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Gencfis. 13 And Abrahamllfred up h's

3 Ar eyes, and looked, and behold, b: arba; binden & rem caught in a lindo thicker by his horne: And Abra- came to hem went and took the rim, and weep f. offered him up for a burnt offers

35 ing, in the Acad of his son.

from b 14 And Abrabam called the unto th name of that place Jebovah.

4 I jireh : as it is said to this day, journer In the niount of the LORD is post 41 thall be fern.

you, th 15 T And the angel of the out of LORD called unto Abraham out

5 An of b'aven the second time,

aaswer 16 And laid, By my self have him, I sworn, fauch the LORD, for

6 Hes because thou bait done this a mighty thing, and baft got withheld tte chic ty con, thine only fon : bury roy

17 That in blefiag I will bless wichhor thes, and in mulriplying I wil chxe, bie muliply thy sced as the Bors of thy deed ibc heaven, and at the sand

7 And which is upon the sca-Chore bowed

1, Asd Abgamlifted up his 3 And Sirada diled ta kthyen et cres, 13.diovked, sad bebold, b: trba; the same is Heboil Lind sa itim caught in a land of Cantan: and Abubasi

deletee by big borai: And Abre came to mourn far Sarah, salle bua w cor and took the rin, sod weep for ber. deid bis up for a burnt or

31 And Abrikem flood 4 bag, la obe Read of his son.

from beforc his dead, and 14 And Abrebes called the unto the song of Hech, logist BITE of the place Jehovah 4 I am stronger code sch: as it is laid so this day, journer with you give me La che mount of ete LORD ie polf HiJa of abuseying-piese si All be fera.

that I mig bury my dad the 13 And the angel of the out of my fighr. LOAD glied unto Abradom out

ş And the colldren of Red ahren be second time, Safwered Abrrdam, Gaziaguer

16 And fid, By my kell have alm, Iwosa, faltbike LORD, for

o Heir us, my lord; thout

becsule ebou hså done this a migbry prince amongitus
tblog, end hat not withheld tce choice of our kepada peras:

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thy loa, tblae oaly for : bury tby ded: Age Of u ar

if Thut la blulling I will bleke witbhald from thec bir kez
tace, and in multiplying I will chee, but that thou mayeh be
multiple the feed as the Rers of thy deed.
the heaven, and a the fund

1 And Abrahain food up
wokh is upon the sca-laore, bowed dinlef to the people a
and thy ked Wall poltels the the land, nors to the childowa
gute of his cocnics,

8 Asd le thy keed Gull 10 8 And be compuned ad beat

Hetk. Ied: becsule-thow huit obeped mlad that I thould burysta in the astions of the cirth be bles. tbem fying, If It be . Dato

deid out of my fight, besides o 19 So Abraham returned unto and Intrest for me to Eplir laut ment

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try 11 And

his young men , bid they role the son of Zohar: up, sad went together to Beer- 9 That he may give me Lleós, sad Abrazam dwelt st seBeertebs.

hatb, which is in the end of the of ih Fuck things, that it was worth he hall give

it bete in the 10 And it came to pals error field, for so much monry for More Abrabam, lapins, Bebold, mil s poldlion of a burping place 16 hrát

10 Aod Bphron welcarons to Abra

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the LORD till biopa ! And

cob, the bsta allo bɔra children anongit you.
unto the brother Nahor,

11 Hiz his first bom, and Buz th: children of Herb. 6
his brorber, and Kemuelibe fa. Epáron be Hetze salware
ther of Aism,

Abrahain lo ese sudlence 12 And Cheled, and Hazz, and the

children of Heth, cumcial Plidath, and Jidlepl, and Bethuci. ebst wene In'rr ede geica of the

13 And Bethuel begat Robe city, saying, kb: bele cigar Milcsa old boss

11 Nay, My lord, her mei to Nabor, Abrahains broider. the field give 1 toes, and the

24 And his concubine whole cave chat is therein, 1 givel Tebib, and Gobain, sa: t'ng. Tons of my peopl: give it ihes: beh, and Macbs.

burg cáy desd. CHAP. XXIII.

a Ad Abrsbam bowed down And leven en de schyresreo hard

NU Serb Wei an bundred himself before the people of the old; shefe wr the year of tbc 11 Agi be spake unto Ephrag life of Sitth.

