Sidor som bilder

to the most High and Mighty

JAMES, by the Grace of God, King
Britais, France, and Ireland, Defender

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Tks Tier Nitown of ebe BIBLE, with Grace,

erd Peace, through lilus chrift our Lord. Red and maxtfold were the Blefones (mot dread

calisi Aigay. God, the Feter of all Mercus U

wow the People of Boglind, when fort be

MFA? Royal Perfort to Rec and Rien evit deres or us the Erructaion of many ). wko wifba not

21 Daniel

The Nomes and Order of all Ilie Boeks of the Old
Aino Trifament, with the Number of their Chapteen
Enelis hach Cha. Proverbs hath Chapter u

So Ecclefiaftes

The Sang of Solomion



36 Jeremiah

34 Lamentacións Deuteronomy




Hasha, thc et the fasting of. Tout briz : Occis!

kan Binalverb of moft baper Monery, some thick Ana Ruch

best of Daku's rould fo have ouerhudomed tris LI Samuel

kerala cu bun in doubt which they mit to 11. Samuel

Det Dewalt hool, be known, wie wu to klarat she ). Kings

Det: Tu Amo of your Wajeru of the su

Strash, tash dispelled those fupposed and furmi
I. Rings

** ftude all the matt pellaf eds exceeding cause
I. Chronicles.

for thickly thing beheld the Government et ab ifh II. Chronicles

Agasin end your hopeful Ste* by an undowted til, 6.

ka pred its Pristas Tranquility home and Aer

BX day ons teert u NO one that more

Bet toes the Tea cotinuence of the Preaching of Go-

Weingit w; wish lishe iniftimable Treafure, whice

te tanto the Earth, because the poult taereof (*

mata od boleth Met Obat Hand Happiness whics

atly to the time spent in tuttanfitory World

31 Joel

24 Amos
23] Obadiah :
29 Micala
30 Nahum
10 Habakkuk
13 Zephaniah
10 Haggai
350 Malachi

The Books of the New Testamento

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a1 Titus

press Mark

101. Timothy

24. II. Timothy
The Ads. 28|Philemon
The Epistle to the Ro To the Hebrews

1. Corinthians 161. Peter:
II. Corinthians

13 IL Peter Galatians

TJoha Ephefians

II. John Philippiens

| 1n. Johin Coloffians

I Thellalonians Revelations

The act to suffer les fill to the ground, but rather
y Hous, did lieuth: No, to go for 4*4 WIS The

Rian of Matte be maintaining the Truth of
Atthew hash Cha-{I1. Thesalonians hath Cha Mea continua di in the State, wherein the famous Po

profunga jana na is that watch hath se bound
28/1 pters

latte Hists of TOMT Majuty Loyal and Religious IT VIT) Nome is precious among them; tkr

bunlayn with Comfort, and ibry dless you in their Hearts,

13 Prolon hunker Gols the londiale Auskeur of Sony nett's their conteniment doth not diminis

thagor Metely towards the House of God, dot
16 The Epistle of James Skrun Duytrerujeth and tabeth Arength, when they

Sheknot, intl More and more klaaled, ni feking it
late forbrit parts of Chrif.endom, by Writlag in Def
Tatkhathi fuole & Blow unto the Man of
Dalt, o quenting the House of God, by Hearin

Bled) and every Day 4 Horny by Religions a
word by Cserijhirgte Teachers thereof by Caring for

Tender As Louing Nurfang Fiber
That infinite A Ronents of this right Chrifinn =
lephan the verement and perperfsre of the

*ing of at Work which 70t with all Hamilt
10 ya ft. Bå hen your Alzeness at once out

ti& TEMA 4ow convaleat i Asy That 04 OF


your Majets ; But none is more forcible to

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The Epide Dedicator Sacred Tongues, fogether wifi comparing of Van, ana otarr Firsign Languages, of many before us, **.relhould be one marc Exaci Tras prures into tkr Englith Tongue : sour Majlis And to oxcit Inofe to whom li nes COM*70ndea be haftned, and thus ibe B fline's mighe be Manner, as a marir of fuco importance miga

