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this thy servant, here lying under the sudden visitation of thine band. If it be thy will, preserve his life, that there may be place for repentance; but if thou hast otherwise appointed, let thy mercy supply to him the want of the usual opportunity for the trimming of his lamp. Stir up in him such sorrow for sin, and such fervent love to thee, as may in a short time do the work of many days: that among the praises which thy saints and holy angels shall sing to the honour of thy mercy through eternal ages, it may be to thy unspeakable glory, that thou hast redeemed the soul of this thy servant from eternal death, and made him partaker of the everlasting life, which is through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

mer iniquities į thy wrath lieth hard upon him, and his soul is full of trouble. But, o merciful God, who bast written thy holy Word for our learning, that we, through patience and comfort of thy holy Scriptures, might have hope ; give him a right understanding of himself, and of thy threats and promises; that he may neither cast away his confidence in thee, nor place it any where but in thee. Give him strength against all his temptations, and heal all his distempers. Break not the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax. Shut not up thy tender mercies in displeasure, but make him to hear of joy and gladness, that the bones which thou bast broken may rejoice. Deliver him from fear of the enemy, and lift up the light of thy countenance upon him, and give him peace, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. A Prayer which may be said by the

Minister in behalf of all present

at the Visitation. O GOD, whose days are without

end, and whose mercies cannot be numbered ; Make us, we beseech thee, deeply sensible of the shortness and uncertainty of human life; and let thy Holy Spirit lead us through this vale of misery, in holiness and righteousness, all the days of our lives: that, when we shall have served thee in our generation, we may be gathered unto our fathers, having the testimony of a good conscience; in the communion of the catholic Church ; in the confidence of a certain faith; in the comfort of a reasonable, religious, and holy hope; in faveur with thee our God, and in perfect charity with the world! All which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. A Prayer which may be said in

case of sudden surprise and immediate danger. 0

MOST gracious Father, we fly unto thee for mercy in behalf of

A Thanksgiving for the beginning

of a Recovery. AREAT and mighty God, who u bringest down to the grave, and bringest up again ; We bless thy won. derful goodness, for having turned our heaviness into joy and our mourning into gladness, by restoring this our brother to some degree of his former health. Blessed be thy Name that thou didst not forsake him in his sickness; but didst visit him with comforts from above; didst support him in patience and submission to thy will; and at last didst send him seasonable relief. Perfect, we beseech thee, this thy mercy towards him, and prosper the means which shall be made use of for his cure: that, being restored to health of body, vigour of mind, and cheerfulness of spirit, he may be able to go to thine house, to offer thee an oblation with great gladness, and to bless thy holy Name for all thy goodness towards him; through Jesus Christ our Saviour, to whom, with thee and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

Forasmuch as all mortal men are subject to many sudden perils, diseases, and sicknesses, and ever uncertain that time they shall depart out of this life; therefore, to the intent they miy be always in readiness to die, whensoerer it shall please Almighty God to call them, the Ministers shall diligently from time to time (but especially in the time of pestilence, or other infectious sickness) exhort their parishioners to the often receiring of the Holy Communion of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, when it shall be publicly administered in the Church; that so doing, they may, in case of sudden visitation, have the less cause to be disquieted for lack of the same. But if the sick person be not able to come to the Church, and yet is desirous to receive the Communion in his house ; then he must give timely notice to the Minister, signifying also how many there are to communicate with him, (which shall be two at the least ;) and all things necessary being prepared, the Minister shall there celebrate the Holy Communion, beginning with the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel, here following. The Collect.

The Epistle. Heb. xii. 5. ALMIGHTY reverliving kind, who dostcorrect those M¥son, despise not thou whom thou dost love, and Lord, nor faint when thou chastise every one whom art rebuked of him: for thou dost receive; We be- whom the Lord loveth he seech thee to have mercy chasteneth, and scourgeth upon this thy servant visit

every son whom he receiv. ed with thine hand, and to

eth. grant that he may take his sickness patiently, and re

The GospelSt. John v. 24. cover his bodily health, if it be thy gracious will; and VERILY, verily,

I say

unto you, He that hearthat, whensoever his soul eth my word, and believeth shall depart from the body, him that sent me, hath it may be without spot pre. everlasting, life, and shall sented unto thee; through not come into condemnaJesus Christ our Lord. A. tion; but is passed from men.

death unto life, After which the Minister shall proceed according to the form before prescribed for the Holy Communion, beginning at these words, Ye who do truly, etc. At the time of the distribution of the holy Sacrament, the Minister shall first receive the Communion himself, and after minister unto those who are appointed to communicate with the sick, and last of all to the sick person. In the times of contagious sickness or disease, or when extreme weakness renders it expedient, the following form shall sufice: The Confession and the Absolution; Lift up your hearts, etc., through the Sanctus : The Prayer of Consecration, ending with these words, partakers of his most blessed Body and Blood; The

