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, rad ber nurle, Abrabım give gift, ad
and Abribere ferrant, sod bis them away from faichu

(while he fet Hved) culture
03 Apd ibey Steaed Rebekahe upto the call-countrF,
od fald vato ber, Thou art our 7 And there arsite dogid
har, b: chou to maker of tbou. stars of Abrikams life' wb

Exade of milions, and kt tay be lived, an hundred threcko
Rated pres the gate of those and fifteen years.
wako baterberg

8 Then Abraham give up
Aad R bebab srog, and gbolt, end died lai good
der dankels, spd iber rode upon age, sa old men, and the

Die camein, and Allowed the foars; and was gilbered 101
a: ad the foresat took people.
Roxbib, end sent his way. 9 And his son liste od leta

# And Ifaac came from be meel buried blia in the care
war ef tbe will Lanei roi; for Mactp:lab, in the field of
Adeelt in the pbron the son of Zobar the
6; And Ifase wept out to Re, which is before Massey

mydloste ia the field at the e.

To The field which bride
pro-lidered De Hlít up his eses, purchased of ehe (cho of Bled
and law, and bebodd, ide cameia here was Abredsm buried, og
Mae Coming

Surih bio wifc.
64 And Reb: kas l'It up her 11 And it came to pala
Eyes, and when ne low Hisc, ter the death of Abrebes, the
for ligbad f the eintl

Os For the bed fald unto the fase ducit by ibe well make
karvani, Woat man inibis dat roi
wolketh in the field to mietus? 13 Now rbere are the per
And the lervent bad fold, WH ratione of Ihmael, Abruin
my msler: Berefore the took son, whom Hagar the Egypt

& Foil and covered ber alf. Surabe bandwald, bere wat

66 And the triant teld Ilus brahun.
Il tálngs that ks bad done. 13 And these aw the ga
87 And Iluc brougbt der in. of the song of Ithimeel

, of
to his morber Ssrate tent, and belt nemes , eccordiog!
foo Rebekab, od the Secome their generations. The find
bis wife, and be loved her: born of Ilhasd, Nebijut
and Ifage' wa comforted siter and Kedar, and Adbedly sa
the mother death

miblem, CAP. XXV. .

14 And Mildama, ead Dumas 8 wife, and bes

15 dar, and Tems, Jerus Ketureb.


, and Kedenah. 2 And the bare blm Zlmran,

16 These are the fons of ID End Jokban, acd Medan, and MI posel, and tbele a thelr outh dlaw, and ! labas ad Shush.

bybelstowns and by their o
And Jokihan begot Sheba, files;

twelve princes accordiet
and Dedan. And the sons of to ibeir nacions.
Dedan wire Atherin, apd La

11 And ibele are the sea
fulblm, sod Liuminin.

the life of Tahmici, in hundred
And the fons of Midlad, B. And they and seven years and
stab, and Epber,end Hipochend be gave up the ghoft and did
Abidin, and Edash. All ibele wad was gathered wato bilo peso
wirbt children of Keturih. ple.
And Abrabam gave all

18 And they dwelt from H
that he aad unro llaac.

ils varo Spur, tbst is before


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6 Bu unto the locs of thecon $88, w chow goch toward


Gence and fuld, Behold, of a surety the t's thy wife : and how faldit the thou, Sbe is my fifter? And Ila we ac said unto him, Because I fald, not Left I dic for ber.

IR 1o And Abimelech fald, Wbat bo Is this thou bait done unto us? for one of the people might ligbuy in e have lien with thy wife, and tbou thoulda bave brought tben guiltiness upon use

2 11 And Abimelech charged all unto bols people, saying. He that touch. raid, Eth this man or his wife, Thell by furely be put to dealbi.

with 12 Then Isac lowed in that and land, and received in the fame serva. gear an bundred-fold, and the 25 LORD blelled him.

13 and the man waxed great, of the and went forward, and grow gent until dc became very grest. Terve

14 For he bad pofleffion of 26 docks, and pofleffus of berds, to hin snd grep! Itore of fervanti, And zah the Philifttines envied him



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Eld, and

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wild, beools,
ti i wite : snd kow ludi thence, end digged soul
1201, She is my fitter? And Ila well, and for táct they try!
laid unto hiz, Because I fald, bot: and be called the next
Let I die for bu.
1o And Abimelech fald, Wbat bow tide LORD baih medeiros

li Reboboib; and be lia, che
# this bow bad done unto us? for us, and we chill be firulu ol
one of tte people night lightly in the land.
are lo with thy wife, and 21 And he weat up la
thou noulda bovc brought thence to Beer-th:bl.
goiltlace upon us.

