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The Well-Spring of Life opened in Christ : Or, An

Invitation to thirsty Souls, to come and to take the
Water of Life freely.

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Preached on

FEBRU Á R Y 24, 1768,


SOCIETY of the CHILDREN of God at

Hampstead, near LONDON,

On RE v. XXII. 17.

To which is prefixed,
A CERTIFICAte of the AUTHOR's Call to the Work of the

MINISTRY, from the Church to which he did belong.

By J


Published by Request.
Ho, every one that thisíteth come yFt the waters) and he that hath no money,
come ye, buy and eat; yea come, buy wine and milk without money, and
without price, Is A. lv.


Printed by M. LEW13, at No. 1. *in Pater-nofter-Row :
And sold by WILLIAM OTRIDGE, Bookseller, directly opposite to the North

Side of the New-Church in the Strand: And by the AUTHOR, at Mr. Kirk's,
opposite to the Two-Brewers, in Hog-Lane, Norton-Falgate. 1768.

Price Six-pence,

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To my dear and worthy PASTOR the Reverend


Honoured and Reverend SIR,


ERMIT me with submission to make my

most grateful acknowledgments to you, as " being the instrument, under God, of bringing lo “ unworthy a creature forth to public utefulness to co the dear children of God. It was the same God 66 who I trust called me to the work, that put it “ into your heart to encourage me in it; and I “ doubt not but that he will carry me through it: " To him be all the glory. I can call my being brought forth to this

work, by your instrumentali“ ty, no other than a resurrection; for indeed I “ prophesied before in fackcloth, under every dif

couragement. But now, through grace, I am " enabled to see that the word is blessed to the • souls of many of the dear children of God. O " that I may be kept humble and thankful, as you “ have already warned me! I hope you will bear me “ on your heart before the throne of



66 I am,

Honoured and Reverend Sir,

Your obedient, dutiful Servant,

In the bonds of the gospel,

June 18,





AS I to give the world an account of the deal

ings of the Lord with me, in bringing of me forth to this great work, it might fill an ample volume. May it suffice if, according to the desire of my friends, I give you the following, which is a Certificate of the Church to which I did belong.

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“ THIS is to certify, That we, a church of Christ, meet“ing in Little Ayliffe-Street, Goodman's-Fields, London, " the Rev. Mr. Dowers, paftor of the said church, who bap“ tized our brother, John Lloyd, upon his profesfion of faith "' in Jesus Christ, and was received into full cominunion with " us in the year 1764. But for some time he has experienced "a gift of God bestowed upon him; he therefore requefted “ his gift to be tried by the church, that so he might be sent « forth in a regular gospel-way. The church therefore agreed

upon it, and tried his gift for fix months, that we might be " the better capable of forming a judgment of his talent, and " whether he was a qualified person. Having maturely weigh“ ed these things, we on April 20, 1767; we, the church, " did give him a proper call to the ministry. And, as this is ss the case, we humbly cast hiin upon the Lord's good provi“ dence, and heartıly with the Lord may open a door for him

to be useful to the souls of many. As to his moral character,

it is undeniable and blameless.' We therefore, in the name " of the church, wish him God speed in the name of the Lord. “ And to the truth hereof we have fet our hands.

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