD thybring upon A áresit.

o bim. 8 Andke took butter and milk, 10 And the LORD [ald, fet, to set it before iber; and noorah is great, and because ibed be food by ebern under the tree, lid is very gelevcu, and iber dld car.

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my toof:
2. and i hey faid, Stand back.

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Los departure from Sodom,

Genelit. wesricd themselves to fiad the this th door.

lovercb And the men laid unto which Lor, Hift thou bere any besides? 22 H ron in law, and thy fons, 200 for I c zby diughters, and whatsoever thou be Thou heft in the city, bring then the nam out of this place.

Zor. 13 For we will deftroy this

aj s place: because the cry of them the carti is waren great before the face of Zoar, the LORD, and the LORD bath 24 TE seat us to dellroy it.

upon So 14 And Let utot out, and brimiton "spake unto his fons la lsx, LORD C wilch muried his daughters, 2; AC and faid, up, get ye dut of this clcies, at place for the LORD will do the inbe troy this cliy: but he seemed sad that ar one that mosked unto bis ground. Toni in law.

16 FB 1s And when the morning from bih Brale, quen the angels baftacd came a pil Louglas, Arire, take thy wife,


and thv deelera A

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fore fuffcred Tehes Rot to toucha

Hanist with my fatber: led phet, and be shall pray for these


out of this place

29 bet are thips

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Det bestule the cry of them the earth when Lot etdi

WC grest before the face of Zoer.
for us to defrori.

14 Abd Lat went out, and brlotone end fare from
fptke voto ble fons la la, LORD out of beaven.
wäich muried his daughicity 2; Add be overchrew
and sid, Up, get le dut of this cries, and at the plain, et
plex; for the LORD will do the Inbabitants of the ce
ftros lalo clip: bul be, seemed sad that which grew upco
$ 02 the mocked unto bis ground.
I min law

16 But his wife looked
toll, ten får ing:la batacd came a piller of alle

Lorlapicg Arile, tate tay wifs, 17 And Abrahman.gar
jad thy two daughters which early in the morning,
in the lo quiry of the city

Then Abimelech called Ad and Lot will child by their helt thou dont unto us? and

what have I offended thes, that

Habite unto this day


and desire to dosles als wife. Cap. 18. Almelecke restored Serbi
pytanied themselves to figd the this thing ello, that I wilt born went in, and lay didnt this in the integrity of the

overthrow this city, fatta ber father, tad be parcela beut, for I also withheld thee
And the raid unto which thou beft fpokra. A when loc lay dowa, por from finn'ng agan2 ms; there.
LX, Barbou bere so beldes 22 Balletbre, ciciper Rabe noc.
Aby wzoleth, Jod whatsoever thou become thliber: ibero Datin, Gert the Girit-born sold 7 Now therefore refore the
fra i be, Lad thy fooh, od for I cannot do anything and came to pure on the her.
bo bult la ibe dry, bring in the name of the clip mus Jaager, Behold, I lay man is wife, for be is a pro

BERNO; And go thou in, and thore her aot, kaow thou that
13 For we will deftrop this the fun wis illen met die drink wing tbis and thou fait live: and if thoa

kibin, that we may pre- thou felt surely dle, thou, and
tkt LOAD, sad the LORD bar 24 Then the LORD rele loriad of our fuber.
upan Sodom and upog Gomor dad they made their fa- 8 Therefore Abimelech roc

Webekwine that night also : early in the morplag, and called
Bis younger groft, and (y all his fervants, end told all
Walim; and be perceived not there to inga la their eats: end
a : lay down, not when the men were sure trild.

Tu vatre both the dough. brabam, sad fald up to blin, Whig

to, dalla ais naine Meab my kingdom a great find thou 1 And when the morning from behind blin, sod017 And the fir born bare thou haft brought on mc tad og

that loma the fuber of the best doe deed unto me that 16 harc; JA thou be confined place where he food befarit 35 And the sanger, In: alfo

16 And while he lingred, the 28 And be looked to wainul: the lame is the father thou baadone this thing? mea laid bold upon bis head, dom and Gomorrib, and to the children of Ammon

Md Abreben jouaneyed from they will flay me for my wifco 29. And it came to pola

wh and dwelled between

Lakhand Shur, and Cojouro:a gikar, Ihe is the daughter of my they had brogit then forth brebain, and sent tout des Abrahain frid of Saab my mother: and he became Day

20 and Lor seat up or Bu Gd came to Abimelecamy fathers houfe, that I fuid

banner by night, and laid go unto his, This ethy Bindness Da, lehold, thou art but a dea which thou thalt in w unto me ban: for the lo & mana come, lay of me, H is my bro.

tortor women which thou Arevery place whitber we had

will try lay allo a righteous women fervants, and gave them cy, which thow baA Jhtwed unto unto the soulages, Our

lutakt: and he said, LORD and oxen, and men servants, end

4 be not unto me, She Sarah bis wife.
halus, He is my brother: l bold, my land is before thee :
in to lategrity of my beart, and dwell where it plaftth thee.
Inork of my binds have

And God said unto blm lotber a thousand pieces of filer':
abes, is it got a little one ?) lie with hin, that we ms) doar talt.