Communion; The Lord's Prayer; The Blessing. S But if a man, either by reason of extremity of sickness, or for

want of warning in due time to the Minister, or for lack of company to receive with him, or by any other just impediment, do not receive the Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood, the Minister shall instruct him, that if he do truly repent him of his sins, and stedfastly believe that Jesus Christ hath suffered death upon the Cross for him, and shed his Blood for his redemption, earnestly remembering the benefits he hath thereby, and giving him hearty thanks therefor, he doth eat and drink the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ profitably to his soul's health, although he do not receive the Sacrament with his mouth. When the sick person is visited, and receiveth the Holy Communion all at one time, then the Minister, for more erpedition, shall cut off the form of the Visitation at the Psalm, and go

straight to the Communion. 1 In the times of contagious sickness or disease, when none of the

Parish or neighbours can be gotten to communicate with the sick in their houses, for fear of the infection, upon special request of the diseased, the Minister alone may communicate with him. This Office may be used with aged and bed-ridden persons, or such as are not able to attend the

public Ministration in Church, substituting the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel for the Day, for those appointed above.




I he

Here is to be noted, that the Office ensuing is not to be used for any unbaptized adults, any who die excommunicate, or who

have laid violent hands upon themselves. | The Minister, meeting the Corpse at the entrance of the Church

yard, and going before it, either into the Church or towards the Grave, shall suy or sing,

Selections, taken from the 39th the life, saith the Lord :

and 90th Psalms.

ORD, let me though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whoso- of my days : that I may be ever liveth and believeth certified how long I have in me, shall never die, St. to live. John xi. 25, 26.

Behold, thou hast made

my days as it were a span KNOW that my redeem- long : and mine age is even

as nothing in respect of shall stand at the latter day thee; and verily every man upon the earth: and though living is altogether vanity. after my skin worms de- For man walketh in a stroy this body, yet in my vain shadow, and disquietflesh shall I see God: whom eth himself in vain : he I shall see for myself, and heapeth up, riches, and canmine eyes shall behold, and not tell who shall gather not another. Job xix. 25, them. 26, 27.

And now, Lord, what is my hope : truly my hope is

even in thee. to this world, and it Deliver me from all mir is certain we can carry no-.

offences : and make me not thing out. The Lord gave, a rebuke unto the foolish. and the LORD hath taken When thou with rebukes away; blessed be the name dost chasten man for sin, of the LORD. 1 Tim. vi. 7. thou makest his beauty to Job i. 21.

consume away, like as it After they are come into the

were a moth fretting a garChurch, shall be said or sung

ment: every man therefore one or both of the following

is but vanity.


Hear my prayer, O LORD, thy displeasure : and are and with thine ears con- afraid at thy wrathful insider my calling : hold not dignation. thy peace at my tears;

Thou hast set our misFor I am a stranger with deeds before thee : and our thee, and a sojourner : as secret sins in the light of all my fathers were.

thy countenance, O spare me a little, that I For when thou art angry may recover my strength : all our days are gone : we before I go hence, and be bring our years to an end, no more seen.

as it were a tale that is Glory be to the Father, told. and to the Son : and to the The days of our age are Holy Ghost;

threescore years and ten; As it was in the begin- and though men be so strong ning, is now, and ever shall that they come to fourscore be : world' without end. years : yet is their strength Amen.

then but labour and sorrow;

so soon passeth it away, and TORP, thou hast been our we are gone.

U refuge : from one gen- O teach us to number our eration to another.

days : that we may apply Before the mountains our hearts unto wisdom. were brought forth, or ever Glory be to the Father, the earth and the world and to the Son : and to the were made : thou art God

Holy Ghost; from everlasting, and world As it was in the begin. without end.

ning, is now, and ever shall Thou turnest man to de

be : world without end. struction : again thou say. Amen. est, Come again, ye children of men.

Then shall follow the Lesson, For a thousand years in

taken out of the fifteenth thy sight are but as yester

Chapter of the first Épistle of

St. Paul to the Corinthians. day : seeing that is past as a watch in the night.

1 Cor. xv. 20. As soon as thou scatterest them they are even as a sleep : and fade away sud- the firstfruits of them that denly like the grass.

slept. For since by man In the morning it is green, came death, by man came and groweth up : but in also the resurrection of the the evening it is cut down, dead. For as in Adam all dried up, and withered. die, even so in Christ shall For we consume away in all be made alive. But every

NW is Christ

risen from

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