And non, at luft, og tre Mercy of God, our Labours is being bought unro such a concl grFKD Hope that the Cource of Bagland Bill re W kold de Dur Dare to offör. it to DXT MY! King and Sovereign, but to the prizoipal tec Work : Humbly craving of your mort Sacr thing of this Quality bate rver been fijiet meaning and arfcontensed Perfons, it may reta Pastorage from fo Lens nud nna Juriciour a P #sywhef ÁLopance and Acceptance of our Lah. and incourage us, than all the Calumniatons 47 of orayr Men fall ifway ksd 80tkarty on 1 traduira tr Pepillo Perfonrad Howe or Aroa mal gaus, brcasso we are poor Inftruments to to be get more and more known kötve Prople, To krep in Tgnorance and Darkness: Oxfonicke maligned by fer conoskod Brehrony who run

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The Firfo Book of Moses, called GENESIS.

morning were the third day.
trea este o come and being her in the firma tens of
the ema.

the beeven, to divide the deg.
And the earth was from the night : sad la them
wtbut form sed

void, be for sig sand for seasons, and the darknega was upon for days and

14 And let them be for lights And God said, Let there be ind it wu fo.

to give light upon the earth i

16 And God made two great

the of deep:

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makng esa arcentense Perfons, de muy resina Approbation and to, sa kofi Alsance and Accipience of our Labcurs fall merr Hanoi and decurage us, than all me Celumniatons ana bara interpretation of stur Mert fall marks] * Solter.jf on the one fide wolone fretaire ép Pepito Perfonie et Home or Aroad, who thirefore all

17 And God let them in the

Domniig were tbefriday,

And God feld, Let sber
le stes from the waters
1 And God made the firina-
Wich sert under the fires:

give light upon the earth,

18 Add to rule over the day

de tenis, and that the Bank bcxpeditna h fo Affista
Mod 303, klett, by tw More God, una sw Continuem Soluke o God moved upon tht in the firmament of the besken,

to Rood: and God divided the day, and the Iller light
maling, of ists Ourity haze fur bien faipat to the Cenfures of the light from the darknele. ! to rule the nigar: he made the
w Tark: Huwbiz craving of por mot Sacred Moints, that finck And God law the light that ligbti, the greater light to rule

Night and the tealog and te fiemoment of the beaven, to
Pestorage from fo Leondan faricione Prince as your Highed And God called the light fan allo.
Malaga ki, bicarfo e mi poor Inaruwants to make Goals koly Tan Brement la the midst of and over the night, and to die
on Mon in more knonn umore Puple, bons cost dehra Wieri, and let it divide the light from the darknen:

tat, el divided the watere morniag were the fourth day.

mat, from the water which witcrt bring forth abundantly Truth and Mey of good confcienter, having walked the wore above the firmament, and the moving creature that bath

& And God called the firmt bore th: earth in the open fire West Haven': ind tocavenlas mament of heaven.

and car soraing Wite the re

ten vorder the heaven be gather water brought forth abua. mild many lingular 176 1Xirkorden Grices ; fo you may hell And God Guid. Litths & turt that moveth, which the

let the dry land appear : and itlivery winged fowl after his 14, to ih Harf toe Great GOD, and in Goof of

Wastaranto one place, and Bantly after their kind, and

be Suur: and God stw that it bly and fill the waters in the
toritate of the waters called Taylog, Be fruitfut; and molil.

and God law that I was good.

29 And the evening and the 25 And God fald, Let the

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Ike, ana fourt that may hic 4

to turn in Ignorance and Derknefs: Dr for the other Jout the fuá nauugned by far conosheed Brinhron; who wan xul own ways, as glus likte tou o norting, 'til webas franga by thenfoltos, and her marta on the Apoll, we murit ficure, japporúra nishing by Suplietty ana integrity, as before the Evra ; erd Juften not both by ste pomrful Protection of your doj-fy's Grace and Favosor, boutin will nur give Conntenance to Honest and Coristian Baca Tupy aguint Beter Cenfants, Ana Uncharte de Imputacions

The Lord of Heaven and Earth blaf your Majoty with kepy Dogs, esot as rir herrenly Hand hath enrichau gout Highreb Honder of tw World is this latter Ase, for Happiness and true e urch, shrouge fuat Corff our 20** and only Saviour.