I have accepted thee conteraing that drigk wlae that night the know that thod bebold, be is to be a covering

cught not to be dont

10 And Abimelech said unto orthy and cailed his name Abribin, What Tawell thoug

!1 Ana Abrskaam laid, Because I thought, Surely the feet of God is not to this place; ad

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lacnct teward be fouth Lake.

bliwile, Soe is my lide!; And wle. Almelca king of Gerse sent,

12 And yet indeed this is my farter, but nor the daughter of

sad took Surab.

13 And it cant to pzls, whern God caused me to wander from

sed upon the band of li wife, all the land of the pldos
and upon the bend of his two hck, sad lo, the liposkor
daughiess; the LORD being inier country

, went up 29 ebe
cillanto blm: end they brought of a furnace.
him forth, and la kin without
tắc cty.

God destroyed the cities of
17 And le cime to pas, when pin, thel God rememore!
abroad, that be toll, Elcipe for mišit of te overthrow,
thrlie, look oor behind luce, he overthrow the ellics, la
pdf&c: Itay edicu in all the plain wbich Lot dwell.
"crape to the mountala, Ichi thou
be consumed.

Zorr, and dweit in the man
18 And Lor raid unto them, tain, and his two doughieman
Oh got so, my Lord.

him, for at feared to awd 19 Babold now, thy fervane Zoar : ant de dwelt lood ksiá found

grace la by ligát, he and his two daughters, and cooj halt magalfied iog mer- And t&e fit born

me in faving my life, and I can old, and shall not not cleape to the mountain, left in the carik to come fome evil take me, and I dic

. usefter she ninner of all, 38 Behold now, tbla cley is the Berto Bre unto, ind it is die ja Cormie, let us make our Ale one :. Ob let me escape able racer drick wine, and we and my soul Gull livce lenye lece of our farøer.

21. And he said unto him, Sees 33 And they made tbelt

ber. Bal Abimelech had not come

14 And Abimelech took theeps


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Hrgar and inwari

Genelis. of the eyes, unto all that are ham, Let with thee, and with all other : thy bght, tkus (he was reproved.

becaulc of 11.4 6o Abraham prayed unto all that God : and God healed Abime thce, beas tecb and his wife, and bia mald. for in lfa fervants , and shey bere chilo called.

13 And 18 For the LORD hd ait clo. bond won fed up all the wombs of the tion, beca hourt of Abimelech, because of 14 And Sarah Abrabans wife.

in the more CHA P. XXI. and a bort Nd the LORD visited Sireh e unto Ha

$9 be bad fald, and the shoulder) LORD did unto Saraa as he bed her away: poßen.

weodred | * For $rraconceived, and Beer-sheba. bare Abraham a fon in bis old is And age, at tbe fét time of which in the bott God had fposen to bim. bild under

3 And Abrabam called the 16 Anda pime of his fon tbat was born, down over imto him, whom Sarsh btre to way off, &s him. Ifie


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Chip x215.

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offered fuas.

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dled his ass, and took two of bio
bis lon, 10d (live thc wood for

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Then on the third der A.


* Par Stral conceived, and Beer (bebs

with the land i and et lad

bod is posen to blm.

And Abraham called the

6 And Abraham took the wood of the bonecffering, and

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anset fort nach
the mih, unto all that are hun, Let It not be griepu bere by God, that thou wilt thou love, and get toes Into
th, in with all wir: tby bgor, because of tbe lod, I ku fully with me, not the land of Morib, and offer

becture of thy bond-womto o nico, nct with my long him there for burnt.cffalog
ad: nnd God besked Abim ther, bep kep into ber Fold Later Ibane done unto thre, whicb I will tell thee of.