24 And the LORD Appels
11 And Abiiselech charged all unto him che fame nigti, el
Nits people, (using, He that couch, aid, I«* the God of abus
school mao or bis wife, he by fatber: fear not, for 14
Buel, be put to dearb.

wich ebec, and will bele tba
13 Thea buc lowed in that and multiply tby, feed for 4
kod, and received in the fame Cervant Abribem lote

jer en dundred-fold, and the 25 And be bullded to ele Lord bleited him.

there, and called uponed

a themed
13 And she min waxed grcat, pf the LORD, and pitched
and went forward, and grew Rent there: and there these and
Matilde bicimbe very grest. Tervento digged a well

14 For bi dod pallation of 26 S Thea Abimelech wa 17 & .
Backs, and pole leia of berds, to him from Gerer, and Abu w
and great fore of Cervenu. And with one of hie friends,

cole, the
the Philitimes envied him. bbicol the chief Ciptsin of the

is for all the well, which blo irmy.
fathers fervsnis hed digged in 27 And Thuc fold unto the 14d
the dans of Abrsiam als Father, Wbarefore come yo to me,
she Pailiincs bed flopped them, ing se bate me, and bevel
ead filled them with earth me away from you?

16 And Abimelech (!d unto 28 And they cald, We
Ikar. Gu from us : for thou art cercanly that the LORD doda
wuch mi biertosowe with thee: and we tald, 140

17 And Jac deported thence, there be now an ostà berria
und pkcoed hils ich in the val. u, cun berwixt us and taste
key of Gerai, lad dweltthere. and let us make a covenaar with

18 Ani flase di ged 4-10 pecs
the will of water, which they 29 That thou wilt do 18
baddiszed in the days of Abra puri, w we have nor routes
bam bio Fatbar, foi tae Palul- ther, and as we have done voli
Athos båd flopped then after these norbing due goed,
be deach of Abrabam ; and have sent tbec away in petit
de calica their name after the tecu art now the bielled or
mites by wbich hl. fuher had LORD.
called them

30 And he made them slash
19. And 'Ileses fervant dle: and they did est end deink.
ged in tbe valley, and found

3! And they role up berita
Sbere a well of springing water in bemorning, and (were 03

20 And the berdwen of Geo lo snother; and Maac fent that
modid Rrive with Triks berd. way, and they departed fred
men, saying, The water is curs: blm in peace
ind be called the name of the

12 And it caecto pels the
wel) Elek, because they Arove are dos Ebat (sacs fervant
with him.

came and told bin concerning !! And shey digged another the well which ebey, bed die gorell, and frové fos last slo:sad fed, and (sid unto blm, We as called chceme of It slaande bsve fougd wolf,


I but the
Bintby but

1 Bring it
as the
before and

Now it

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1a And it thy fatlar that be u Wadenh

11 Andle Wa


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end ald,

blningi Gensás.
Is this

A will car of my fons came Ast my soul msy biela taken nd he brought he near 36

ill, and he did cst: and rightly be brougar bim wine, and be bach í disak.

times : 36 And bis father frisc fald right į wito him, Come geu now, and tarb ts Bilo me, my son.

And he 27. And he come gear, and served a fined him: and he smelled the 37 AL Imell of his reinient, and bler ruid unto fed him, 200 fald, Sce, the made his Imell of my fon is as the smell of bretarin

field, which the LORD bach for serva blerid.

and winc 28 Therefore God give thcc and whea of the dew of heaven, and the thee, my fornels of the earth, sad ploty 38 And of corn and wine.

ther, Hali 29 Ler people serve thee, and my fathes serions bow down to thee, be allo, or lord over the brethren, and ler lift up bis thy mothers fons bow down to 39 And


His vom

Geocis. the

an or los ray bkel aken away es bleffing. y and be did at: 2d rightly named Jacob? ice!

pe to bin : Then I will fend, his wife.

10 | And Jacob weot out Ghould I be deprivid ufo from Bcer-lhebi, and went to

Ward Baren.

11 And he lighted upon :

Sales of Heth, fuck sa of that plict, and put them for

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and slac have I fufiainca bia

11 And he dreamed, and be

boldalaider Itupon the eartleg bieked him, and cherged beavea : and behold, rae angels fait not take a wife of the ing only:

13 And b:001), he LORD tood to the house of Bethuel thy God of Abrclion shy fathu,

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of the dew of heaven, sad the thee, my con?
ch cold and wine
19 Lei people forvettes, and my father? bless me,

14 And thy ic d all be us the

ekce: Carfed be every one tbal (wered, and fald up'o him, 8s Wher. Ebst bletturb thet

Heterent la sent to Paden erau Chip.xxviij.

