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Augbten from me.
:And Jacob Aole omsy wali Wich wbomfort
Iako to Liban the Spelen, lo findelt thy fedo, let

k told him not that he live; before our bret

cern thou what to do
U So be led with all that he bre, sod tobe # to the
lied, and role up, and pelled secobikuw dol cher Re
opet the rivers and let his face holca them,
and the court Gilesde

3 And Lsban went
And I was told Labur on pobí tent, and foto Leib
the coard day that Jacob was fed. and into the two maid-fo

And be took ble beetbrea tents, but he found the
with bim, sad prsued after then went be out of Labs
hin feten des journey ; ind ad entred into Rachels tem
top overtook him in the mount 34 Now Rachel bad

the images, and put ibee
# And God come to Leben the camel furniture, and
ike Sirkan in a dream by afgbt, por ebem: end Leben fet
sod said unto bim, Tike_berd all the tent, but found
that thou fpeek not to Jacob 1:08.
ritter gocd or bad.

35 And the faid to her hu
15 Then Leben overtook Let te not displease my lode
Jacob. Now Jacob kad pitched cennot rise up before ther;
bir rent in the mount : end Ls. the cultom of women in
ben with his brethren pitched he: and de fiaecbed, bur ka
in the mount of Girado pot the images

16 And Leben fold to Jacob, 36 And Jacob wunde
Wbre but thou done, the thound chode wlih Laben: 10
bift ftolen ww uns Wirts ro fob sqfwered, end faid to Lease
me, and carried away my daugh. What is wy trespal? Wirus
ten, ss captives sale with the my lo that thou halt lo mi

pursued after me?
17 Wherefore dilda thou Rze

32. Whereas thou hoffen G
Jway secretly, and Acal sway NAD my stuff, whar baft iht.
from me and did not tell me, found of all thy houlhold-fok
tout I might have sent thee let de here before my bretbar
WIP wtih mlith, and with and thy brethren, that they albe
fongi, with cabret, and with judge betwist us both.

28 These twenty year ka 7
21 And halt not fuffered me to be with thee, by ews in
kifs my food and my daughters? tay the.gosto have not all de
zbov halt now dose fooihly in young, and the fame of

lock bave loot eaten.
39 It is to the power of my 39 That which wu rota ar
band 10 do you burt: but ebe butts, I brought not upto

God of your father (pake unto I bare the lof of it; of my be Go
me gefferalghi, saying, Taketbou did show require it, where
keed that thou speak pot to ja olen by day, or doka

cob cleber good or bad.

Jo And now thoughtbou woul 43 thus was, la sede de
deft geeds be gonc, because thou drougbt coafumed me, and her
Tore longedit after thy fathers troft by night; and my leep de
house s pst wberefore halt thou puted from miac eges.
froken my goda!

34. Andacob apswered and sears in the house, .. kan
faid to Labus Becture I was the fourteen years for by the
Bold: for I fald, Bored readers Houghters, and la gests for the


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GC ATTg LORD' which leida vato me, Rctura unto coy country, and to thy klodred, and I wiN deal well with thee :

10 I am not worthy of the Icast of all the mercies, and of aD the truth, wbich tbou bal Ahowed unto tay fervant ; for with my faff I pafled over this Jordan, and now I am become e two bands.

11 Dellver me, I pray thee, 2 from the hand of my brother, b from the band of Erau : for ieb fear him, leit be will come and smite me, and the motaer with the children.

res 12 And thou leidft, I will fure fer 1, do thee good, and make thy Ssed as the land of the fea, los wbich cannot be anonbred for 'w muldtude.

13 And be lodged there that fame night ; and took of that pre which came to his hand, a pre j cov fent for bru bla brother

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Loud wbies fuidh unto me, Imold, efy fervant food for

Chap. xiilli, xxiv.

Ifan nett.
11 And be fold, Let us take
our journey, and let us go, and

I will go before thee.
and , chile

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lest of all the mercies, tod of be will accept of me


, uod now I am become piny.

, and unto the two drive them one day, all the dock

will die.

