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10 Teach me to do the 7 Send down thine hand thing that pleaseth thee; from above : deliver me, for thou art my God : let and take me out of the thy loving Spirit lead me great waters, from the hand forth into the land of right- of strange children; eousness.

8 Whose mouth talketh 11 Quicken me, O LORD, of vanity : and their right for thy Name's sake : and hand is a right hand of for thy righteousness' sake wickedness. bring my soulout of trouble. 9 I will sing a new song

12 And of thy goodness unto thee, O God : and slay mine enemies : and sing praises unto thee upon destroy all them that vex a ten-stringed lute. my soul; for I am thy ser- 10 Thou hast given vicvant.

tory unto kings : and hast delivered David thy servant

from the peril of the sword. THE THIRTIETH DAY.

11 Save me, and deliver Morning Prayer. me from the hand of strange PSALM 144.

children whose mouth Benedictus Dominus. talketh of vanity, and their BWI

LESSED be the LORD right hand is a right hand

my strength:who teach- of iniquity : eth my hands to war, and 12 T'hat our sons may my fingers to fight :

grow up as the young 2 My hope and my for- plants : and that our daughtress, my castle and deliv. ters may be as the polished erer, my defender in whom corners of the temple; I trust : who subdueth my 13 That our garners may people that is under me. be full and plenteous with

3 LORD, what is man, that all manner of store : that thou hast such respect unto our sheep may bring forth him : or the son of man, thousands, and ten thouthat thou so regardest him? sands in our streets;

4 Man is like a thing of 14 That our oxen may be nought : his time passeth strong to labour, that there away like a shadow. be no decay : no leading

5 Bow thy heavens, O into captivity, and no comLORD, and come down : plaining in our streets. touch the mountains, and 15 Happy are the people they shall smoke.

that are in such a case : 6 Cast forth thy light- yea, blessed are the people ning, and tear them : shoot who have the LORD for out

thine arrows, and con- their God. sume them,


PSALM 145.

thy kingdom : might be Exaltabo te, Deus.

known unto men. WILL magnify thee, O 13 Thy kingdom is an

God, my King : and I everlasting kingdom: and will praise thy Name for thy dominion endureth ever and ever.

throughout all ages. 2 Every day will I give 14 The LORD upholdeth thanks unto thee : and all such as fall : and liftpraise thy Name for ever eth up all those that are and ever.

down." 3 Great is the LORD, and 16 The eyes of all wait marvellous worthy to be upon thee, O Lord : and praised : there is no end of thou givest them their meat his greatness.

in due season. 4. One generation shall 16 Thou openest thine praise thy works unto an- hand : and fillest all things other : and declare thy living with plenteousness. power.

17 The LORD is righteous 5 As for me, I will be in all his ways: and holy in talking of thy worship: all his works. thy glory, thy praise, and 18 The LORD is nigh unto wondrous works;

all them that call upon 6 So that men shall speak him : yea, all such as call of the might of thy marvel- upon him faithfully. lous acts : and I will also 19 He will fulfil the detell of thy greatness.

sire of them that fear hiin : 7 The memorial of thine he also will hear their cry, abundant kindness shall be and will help them. showed : and men shall sing 20 The LORD preserveth of thy righteousness.

all them that love him : but 8. The LORD is gracious scattereth abroad all the and merciful : long-suffer- ungodly. ing, and of great goodness. 21 My mouth shall speak

9 The LORD is loving unto the praise of the LORD : every man : and his mercy and set all flesh give thanks is over all his works.

unto his holy Name for 10 All thy works praise ever and ever. thee, O LORD : and thy saints give thanks unto

PSALM 146. thee, 11 They show the glory

Lauda, anima mea. of thy power;

soul; while I live, will 12 That thy power, thy I praise the LORD : yea, as glory, and mightiness of long as I have any being, I

of thy kingdom : and talk Pain Ethite Love my

will sing praises unto my sing praises unto our God : God.

yea, a joyful and pleasant 2 0 put not your trust in thing it is to be thankful. princes, nor in any child of 2 The LORD doth build up man : for there is no help Jerusalem : and gather toin them.

gether the outcasts of Is3 For when the brenth of rael. man goeth forth, he shall 3 lie healeth those that turn again to his carth : are broken in heart : and and then all his thoughts giveth medicine to heal perish.