I will eat of my fons came with fubtily, and thiget the which thou haft son, the fifter of Nabajoth, to be

Ad be brought #oes 36 And be bold, is not fetch there from thence.
k broager via wire, and be bath fupplanted matter to Tu bob in one day?

imeti be took Wiy my Bid and Revelah said to la
sola, Core our now, add bash tokeo ww.y my bf0of the daughters of Heth: all aight, because the fun wis
If and His father flase (old rights and bebold, now lem Heary of my lifs, be certain place, and carried there

And he said, Haftbou gotta be take wife of the fer: 2nd be toos of the force
Asell of ble reinent, and a fuld unto Blau, Behold, I hate land, what good fhall that place to fleep.
Sed tin: and be imelled the 31 And Ilac anfwered loch all of the daughters his pillows, and lay down in
fed em, ud fald, See, the nisde kim by lord, snd 11 594 do me?
Kolding fon ha the well of brethrin bave I given to CHAP. XXVIIT.
cl, which the Lord bath for serveots, and with co Nillac called Jacob, and and the top of it reached to

Therefore God give thee sad wait fall I do cow w Assad suid unto blm, Thou of God ascending sod deloend
fotoebs of the earth, sad ploty 38 And Esdu fald untolas dough'er of Cangan,

ther, Hibou but one ble 1 All go to Pad 2A-aram, above it id, lan the LORD
efticar bow dowa to race, be allo, O my father. And text imber, lad take thec & ind the God of lítac : the lund
they norkers fons byw down to 39 And Ifaac bis father a la of Laban thy morben bro. I give it, and to thy feed.

And optr thy brethren, and ler lift up his vcics, and wept. wie from thence of the dough- wberton thou lief, to thes will
akthrács, and blesed be be bold, tby dwelling shall be the And God Alinlghty bless dus of the earth, and thou thalt

focaels of the earth, and of Bee, 10d mike thee fruitful, and spread abroad to the went, and
30 And it came to part, e dew of heaven from above.hiple thee, that thou mayer to the elft, and to be gorta,
oblefag Jscob, and Jacob was thou live, and thalt feri u And give thee the blessing and in thy feed all all the sam

bop s linze had made 10 end 40 and by thy sword M. de 1 multitude of people :
Bet kurc: gone out from the brother and it shall come Abraham, to thee, and to thy mules of the earth be bieled.
Bu his brorber came in from dominion, that thou dalt brend laberit the land wherein and will keep thee in all places

presence of itsec bir father, that pul, when thou helt annet led with thee; that thou may 15 And behold, tom with thee;
Youry men, and brouzbt it unfo because of the blefing where and fac sent away Jacob, for I will not leave ibee, until

31 And he also had made s. 41 And Efsu bared Jacob Bite unto Abraham.
dis furber, and fold unto his with his fatber bielled him: Sed he went to Pedan-arem un- I have done that which I bave
ed of his fans realfoo, thu thy of mourning for my father and ta, the brother of Rebekah,
father, Let my father urise, and Elu said in bio beers, The day to Leban, Coa of Berbuel the spoken to thee of.

st hand, ibco will I lay may be licors and Stau's mother.

42 And the words of En luas belted Jacob, and lent I knew it got.

bekah : and he rent and cold Alna wife from thenct, and said, How dreadful is this place! 33 A Iluse trempled vary acob her younger song and fall eat uke bleifza bim, he gave this is none other but the houfe exceedingly, and faid, Who, unto hlin, Bebold, the brothel hla curge, saying, Tacu of God, and this is the gate of bere is he that herb taken re- Blau, 28 touching thee, doth Date and take a wfc of the beaven.

1 And that Jacob obeyed hit the morning and took the fone cilon, and trought it me, and comfort bimell, pwrposing to kl daughters of Cansina

father, and his mother, and was that be had put for bis pillows

18 And Jacob rose up early in obey my voice: and stil, Ba? Boceto Paden-ursin

t And Bruu seeing that the poured oyl upon the top of it.

and let it up for a piller, und

19 And be called ihe name 9 Then weat Blau unto ich name of chart city Das called

of that place Beth-cl : but the daughter of loomasAbrahama Goglasa I God will be with me

ao And Jacob vowed a vow,

and to the Couch: and in thee,

bir yoke from off thy neck

thoa art a franger, which God whither thou goelt, and will

being thee again into this land :

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16 And Jacob awaked out 4 When Elau low that in the LORD is in this places and

of bis leep, and be fald, Suiciy,

17 And he was afraid, and

him away to Pidgt-sram, to take

loui may blelo me.

32 And Ilsac kis father said ther Jacob. into blm, Who are thou? and le hald, lan cáy son, the first ser elder fon were told to RS born Elou.

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daughters of Cansin pleased not
lloc his father:

I bave erted of all before iocu bec. cam:ft, and bive blessed him? .43 Now loncfore, wylicy fel, and be ball be bleked.

14 Agd when Elsu heard the thou Leben my brotber to words of his father, he cried Haran, with a grest sod exceeding bite 44 and tarry wleb him a few Er cry, and frid unto his father, days, until thy brothers full less me, cven we also, Omy tuer 2W19; ter

*5 Qatil thy brothers anges is ADA by gia, Tby brother furn away from thes, sad be


muel, and took unto the wireh Luz at the first
which he had, Mehrlath the

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