Laika audience of the people

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pame was Reunah, the bare also thes, In the preface of this Yt11

and i w by the LOR Staud the but thou thi

my master,

Trabamı feruant Genefis.

mertett mich Rebek Le down thy pitcher, I pray 25 she faid moreover un thec, that I may drink and the him, We have boch straw at shall say, Drlak, and

I will give provender cuough, and room thy camels driak also: lat she lodge in. fame be la: that thou Euft ap. 26 And be man bowed dow poigied for tby fervent Isaac; his bead, and worthipped il and thereby frall I know that LORD. thou haft thewed kindner unto 27 And be said, Biedep

the LORD God of my mafis 15 And it came to pass be Abraham, who hath not fore de bad done speaking, that deftltu e my maker of his me behold, Rebekah came out, who cy and his truth : I being weg born to Bechuel son of Mil. the way, the LORD Izda cah dae wife of Nabor Abrabans to the house of my master br brother, with her pitcbe upon thren. ber coulder.

18 And the damsel ran ar 16 And the densel was very told them of her mothers hou fsix to look upon, & virgin, nels these thingi. ther had any man known her: 29 And Rebekab had a bei and the went down to the well, ther, and his nin: »45 Labin

unto the well.

30 And it came to pass when

and gave Gimn drink.

and find d ber pitchef, and came and Laban ren out unto the mi wp.

17 And the servant rip to meet het, sad said, Let me (I he saw tbe car.rlag and braci pray thee). dring a little water Jets upon his fiftera banda, 20 of tay picchar.

when bis heard the words de 18 Aad the fald, Driek, my Rebekah bis filer, saying, Tevi dowa her picker upon her hand, came unto cbe mar, and bebold Sord: and the Dailed, and let fpake the mad unto me that mit

bc stood by the camels at tb 19 And when the bad done well. giving bim drink, fae {sid, I 31 And he said, Come in, that's will draw water for by cartela bieled of the LORD, whereton also, until they bave done drink. Aaadeft thou withou?? for ing

bave prepered the houses and 20 Aad this bafted, and enpti- room for the camels. cd ber pitcher into the trough, ja ( And the main came lato and ran again unto the well to the house : and bc ungirded bio draw water, and drew for all kis cimela, and give fraw and pro

vender for the carrelaad water 21. And the ms wondriog at to walh bis fest, ans the meas ber, held his peace, to wit whe feet that were with aim. ther the LORD had mads bls journey prosperous, or not. before him to cat: but he said,

28 And it came to psss 25 the I will not çar, until I have told the man took a golden csr ring, on. cimels had done drinkings thao mine crtiod. And be said, Spesiale of balf i fackel weight,sad two 34 And he said, I am Abrebracelet for her bsade, of contains servant. Rockals weight of gold, 23. And isld, Wau daughter rca my meller

great, and be ls art raoul tell me, I pray sher: become great: and he hath gives

there room in thy fathers him Hoces, and berdo, sed file house for us to lodge in ? ver, and gold, and men-ferrant,

24. And the said unto him, I and maid servants, and concle, an the daughter of Bethuelibe and aff:s. son of Milcih, which the barc 36 unto Nokor.