their sickness. 4 Blessed is he that hath 4 Ile telleth the number the God of Jacob for his of the stars : and calleth help : and whose hope is in them all by their names. the LORD his God :

5 Great is our Lord, and 5 Who made heaven and great is his power : yea, and earth, the sea, and all that his wisdom is infinite. therein is : who keepeth 6 The LORD settcth up his promise for ever;

the meek: and bringeth 6 Who helpeth them to the ungodly down to the right that suífer wrong : ground. who feedeth the hungry. 7.0 sing unto the LORD

7 The LORD looseth men with thanksgiving : sing out of prison : the LORD praises upon the harp unto giveth sight to the blind. our God:

8 The Lord helpeth them 8 Who covereth the heathat are fallen : the LORD ven with clouds, and precareth for the righteous. pareth rain for the earth :

9 The LORD careth for and maketh the grass to the strangers; he defendeth grow upon the mountains, the fatherless and widow : and herb for the use of as for the way of the un- men: godly, he turneth it upside 9 Who giveth fodder unto down.

the cattle: and feedeth the 10 The LORD thy God, O young ravens that call upon Sion, shall be King for him. evermore : and throughout 10 He hath no pleasure in all generations.

the strength of an horse : neither delighteth he in

any man's legs. Evening prayer. i1 Bint the Lord's delight PSALM 147.

is in them that fear hiin : Laudate Doninum.

and put their trust in his PRAISE the LORD, for mercy. it is a good thing to 12 °Praise the LORD, O

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Jerusalem : praise thy God, 5 Let them praise the O Sion.

Name of the LORD : for he 13 For he hath made fast spake the word, and they the bars of thy gates : and were made; he commandhath blessed thy children ed, and they were created. within thee.

6 He hath made them 14 He maketh peace in fast for ever and ever : he thy borders and filleth hath given them a law thee with the flour of wheat. which shall not be broken.

15 He sendeth forth his 7 Praise the LORD upon commandment upon earth : earth : ye dragons and all and his word runneth very deeps; swiftly.

8 Fire and hail, snow and 16 He giveth snow like vapours : wind and storm, wool : and scattereth the fulfilling his word; hoar-frost like ashes,

9 Mountains and all hills: 17 He casteth forth his fruitful trees and all cedars; ice like morsels : who is 10 Beasts and all cattle : able to abide his frost? worms and feathered fowls;

18 He sendeth out his 11 Kings of the earth, and word, and melteth them : all people : princes, and all he bloweth with his wind, judges of the world; and the waters flow.

12 Young men and maid19 He showeth his word old men and children, unto Jacob : his statutes praise the Name of the and ordinances unto Israel. LORD : for his Name only

20 He hath not dealt so is excellent, and his praise with any nation : neither above heaven and earth. have the heathen know- 13 He shall exalt the horn ledge of his laws.

of his people; all his saints

shall praise him : even the PSALM 148.

children of Israel, even the Laudate Dominum.

people that serveth him. PRAISE the LORD of

PSALM 149. heaven : praise him in the light.

Cantate Domino. 2 ye

new his host.

gregation of saints praise 3 Praise him, sun and

him. moon : praise him, all ye 2 Let Israel rejoice in him stars and light.

that made him: and let the 4 Praise him, all ye hea- children of Sion be joyful vens : and ye waters that in their King. are above the heavens.

3 Let them praise his


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pleasure in his people and O noliness : praise him in

Name in the dance : let them sing praises unto him

PSALM 150. with tabret and harp.

Laudate Dominum. 4 For the LORD hath

PRAISE God in his helpeth the meek-hearted.

5 Let the saints be joyful the firmament of his power. with glory : let them rejoice 2 Praise him in his noble in their beds.

acts : praise him according 6 Let the praises of God to his excellent greatness. be in their mouth : and a 3 Praise him in the sound two-edged sword in their of the trump t: praise him hands;

upon the lute and harp. 7 To be avenged of the 4 Praise him in the cymheathen ; and to rebuke bals and dances : praise him the people;

upon the strings and pipe. 8 To bind their kings in 5 Praise him upon the chains : and their nobles well-tuned cymbals : praise with links of iron;

him upon the loud cym9 That they may be a- bals. venged of them, as it is 6 Let every thing that written : Such honour have hath breath : praise the all his saints.



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