17. 5o.bahan preyed unto ai ther Serib both faid : le recording to the Wind upon one of the mountains bed and Bowlit, and be muld. for lo llie Goulthy leed tex fala do into mit, tad to! ; And Abraham rose up

11 Pothe LORD ad co. boud woman will I make 4 Abritan fald, i will young men with him, and Irise det of Ablutlich, because of 14 And Abribw rok upet 3d Abrabem reproved the bathi-offering, and rose up

and a bottle of witer, and games which Abimeleche set which God had told Lim.

jo the morning and took brend Red beczyće of a well of and weat unto the place is
Md the LORD Vibited Singh upto Bagar (putting it on hd Ants violentle tiken away.
Lors did nato Suasa be bid fer ow: and he departed, use who bart donc this the place afa cf.
A de Esd ald, and the shoulder) ind the child, and AS N And Abimelech fald 1 brabara lift up bis eyes, trd fow
wandred la the wildernchalibet didA ebou tell And Abrobem (ald unto bla

sritta yet bud I of it but young men, Abide you bere
bare Abraham + fon in his old is And the water will buy
If the At time of which in the bottle, and the city and Abraham took fosep will go yonder and workin and

child under one of the forubio cuen, und gave thatto unto come agila to you.

16 And Ihc went, and at Abused: and both of them MK or Dls fon tbat wis born down over against 6, og at UNLADI. mto bin, whom?ush bure to Oy off, uit were I bow all And Abrabun fer leven laid it upon late bla lonend

for the said, Let me not in lot of the Rock by them, he took the fire la bis hino, ind u lon luss, belog cigh dari per against us, and lift up And Alimelech fuld unto of them toge her,

Daew.labs, which the haft bom ble faber, ipd (alo, Myft: dred your old, when ble foo God called to Hagar out of And be fald, For thefe se on. And he said, Behold, the

Parambolhalt thou take of fire and the wood: but where is 64d Sarah lid, God barb ailech bee, Hagar? fear

nad, that they may be a th: lamb for a burnt offering! made me to laugh, fo that all for God hath heard the volaileen unto me, that I bave lure fald unto Altrihem, that hold alm In thlat berdla Batebebs : bacause there both of them together.

7 and the fold, who would 18 Arlk, lift up the lod, I Waerefore be called that for a burnt-off.ring: tacy went Sanh Gould have given coll. will make him a great to you both of them.

Thug they made a cove walch God bad told him of, god the row will of WALAU BAT Debt: then Ablme acd Abrzbam built in altor KUJ keaned and Abrabro bortie with water, and gurcu Code cimata of his boil, and der and bound lsaac bis for 8 and the child grow, and and the went, and filled to me up, and Palcool the there, and laid the wood lo ora

they.ed into the land of and laid him on the altar upin

therathe name of the LORD, I knife to flay Oils fon. Sarak ihc Egyption, wbkb the be wildemci, and become fa la Beer. hebe, and called forth kio bend, and took the

Asa Abraham fojoutned In called unto him out of helven,

11 And the angel of the LORD

Alt esine to pass after Abrabow, Caft out the bond-ther too! hin 1 wife out of the relealand many days and fald, Abraham, Abraham, not be acir with my fon, futher rime thar Ablaucleco del blogs, that God dia band upon the lad, nclcher do

12 And he said, Lay not thing
Palchol the chief captain of ttan Abracam, and fald unto thou any thing to him ; for

We Abritiam, And he fald, now I know ebat thou feare
1 And be ald, Take now thy beld thy fon, thine oply su

God, icelog thou halt got white Bufand. Godfald unto Ab Apherefore Swearwy i blog only for usc, wbum from me


bin, Iloc

And Ababam circumcised death of the child. And the all y God bad commanded yoles and wepr. Mla

17 Ard God beind, the wa And Abridom wm in bum of the lad: and the angel jhse wn born unto him. yon, and laid unto her, WM

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a knife: and they went both

7 And Marc spake unto Abri. ther: and he said Here am I, my

the led where he d.


8 And Abraham laid, My con God will provide ülmfelt i lamb

ebot besr yill laugh witb me

19. And God opened ber 67

And they came to the place

aren fuck for I have born wm a lon le bh old age.

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mede a great fraft the fame diy kad drink, that IGC WU Weand,

20 And God wie wiad 09. And Sob cow the son of bed, and he grew, and dweli bad bora un to Abrelem, mock scher.

11 And he dwelt in the wi 10. Wherefore the fald unto écrocha of Parso: and his

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woman, and her son: for tte land of Bypi, lon. or ile bood woman call 19 9. And It come to pull! who arc,

41 And the thing was very hoffpake unto Abraham Suria plecus in Adrabtrus fight, be God with care la all i of bls fon.

thou doelt.

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