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Genetis and will keep me in this way bi that I go, and will give me coi bread to eat, and rainient to to put on;

end 21 So that I come again to his my faebers bouse in peace : thea 11 Thall the LORD be my God. lific

12 And this stone, which I have fet for & pillar, fall be that Gods boule: and of all chat roou and fhalt give me, I will furely give and the tenth unto thee.

13 CHAP. XXX. Laba "Hen Jacob went ou bla jour. cob

ody, and came inco the tom Tapd of the people of the reft. and k

2 And he looked, and behold, to his a wellia the field, and lo, there ban 31 were three locks of theep lying by it, for out of that wel surely they watered the docke: and a dcth: great stone was upon the wells the sp mouta.

IS 3 And tblther were all the cob, flocs perhered and the

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de sattutti
od WA kerp me in this way ale mothers brother; te
that I 80, iod will give nec cob Went near, and rolle
forced to sad riment to tone from the well

And watered the dock dll
21 So that I come szain to his mothers brorber.
mt lathen loof in perce: thea 11 And Jacob killed Rachel
fall tilke LORD be my God. lified up big volce, and wr

12 And this foge, which I 11 And Ja:ob told Ra
Mre El for 1 piller, fill be that be wes herfstbers brote
Gyda bul: and of all the cou and that be wus Rebekah
dat give me, I will furcly give and the tea and told her farbe
the trpi uoto thee.

13 And it came to pals, w CHAP. XXX Labin beard the tidings of Hen Jacob west ou bla jour. sob ble bfters fog, thit he

09, sed came into the to meet him, and embraced his od of the people of the sit. and killed him, and brought be

1 And he looked, iad bebold, to his boule. And he cold I
1 weli ta the field, and lo, there ban all these things.

were there docks of theep lying 14 And Laban said to be
by its for out of the well surely thou art my bone and of
ebey watered the docke: sad s leth: and be abode with his
great ftane ww upon the wells the space of a month,

is And Labin (ald unto
3 And barber were all the cob, Because thou ar: my be
docks gathered: and they rolled Eber, thouldA tãou thenfus
the ftone from the welis mouth, lerve me for nought? ?dl s
ssd watered the sheep, and put what fall thy wages br?
the frone agria upon the wello 16 And Lsban bad two drugi
mouth indis place.

ken: the name of the cider **
And Jacob laid unto them, Lesh, and the maine of the
Mi brethren, whence te pe? pounger aus Ricbel,
And they said, of Hurso are we. 17 Lesh was tender-ered, bali

s And he said unto shem, Rechel was beautiful and well
Kaow ye Laben the son of layoured.
bori And they said, We know 18 And Jacob loved Rachel

and fald, I will serve thee for
6 And be faid unto them, 15 yen years for Ricbol tby your
He well? And they ftid, He Is ger daughter.
well: and behold, Rachel bis

19 And Laban fuld, It is beta

daughter comer with the sheep, ter dat I give ber to cher, the

1 And be fald, Lo, it is yet that I should give her to 200
high day, neithet ds #t time that ther men : abide with me.
the catrel (hould be gathered to

10 And Jacob served feve
gether : Water ye the sheep and years for Rachel : and they
go, and feed them,

feemed unto him broek s few days
8 And they said, We cannot, for the love he had to her.
gatill sli ide docks be gathered 21 4 And Jacob fald unto L8
togetber; and all they roll the ben, Give me my wife (for my
fone from the Welle mouth; ope ore fulfilled) that I mij
iben we water tee theep.
Add sbile de yet fpake

23 And Lsbsa gathered toga
wird bem, Richs came with her all the men of the places to
lier fatberi mesp: for the kepe and made a fest.
10 And it came so pris, when svening, that he took Lesb die
jecób w Ricbel the doughe daughter, and broughr der to
fer of Laban bir murdery broefm: md be wear lo unto her.
thereby the sheep ol Labu

4 And Leben gave yoto ble

daug at



Lo la upto ber.


33 And It came to pols in the



Ruckple iPith joseph.

Generi Toerelore be tha llc with thce to nigbt for thy fons maad rates.

16 And Jacob came out of the field in the evening and Leah went out to meet aim, and faid, le Thou must come in unto me, the for furely I bave hired thee witb fe my fone mandrakes. And he no Isy with her that night.