wife bare 4 loa to my master


33 And their wu for meu

35 And the LORD hata bler

And Sarah my mafiers



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moret her, sad fald, Let me (I he fow be cut slag and brace

well, Od of now to

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La down rhy pitcher, I pray ! 35. She told motcove

toe, roer / may drink, and the bim, We have boid fire
buli is, Delas, and I will give proveoder coough, sad round
the camels deiak ailo: le lodge in
Lees by far that thou Eust ap. 26 Add be rain bɔwiddera
prored for tby ferriot Ilaic; his head, and worthésped it

and thereby all I know that LORD.
tn bf bewed kindacht unto

27. And be faid, Biedron

the LORD God of my mie
is. And it came to pass be Abraham, wbą bara got
fare de bed dose speaking, that deftitue my master of his so
we ba to Berbuel son of Mil the way, the LON N
cah dae wife of Nabor Abrabimo to the bouse of my medra bro
brother, with bar pitched upon three
bu boulder.

18 And the dumbel 41
16 Aad ebe dan el nus very told Evew of her mother boat
bir to look upon, & virgin, nel these toingi.
cater had ang min known her: .295 And Rebekah badaban
and the wed down to the well

, ther, and his pla: nu bebu
and filled kee pitcher, and come and Labsp ran out wanto che si

into the well.
17 And the servant rig to 30 And it came to pal who
pary thee) drink a ide witcr lets upon bis hin benda
of thy pitcher.

uben bz beard the words
F And the fald, Dilok, Rebekah bila filier, (aying The
Jord: sad be balied, and les spoke the maid unto mebaby
dowa ber plucker upcakes kand, came into the mass and belek
iad gsve bin deias.

he ftood by the camelo at
19 And when the bad done well.
giving gim drisk, la: fsid, I 31 And be suid, is, ebar
will draw weer for the cancel bleked of the LORD, waeretan
allo, watil they bave done dulak Aaadet thou wiibouel fet

have prepared the boule
30 Aad las batal, and enpti coom for che camela.
e ber plocher lato che trough, js And the mio came long
god rån igaia unto the well to the house : and be wogirded
draw water, and drew for all kis cimels, and give first sad pro

vender for the correllsod we!
21 Aed the mso Wondring at to walk bls fest, and to med
her, held his press, to wit whe fact that were with alm.
ther the LORD did made ble 33 And their wu for watch
journey prosperous, or GOL. before him to cat: but he is

4. And he came to pils as the I will not cut, upall I have ed
cruele bed don: drinkings that mine crraad. And be laid, Spear
the man took a golden csr ringe bai,
of balfs bete weighs, sad two 34 And be ald, Lax Abel
bracelets !or ber beads, of teasing fervant
Rockals weight of gold

is and the LORD hath bleh
3. Addiald, Whose daughter set my meter grend, and her
at fáovi tell me, I pray thee: become great: and be bsta give
11 there room to by fathers I'm docts, and berde, sod kl
boule for us to lodge in?

ver, and gold, and men-certaan
14 And the luld unto him, I and maid lavaals, and capela
am the daughter of Butbuelike and effes.
fon of Milck, which fe bare 36 And Sirab my mafieut
Wara Nakor,

wils buret lon to my msfia

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Genghis. 59 And bey sent away Recubin brush their fifter, end ber nurse, Abra! and Abrahama fervant, and his them snen.

(whil 63 And they Slefied Rebekah, uato and fald unto her, Trou Are Our TA fiftcs, b: thou fug mother of tbou. Sears funds of milions, and let the heliko feed offers the gate of those and tie which baterbem.

8Y 61 And R bebab srof, and gbolt, bez dainsels, and they rode upon age, se ste camgis, od followed the year's wan: agd tác fervent took people. Kebebah, and went his way.

63 And Ifaac came from tbe macl bir way Ef the will Lahal. yoi ; for Macbp= bedwelt in the pbront

63 And l fasc wept out to Kie, w nedltate in tbe field at the e. ven-fids : and be lift up his eyes, puchar and law, and bebodd, che camels trere w WIN* Corging.

Sarah hf 64 And Rebukak l'ft up her

II Eyes, and den Nae saw Haac, ter the the lighedef be emel


9 An

lo T.

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