14 Let my lord, I pray thee,

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leur bin, leit ke will come and the ford Jabbok

u the

the caildren

13 And thou lidA, I will fure sent over that be bad. do thee, thy

e grand leven times, until I come unto my lord unto


the day.

bazeik, tad killed hin : ind fols that are with me: And

he said, Want necderb it? Let

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Actets ut to country, and bind 19: for be fud, Iwballow of Jacobs thigh, ia
to dy klodred, and I will desl peale him with the precretzw that Iran,

goeth before me, and after GRAP. XXX'II.
la nor worthy of the I will fee bis face, peradie Jacob lifted up his eyes, 13 And be laid unto bim, My
Acued var hy ervant; for ver before blm : scd are and men. And be divided and berds with young art with
il the truth, wbich bou bal 21 So went the part, and with blm four dren are tender, and the Acks
wrich op listil poked of a this lodged that nigbe I been cildren unto Leb, end me, and if men thould over

11 Deliver me, I poes ther, and took his two wives, all be put the hand maids
from the band of Elw: for 1 bis deveo fool, sad pille geldbet chilren after, and and I will kad on foftis, se

hoop te hand of my broeder, by two wonnen-lerriathus elláren foremost, and pass over before bis fervant :
Inite De, and the motaer with 21 And he took then, led be pedid over before cth before me, and the cbila

rent them over the brooks ud bowed bimself to deen be able to endurt, unik
24 And Jacob was

be meer to his brother.
wolte compot be A Manbred for with him, until ke breaking neticed bim, and fell on live with the fome of the
Sed us the land of the fa, lone : and there wreAlled

it had Elou tanto notet bim, 15 And Eimu said, Let me now
fone night; and took of that prevailed not sgaloft bis 5 And be lift up tis eget, und me lid grece in the fight of

17 And be lodged bere that 25 And when he boy wept.
which come to be hind, 3 pr. touched the hollow our te worden end the child my lord,

thigh : and the hollow of we; indiaid, who are those
14 Two hundred to goats coba thleb wis out of jopa Athce? And be fald, The day on his way unto Scir.

26 And be kn, Le Cody given tbs servant.
ebelt colis, forty kins and ten 13, I will not let thee Abo, they and their children, therefore the name of the place
15 Thure milcb camels with for the day break th: A Theo, the bin maidens come and made booths for his cattel:

27 And be laid untold Lerb alio with her
16 And be delivered them into What Is by name? And Italia cube Redl, and bowed leni city of Shebem, whicha

28 And he said, The Journeat and Rachel, and when he came from Padin-d.
unto his fervapis, Pale over be hall be called no more at the bowed themselves.
Fore me, sod put a fpat da. but thenel: for 818 príoce a tad belald, What meanest fore the cliy.

thou power w Itb God and will loon ball the drove, which I foremost, Gaplog, when Efau mg, 19. And Jeab sked her to find once in the fight of my his teat, at the band of the erá tike, fesiog Whose are name: And he said, Whereo 9 And Bfou fuld, I have either, for en bandicà pieces And whose are there before my name and be ble ned i bobl into thy felf.

16 And lucco Gold, Nay, Sier, and called it El-elobt.

30 And Jacob called the att plythet, now I have found Ifrasi. prescat lent unto my lord Elu: Teen God face to face, and as fast at my hand : for zhy serviat Jacobs, it is abftae place Pendel: for IMT gratia tyfight, then receive

3! And as-hc pelled over though Ibud feca the face of lacob, went out to Ice the daughe 19 Aad fo commanded be the puel, the fon role upon him, 101 God, witbou was pleased withaters of the land.

31 Therefore the collect the pray thee, ny bler. lof Hamor the Hivile prince of 118, On this manoer hall you Irael wat nol of the finew sing dat is brougbt fo tbee the country saw ber, he took pesk anto Elaw, when you find abka (hrank. which upon betula Godbath dealt graciously her, and lay with her, an de

Hoe hollow of the chigo, pro Wlla be, and because I have led her, 1o And loy ja sotcovei, Be this da: bisaule in touched enough and be wiged him,

told took .
33 And be rose up the states

3 And when Shechem the lon

font for Blau hia brother,
and twenty he-gosti, two bun- be wreftled witb blm.
didd eus ad treaty rains,

16So Efau returaed that drea 17 And to

Succoth, and butit human house,

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, twenty fas-ales and ten cep?ibou bless me. foles. the band of bia fervants, every fold, Jacob.


lo called Succotla.

18 And Jacob came to Sha. bakley: and after came in in the land of ',

(wixt drove sad drove.