11 Add God bearkosd unto Lesh, and (h: conceived, and giv bsre Jacob ebe fifth con.

Ina 18 And Leah faid, God bath ifi given me mine bire, because I ne, bave given my meiden to my aby busbund : and the called bis Dame Iffachar.

19 And Leab conceived again, thir and bare Jacob tbc fixth fon. ted

20 And Leab fald, God bath cotto endeed me mlek s good dowry; the ROW will my husband, dwels the with me, bacause I bare born my 2 bim fix fons : be called his


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Rd, Tertiore be belle Thou kaower bowl
witá tks to nigbe for the long ved ites, and bow thy

was with foc
18 And Jacob cine out of the 1o Far #tous lele
Beld in the evening sod Leth thou had it before I
went out to peer bin, ad fid, la sor increased unto 1
Teu matt ce in unto me, tade, sad the LORD hat
Erlotel Torre hired the witb fed obce fince my comlag
of loni mindrske, od be nowy syben esl I p:ovie
Le Hibber tást night hiine owa boule who?

17 GA barkod unto 31 And he lod, What 4
Lah, and the conceived, and give ther 1 Add Jacoblad, I
brusco de filth lon,

fbelt not give me any tale
# And Leab Said, God bath if ihou wili do this thes,
Eren de mitt tire, bectule 1 me, I will sgula leed mrak
bure given my maiden to my tby look:
bisberd: sed the called blo 3: I will patbrough a!

Bo to day, removing, for
ip And Lest conceived again, thence all the speckled and
scd burc Jacob the fixth fon. ted catte, and all the broke
10 And Lead Guld, God bath titel among the theep,
radeed me ultés good dowry; the sported and speckled sou,
now wil my husband, dweli tbe goato : and of fact Chalet
with m, because i bira born my birc.
bin fix fons: and the called bio, 13 So thal my vigbtcesky
Dame Zeb:lin.

Adiwu for me in time 1900
21 Agdalicrward the bart when it was coni: fata
daughter, and called bir dame bire before the face: me

one that not speckled
11 And God remembres (pored among the goals,
Rachel, and God bearkened to brown among the theep
ker, and opered her womb. Shall be accounted Aoica w

23. And the conceived and me,
bsre's fon; and said, God bath 34 And Laban laid, Behall,
taken away ny reproch. would It might be accordings

24 And the called his came by word.
Jofeph, sod fald, The LORD is And 'be removed the de
had add to me another lon. the be-gosto, that were all love
2: Andit came to pale, freked, and spørred, and

wbin Rschel bad bom Joleph, tbe the-goats that were spet
tbs? Jsob aid wato Lubin, led and footied, and every of
Send me 878), thst Icsy go that hed some white la ll, la
unto mine own place, sad to my Urbe brown among the liter

and give them lato the hand
16 Give Wemy wires and my or hii sone,
children, for whom I bare fer. 36 And be set three datoju
ved his, and let me go: For bey betwixt blmself and Jacob
Itou knoxett my service which and scob fed the reft of L
I have done thes.

27 And Labin sild upto hin,
P2P thise, if I bave found of green papier

, snd of the
I have learned by experience, walte ftiakes in them, a
for thy like.

18 And be feld, Appolot me
thy ivages, and I will give det. he bad pulled b:fore the Bells
And be said wito him, sbe gurtois la dhe vrstering


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banz Rocks,
17 And Jacob tock blmral

bum bee



favour in ihre eses, tarry for tel and chelouett; tod pita that th: LORD bath bclled me made the wbite appear whit

was in the rode

38 An3 bc et ste rode which




len the images that were ber fa-

20 And Jacob Atole away un.
swares to Laban the Sprian, ia
that be told him not that he

21 So he ded with all that be bad, and he rose up, and peffcd ) over the river, and set bis face A toward the mount Gilead.

9. And it was told Laban on co the bird day that Jacob was fcd. an

33 And be took bls bretbren te with him, and pursued after TE him feven days journcy and sa thuyovertook him in the mount Gilead.

24 And God came to Leben the the Syrian in a dream by night, bp and lid unto him, Tiße berdea that thou fpeak not to Jacob Roc rither good or bad.

25 Tbea Labin overtook Lit Jacob.' Now Jacob had pitched I ca bis tent in the mount : end Ls. The ben with his brethren nitched


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