11 And God created great Wbsies, and every living cregar


1o And God called the dry good. land Earth, and the gathering

kind and God few that it wes

22 And God blefled then,

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13. And the eveaing and the

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34 And God said, Let the

Srbing reco, se tbs frultree morging were the fifth day.
Wohled writ felf, upot the kinth bring forth the living

At the earth brougtic and creeping thing and beat
ctviter ble kind, and be trce It was fo.
In fond of tbe earth after bis kind, and
had the evening and the every thing ibat creepeth upon

A 3

crzsturt after bis kind, cattel

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15 And God made the boat

catted after their kind, and

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The forf fabbath.

Geneas, the carta after Hs kind : and of the bes God few that it was good.

wben tac 26 And God fuis, Let ug day that mak: man in our image, after the cutb out liberefs : sod leuibcm bare $ Aade demiäion over the fich of the before it saa, sad over the fowit of the every hier atr, and over the catiel, and it gicw : over all the carth, and over eve not causes ry creeplag tving that creeperb carth, and upon tbc euih.

to till the 27 So God created man in his 6 Bitt owa Image, so th: impage of God from the es creerd he bim: male and female whole face cetare: b: them.

7 Andd 28 And God bend them, msn of the 8.30 God isid unto them, Be end, breath kuliful, and muldply, and re. the breath plznlíh the earth, and subdue cime a liv! it : and bave domin' on over the 8 And fit of the fes, and over the ed z garden fowl of the alr, and over every and there be living thing but moveik upon he bad form the carth.

9-Aada 39 And God said, Behold, made this

wbro they were created. In the midst of good and evil, eat of it, acither Inall ye touch

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Herdege laktosedendo Chap, ii). Meno Phangerful falla

Ba oi dhe tree of the den, God hard sold, Ye hall not
tios dale act eat of It: for in it, left ye die.
hora do eter thou cicef ebercof, 4 And the Carpent (ud unto

ilie womin, Ye chall not surely
And the LORD Godfald, die.
to Bood that the man

3 For God doth know, that

your eyri Thall be opened and * And out of the ground the ye tou be a Gods, knowing Wand God formed every but good and evil.

frxx clone: I will make in the day ye uut thereof, then

Na teklo muet for him.

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De Geld, tod every lowl of 6 And wbtn the woman low

UR, À brought them unto tant the tree 14 good for
Hie 10 kt what he would food, and that it was plealust

thera : 1.2 whatsorver A to the eyes and a free to be
18 And Ged belted thein, so of the dea of the ground stardid every living creaturc, défired to m ke one wilsThe

uth and to the fowl cf husband with her, and he old

". Generit.
i curte after as kind: and of the besrennend of the carb

Gulv chut nu good,
lan, a 7 And God fuit,. Let us dog that he LORD God made
drfere with mas la out inike, after chezenib and the testen,
sa ib: sod let them ka76

5 And every plant of the field,
sice over the fid of the before it was to the cereb, and
a, and ove the fowl of the every herb of the field, before
es, and over the curiel, ond irgiche: for the LORD God bed

prerollik cuib, sad over eve not cided it to raio-wponibi ou

ni creeping iting that crrepeth earch, and there was not a mua pro

to till the ground.

13 So God created man in his 6 But there went up 1 mit
swalang, in the image of Good from the card, and water debe
ertated be bio : male and female whole face of the ground.
: then.

