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any desire the prayers of the


this, O Lord, for the mend to thy fatherly honour of our Advocate goodness all those who and Mediator, Jesus are any ways afflictChrist. Amen.

ed, or distressed, in

mind, body, or estate; A Prayer for all Con- [* especially ditions of Men.


for be said when whom

Congregation. and Preserver of desired ;] that it may all mankind, we hum. please thee to comfort bly beseech thee for all and relieve them, acsorts and conditions of cording to their sevemen; that thou would- ral necessities; giving est be pleased to make them patience under thy ways known unto their sufferings, and a them, thy saving health happy issue out of all unto all nations. More their afflictions. And especially we pray for this we beg for Jesus thy holy Church uni- Christ's sake. Amen. versal; that it may be so guided and go- A General Thanksverned by thy good giving. Spirit, that all who profess and call them- LMIGHTY God, selves Christians may

of all be led into the way mercies, we, thine unof truth, and hold the worthy servants, do faith in unity of spirit, give thee most hum. in the bond of peace, ble and hearty thanks and in righteousness of for all thy goodness life. Finally, we com- and loving-kindness to

AL Father

any desire to



to them,

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us, and to all . This may days; through Jesus men; [*par- be said when

Christ our Lord, to ticularly to return thanks whom, with thee and those who de- vouchsafed to

the Holy Ghost, be sire now

all honour and glory, offer up their praises world without end. Aand thanksgivings for men. thy late mercies vouchsafed unto them.] We A Prayer of bless thee for our crea- St. Chrysostom. tion, preservation, and all the blessings of this LMIGHTY God, life; but above all, for who hast given thine inestimable love us grace at this time in the redemption of with one accord to the world by our Lord make our common supJesus Christ; for the plications unto thee; means of grace, and for and dost promise that the hope of glory. And, when two or three are we beseech thee, give gathered together in us that due sense of all thy Name thou wilt thy mercies, that our grant their requests; hearts may be unfeign- Fulfil now, O Lord, edly thankful; and that the desires and petiwe show forth thy tions of thy servants, praise, not only with as may be most expeour lips, but in our dient for them; grantlives, by giving up our ing us in this world selves to thy service, knowledge of thy truth, and by walking before and in the world to thee in holiness and come life everlasting. righteousness all our | Amen.

2 Cor. xiii. 14. and the fellowship of THE grace of our the Holy Ghost, be

with us all evermore. and the love of God, | Amen.

TLord Tesus Christ


Here endeth the Order of Morning Prayer,



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The Minister shall begin the Evening Prayer by reading one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture ; and then he shall say that which is written after them. But on days other than the Lord's Day, he may, at his discretion, pass at once from the Sentences to the Lord's Prayer. THE LORD is in his the incense; and let

holy temple: let the lifting up of my all the earth keep si- hands be an evening lence before him. sacrifice. Psalm cxli. 2.

Hab. ii. 20. O worship the LORD LORD, I have loved in the beauty of holithe habitation of thy | ness; let the whole house, and the place earth stand in awe of where thine honour him. Psalm xcvi. 9. dwelleth. Psalm xxvi. 8. Let the words of my

Let my prayer be set mouth, and the meditforth in thy sight as ation of my heart, be alway acceptable in among the Gentiles; thy sight, O LORD, my and in every place instrength and my re- cense shall be offered deemer. Psalm xix. 14, 15. unto my Name, and a

pure offering: for my Watch ye, for ye Name shall be great know not when the among the heathen, master of the house saith the LORD of hosts. cometh, at even, or at

Mal. i. 11. midnight, or Come ye, and let us Advent.

at the cock- walk in the light of crowing, or in the the LORD. And he will morning : lest coming teach us of his ways, suddenly he find you and we will walk in his sleeping. St.Mark xiii.35,86. paths. Isaiah ii. 6, 8.

Repent ye; for the He hath made him Kingdom of heaven is to be sin for us, who at hand. St. Matt. iii. 2. Good

knew no sin; Behold, the taber- Friday. that we might nacle of God is with be made the righteousChristmas, men, and he ness of God in him. "will dwell with

2 Cor. v. 21. them, and they shall In whom we have be his people, and God redemption through himself shall be with his blood, the forgivethem, and be their ness of sins, according God.

Rev. xxi. 3. to the riches of his From the rising of grace.

Eph. i. 7. the sun even unto the If ye then be risen going down of

with Christ, Easter.

seek those Name shall be great things which are above,

Epiphany. the same my

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for us.

where Christ sitteth
on the right hand of When the wicked
Col. iii. 1. man

turneth away Christ is not entered from his wickedness into the holy places that he hath commit

made with ted, and doeth that Ascension.

hands, which which is lawful and are the figures of the right, he shall save his true; but into heaven soul alive. Ezek. xviii. 27. itself, now to appear

I acknowledge my in the presence of God transgressions: and my

Heb. ix. 24. sin is ever before me. The Spirit and the

Psalm li. 3. bride say, Come. And Hide thy face from Whitsun. let him that my sins, and blot out day. heareth say, all mine iniquities. Come. And let him

Psalm li. 9. that is athirst come. The sacrifices of God And whosoever will, let are a broken spirit : a him take the water of broken and a contrite life freely. Rev. xxii. 17. heart, O God, thou wilt

O send out thy light not despise. Psalm li. 17. and thy truth, that they Rend your heart, may lead me, and bring and not your garments, me unto thy holy hill, and turn unto the LORD and to thy dwelling. your God: for he is

Psalm xliii. 8. gracious and merciful, Holy, holy, holy, is slow to anger, and of Trinity

the LORD of great kindness, and Sunday. hosts :

the repenteth him of the whole earth is full of evil.

Joel ii, 13. his glory. Isaiah vi. 3. To the Lord our God

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