11 And he commanded the men, and bait prevailed,

ram and pitched his tent be

19 And be bought a parcel Dal? And be keld, These are of a field, where he had spread

children of Hamer Stichting acapá, my brocher, keep thet of money,

20 And he erected there sa

brorber mestecy case, and ask fald, Tell me, I prap there, we dond. thou i and wbitbar goeft thou? Wit, that thou doft ask efte


18 Ther thou thalt (17, They

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3 And big foul clare unto DI. ath the daughter of Jacob, and


Dinab tavlhed.

Gencfia he loved the demfel; and (pake bp kindly vátorke damsel.

ELE 4. Aod Sbechem spake uato hli father Hemor, fay lag, Get de me this demsel to wife.

s And Jacob heard that he had ans defiled Dinab his daughter, en (now bls fons were with his csttel in the field :) and Jacob unc held bis pesce until they were aber come.

ter, 6 f And Hemor the fatser of 1 Shechem went out unto Jacob Ham to comihune with him.

Con. 7 And the fons of Jacob came 19 our of the ficht when they ferre beard it, and the men were cause grieved, and they were very daug wroak: because be hsd wrought pour folly in Israel, in lying with a bis fa cobs daughter; wbich thing ougat not to be done.

chem # And Hamor communed with gste them, saying, The foul of my acd fon Shechem onerch fou

10 And ye shall dwell wiib us for wires, and let ind
Abercinj sud get you podelions consent unto us, for to ir

13. Skall actibel azttel, with
and whary: dal fog mato me, I heir fubdiance, in cvetj. By the

of theirs be ours? only be the

24 And unto Hansor and to get
wato me : but give me toc dan. Shechem bil fog bearbeitet i

that went out of the fate olanline
(wered Sissehem scd Amm'r cum:lled, at the went of the w
11 Aud the fons of Jacob in city: and every mosle wat die

the third das when they habet
14 And they said vafo th:m, fort, the two of the son of the

26 And they new flavor teclus

be loved ik damkl, tod faks, that every reale ei!
tadt adto the dark

Elécumelfed ;
And Skechea (pake unto

16 Tood will we et
Mi Futket Hemor, laging Get daughten unto you,
ett denied to when

all take your daughter
And toob heard that he bed and we will dwell will
deild Dicsb bir daughter, land we wll become
cow bly loss were with bote 11 But if yo will not be
ested in the field :) god Jacob wcó th, to be claus
beld bio pece until they were bea wild we like our

Her, and we will be gone
6f And Humor the father of it and their wordel
Stechem went out unto Jacob Hamar, and Skechem
O COTIRUOC with him.

7 And be fans of Jacob ceme

19 And the young mer
Out of the field when they ferred not to do the talns,
beard it, and the men were rufe be hid delight in
frieved, and they were very daughter and he ne moe
wrote: becaule he had wrought noumble thuo all the ball
folly lo lírtel, ia lying with a blefacker
cobs daughter, wbick to lag, 20 And Homer and
ougat not to be donc.

them wig fon cene un
i Abd Hammor communed with base of their city, and to:
tben, faying, The foul of my ned with the mea of the
son Shechem longech for your faying,
deaghter: I pray you give ber 11 Thele men alle per
bim to wifs.

with us, tagrefore le
9. And make ya marriager dwell in the land s38
with ustgasd give yourdsugbo tercla ;- for ibe band, beta
IENS UDIO w, sad také our daugt- it in large enough for le
IAM unto you,

let us take their deugeren
ut; and the land foull be beo then our daughter.
fore you; dwell and trade vou 31 Only bereid will be

with vi, to be one people 11 And Shecken filed unto her every male among us be cran father, and into ber brethren, tiled, as they are circuimet Let me fiad grace la sources, dowry sed gift, so I will wiidwell wiib us. give according 18-se du fay fel po wife, bio farber deseitiulls, and said, Lie gste of bile cics. (because he bed de fled Diazd 25 And it came to put ibelr fifter) We canecot do tale thing, to fob, Stineon and Level, Dla give our fister to one that is us Loretbeep, toob esch man circumciled: for that were word, and cime upon the reproach unto ur.

beldis, and low stdmelen
is Butin tale will we consent
unto you: If ye will be wc Shechen his son with cash

12: Ask me ceru so much confent unto toern, and Contain: will give

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