7. And the LORD God forred
Pand Got lid unto them, Bc and breathed into the nel rilie
Mgad fulful, and muldply, and to the brestb.of life, and man be

slotell the mili, ad fubdue came a livig foul.
17: and have domia os over the

8 And the LORD God plant
Bel of the us, and over every sad there be put eke man wpon
linicg thłog ibst moveth upon be bad formed.
the con

9. And out of the ground
U19 And God luid, Behold, made the LORD God to grow
gh I bare given you every berbe every tree ebat in pkalane to the

Leslag led, which is upon the fight, and good for food :
m list of all the currb, and every tree of life also in the midt of

, lo sbe which is the frude the garden, and the tree of
d's tres y Asia; leed:
to you knowledge of good and evil

boll be for mear.

10 And a river went out 3o And to every best of the Bdeo to water

the garden wild, and to every fowl of the from thcace it was purced, and

, iad to every blug that became into four ficadı. cter perb upon the certb, wberce

the wu the name thereof.

And Aden give nama to
the ols, sad stay best of ent.

tock of the fruit thereof, and

est, and give ello unro her

bor te lei, ind over the cd garden caft. ward in Edeid: but for Adım ther:

kaud La belo meleret 7. And the eyes of them both

for were opened, and they knew

that they were pak.d: and they w. And the Lord God cau- fewed Releaves

together, and

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garden in the cool cf the day :

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bevato the man

And Adam Cald, This is

of the garden.

9 Add the LORD God celler

Hadeep Riep to fill upon & mide themselves apropi.

barn, 450 e A:pr: and be took 8 And they beard the volce of ebe

of Marbe, and closed up the LORD God walkicg in the Lord God had taken from no, themselves from the presence of

Adibrib, which the and Adam iud bb wife bid of

bei Woman, and brought the LORD God amongit tas trece

Bu bone my bones, and unto Adam, und lad uato klime
1 The de ne of the frit of my lila: fat shall be Wacts art thou?

Tarifare man letve afraid, brcaufa 194 gekd; toid
II greca bab for jucat : ind It ferb cbc whole lond d Havista Who out of min.
in the site, Invizioni che. Pilogi that is it wbicb compiled Woman, because the WIB

12 And the 3 Jd of father and bls mother, and I blame Celf.

the man ind bis wife, tad were manded tbce, that thou thould

And they were both nk d, caren of the tree, wherzolt coin. but he bad mede, end bedold, to good : tback bdellium and Ashleite apto bis wife and T1 and kefuld, who told thes

10 sabe lerpent W88 mote man, whom thou givetro br belwoich the LORD God his tree, and I did est,

bill than any beast of the with me, the gave me of the wy, Yua, bath God ald, Ye unto thc w mir, Warts to follt ut of every tice of ide Imus thou toft done? And the

Thad the woman fald uoto gulled mr, indt did ear.

the leapest, We may eat of the
16 Aad the LORD God.contents the teet of the far unto the Ceipzal, B.cause thos

Tout of the fruit of the tree above all cutte, ard tor:
Wacat la theralda of the fat every best of the sizla :p

10 and he said, I heard thy volce la ths ga den: And I WS

wu lo

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that thou wat naked) baft thog

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not cat?

12 And the min feid, Tarwo.

h and be said into ibe

wbete skers to gold.
"It And God. low-every thing
tres very good. And thoeven the onyx.fone.
ing and ths morning were the 13 And the line of the le
birth day.

cond siper la Gihop: the line
GHAP. II. ft that compelled the whole
eurih were boldhed, and

14 And the otme of the third all the bolt of 10cm

flour Is Hilddekel: that will 2 And on the seventh dasGd whleh goceh toward the eil ended ble work which he had a Tyria. And the fourib siva zide: and be reped on the is Eupbrates Seventh day from all his work

15 And the LORD God took which he tad mide,

the man, and put blm lato tbe 3 And God blessed the ferenih garden of Eden, todella ke and 615, and findifed it: becaule to keep it. roar in lo he had relted from 2 bls work, wkleh God created msaded tbe man, faring; Of ove and makes

ty free of the garden thou mesco 4 Theke 477, the generations fictly ext :

13. And the LORD God 7

woman fald, The forgeat be.

14 And the LORD God said bait done ibis, rtcu art curled

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